Forbidden Fruit - always tastes the sweetest

By: Smuckers

Page 1, There are two sides to every story. Read along while Jasmine & Cole both tell you their sides of the story of how they grew in love over the Internet, & eventually met in person. Jasmine\'s a young black woman who has recently experienced heart break. She builds up walls so that no one will have the chance to break her heart again. She decides to escape her reality & live vicariously through cyberspace. Cole\'s a young disabled white man who has spent three-quarters of his life in & out of hospitals. Due to injury, he is bedridden & has only his computer to socialize & meet new people. Because of his upbringing, falling in love with a black woman was taboo. But there was something about Jasmine that made him want to taste the forbidden fruit.


From the Chapter: Blind Date: 
      The next day was similar to the first. However, we did manage to have some physical intimacy in spite of the interruptions. I had to sit my chair next to his bed in order to get close to him. We talked & began to “make out.” Cole took on his roll of being “the man” in this relationship, & began exploring this new terrain he worked so hard to acquire. He was a great kisser. I was happy about that because I love to kiss! He kissed all of my exposed tender spots. Licking my lobes and kissing my neck was an exhilarating feeling. It had been so long since I felt those tingly feelings 
from someone I cared about. And he was doing it just right! He could obviously tell that I was enjoying every stroke of his tongue because then he took a bite! Bram Stoker’s Dracula had possessed my baby! That man sucked on my neck as if he needed a blood transfusion to survive. His mouth was like a vacuum cleaner, continuously drawing blood to the surface of my neck. But it hurt so damned good! He continued around the circumference of my neck with his suctioning prowess. Thank God I was sitting down because I’m sure I would have been dizzy or fainted if I tried to 
stand up. I don’t know what he got out of it, but I enjoyed it immensely. I couldn’t tell whether or not he had a hard-on because he was lying on his stomach. Time must have stood still because this seemed to go on for a while. However, it started again when one of the employees from the nursing staff entered the room. That may have been a good thing though because I may have needed a bed myself by time Cole was finished with me! And I didn’t have enough sense to tell him to stop. I think I was semidelirious with “pleasurable pain.” She took care of Cole’s needs & departed from the room.
     Jasmine seemed to be very pleased with the way that I was kissing her. But she really got off when I started nibbling on her neck. Personally, I had never done that before - at least to that extent. It was a new experience 
to me. I mean, I have kissed women on their neck. But I’ve never sucked on their neck like I did with her. But it seemed the harder I sucked on her neck, the more she liked it. I heard sounds of ecstasy coming from her, which just gave me the incentive to continue working my way around her neck. She seemed to love every minute of it. But I just couldn't understand how someone could derive such pleasure from something that I knew had to be at least a little painful. But since she liked it, I concentrated on that for a long time..... If she hadn't have been making all of those sounds of ecstasy, I would have stopped a long damn time ago. But it was her ass who gave me the incentive to "keep on keeping on."
From the Chapter: Tasting the Forbidden Fruit:
     Cole & I discussed quite a few things prior to our visit. The main thing was whether or not we would attempt to have sex. Since we would now have some privacy, there was a real possibility that we would be able to experience that level of intimacy without any interruptions or fear of getting caught. Although the idea of expressing those emotions towards one another was a lovely dream, it would have to remain just that – a dream. There were two main reasons for that decision. The primary reason was a medical one. Cole had a deep wound on his left hip that continually needed attention each day. We definitely were not going to do anything to upset his wound or his health in any way. The secondary reason had to do with Cole’s insecurities about his penis. He felt like it was inadequate in size & didn’t want to risk being ridiculed or pitied for his package. In the past, one of his former lovers was guilty of doing that exact thing. Even though years have passed, it has stuck with him ever since. I respect his decision to not “go there.” I want this visit to be special & as comfortable as possible for both of us.
 ….. Our time together was going so well. We already had a day that we would never forget. Little did I know that Jasmine had a nice little surprise for me that night. When we went to Walmart, I bought her a nice leopard print nightgown. I thought that at some point she would model it for me. I knew that she would look good in it. So that night, she was in the bathroom getting dressed for bed. There are 2 doors connected to the bathroom – one of which is connected to my bedroom. So when she came through the door, I was speechless. I couldn’t breathe. She didn’t have on the long leopard print nightgown. She had a short black nightie with hot pink bubbles all over it. It had black bikini panties & she wore black furry high-heeled slippers. You remember the cartoon on TV where the wolf’s
face hits the ground, tongue’s hanging out about 5 feet long, & his eyes looked like saucers? That was me! I’ve never seen anything as beautiful as I’ve seen with her.

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