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Bleeding Mercy Part 5

Short story By: silencedviolets

Mercy thought she hated this man but what if she ends up wanting him pain and all. please comment if u read thank u

Submitted:Dec 13, 2012    Reads: 997    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

Mercy awoke and moaned as Mr.Eve rubbed his thumb up and down her bulging wet cunt.The chains made a clanking sound as Mercy sat up. She didn''t know why but she entangled one of her legs with his. She ground her pussy hard against his thumb. "Oh, Mercy likes. Oh mmm you're so wet." Mr. Eve stuck four fingers deeper into Mercy. Her eyes went wide. "Mmm yes My Lord!!!" Mercy gasped out loud as she rocked her hips hard agaisnt his thrusting hand.

Mr. Eve moaned as he came up to his knees and spread her legs wide open. "You look so delious." He whispered as he eyed her shaven cunt hungryly. He gently pressed his face into her open lips and moaned. "You smell so good and feel so warm." Mr. Eve sniffed her honey scent. He opened his mouth and licked the inside of her clit. He moved his tongue up and down. Mercy arched her back as she came and shook with hard pleasure. Mr. Eve moaned out her name as he bit hard into the left side of her.

Mercy yelped in pain but groaned as he began licking her once more. He moved up and leanded forward. He wrapped Mercy's legs around his waist. He leaned forward and kissed Mercy hard on the lips. Mercy tried to move her head away. Mr. Eve took her left breast in his mouth and bit down hard. Mercy quickly looked him straight in the eye. "Sorry, my Lord. I'm sorry." Mercy whimpered as she took hold of his head and kissed his lips hard. Not taking her eyes away she opened his lips. She sucked on his tongue hard. Mr. Eve pulled away. " I'll let this one go." He said as he moved his lips to her neck. With his left hand he yanked her head back by her hair.

Mercy sighed in relieve then moaned again when he clasped her right breast tightly. "Oh I need to be in you so bad." Mr.Eve raised his hips then he thrusted hard into Mercy's waiting wet love hole. "Oh Mercy. So tight oh my mmm oh." Mr. Eve pulled out then thrusted harder into her. Mercy once again wrapped her legs around his waist. In chains and all she let him ram himself harder and harder in her. She whimpered and cried out of pain and hard pleasure that shook her.

"Oh yes, yes yes oh my. My Lord!!!!!!" Mercy screamed out when Mr.Eve brought her to her climax. "Oh good girl Mercy. If I take of the chains will you promise not to escape." Mr.Eve whispered as he pulled out of her. Mercy nodded "Yes, my Lord." She whispered. He got up and walked behind the bed and hit a lever. The chains fell off and rolled under the bed. Mercy lifted her arms over her head and yawned. "Yes, nap time then." Mr. Eve said as he took her into his arms and laid back down on the bed. Mercy curled into him and clasped her hands tightly to her front. Mr. Eve kissed her on the head as he fell asleep unaware that Mercy held the front door key in her hands. Tomorrow I will escape. Mercy thought as she fell asleep.


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