Freaks Cum Out: The Getaway

By: Solae Dehvine

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“FUCK”” He said as he fell to the ground.

He had his thing out and wanted me to touch it. All I could think about was how Brina told me to kick and run.

“You little Motherfucka” He yelled as he rolled around on the floor.

“If someone bothers you and tries to hurt you. I want you to kick them and run” Brina told me.

I had already kicked him now I was running. I ran to the front of the house and started to look for Momma. I couldn’t leave without her.

She said she was going to the bathroom so that’s where I went to look. I opened the door to the bathroom and I found her sleeping on the toilet. I thought she was sleep till I got closer and saw the needle in her arm.
Momma Momma..” I said shaking her.

“Naw, gotta go shake..when they..,,” She was mumbling not making any sense.  I tried to grab her but she pushed me away.

I couldn’t understand why she got so mad and wanted me to stay with that man, but now it all made sense.I tried again to grab her so we could go but she yelled at me.
“Let gooo” she said that and some more stuff that I couldn’t understand.

I never saw her actually getting high. I wasn’t sure what Brina meant or what it looked like. Just saw some stuff on movies but now I knew what it was like for real.

I heard the man in the other room still yelling for me.

I ran out of the bathroom to the hallway and saw him trying to get up.

“Little bastard I’m gonna KILL YOU”

I looked back in the bathroom at Momma and she wasn’t moving.

I couldn’t stay here and wait for her.

She was just trying to use me like Brina told me before. She was right that she didn’t care about us. She just let me come with her so she could get high. Man I wished I was older and bigger. I wanted to beat that man up.

He was limping down the hallway when I made it to the front door.

His pants were still down like it was in the living room when I kicked him. We talked about people like him at school. I think my teacher said they was called  molestors. He wasn’t gonna do that to me.

I opened the door and got out of the house. There were some people outside and the man was still passed out on the porch but it didn’t matter. I jumped over the man and I ran past the people. I just ran the same way that Me and Momma came. I hoped I was goin the right way. It was dark now and everything looked different.

“Come here kid..wanna play” One Woman said as I ran past her. She was skinny and had on a short red skirt. I didn’t stop I just ran.

Why did everyone want to hurt me? How was I gonna get home? I should have listened and never answered the door. Brina told me not to answer the door when she wasn’t home.

I had to call Brina to come and get me. But I didn’t have a phone to call her. There was a busy street up ahead. I needed to get there and find a phone or get on a bus.

As I got closer to the main street I saw the bus was coming.

YES. I thought.  If I ran real hard I could catch it. I only had some change in my pocket but it should be enough to get on the bus.

I jumped off the sidewalk and ran across the street. That’s when I heard the horn and the brakes from the car. The headlights were right in my face. I didn’t see it before I tried to cross the street.

“look both ways when crossing the street” I heard Brina like she was standing right beside me.

I just wanted to go home but now it was too late. The lights from the car felt like fire on my face. I closed my eyes and waited for it to hit me.

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