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Sex with My Friend's Step Brother

Short story By: sluttygal222

Sean and i enjoy our private time in his step brother's party and in his parent's room

Submitted:Jun 26, 2014    Reads: 10,578    Comments: 3    Likes: 3   

Sorry for my grammar. I still learning english

Please leave a comment. and enjoy! :) x

I'm in the party with my high school friends. We're in Matt's house. Matt is always throw a big party in his house and yes it's actually pretty fun because his house is so big and his parents usually went outside of the city for a days.

I wear a short jeans skirt and a shirt revealing my cleavage. Matt is invited his friends from another schools too so i think i can wear something sexy and found a guy to replace my bastard ex boyfriend.

I stepped out of my car with my friends and walk to Matt's house. The music is so loud and i smile. It's gonna be a great night tonight.

Inside of Matt's house people were dancing, kissing, talking, yelling, singing, drinking and many more. Some of the girls are dancing with one guy that i know he's Matt's friend. And some of the guy making out with girls on the couch.

Suddenly Matt came to me and kiss my cheek "Wow Bree! Look at your sexy legs umm yumm enjoy the party babe!" He slap my ass and i laugh. Matt gone again and i walk to his kitchen to find a drink.

There are so many people in the kitchen and i take a glass of beer. Then walk to the swimming pool which is more and more crazy people having fun.

"Brittany right?" A shirtless guy with muscular body and black short hair wearing only a short pants with a very fine abs walk to me. "I guess it's me" i smile and he introduces himself as Sean. He's Matt's step brother. I think that's why i never seen him around.

Me and Sean talk about 15 minutes. I can see him staring at my cleavage and i can see his bulge under his short pants. I only smile and i think Sean also notice that i looking at his dick. We talk about Matt and talk a sex joke and even talk dirty. Sean is just like Matt. They had the same personalities. Suddenly Sean ask me to show him my boobs because he couldn't stop staring at it. I just laugh. And he look me with a begging eyes "come on Bree, it's a party. You see them?" Sean point his finger to the girls in the pool. "They are not even wearing shirt anymore. They are topless. And i'm just so curious as hell about that big boobs inside of your white tight shirt" i saw the girls beside the pool they are laughing and jumping with their boobs juggling and it makes the guys in front of them happy and brush their hands on their big boobs.

"What i get in return then if i show you my boobs?" I get closer to make Sean see my cleavage more. He look at it for a second and said "i'm gonna lick your nipples until they are hard"

"It's already hard Sean." My hands rub my nipples and it's so visible to see because i'm not wearing bra.

"Hmm can i feel it?" Sean asked.

I only nodded and i let his hands cupping my big boobs "oh fuck it's so big" i enjoy his hands and let him pulling my nipples and rub it with his thumb. I close my eyes and feel his great finger playing with my hard nipples.

"Take off my shirt"

Sean take off my shirt and with wasting no time he squeeze my boobs hard and play my nipples with his tongue. He play my pink nipples with his tongue and it makes me moan a little.

"Oh Bree your tits are so damn amazing." He lick my nipples again and suck it like a baby needs a milk. I smile and moan louder.

"Take me to your room Sean. And fuck me hard"

Sean leave my nipples and i walk topless into the house while many guys pay attention to my big boobs. We walk to the second floor and found a big room with all grey decoration. I don't know which room is it but i don't care i just want my wet pussy to get filled with a dick.

Sean push me to the bed and spread my legs wide. My pussy is so wet i can feel the juices running out from it. Sean touch my pussy trough my black panties. "Umm so wet" he take off my panties and lick my folds. I moan loud but he never stop. He lick my pussy more until his tongue trying to fuck my pussy. He open my pussy lips and push his tongue inside it and it makes me moan really loud and i grab the sheets. Damn he really good at eating my shaved clean pussy. He push a finger inside and finger fuck me slowly. Sean's finger are way better than my fingers to masturbating everyday. I bite my lips when Sean push another finger inside my pussy and push another finger again. 3 fingers are inside me and oh my god that feels so damn good to get a finger fuck from a hot guy like Sean. He's not stop until i cum hard around his fingers. He pull out and show me his fingers covered with my juices.

"Come on babe, suck me" Sean already naked and he lay down beside me with his dick standing like a pole. He's already hard. His dick is so big around 7inches and i love to feel it pulsating in my grip. I sucking his hard dick all the way down because i love to deep throating my ex boyfriend. I fondling Sean's balls and he push me to lay beside him and he positioning himself between me.

He rubs his dick on my pussy "you want my big dick inside me babe?"

I only nodded and he push his dick so hard until it fully inside me. I scream in pain but Sean kiss my lips and down to my boobs. He stroke his dick inside me fast and hard i only can feel the pleasure right now. His dick getting harder inside of my pussy like it's gonna tear me. He is really good and i think this is the best sex i had after a few months break up with my ex. I moan and he groan next to my ear and say a dirty things to me and i cum when he call me a slut. Because i think that's so damn hot.

Sean still fucking me a minutes more before i can feel his fast breathing and suddenly squirting his cum all over my belly. I take his cock to stroke it on my belly he still groan and now i bending down like a dog and suck his dick cleaning and get the cum from his dick. I show Sean his cum in my mouth and swallow it. Sean kiss my lips and bite it.

"Ohhh yes you just make the sheets dirty Bree." Sean laugh and i see his cum fell to the sheets.

I lay beside him and take his cum from my belly to my mouth. "I don't care.." I kiss his lips and ask him.

"Is this your room?"




"Then? Who's room is this?"

"My parents." He laugh and get on top of me again to fuck me one more time before he drove me to home and fuck me again in his car in front of my house.


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