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Angelina: Ch. 03

Short story By: stevieraygovan

Come the next morning, Angelina was gorgeous in bed.

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"Jesus, are you slugs gonna sleep all day? It's after ten already, you lazy bums!"

Only partially awake, I lifted my head in the direction of the demonic voice filtering through my mental haze. Whatever the vile thing was that had forced me to abandon my blissful slumber, I wanted to kill it dead.

Still asleep beneath the covers, Angelina lay peacefully beside me. Looking over her shoulder, I found our tormentor smiling goofily at us from a reading chair he'd pulled alongside our bed.

"Why in the hell are you so peppy all of a sudden? When did you become a morning person?" I snarled at Steve.

"Dude, we've got stuff to do today, remember? Wake her butt up!"

Angie and I were lying on our sides facing him, my arm draped over her hip atop the covers.

Trying to wake her, I gently jostled her arm.

Only a slight stirring.

Slipping my hand beneath the covers, I lightly tickled the back of her thigh where it curved into her ass.

She wriggled a bit, but still didn't really wake.

While pressing the pads of my middle and index fingers to her warm slit, I gave her a soft raspberry right on her exposed collarbone. "Thhhhhppppthhh!!"

That did the trick. Reaching behind my head, she pulled me down for a warm, sweet kiss. "G'morning to you too," she purred sleepily, with a doe-eyed smile. "What kind of wake-up kiss was that, you goof."

"The kind that worked, sleepyhead," I grinned, giving her neck a proper kiss. Purring again, she moved her pussy more firmly against my stroking fingers beneath the covers.

Steve said, "Okay, now that you're both awake, come on, let's get moving!"

Finally aware of his presence in our bedroom, Angie reached out to him. Taking his hand, she nuzzled it with her cheek. "There you are," she smiled, pulling him in for a long, tender kiss.

I could tell he was hesitant to kiss her in front of me, but she wouldn't let him off the hook. She just kept kissing him, until finally she pulled back, grinning. "G'morning, baby. Whatcha making us for breakfast?"

"Breakfast?" he guffawed. "Who needs breakfast? We've got serious fun in the offing! Adventure awaits!"

"Christ, Angie!" I laughed. "What did you do to him last night, anyway? Look at him, he's absolutely retarded now!"

"Me? What makes you think I did anything to him? Maybe it was the other way around. Baby, you saw him in action last night. He's an animal now," she said, smiling affectionately at Steve. "Besides, is it a crime to wake up happy? I'm happy too, you know," she added, bringing my face back to hers for a wet, languid kiss. Sucking my tongue, she moaned when I slid my middle finger into her silky warmth.

"Mmmmmm, a girl could get used to being woken like this," she grinned, once she'd finished our kiss. Turning back to Steve, she pulled him in for a longer, hotter kiss before nuzzling his hand again with her cheek. Slipping her arm beneath the covers, she grasped my cock, which had also awoken and was growing against her ass. Beaming at us while stroking me up and down her slit, she reached for the phone on the nightstand. "Hello, front desk? I'd like to put in a request for a similar wake-up call tomorrow morning, and for every morning during my stay here…. Yes, exactly, two sexy men in my bed, kissing me and touching me…. Uh-huh, correct, every morning. That would be wonderful, and I'd be much obliged. Thank you."

Giving us a flirty smile as she hung up the phone, she positioned the head of my cock at her moist opening. While pulling Steve in for another long kiss, she pressed her ass against me, slowly impaling herself until she'd taken my entire length deep into her pussy. Moaning quietly between wet kisses, she began moving her hips in subtle undulations.

I wanted more, so I slid my hand onto her bare hip to direct her movements. After only a few strokes, however, her hand joined mine, halting me.

'Okay,' I thought, 'she wants to run the show, and she doesn't want Steve to know she's fucking me right in front of him.' Once I let her take over, she went back to nuzzling his fingers and kissing him while moving her ass in slow circles. If I wanted any deep penetration, I had to push in and pull out very deliberately. As long as I tried to stay on the same page with her in our sneaky fuck, she would let me thrust inside her.

Before too long, though, our increasingly steady fucking was causing her drenched pussy to make noticeable wet sounds. She attempted to cover them by pulling back from her kiss with Steve and purring, "Mmmm, I love good-morning kisses." Caressing his hand with her lips, she teasingly added, "So…did you sleep well?"

It wasn't enough; her pussy was beginning to make consistent sluicing sounds. Signaling for me to stop, she stilled the movements of her ass; then, in an effort to cover the dead-sound space, she quickly continued, "See, doofus here apparently thinks I may have mistreated you last night when I tucked you in. Sweetie, I wasn't mean to you, was I?"

"Umm, no, you were fine, Angie. I had a fun time last night," Steve said, sheepishly.

"Last night in general, or last night after I came out to tuck you in?" she grinned. Allowing herself a single long thrust, her cervix kissed the head of my cock. To cover her moan she again pressed her face to his hand, squeezing it and kissing it before simply tracing her lips back and forth across his knuckles.

God, she was being mischievous, and I loved it.

He smiled as she nuzzled his fingers; with his other hand he stroked her long, beautiful hair. "I did ask for it, didn't I? I can hardly complain if I get what I ask for, right?"

For the sake of appearances I rejoined the conversation, asking him, "So, did you get what you wanted? I know she was pleasantly surprised that you came right out and requested she wear her pink robe to tuck you in." After driving two more long thrusts into her pussy, I reached up to caress her lips. She nipped my finger with her teeth, so I slipped it into her mouth. Moaning again, she sucked it for a few strokes. When she released it, I brought that hand back beneath the covers, gently pressing the moistened finger to her asshole. As turned on as she was, it slid right in.

Looking over her shoulder, she silently mouthed, "You wouldn't dare."

Well, okay, that really wasn't what I had originally planned. I was simply looking for somewhere nice to use my hand. Since her pussy was already occupied, and I couldn't exactly reach around her body to play with her clit, not without being totally obvious about it, I just sort of ended up at her ass by default. I knew I couldn't just have her suck my fingers indefinitely either, as that would have also been too obvious. No, I had merely planned on discreetly fingering her asshole while fucking her pussy.

A dare is a dare, though. Can't back down when a beautiful woman throws out a dare, right?

I continued talking to Steve. "Not gonna answer, huh? Always the politician, eh? So that's all you've got to say, that you don't have a right to complain? That's hardly very flattering to a beautiful woman."

"Besides," Angie said, grinning to him, "I was there too, and if memory serves, I don't seem to recall any complaints from you. I do recall a few certain moments of rough scratchiness against my tender skin, but you don't hear me complaining now."

She really had him going. He clearly didn't know what he was allowed to reveal about what they'd done together.

Just as clearly, she was thoroughly enjoying teasing him. She continued, "In fact, I also seem to recall being the one who had to deal with a lumpy couch. You seemed fine where you were, nestled all warm and snug in some nice, soft pillows, but I kept running into this huge thing pressing against my bottom."

Having a pretty good idea of what she was hinting at, I lay there thinking how it's such a beautiful thing, the way a gorgeous woman can get away with saying nearly anything to a guy.

While she kept him flustered, I quietly pulled out of her pussy, moving the head of my cock to her ass.

She froze; then, as smoothly as she could manage it, she looked back…challenging me.

Using my free hand beneath the covers, I gently nudged her top knee forward to spread her ass before pushing my cockhead past her tiny pink ring.

Gasping softly, she shot me a devilish grin over her shoulder.

"Are you okay, baby?" I asked in a teasing voice.

"Just a tickle in my throat," she giggled. Turning to Steve, she kissed his knuckles again. "Sweetie, could you please get me a glass of water?"

Releasing her hand, Steve went to the kitchen. I took that opportunity to bury myself to the hilt in her ass, my balls slapping against her distended pussy lips.

"Oh my god," she moaned, "you're fucking me in the ass, right in front of him!"

"I don't see you complaining, and did you or did you not dare me?"

"I never said a word."

"No, but the dare in your eyes couldn't have been missed by Stevie Wonder."

"I plead the Fifth," she said, smiling sweetly. She began moving her hips while moaning, "God, it's just not fair, baby."

"What's not fair?" I grinned, driving hard into her gorgeous bottom.

"This…this isn't fair," she breathed. "Mmmm, you know how much I love being fucked in the ass, and you were teasing me. Once you started touching me there, you knew I would have to have your cock. I always want you in my ass…love it…unnnnh…deep inside me…oh god yes, fuck me, baby…."

When Steve returned with her glass of water, Angie stifled her moans by burying her face in a pillow. After pretending to cough, she lifted her head and took a mouthful of water, then set the glass down. "Thank you, sweetie," she smiled, kissing his hand. "And you too," she added, turning to me with a sexy grin.

"Me? What'd I do?" I asked, slowly reaming her brilliant ass.

She leaned back to kiss me before whispering in my mouth, "Thank you for waking me by fucking my pussy, and thank you for taking my ass right in front of him. Now cum for me."

'Wow,' I thought, completely thrilled. I had never seen her behave that mischievously in front of Steve, and it was just awesome.

She turned back to Steve, again taking his hand to nuzzle it. "Honey, what...mmmm...are we...unnhhh...doing again today?" she attempted to ask, though as I continued fucking her gorgeous bottom she began to lose the discretion battle.

I felt my cock pulsing; since she'd told me to cum for her, I didn't try to hold it back. Pushing hard, I exploded deep inside her, flooding her ass with at least four solid blasts of hot cum. She came then, too, gushing warm, silky fluid on our thighs even as her clenching asshole trembled.

Coming down from her orgasm, she pressed against me while tightening her tiny hole, indicating that she wanted me to stay buried in her ass. When she took my free hand and placed it at our steamy junction, I smiled over what I knew was coming next.

"You know I want it in my mouth," she whispered, turning to kiss me. She guided my finger around her tight ring, scooping up some of the cum that had escaped when she clenched on my cock. Covering my hand with hers, she pulled it to her mouth and kissed it, then she popped my fingers inside, sucking them clean before going back to nuzzling Steve's knuckles with her lips.

Steve probably suspected something was going on beneath the covers, especially when Angie's voice became really throaty and urgent. Still, he couldn't be sure, and I don't think he wanted to push it. In any case, he certainly didn't seem to mind.

Responding to her nuzzling of his hand, he began caressing her lips. "Don't you remember, Angie? We're taking you out clothes shopping for the concert tonight."

"Mmmm, that's right, we're going to a show this evening, and you two want me to 'dress appropriately.' Exactly what is appropriate dress anyway for a girl going to a Stevie Ray Vaughan concert?"

When I finally pulled out of her ass, it immediately began dripping cum. Cupping her hand over her tiny star, she spread my cum all over her warm bottom before bringing our hands to her mouth again. Grinning as she awaited his answer, she kissed our fingers clean.

While she was doing all that as inconspicuously as possible - not very successfully, I noted, laughing to myself - I asked, "Yeah, stud boy, what did you have in mind for our blushing bride to wear tonight?"

"Me? I thought we were going to pick out her outfit for tonight. 'We,' as in 'the three of us together.'"

"Yeah, yeah," I said, "I know, but who do we think we're kidding here? We all know she's going to wear what you pick for her today."

"Mmmm-hmmm," she purred, her voice filled with mirthful anticipation. "I am curious, though, as to just how sluttily you intend to dress me for tonight. Police will be everywhere in that arena, you know. It's not like we're going to a private party or something. You can't have me running around naked."

He gave her a smug smile. "You ought to know me better than that by now. We're not shooting for outright nudity. Although..." he added, sporting an evil grin.

"Although what, Mister Devious Smirker?" she laughed.

"I was going to say that I don't think you'd hear too much complaining from me if you ever did decide to run around all butt-nekkid and nude!"

Man, was he ever pleased with himself, and it was really cool to see. It had taken seemingly forever, but he was finally coming out of his shell.

"Oh, so you wouldn't complain?" she smiled, nuzzling his hand again. "Well, if you're a good boy, we'll see."

I couldn't believe what he did next. That goofy fuck, he actually pulled out one of those little lollipops wrapped in clear plastic, ostentatiously presenting it to her as if it were the Crown Jewels.

I chuckled, "You sneaky little shit! What, did you have all this planned?"

Still grinning smugly while otherwise ignoring me, he went to one knee before her. "Would this please m'lady? Am I being a good boy now?" he asked, beseeching her in a ridiculous Oliver Twist accent.

Playing along with his cloying shtick, she smiled imperiously while patting him on the head. "Yes, young sir, that's a good boy! That's a very good boy!"

Pausing, they couldn't help but laugh. When they were through laughing, she leaned up on one elbow, facing him. Slowly her sheet slid to her waist, exposing her soft, full breasts. Following his hungry gaze, she glanced down before giving him a beautiful smile. "C'mere..." she said in a sultry whisper, crooking her index finger.

Clearly unsure as to what she wanted him to do, he nevertheless moved closer.

Looking him straight in the eye, she brought his hands to her naked breasts. "Thank you," she smiled.

Reaching up to caress his face, she kissed him for a good twenty seconds before slipping her tongue into his mouth. She let out a gorgeous moan when he began stroking her nipples, then she pulled him nearly on top of her, arching her back as their tongues danced wildly together.

When she finally released him, she held his hands to her breasts. "Thank you," she said again, her glowing smile warm and radiant. "Baby, if you really want me to go naked for you around the house, you know I will. All you have to do is ask. I told you last night, I'll do anything you want…anything."

Willing him to understand, she stared unblinking into his eyes.

Always shy, still uncertain, he looked down. He just couldn't do it.

Reaching out, she took him by the chin to hold his gaze; she wouldn't let him go, not until she broke through. Finally his expression of fear faded, his nervousness seeming to melt away. He had apparently come to the realization that she welcomed their being together, even in front of me.

At last, I think he understood.

"Soon, baby…" she whispered into his open mouth, then they were kissing again. When they eventually paused to catch their breath, she gave him a loving smile before demurely drawing the sheet back over her enchanting breasts. Sighing happily as she sat up against the headboard, she ran her fingers through her beautiful mane of long, raven hair.

The tension in the room was gone. The moment had passed, and everything was back to normal.

Still fanning out her silky hair, she noticed her sheet had slipped down to her waist again. "Sweetie, can you grab something for me, please," she smiled to Steve, nodding to her dresser. She let him stare for a few magical beats before covering herself. "Top-left drawer. Just grab whatever."

Opening her dresser drawer, he happily searched through her stuff, rummaging around for a bit before eventually holding up his selection: a fuchsia baby doll top. It was a wispy, completely sheer piece of lingerie with a straight lower hemline and V-shaped slits cut into the sides. It came down to her belly button, and the neckline was cut low, with narrow shoulder straps.

"Nice," he said, tossing it to her. Then, laughing like a little boy, he leaned back into the drawer and began randomly pulling out other items.

"What in the world are you doing?" she giggled, amused by his antics.

"I've always wanted to get into your drawers!" he declared triumphantly.

Angie and I just looked at other. Grabbing our pillows, we launched them at his head, nearly knocking him from his chair.

"What's this...and this...and this?" he crowed, continuing to pull out one skimpy item after another. "We could be here all day, just having you model this one drawer full of awesome lingerie for us!"

"Oh no we won't," she grinned. "You wanted to take me out shopping for new 'sexy stuff' to wear for you two hormone-crazed perverts tonight! You're the one who came in here being such a raving spaz about it, remember?"

"True, but I think I can sacrifice for the team," he said, totally deadpan. "I'm sure we could manage just fine with what we have here, dontcha think?"

Jeez, he was hamming it up.

She gave him a pleased grin. "Maybe some other time, sweetie. Really, though, I don't think I can go completely bottomless to a concert."

He smiled smugly yet again. "You wouldn't be completely bottomless. There are panties in here."

"You want me to wear tiny see-through panties and nothing else to an arena concert?" she laughed.

He didn't know whether she was being serious, so he backpedaled a bit. "Well, I was thinking maybe-"

"Honey, I'd probably get arrested," she said, cutting him short. "I need some sort of dress or skirt to cover my bottom. Pants, shorts…something. This is a night concert, indoors. I at least have to be somewhat decent. Besides, I was under the impression that you were looking forward to playing 'dress up Angelina' this afternoon, wherever it is that you plan on taking me. I thought you wanted to have fun showing me off today?"

Man, I loved watching those two go at it. I didn't have to say a thing; I just got to sit back and watch them spar. No matter the outcome, I was going to be a winner, and so was he. Come to think of it, so was she.

Steve had this goofy little smile as he sighed, "Yeah, I know, I know. You're right, I do want us to go out today and dress you up for tonight."

"God, you make it sound like taking me out to model new Slut Wear for you is some sort of really crappy consolation prize!" she said, affecting a gorgeous and laughably fake pout.

"No, Angie, I swear, I didn't mean-"

"Baby, I'm only teasing," she giggled. "We'll have fun today, and tonight too. I'm sure you two will find something wonderfully indecent for me to wear. I'll model my panties and skimpy tops for you some other time. You know, though, it's not as if you haven't already seen me in most of them."

She gave him a cock-stirring smile. She even bit her lip for effect.

Jesus, she was so fucking sexy.

Knowing he was defeated, and really not minding at all, he started putting her various panties, tiny tops and miscellaneous lingerie pieces back in her drawer. Under his breath, though intentionally loud enough for her to hear, he began to sing to himself, "You're gonna model these for meeeeee...you're gonna model these for meeeeee.…"

"You are such a dork," she said with total affection, making a motion to slip on her barely-there top. Folding her legs beneath her, she teasingly turned her back to him, allowing the sheet that was covering her breasts to fall to her lap.

I couldn't pass up that opportunity. Pulling her to me, I took her nipple into my mouth, grrrrrrr-ing as I bit it and began sucking on it.

With a joyous laugh she playfully slapped at my head, only halfheartedly trying to get me to stop.

When I cupped her breasts and buried my face in her cleavage, she gave me a bordello whore's smothering bosom-shake. She was undoubtedly exposing at least the bare sides of her breasts to Steve, who smirked as he watched us play.

With the sheet pooled in her lap, she was also exposing her bare ass to him. Her naked back, hips, ass and legs were completely uncovered, as were the sides of her bouncing breasts.

Laughing and panting, she finally pulled away from me. After managing to slip the fuchsia top over her head, she turned back to face him with a sexy smile. "Here's a good start, anyway, since you chose my most see-through top."

"Wow. Just...wow," said Steve, clearly thrilled by what he was seeing.

She sat back against the headboard, letting us drink her in. She had the sheet tucked between her thighs, hiding her pussy and one leg, but that was it. Her leg nearest to him as well as her bare hips were uncovered. Wearing nothing but her see-through top, she grinned, "Do you like it?"

While waiting for a response, she ran her hands directly over her breasts, ostensibly to smooth the loose material.

She sexily bit her lip, which was always a dead giveaway that she was nervously excited. Slowing down to do fingertip circles over her nipples, she made her gorgeous tips perk up to their full height. Moving her hands lower, she tugged down on the bottom hem to "straighten everything out," as she coyly put it.

Stretching it taut like that, she removed any bunching, making it completely transparent. She may as well have been naked since her top hid nothing…absolutely nothing. That little baby doll barely even obscured anything. All it really did was give her torso a uniform pink haze, as if we were seeing her nude body through a filtered camera lens.

Her top hung loosely, so it didn't confine her movements at all. Her firm, natural breasts sat high, needing no support. When she moved, they jiggled; when she turned, they followed, after a slight delay; when she lifted her arms, they rose on her chest, her nipples thrusting outward. Since her erect tips and most of her breasts were still moist from my sucking, the top was clinging. Her luscious tits were showing through even more than they would in a wet t-shirt contest. That fuchsia baby doll was literally transparent.

It was the most revealing top she'd ever worn for Steve, and they both knew it.

"Since you're apparently both too tongue-tied to favor a lady with the courtesy of a response, I'll just assume this sassy little frock meets with your approval," she grinned. "Steve, I hate to be a bother, but could you also toss me some bottoms, please? I haven't had a chance yet to put on any panties, and I need to get up to go pee."

Saying nothing, apparently rendered speechless by the sight of Angelina freely showing us her bare breasts, he just reached back and blindly pulled open the first drawer he found.

Amused to no end by his dumbfounded reaction, she let him continue to stare at her spectacular tits, which she began openly caressing for our benefit. She gave him a teasing jab, though, saying, "Sweetie, the other drawer, the one above it to the left. That is, unless you really want me to put on some sweatpants and long, woolly socks."

Momentarily chastened, he turned to locate the correct drawer. He opened it and reached back in; pulling out the first bottoms he found, he tossed them to her.

Smirking over her shoulder at me, she and I exchanged knowing looks.

"You asked for it, pretty lady. I guess 'soon' is coming a little sooner than you may have bargained for," I grinned.

Appearing a bit dubious, she nevertheless smiled determinedly while wriggling into the bottoms he'd chosen.

"Okay, I really do have to pee," she giggled, jumping from the bed. Steve's chair was blocking her path to our bathroom door, and she just climbed right over him. She swung the door shut behind her, but it didn't catch. It remained open a couple of inches, and we could hear the telltale hissing sounds as she peed. Meanwhile, the weight of our bathrobes hanging on the hook attached to the back of the door made it slowly swing open.

Steve had his back to her, but I had a perfect sidelong shot of her perched on the toilet only eight feet away, her panties around her ankles.

She looked at me and blushed. I just smiled, as if to say, "What do you want me to do? If I move to close the door, he'll see you anyway."

Noticing my smiling glance, Steve turned to follow my gaze.

Busted! He looked right at her. "Oops!" he laughed.

"Oh...god," she moaned, looking so fucking gorgeous. She was still peeing, her back beautifully arched. Her entire right side was naked; with her full breasts, tiny waist and smooth, curvy ass, she was an amazing hourglass of pure sexiness.

"Okay, you guys have had your fun. Please turn away now," she said, her eyes imploring.

"Sure thing, sweetie," I laughed, and of course we both kept ogling her.

"Fine," she grinned. "Steve, don't think payback won't be a bitch. Not only am I going to watch you pee too, I'm going to hold your dick while you're going and shake it for you once you're done. How do like that idea?"

Nodding with another goofy smile, he just continued to stare.

Having finished peeing, she tore off some tissue paper. Never looking away, she spread her legs and wiped herself. Still grinning, she slid her panties up her thighs just as slowly and seductively as possible, raising her ass to slip the tiny scrap of material over her beautiful curves.

After flushing the toilet and leaving the bathroom, she sexily straddled Steve's lap, hooking her arms around his neck. While treating him to a hot little pussy-grind, she leaned in to whisper, "I thought I'd requested breakfast? Exactly what does a nearly naked girl have to do around here to get some of her gorgeous man's nice, sweet juice in her tummy? Oh, never mind. I'm up now. I'll go get my own."

Smiling sweetly, she slithered out of his lap and strutted towards the kitchen.

As we watched her bounce down the hallway, I said, "Dude, it looks like you got your wish."

"No shit. Look at that…" he said, awestruck.

The 'bottoms' he'd tossed her were nothing more than a tattered pair of white bikini panties. Old, thin and threadbare, even the elastic was basically toast. Most of her bare ass was on display, and the tiny panties hung so loosely on her hips that the top of her ass crack was exposed. Although there were yellow stars and moons printed in the fabric, we could still see her entire ass. Those poor panties really had become that see-through.

Jiggling away from us, her beautifully sculpted curves were a carnival of mouthwatering sex.

He followed her out to the kitchen, and I took that opportunity to throw on some shorts and a t-shirt before rejoining them.

She was leaning back against the fridge, one leg straight, the other bent at the knee, her foot pressed to the door. Casually swinging her raised knee in and out, she dipped her tongue into her glass of juice while peering suggestively over the rim.

From the front, her panties were every bit as innocent yet scandalous as they were from the rear. Resting across her hip bones a good eight inches below her belly button, they drooped at the top, and we could clearly see her pussy lips through the threadbare material. Her smooth slit and lightly hooded clit were only gently kissing the thin, loose cotton. We could see her pussy's coloring, still flushed and pink; having just been fucked, her inner lips were slightly distended, forming a crinkled smirk between her swollen outer labia. Her small strip of pubic hair standing guard above her slit was matted and moist; the clarity with which we could make out her pretty patch was such that I easily could have nailed a police artist's sketch rendering of its exact shape, texture, density and color.

Also, the panties were so loose and low in the front that a tempting half-inch of her dark brown pelt was peeking out over the top.

Between her bared breasts in that hazy wisp of fuchsia, those beguiling panties, and her radiant pose, she was the very definition of feminine sex.

"So, sweetie, do you believe me now?" she grinned, still playing her teasing game with him.

"Believe you now about what?" Simply staring, he was clearly torn between savoring the visual treasures of her pussy, her bare breasts, and especially her intense eyes, which is where he knew he really ought to be focusing his attention.

"Do you believe me now when I say these panties by themselves wouldn't be appropriate to wear to the concert tonight? Don't you think I need to wear something else with them?"

"You are wearing something else with them," he offered, and we all laughed.

Always such a helper, our Steve.

Angie smiled patiently. "Honey, that's not quite what I meant. Look at my panties…just the panties. I can't wear these as my only bottoms tonight. If we were going to a sunny picnic or walking around the State Fair and splashing around in the fountain, you know I'd be willing to indulge you by wearing nothing but these panties. Not to an indoor concert at night, though. It wouldn't look right, especially in heels. They simply aren't dressy enough. If you two are that horny, and you really want me to go naked tonight, okay, maybe I'll wear this top for you, but for my bottoms I want something sexier than these panties."

All the while, she was still swinging her leg back and forth. Along with the elastic of her panties being almost nonexistent at the leg holes, the gusset was so narrow that it barely covered her slit. When she would arc her knee out, we could see her naked pussy lips…which were glistening wet.

She simply stood before us, swinging her knee back and forth for effect. Once she'd proven her point, she gave Steve another knowing grin. "You can see my pussy, can't you?"

Since he was totally lost in the magic spell of her glorious sex, I thought I'd save Captain Obvious the trouble of having to come up with a cogent response. "Don't worry, baby, we're not going to ask you to go out tonight wearing nothing but those panties."

"Good," she smiled. "I'd like to think that when we go out to a club or concert together my wonderfully imaginative men will come up with something for me that's really sexy, definitely, and a lot more stylish than these old panties."

Always the gallant one, Steve said, "Hey, it's not like you don't look absolutely amazing in them."

"Absolutely amazing, or utterly and completely slutty?" she asked, with a self-deprecating smile. "You wanted to see me model my dresser drawer's goodies? Sweetie, other than wearing no panties at all, like last night when we were snuggling together, I don't know that it gets much more revealing than this, if that's what you're shooting for. I'm fairly certain that this top with these panties makes me look like an insatiable cum slut who's just begging to be fucked."

"An insatiable, gorgeous, wonderful cum slut who's just begging to be fucked, and we love her like crazy," I gently reminded her.

"It's true," added Steve. "You're simply incapable of looking anything but gorgeous, classy and perfect."

"Even like this?" she laughed. "I look like I want to fuck the whole band!"

"That would be one lucky band," I grinned.

Steve chuckled to me, "Okay, since you're already a guitarist, I suppose this means that now I have to learn to play bass, right? Oh, shit, I could be the singer! The singer always gets the hottest chicks! She could be all mine!"

Laughing again, Angelina launched herself at him, jumping into his arms. Holding herself up with her wrists crossed behind his neck and her legs wrapped around his waist, she playfully cooed, "Oh yeah? And what would you do to me if I were all yours? Would you fuck me in the ass doggie-style on stage, or would you just have me fuck myself with a guitar for your amusement? Would you let me suck your cock and swallow every drop of your sweet cum, or would you rather mark me as yours by cumming all over my perfect breasts and beautiful face? Is that what you'd do, baby? Would you share me on the tour bus, letting everyone in the band fuck your hot girlfriend whenever they pleased? Do you want me to be your sexy cum slut, hmmm, Mister Rock Star?"

Cradling her ass, he held her up as they fell back laughing against the sink. When I leaned in to hug her from behind, she whispered in my ear, "Baby, I can feel your cum still dripping from my ass. It's pooling up in my panties. God, I just came again, and I can smell my wet pussy. Unless you want me to fuck you both right now, you better get me out of here."

Climbing down from Steve, she fanned herself like Scarlett O'Hara. "I do declare, the devil must have gotten into me!" she giggled coquettishly. Filling her juice glass with water, she drank it in one long pull. Breathing hard, she set her hands on the counter and leaned over at the waist, one leg in front of the other, her hip cocked.

My god…her ass was a vision. I almost couldn't stop myself from tearing off her panties, squeezing her ripe globes on my face and jamming my tongue up her ass. Fuck, I wanted to bite and suck every inch of her gleaming bottom. Her quivering thighs; her smooth, heart-shaped cheeks; her drenched pussy; her adorable little puckered star…everything looked so delicious that I just wanted to devour it all.

She was still breathing hard, her hips rising and falling with each deep breath.

Glancing over at Steve, I noticed that he too was staring at the growing wet spot in her panties. I knew some of it was my leaking cum, but Steve must have thought it was just her sexy excitement showing. The idea that she was letting him see her fully aroused pussy, even if only through her sheer panties, had to be a stone-cold killer for him.

As I watched him, I realized that he would have dived into an erupting volcano for her, and I was more in love with her than I could ever remember.

Having finally caught her breath, Angelina turned to face us. Staring into our eyes, she ran her hands over her breasts; when she tugged on her erect tips, another quiet moan escaped her parted lips.

She wasn't being coy about it. She was vividly showing us her desire.

Never blinking, she slid her hand into her panties to caress her glistening slit. Slipping a fingertip through her flowering lips, she stroked her way up to the peak of her soft folds and started rubbing her clit. As she increased the intensity of her caresses, her hips answered in rolling undulations, until finally she plunged two fingers deep inside her shining pussy. Snaking her other hand beneath her top to squeeze her breast, she slowed her attack, touching herself more sensually.

With a white-hot fire burning in her dusky eyes, her voice was pure silk as she breathed, "I know…believe me, I know. I feel it too, the same thing you're both feeling. I'm so turned on, god, I'm about to lose my mind. Still, unless you two want to take me back to bed and fuck me right now, we have to get a move on if we're going to do anything today. It's already a quarter after eleven, and we haven't showered or eaten yet. We've got to start getting ready."

Before we even had a chance to take her up on that one really excellent sounding option, she scampered away to the bathroom. Moments later the door opened, and her top and panties came flying into the kitchen.

Grinning stupidly at each other, we heard the shower start, followed by a long, sexy moan....

~to be continued~

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