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Bleeding Mercy part two

Short story By: silencedviolets

Mercy wakes up to bitter pain. Mr. Eve loves to see her in pain. Lets see what else he has under his sleeves.

Submitted:Dec 2, 2012    Reads: 1,108    Comments: 0    Likes: 3   

Part Two

Mercy slowly woke up. Her whole face hurt as she tried to sit up. Mercy couldn't move at all. She tried to lift her arms but couldn't. She tried to speak but couldn't, Mercy gasped when she saw a large long mirror on the celeling. Mercy's eyes went wide when she saw her reflection. Her ankels, legs, arms, and wrists were chained to the black silk bed. Chains also crisscrossed over her stomach and around her large breasts. What the hell. Mercy thought as she struggled against the chains. They seemed to tighen the more she moved.

Mercy wanted to scream but couldn't, a bright purple gag ball was held in her mouth. It was held by black leather tied behind her head. Her long brown hair was in a long tail that was slung over her left shoulder. "Mmmm, I see you're awake." Mr. Eve said as he sat on the left side of the bed. Mercy glared at him as she felt angry tears clouding her eyes. "Oh, sweet Mercy how you've grown." Mr.Eve's eyes traveled from Mercy's breasts then down to her shaven pussy. "Mmm, I'm so hard right now. I love you like this. Chains become you." He stood up and took off his robe. His hard jutting penis flung free. Mercy closed her eyes when Mr.Eve sat back down.

Mr. Eve smacked her hard across the face. "Open your damn eyes." He grabbed the back of her head and yanked off the gag. With a deep groan he crushed her lips with his. He forced her mouth open and sucked hard on her tongue. His left hand cupped her breast and squezzed it hard until she whimpered in pain. Mr.Eve bit hard on her tongue then he moved his lips to her other breast and bit harder on it. Mercy clenched her teeth as she held back a cry. Her body shook when he cupped her between the legs. "Oh what a surprise you're wet." He laughed as he shoved his large fist hard into her wet cunt. He took it out and rammed it harder into her. "Mmm so tight. I love it oh how I want you. Here have a taste." He straddled her waist as he held his fist in front of her. He pinched her nose until she opened her mouth. "Lick it!!!" He yelled as he slapped her in her leg. Mercy licked up his fist then with a loud yell she she bit down hard into his wrist. " You fucking bitch." Mr.Eve yelled as he slapped her hard in the face. Mercy's vision blurred as everything slowly went black. Last thing she saw was his beautiful face contorting in a angering glare.


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