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Her choice not to be a virgin anymore!

Short story By: Sultry Alice

Hard Core Erotica, ** Adult Only**. A young girl decides it is time to experience sex.

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John was 20 years old and a sophomore at the Michigan State University. He lived at home with his parents in Grand Rapids about 30 miles from the college. He met Kathy at the homecoming game about six weeks after school started. She was the sister of a friend of a friend and there was an instant chemistry between them. Kathy was 18 and in her senior year of high school. They have only been out together four times since then, but they text and talk when they have time. Kathy had a cute face and beautiful long auburn hair. She was a little on the heavy side but had nice curves and full breasts. John thought she was very sexy.

John thought about becoming more intimate with Kathy, he thought about it a lot. However, Kathy was not receptive to his physical advances and he decided to back off so as to not damage their budding relationship. John was pretty sure Kathy was still a virgin although he didn't come right out and ask her. John had his first real sex experience at 17 with a girl he met at a campground one summer. They screwed every night for a week then they never saw each other again.

It was late Friday afternoon and John just got home from classes and called Kathy.

"Hi John, how was school today?" Kathy asked as she answered her cell.

"School was interesting today for the most part. What are you up to tonight? "

"I am house and pet sitting for one of my neighbors. They had to go away for the weekend and have a cat. I don't have to stay all night though. I just came over to feed him and keep him company for a while. They told me to make myself at home. I can help myself to the fridge and watch a movie on their 50 inch television with surround sound if I want. They have a whole cabinet of DVDs."

"That sounds like fun. I was hoping we could get together and do something. Do you want to go to the show or out to dinner?" John asked.

"Why don't you pick up some take out and come over, we can watch a movie here, it is almost like a theatre with the big TV and sound system."

"Sure what did you have in mind Chinese, pizza or burgers?"

"Pick up some Chinese food that sounds good, I'll give you the address here. Get some sweet and sour pork and white rice and whatever else you want okay?"

John wrote down the address and what Kathy wanted and picked it up on the way over.

Kathy saw John park in the driveway and open the back door of the car to grab the food bags. She opened the front door for him.

"We can eat at the kitchen table," Kathy said looking into the kitchen toward the table and John put the food on the table.

After dinner John and Kathy opened the DVD cabinet. There must have been 300 movies in the large cabinet. They talked about a few of them as they looked over the titles, asking if the other person saw it before. Kathy pulled out a slim line CD case that was between two DVD cases. The title of the DVD in the case was Teenage Sex. John saw she had pulled out something strange and looked over her shoulder.

"That is one of those adult videos like you can buy at the sex store. I saw one once at a stag party for a friend that was getting married."

Kathy held on to the cd case looking at it. It was a plain blue case and the DVD simply read "Teenage Sex."

"I have never seen anything like this before. What kind of stuff is on it?" Kathy asked with a puzzled look on her face.

"I don't know about this one, but the one I saw had guys and girls doing all kinds of sex, both alone and with each other. There was a menu and each chapter was different, not like a regular long movie."

"Can we see what is on it?" Kathy asked hesitantly like she was not sure if she should ask or not.

"Sure," John said taking it from her hand. He turned on the TV and DVD player with the remote on the coffee table. Kathy sat on the couch and John put the DVD in and sat next to her.

After the FBI warning about piracy and the disclaimer that the people in on the DVD were at least 18, a lady in a business suit appeared. She explained that the purpose of the video was to instruct couples in some of the many ways of pleasuring themselves and their partners. Then the menu came up with a few seconds of a scene repeating itself next to the chapter title, so a chapter could be selected. There were eight mini-stories on the video. The first chapter was a guy getting a blow job from a girl in a French maid outfit. The second showed two biker chicks sucking off a guy together. The next two were masturbation scenes, one with a guy and one with a girl. There was one chapter with two women having sex together. Two chapters with couples fucking and the final chapter had four people all twisted together in group sex.

Kathy looked very nervous but continued to stare at the screen. John could see that this was making her uncomfortable.

"If you want to watch a little, I promise I will behave myself. If not, I will take it out and we can watch something else." John offered.

Kathy was quiet as she thought for a minute.

"Let's see what the two girls do to each other." Kathy finally said.

John started the chapter. Two gorgeous girls were outside by the pool lying on lounge chairs on a sunny afternoon. They both wore Bikini's bathing suits and were rubbing sun tan lotion on their legs and talking. You could not tell what they were saying because the background music was much louder than their talking. In the next scene the blonde was rubbing lotion on the brunettes back and the brunette turned her head and the blonde kissed her long on the lips and they looked lovingly into each other's eyes. The scene changed and they were both standing naked facing each other and kissing on the mouth. Their breasts were pressed against each other and their erect nipples were touching while they kissed.

John could feel his cock stirring as it struggled to straighten out inside his jockey shorts. He glanced at Kathy who watching the screen intently. John looked away quickly, so he wouldn't make her self-conscious.

The blonde moved down to the brunettes nipples and sucked on them and flicked her tongue over them. The brunette moaned and squirmed. The scene changed again and the brunette was sitting on the chair with her legs spread widely apart. Both of their pussies were shaved and the brunette held her little hood up exposing her swollen clit. The blonde licked and kissed her way up to the clit slowly making the brunette squirm with anticipation.

Kathy was shifting her position on the couch. John reached down when she was intent on the screen and fluffed his cock quickly to get the uncomfortable knot out. His bulging hard on was sticking out the leg hole of his jockey shorts and the leg band was rubbing against the ridgeline around his head and teasing him wildly with just a hint of friction.

The blonde was licking the other girl's pussy with a combination of long full licks and fast tongue flicks on her clit. The brunette was moaning loudly.

Kathy was breathing fast as she watched. She looked at me and I smiled.

"Girls are really good at driving other girls crazy. They know exactly how they like to get it and they give it the same way." John said trying to sound like an expert.

"Let's try another one." Kathy suggested without turning back to the screen.

John hit the button to bring the menu back up.

"What would you like to see next?"

"Let's check out the two girls in leather and the guy." Kathy said with a deep cleansing sigh.

John clicked chapter number two.

Two classy looking blonde girls were kissing on the seat of a motorcycle in a bar. They had black leather chaps on but nothing else except they each wore a studded leather collar. A guy at the bar was drinking a beer and watching them, there was no one else in the bar. The girls came over to him and asked if he was enjoying the show. The guy was handsome and dressed casually. He smiled and admitted that he was. One of the girls started rubbing his cock through his pants, while the other one was licking his neck and kissing it. They proceeded to unzip his pants and free his large cock. Then the two girls dropped to their knees and both were licking it at the same time.

"Is that the normal size of a dick?" Kathy asked while still staring at it.

"Mine is not even close to that size. Those porno actors are usually really hung." John admitted.

The girls would lick the head of the man's cock from both sides then lick each other's tongues before going back on him. One of the girls grabbed the other girl's ass and squeezed it while they were giving the guy a fantastic blow job. They were sucking on his balls and taking turns taking his entire shaft in their mouths.

Johns cock was throbbing and he was shifting around on the couch as he watched. All of a sudden the TV went black. John looked and Kathy was holding the remote.

"I can't watch any more of that." Kathy said firmly.

John tried to relax his breathing a bit before talking. Finally John said, "Yeah, that was pretty intense."

Kathy closed her eyes and took two deep sighs before opening them. The house was very quiet and John could hear his heart pumping in his ears.

"I want to have sex with you, but I have never done it before, will you help me and be gentle?" Kathy asked softly while looking deep into John's eyes with anticipation for his response.

John didn't speak right away. He hugged her and then whispered in her ear. "Of course I will Kathy, and I will stop anytime you ask. I could never hurt you, I love you."

Kathy kissed John and they both stood up.

"We can use a towel from the bathroom so we don't mess up their bed," Kathy said as they walked past the bathroom on the way to the people's bedroom.

Kathy spread the large bath towel on the bed. John opened the night stand drawer and took out a small plastic bottle.

"KY Jelly, I had a hunch, my parents always keep a bottle in their nightstand too." John said setting it on top of the nightstand.

Kathy got her clothes off first and got on the towel face up. She watched as John took his clothes off. John was lean but solid, not skinny. He had hair on his chest and flat abs. John's dick was not as scary to her as the one in the video. It was aimed up toward his face had a slight upward curve to it. Johns balls were tight and jiggled when he walked toward her and his cock waved around in a small circle.

"Would you like me to put some of this lubricant on you or would you rather do it yourself?" John asked thoughtfully.

"Squeeze some in my hand, I will put some on myself and you put some on you." Kathy said holding her left hand out.

John squeezed some in Kathy's hand left hand and Kathy dipped two fingers from her right hand into the clear gel and lubricated her hole. She watched John while she did it. John held his cock with his left hand and squeezed a few drops on the head of his cock with his right hand. Then John set the bottle down and rubbed the tip of his cock to spread it around. Kathy was still rubbing her hole and her pussy got very excited and wet.

"I want to feel your dick inside me John. I know there will be some pain at first. I read about that, they said it goes away after a little while."

Jack crawled up on the bed and pushed his cock down to about where Kathy's opening was.

"Reach down and line my head up with your hole while I push very gently. You're very tight and I don't want to hurt you." John said.

Kathy was moving John's head inside her folds and it felt so good to have a guy's cock rubbing her where only her fingers had explored. She was trembling with passion and excitement when she whispered, "Okay you're pushing against it now, push it in."

John eased his cock in slowly, he could feel the resistance but he knew he was lined up right and continued. Kathy winced and quickly said, "Sorry, keep going, it's alright."

John had to stop, it was all in.

"I am all the way in, now I will go slowly at first," John said to reassure her.

John found her tight but not dry. He started working his cock in and out of her. After a few minutes Kathy felt only pleasure and stared moaning. John picked up the speed a little.

"Oh, that feels good," Kathy wanted to be sure to tell John.

John felt the tight pussy squeezing his cock with every stroke and had to try to concentrate on something else to keep from releasing his sperm right away. He could tell Kathy was enjoying it and he wanted to keep everything exactly like it was. Kathy started squirming and moaning very loudly and then John felt her thighs quiver and she yelled. "Oh fuck, John. I love you."

John felt her pussy walls get thick and spongy and he came and came as his cum just poured out of him into Kathy. They laid there stuck together with their sex juices seeping out into the towel. They embraced and kissed each other with no more thought to the bottom half of their bodies. Now all there pleasure was in the kissing and words of love that trickled into each other's ears between kisses.

They stood up and checked the bed. The towel had absorbed all their juices. They got dressed and put the personal lubricant back into the drawer. Kathy hung the towel in the bathroom as they walked back into the living like nothing happened.

"That was the most fantastic fuck I ever had Kathy. I love you with all my heart and I love having sex with you. What would you like to do now?"

"I'll pour us some soda. Then let's finish that video we started." Kathy said with a grin.


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