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Tags: Sex, Vampire, And, Pixie

Vampire and Pixie hooking up

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The crack of a long black whip was the only sound Andace could hear. The moon's light shimmered through the long oval window. Its beams glittered off of Andace Lily's bright light blue naked skin. She knelt by the bed of black and crimson velvet. Her face was buried into the softness of the blankets. Her wrists were tied by black wire and hooked to a silver hook. It popped out of the bed. Her knees also were tied to the edge of the bed. Her legs were spread out far and wide. Andace groaned and muffled a loud scream as the whip came down. It slashed across her back hard as Andace arched her back and leaned her head back. Her bright hot pink curly long hair splashed back.
A white pale hand curled Andace's hair tightly around her wrist. Nina flora yanked her lover's head back. Nina smiled as she pulled harder at Andace's hair and cracked her whip again across Andace's back. Andace let out aloud scream as the whip left another large scratch across her back. Andace felt the wire also bite into her wrists. Oh the pain is my pleasure. Andace thought as she felt the warmth in her gut grow and felt herself growing wet in her wanton hole between her legs.
Nina knelt behind her and leaned forward. She cupped Andace between the legs. Her blue violet eyes glowed. Nina thrust her whole fist tightly into Andace's moist wet tight hole. Andace's green eyes widen as Nina pumped her wrist hard, fast,in, and out of her. Andace's breath quicken as her heart beat with Nina's thrusting fist. "Nina, Mistress pleas..." Andace moaned as her wire binds diappeared. Andace reached behind her as she raised with her Mistress. Nina replaced her fist with the black leather handle of the whip. Andace moaned and groaned as Nina rocked her up and down the handle of the whip.
Nina turned Andace to face her as they both knelt on the black plush carpeting. Nina cupped Andace's chin and tilted her head back. Her light violet hair curtained their faces as Nina kissed Andace on the lips. Nina removed the very wet whip handle and threw it aside. With a growl she stood to her five foot seven height and held Andace close. Nina set Andace on her stomach on the bed. With swift movement Nina had Andace on her knees again but not tied up. Andace moved her hips forward and backward. She gasped out loud as Nina grasped her hips. "Oh, my dear Andace, only I can give you this naughty pleasure." Nina groaned as she thrust the 9 inch dildo of her strap double head strap on, into Andace. The dildo went deeper into Andace as the other one went into Nina as well. As Nina shoved forward pushing the large fake penis deeper into Andace's tight wet cunt. "Mmmm , my you also taste so good." Nina whispered hoarsly into Andace's ear as she licked up Andace's wounds from the whip.
Their naked bodies moved in the moon's light that danced through and off the walls and off of their hard rutting shadows. Nina yelled out as the dildo went harder and faster into her tight wet hole. Andace sat up as her Mistress held her up by her hair. Andace braced her hands on the head board as she spread her legs wider. Both groaned and moaned out as they rode the fake dildos together. Nina let out a loud growl as she twisted Andace to face her. Nina bent her head and bit hard into Andace's left large breast. Her light pink nipple bled into Nina's mouth. "You're mine!!!" Nina hissed as she thrust the hard dildo harder and deeper into herself and into Andace who wrapped her arms around Nina's neck. "Yes, Mistress, Mistress I am yours." Andace's yelled over over as she and Nina climaxed and shook. They both writhed with great strong pleasure.
Nina pulled the double headed strap on out of them and threw it. She gathered her pixie wife close and looked down at her. Nina licked Andace's hard nipple clean of blood. "Mmmm dearest wife I do love our games, but next time I'll be the Slave and you Mistress." Nina said as she brushed her lips softly over Andace's. Andace bit hard on Nina's lips as Nina gathered her close to her and covered them with a blanket. "Yes dearest, but sleep now." Andace whispered as they both fell into deep pleasured sleep.


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