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Biology class teacher's extra classes

Short story By: Subu

Sensual story of a Biology teacher and her students

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This is a story of a Biology teacher and her student. Riku, aged about 15, tall, lean, a very introvert guys studies at KMP Boys High school. He is in 9th standard and due to his shy nature, he is bullied at the school. He is somehow good in studies but Biology and History are his weaker subjects. He use to score less in these two subjects and this time his father already warned him to score more particularly in these subjects.

He was now giving much attention towards these subjects, clearing doubts after classes, discussing with teachers, fellow mates etc so as to score more in exams. It was Thursday and the fourth period was Biology. Mrs. Arohi was the Biology teacher. She is a middle aged lady, tall, dark, very clever. She is married to a businessman and has 2 kids both study abroad. Mrs. Arohi entered the classroom and asked the boys to take out the Biology book. She said, today we will study about male and female reproductive system. By hearing this, the whole class started laughing, giggling, whispering, which made Mrs. Arohi angry. She shouted at the students and asked to be quiet and pay attention else she will deduct their marks in the coming weekly test. She started teaching about human anatomy, reproductive parts etc. Riku was feeling uneasy, he was having a lot of doubts but was unable to clear those in front of the whole class. He was sure if he will ask anything, everyone will make fun of him. Riku wasn't getting anything whatever Mrs. Arohi was teaching. The bell rang and the Biology period was over. Now it was the lunch break.


Riku use to take lunch with his best friend Surtal. During lunch, he asked Surtal, has he understood anything what mam taught. Surtal said yes, the topic was interesting and I'm sure everybody will score more in this particular topic. Didn't you get what she taught? Riku said no, and then Surtal said, why didn't you cleared your doubts? Riku replied, I wasn't comfortable to ask in front of the whole class. Surtal said, you need to clear your doubts. Reproductive system carries 30 out of 100 marks and we can easily score this 30. Have you forgotten your father's warning? Riku thought Surtal is right and so went to the staff room to meet Mrs. Arohi. He said Mrs. Arohi that he didn't understood what she taught today and asked her if she could clarify her doubts. Mrs. Arohi said, no problem, meet me after school. I'll take extra half an hour class for you. Riku was a bit relaxed.

After school, Riku went to the staff room and Mrs. Arohi was waiting for him. Mrs. Arohi asked him to come inside and take the seat. She said to take out the Biology book. She was about to start and her mobile rang. It was Mr. Naveen, her husband. He was supposed to have an emergency meeting and he has to be out of town. Mrs. Arohi after disconnecting the call said, Riku I need to go home now. My husband has a meeting and he has to leave today evening by 6. He will be out of town for 3-4 days and I need to pack his bag and drop him at the airport. Can you come to my home by 7? I'll teach you at my home. Riku said yes, I'll be there at sharp 7 mam. Bye mam!

Riku reached Mrs. Arohi's home by 6:55. Mrs. Arohi had just arrived, she asked Riku to come inside and asked, what will you take, tea/coffee/soft drink. Riku said soft drink mam. Mrs. Arohi gave him a coke bottle and said, take out your Biology book and mark your doubts. I'll just change my dress and come back. After 10 minutes, she was back. She was wearing a black nighty. She started with male reproductive system, Riku this is penis and this is testis. These are the scrotum and so and so. She finished explaining male part and then she moved to female reproductive part. She explained about vagina, ovary etc. Riku was still looking confused, he was having too many doubts. He asked a lot of questions to her and she thought of better giving him a practical training.

She asked Riku to remove his shorts, Riku felt very shy and refused. Mrs. Arohi said, how you will learn Riku. Don't feel shy and undress yourself. Riku removed his shirt and pant and sat only with his brief. Mrs. Arohi asked him to remove the brief too. Riku removed his brief and he was completely nude. He was covering his cock with his hands. Mrs. Arohi removed his hands and hold Riku's cock. She started teaching, Riku see this is a penis, this is scrotum, and these are the pubic hairs. She then removed her nighty, bra and panty. Riku was shocked to see Mrs. Arohi completely nude. He was staring at her big boobs and cunt. She had a big pair of boobs with dark chocolate areola. Her vagina was like a dark forest. Mrs. Arohi pointed out to her vagina and said Riku see this is vagina, this is clitoris. She asked Riku to touch her vagina and feel it. Riku touched her vagina. By touching it, Riku's cock got an erection. Mrs. Arohi noticed that and explained, this is sexual desire. This is how a male part reacts after getting aroused.

Next chapter was about sexual intercourse, how babies are born. She explained when the cock inserts inside the vagina, it ejaculates semen which transfers to female vagina and creates an egg in the ovary. Riku by listening this, again gave a pale look. Mrs. Arohi said, Riku make your cock hard. Riku said how mam, it automatically gets hard. How will I do it? Mrs. Arohi said, ok let me hold and try. She rubbed Riku's cock and asked him to touch her vagina. Riku did it. Riku's cock again got an erection and it was about 6", thick, and black. Mrs. Arohi was stunned to see such a big cock. She said, Riku you have a really big monster. It is bigger than my husbands. Riku in a deep voice said thank you mam. Next she asked Riku to insert his cock inside her vagina. Riku followed what she said. She then asked, don't you feel anything, any excitement. Riku said, not sure mam but I'm feeling a bit uneasy. I feel like high current is running through my body. Mrs. Arohi said, yes that's the sexual desire. Your cock is now hard and hot. You can feel my vagina, it's wet. This happens in case of female part. She then asked him to insert his cock repeatedly. Insert cock and take out, agian insert and take out. Riku did that and asked now what to do mam. Mrs. Arohi thought of better to show him a demo. She then played a porn movie and asked Riku to watch it carefully. Both watched the movie and the movie was finished. She said, Riku now you got what exactly this is all about. Let's have a practical session.

Riku inserted his cock inside Mrs. Arohi's vagina and did exactly what he saw in the movie. Mrs. Arohi and Riku both were tempted. Mrs. Arohi shouted, Riku fuck me harder. Riku said, yeah baby. Mrs. Arohi moaned, o yeay o yeay, ahhhh, ahhhh. Fuck me harder, deeper. Riku moaned yeah baby, and sucked her nipples, pressed his boobs, rubbed his nipples, licked it and drank some milk. Mrs. Arohi then asked Riku to lick his vagina. Riku licked it, inserted his finger, tounge. Mrs. Arohi took Riku's cock in her mouth in a gulp and started sucking it. She asked, how often do you masturbate, Riku? Riku with a low voice said very rare mam. Mrs. Arohi said, you should regularly masturbate twice a day. My husband does it twice. One he does it himself and the second time I use to masturbate his cock. She said this and masturbated Riku's cock. She then again sucked his cock and Riku cummed in Mrs. Arohi's mouth. Mrs. Arohi drank his cum and said this is tastier than my husband's. Your cock is the best. Riku smiled and thanked her. Both took shower together and had dinner. Mrs. Arohi said, do not discuss about this in the classroom or with any friend. Riku replied sure mam and left around 9:30.

The next day, Mrs. Arohi was on leave. Riku went to school, had a great fun with Surtal. He said Surtal that he cleared all his doubts yesterday and now is relaxed. He will definitely score well in Biology. There was an essay competition that day in the school. Riku had taken part in it. In the hall, he thought of writing the essay with his lucky pen but he couldn't find it. He was worried, as it was his lucky pen. Then he remembered that he has left it at Mrs. Arohi's home and thought to collect his pen after school.

After school, he went to Mrs. Arohi's home. He found the main door was not locked and so he entered inside. He called, mam mam are you there? I forgot my pen yesterday. But there was no response. He went upstairs to Mrs. Arohi's bedroom. He could hear some sounds coming from her bedroom. The bedroom was not locked, Riku saw that Mrs. Arohi was watching a porn movie and fingering her vagina. She was sitting in the bed, her legs were spread. She was inserting her middle finger, a carrot and a candle inside her vagina one by one and moaning loudly. Her right hand was busy pressing her boobs. By seeing this, Riku too got a hardon. He took out his cock and masturbated outside her bedroom. After cumming, he ran away from there.

The next day, they were having Biology class. It was the last period. Mrs. Arohi came and taught about animal and plant cells. After the class was over, she called Riku and said, I think you forgot your pen the day before at my home. Could you please collect it today from my home? Riku said sure mam, I'll come and take it.

Riku reached Mrs. Arohi's home at 6. Mrs. Arohi invited him inside and asked to sit. She was wearing a white netted dress and her boobs and vagina were clearly visible. Mrs. Arohi gave Riku his pen and asked, are all you doubt now cleared? Riku said yes mam. Mrs. Arohi said, ok lets take a test then. I'll ask you one by one question and you have to answer me those. She started her question, where is the penis in the human body? Riku pointed to his cock. Mrs. Arohi said, no you have to show me. Riku took his cock out and showed her. Her questions continued.. Where is the scrotum, Riku showed it. Where is vagina?, Riku lifted Mrs. Arohi's dress and showed it. Mrs. Arohi asked how a cock gets hardon? Riku pressed Mrs. Arohi's boobs and made his cock hard and showed it. Her next question was, what is sexual intercourse? Riku undressed himself and Mrs. Arohi and started fucking her. Mrs. Arohi said, you passed with distinction. Now burst your cum inside my vagina. They had a fucking session for about 2 hrs until Riku cummed inside Mrs. Arohi's vagina. After that, they took shower together and again had a oral sex over there for 15 mins and Riku cummed in Mrs. Arohi's mouth. Then they came downstairs. Mrs. Arohi asked, Riku you haven't taken anything today. What would you like to have? Riku said I'll love tea mam but from your milk. Mrs. Arohi gave a dirty smile and said you naughty. Then she prepared tea with her own milk and gave Riku. Riku had the tea and complimented that this was the best tea he ever had. Mrs. Arohi pressed her boobs and said, all the credit goes to this factory and she laughed.

The next day it was Sunday. Mrs. Arohi gave a call to Riku's landline phone. Riku picked the phone. Mrs. Arohi said, hey Riku, what are you doing today? Come to my home, I'm not feeling well, we will have fun. My husband will be back tomorrow. You understand what I'm trying to say. Riku replied, mam, I'll be there in a hour. He was getting ready to go to Mrs. Arohi's home, the door bell rang. It was Surtal. Surtal asked, where are you going? You called me today to watch "2012". I got the movie and also there is a surprise. Riku said, ohh so sorry, I got some urgent work and I need to go there. What's the surprise you are talking about? Surtal said, leave it. You messed everything, I got a porn movie too. I was so excited, this was mine first porn movie experience. I have never seen a porn movie, in fact yours also first time. We could have enjoyed a lot. Hey can't we just see this porn now and 2012, we will see in the evening. Can't you give 1 hour to me? Riku too got excited and said, ok let's watch this porn movie only and after that I'll leave.

They played the movie and Riku recognized this is the same movie he saw at Mrs. Arohi's home. He said, hey I've seen this movie. Surtal paused the movie and asked, where did you saw this movie? You have already seen porn and didn't share with me. Cmon you have to tell me. Riku lied and said at my friend's home. Surtal replied, which friend? As per my knowledge, I'm your only friend. You are my best buddy and you have to tell me the truth. After much interrogation, Riku said everything. Surtal was shocked and congratulated him. He said, how lucky you are? You are no more a virgin. How was the experience...? Riku said, I'll tell you later. Play the movie, I need to leave. Surtal asked, where are you supposed to go? Are you going to Mrs. Arohi's home for another session? Riku said, no no no, I am going to my uncle's home, today is his birthday. They saw the movie and after that Surtal cummed in Riku's shirt. Riku shouted at him, hey you what are you doing? Please leave now, I'm n a hurry.

It was around 11, Riku reached Mrs. Arohi's home. Mrs. Arohi welcomed Riku with a smooch. Without wasting any time, they started their fucking session in the drawing room itself. They were in such a hurry that they forgot to lock the door. They tried 69, doggy, bareback etc positions. In every position, Mrs. Arohi compared Riku with his husband and praised him by saying, he was much better in sex than his husband. Meanwhile Surtal was in the market buying grocery. Riku's mom was also in the same shop. She saw Surtal and called him. She asked, why haven't you gone for the extra class? Surtal paused and asked, which extra class aunty? Riku's mom said, Riku said me today that you all are having some extra Biology class at Mrs. Arohi's house. Surtal got the entire scene. He said, oh yes aunty, actually some guests arrived today and so I had to skip the class. Bye aunty! Mom must be waiting for me, I'm leaving.

Surtal kept the groceries at the kitchen and said his mom, mom I'm having a extra class and I need to attend it. I'll be late. Surtal reached at Mrs. Arohi's house, he was very sacred. He slowly slowly entered her lawn. He was wondering, whether to press the door bell or peep through window or climb the water pipe and enter the house. He couldn't decide what to do, he was standing near the drawing room door. He heard some moaning sounds and was anxious to know what that is. He looked through the key hole but was unable to see anything. The sounds were increasing. He got excited, and noticed that the door wasn't locked. He slowly pushed the door and was stunned by seeing Riku and Mrs. Arohi in a 69 position. Surtal couldn't control his lust, he took out his cock and started masturbating. Accidentally his leg hit a flower pot and it fell down.

Mrs. Arohi and Riku suddenly paused. Riku rushed and tried to hide himself behind the sofa. Mrs. Arohi wrapped a towel and shouted, who is there? She rushed towards the main door. Surtal couldn't escape, he put his cock inside his pant and tried to assemble the broken flower pot. Mrs. Arohi saw Surtal and got shocked. She asked, Surtal why are you here? Surtal was very sacred and with a low voice said, mam I just came here for this flowers. Sorry mam, I was plucking it without your permission and accidentally the pot fell down and it's broken. Mrs. Arohi said ok, you may leave now. I'll clean the area. After saying these, she noticed the tent made in the cock area of Surtal's pant. She asked, Surtal wait, just tell me the truth, why were you here? Did you saw anything? Surtal said no mam, I'm telling the truth. Then Mrs. Arohi holds Surtal's cock and said then what this is? Surtal got very scared and said, leave me mam. I won't tell this to anyone, please let me go. I saw you and Riku in a 69 position but believe me, I won't say this to anyone. Mrs. Arohi said, ohh, you know what a 69 position is. You watch porn movies. Surtal with a trembling voice replied, I have seen today only. Please forgive me, mam.


Mrs Arohi said, come inside. She asked Riku to come out, said, look Riku who is here. Riku came out and was shocked to see Surtal. He was very ashamed. Mrs. Arohi said, well he have seen everything, let's see how good is his Biology. She asked Surtal to get nude. Surtal didn't reply anything and stood like a statue. Mrs. Arohi undressed Surtal and asked him to touch her boobs. Surtal was trembling. Mrs. Arohi put Surtal's hand on her boobs and asked to press. Surtal pressed her boobs and he got a full hardon. Mrs. Arohi said wow you have a bigger one than Riku and sucked his cock. She said, Surtal, your cock is the best. Surtal moaned aa aah aaa mam. Mrs. Arohi said, call me Aro not mam. Surtal moaned aaah aaah Aro. While Mrs. Arohi was sucking Surtal's cock, Riku was licking Mrs. Arohi's vagina and Surtal was pressing her boobs. Mrs. Arohi then sat on the sofa and asked them to suck her nipples. Riku and Surtal sucked her nipples and drank milk while Mrs. Arohi sucked both their cocks at a time. She then asked them to fuck her. Riku fucked her vagina and Surtal her ass. She was moaning loudly and then Riku and Surtal changed their positions. Surtal fucked her vagina and Riku her ass. Both at a time, cummed inside her vagina and ass respectively.

They took a small break and decided to continue sex after lunch. After lunch, they continued. This time it was in the bedroom. Mrs. Arohi asked them to make her a sandwich between them. She then sucked Surtal's cock and Riku fucked her vagina. She said when you guys will be ready to cum, please cum in my face. Surtal cummed in her mouth and after sometime Riku cummed in her face. She wiped the sperm from her face and licked all. It was going to be evening. Riku and Surtal said, now we should leave, it's too late. Mrs. Arohi said, please you guys don't go. Stay tonight here, we will try new positions by seeing Kamasutra porn movie. I'll let your parents know that as exams are near, we will continue studies in the night. So your children will be staying with me tonight and tomorrow morning they can leave. Her plan was successful, she convinced their parents. The whole night they had a great threesome sex in the bathroom, kitchen, terrace. They tried different postures at different places.

The next morning, both the boys were back to their homes and getting ready for school. Mrs. Arohi's husband (Mr. Naveen) was also back to home. Mrs. Arohi was preparing the breakfast. Her husband unzipped his pant, took out his cock and fucked Mrs. Arohi's ass. He was fucking her ass while Mrs. arohi was busy preparing the breakfast. She said, leave me for 2 minutes, I need to go to the cupboard and bring the milk for custard. Mr. Naveen said, not needed, he rubbed her nipples and took out half cup of milk. Mrs. Arohi said, this is enough. She added the milk to the custard and turned towards her husband. And said, now I need your cream. She knelt down and started sucking his cock. Mr. Naveen fucked her mouth for 10 minutes and cummed inside her mouth. She said, darling, I have seen so many cocks in porn movies but yours is the best and she giggled.

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