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Bleeding Mercy part 4

Short story By: silencedviolets

Sometimes punishment brings all the pleasure out of you. IF YOU READ PLEASE COMMENT SO I KNOW IF U WANT A PART FIVE OR IF I NEED TO FIX SOMETHING THANK YOU.

Submitted:Dec 8, 2012    Reads: 1,046    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

Mr. Eve sat in the black armed chair. He sipped his red wine while he stared at Mercy's bloodied back. "Mmm, what a beautiful sight." More tears clouded Mercy eyes as she shivered from the pain.

Mr. Eve stood behind her, he slathered on soothing cream over the long whip marks. "I don't want my pet to have any scars now." He cooed. With a smile he set the bottle of cream down. He slapped Mercy hard on the ass making her yelp in pain. " You'll do what I say. You'll call me My Lord and you won't swear. Do I make myself clear." Mr. Eve said as he stood in front of her. He slapped the whip on his hand.

Mercy glared at him and nodded. Mr. Eve cracked the whip on her breasts. "Yes, My Lord." She yelled out. Mr. Eve smiled as he gripped handfuls of her hair. With a loud groan he kissed her hard on the lips. With a moan he bit hard into her lower lip. He cupped her left breast tightly in his hand. Mercy whimpered and moaned as she opened her mouth and sucked on his tongue.

"Oh have Mercy." Mr. Eve groaned as he reached behind him. He pulled on a lever, the chains dropped down bringing Mercy to her knees. "Suck on me, my Mercy." Mr. Eve whispered as he pet her head like a cat. Mercy didn't want to but didn't want to be whipped again. Closing her eyes she took him in her mouth. Mr. Eve yanked on her hair. Mercy forced her eyes open. She swirled her tongue over the swollen head and sucked.

Mr. Eve brought her head back and forth. He fell to his knees and moaned out loud. "Oh sweet Mercy, suck me harder." He groaned out. Mercy sucked and licked him faster and harder. " Oh, I'm cumming. Swallow it all my love." Mr Eve gasped out as his whole body shook. Mercy felt his salty cum go down her throat. New tears formed in her eyes as she swallowed it all.

Mr. Eve pulled out of her mouth. "Good girl." He cooed as he kissed her lips. He licked her lips then bit down hard on her lips making her yelp. "I'm tired lets go to sleep." Mr. Eve stood up while he clapped his hands. The chains fell off of Mercy. She fell against him as he caught her against his chest. He lifted Mercy up into his arms and walked out of the punishment room to his. Mercy was too tired to fight and fell asleep. Mr. Eve laid her on his bed then wrapped chains around her legs and arms. He then laid next to her and held her tight in his arms. He smiled for he would play more tomorrow.


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