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He Comes Home

Short story By: SoulDiver

Tags: Erotica, Short

An erotic incident.

Submitted:Jun 24, 2012    Reads: 4,477    Comments: 3    Likes: 9   

He comes home. He is wearing a white shirt and grey wool trousers. It is too hot for the jacket. The moment he steps over the threshold he undoes his tie and pulls it off. I am wearing a long cotton jersey vest and no bra. I put my arms around his neck and kiss him. His hand goes under my vest and runs up my damp back with a firm touch; it runs down over my skin and into my pink lace knickers as the kiss deepens. He squeezes my bum as I feel his erection growing harder against my belly. He takes his hand from my knickers and cups one of my breasts then pulls my vest down lower to release me and pinches the nipple, his fingers soon replaced by his lips, sucking and lightly biting as I arch my back and rub against his hard-on.

'Fuck, I've got to have you now,' he says, 'against that wall,' and as he turns me around and pushes me towards the wall I hear the sound of his flies being unzipped. One hand is still on my breast and he kisses the nape of my neck as the other hand dips into the front of my knickers and discovers how wet I am. He groans and pushes his pants and underpants down in one swift move. 'Are you ready for this?' he asks in a low voice and I can't wait any longer as his fingers pull my knickers to one side and caress my swollen clit from behind. Just as I am expecting to feel his hard cock against me, instead I feel his hot breath and his tongue lashing across my wetness making me push into the wall and grind against him. His fingers dip into me and I almost lose it, but manage to gasp out, 'Please, now,' in ragged breaths. Then I feel the smooth hardness of his rigid cock rubbing against my cheeks as he pulls down my knickers, eases my legs further apart and pushes into me with one smooth thrust. I cry out as he pulls out and then thrusts into me again, slowly establishing the rhythm and I push against him and grind as the sound of him fucking me fills the room. I feel uncontrollable waves of orgasm approaching and as I cry out loud he groans and pulls out, pumping his sticky seed onto my sweating skin.

He stays leaning on the wall, hands either side of my head and I can hear his breathing slow. I turn to face him. His face is slack and sleepy and he grins at me, that cock-eyed grin that never fails to give me butterflies in my stomach. I laugh as I look down at his trousers pooled around his ankles, shoes and socks still on. 'How was your day?' I ask. He just grins again and pulls my vest over my head so I am leaning against the living room wall totally naked. I laugh again aware of the spunk that is about to stain the brilliant white paintwork so I take his hand and lead him to the bathroom. He hobbles after me trying to release the trousers from around his ankles and take his shirt off at the same time. His cock is getting hard again. Dinner will have to wait.


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