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'He held her close to him as he closed his own eyes, and slowly drifted off to sleep himself, with one thing tattooed on his mind…'

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Their gazes locked as Mia sank down onto his lap, his erection penetrating her deeply; she sighed.
Ant's fingers found their way into her long fiery tresses, knotting the long strands; he tugged her hair gently and watched as she tilted her head back, her eyes closed, and a flush on her cheeks.
His lips immediately attached to the expanse of neck that was now on show as it stretched elegantly in front of him.
Mia's hands rested on his shoulders to support herself as she lifted up from his lap and hung her body in the air, the head of his cock still buried inside of her.
Ant's lips moved down to her collar bone where he licked and nibbled the soft tender flesh, her head moved forward and her gaze diverted to his blonde hair, her hands leaving his shoulders to run through the short locks..
He was so beautiful, Mia mused, as she kissed his forehead, his hips angling themselves upwards, penetrating himself further into her, she moaned blissfully.
He looked up to her face, and drew his mouth to hers, seeking entrance into her mouth almost immediately, their lips and tongues slipped messily against each other.
The kiss passionate: demanding.
Mia thrust against him again, feeling his balls slap against her arse, she moaned into the kiss; feeling it vibrate down his throat, he gripped her tighter, digging his nails into her hips, knowing that it would bruise by the morning.
He lifted her off of him before bringing her down almost painful against him.
"Fuck!" their kiss broke, leaving them both heavily panting for air.
She rocked against him, her flesh hot and wet; the sensations he caused in her making her skin sing with pleasure.
She hummed as she buried her face in the crock of his neck, smelling Ants scent on his smooth skin, her tongue and teeth latching onto his earlobe, causing him to shiver.
She rocked against him again; her eyes meeting his, as a heated sensation ran threw her body, her teeth worrying her bottom lip as she rode out her orgasm.
His hips drawing out her release as he steadily moved within her.
Ant felt the sensations warp up his own spine, his head flew backwards, and he felt her tongue lap at his neck.
They sat there for what felt like hours, tangled up in a heap of tangled limbs.
Mia placed her ear to his chest she heard his heart beat. Her eyes gazed down to where they were joined; she smiled, she couldn't tell where he ended had she began.
He removed himself from within her, and Mia closed her eyes at the loss of contact. Ant laid her down on the bed, and lay beside her, wrapping his arms around her waist and drawing her close to him.
He kissed her hair, and heard her breathing deeply letting him know she was asleep.
He held her close to him as he closed his own eyes, and slowly drifted off to sleep himself, with one thing tattooed on his mind…
'Now this is love.'


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