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Why Would You Think That

Short story By: ShrimpyFied

After a long, hard day at work sometimes you just need to become stress free

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"How many times do I have to tell you, her records show she is healthy, she doesn't need the drugs to keep her going. She tested positive in the drug test." I heard Cole shout on the phone from the kitchen as I walked through the door. I put my truck keys on the small side table that stood by the door. I strolled into the kitchen half smiling as I walked to the fridge.

Cole smiled softly, he had told me seeing me walk into his apartment casually made him feel like he had to be doing something right. "Yes, I have to go Dan. Just, do what you want; what do I know I'm only a doctor." He said coldly as he clicked the phone off. I heard him stroll to me as I searched the fridge for a bottle of water, He wrapped his arms around me from behind, I smiled. "I don't understand why you stay at the hospital if the work and dumb people just stress you out." I said

He breathed kissing my bare shoulder, it was the summer time so me wearing a strapless shirt was not abnormal, "Somebody has to be smart, but let's not talk about how my day was because you can obviously tell. Let's talk about how your day was?" He said in a low tone, he knew how my day was, lonely. I have to work all day and the occasional night. I shut the fridge and turned around to face him, I wrapped my long pale arms around his pale neck. He stood in front of me wearing a loose dress shirt and tie, dress pants, and a devious smile. He put both his hands above me, on the black fridge; He knew his lazy-businessman attire really turned me on. I slowly glided my fingers through his messy blonde hair as he stared me down with his blue eyes. "My day was lonely and stressful." I said smoothly, pulling my lips close to his mouth but not allowing him to touch them. Cole was the kind of guy that wouldn't do anything about his own stress but would relieve the stress of the woman he loved, that's where I come in.

His grin widened, "Are you going to tease me Cheyenne?" He said pushing my long auburn hair behind my ear.

"Why would you think that?" I said sarcastically, to prove my sarcasm I ran my delicate hand down his hard chest to the hard leather of his belt and up again.

"Cheyenne," He tried to say smoothly but I could tell by his quick breaths that I was winning at this game.

I grabbed his black tie and pulled his face to mine, our lips being pressed roughly against one another. His moan vibrated our lips which excited me a bit. I tried to detach from his passionate hold but he surprised me by grabbing my butt, pulling me closer to him. He then lifted me on the kitchen island, our kisses becomes quicker, he pulled off my top kissing from my bellybutton up to the tops of my breasts, which were still covered by the black lace of my bra.

"Oh, Cole." I could help but moan out of anticipation.

He smiled tearing off his shirts and tie. As he did that I unclasped my bra, revealing my perfectly round chest. He smiled, his hand immediately claiming their territory as he stared into my brown eyes "Let me relieve your stress baby." A shiver went down my spine at his seductive words, instead of verbally answering his statement; I jumped off the counter and ran my hand back and forth on his erection.

His eyes closed at my sexual touch. When his eyes opened he was a new person, he was an animal, a loyal animal that was made to please me. He picked me up and carried me to the bedroom, kissing me as we walked. When we got close to the bed he threw me on the mattress. I tore off my denim shorts and rubbed his hand along my now soaked panties, his grin widened "I love it when you're already wet for me Cheyenne." He said in a low tone. He bent down and ran his tongue along the lace. "Don't tease me Cole." I moaned.

"Why would you think that?" He mocked my earlier tone as he once again licked my clit through my panties. A delightful shiver crept down my spine as anticipation grew even more unbarring to have his tongue in my soaking wet pussy. "Please Cole" I screamed as his tongue kissed the lace between my thighs. The vibration of his laugh against my clit was almost unbearable, I used my hand to bring his face up to mine. I pressed my lips against his with passion as I pulled down my panties. I hoped he wasn't noticing me do this, but to my surprise, he did. He grabbed my hand and released from my kiss.

"You are sneaky Cheyenne." He grinned at my lustful eyes.

"Please Cole." I begged

He then kissed down my stomach, removing my panties as he worked his way down. He made no hesitation into diving his tongue into my soaking wet pussy. "OH COLE!" I screamed

He came back up to meet my lips, I unbuckled his pants and flipped him over on the mattress. I grinned, "I need to relieve your stress now baby, but I also have to come." I said I pulled down his boxers and pants in one swift motion revealing his large erection. I slid his dick into my tight, wet, swollen pussy and rode him hard and fast. His slight moans increased my speed.

"Cheyenne." He moaned

Then I felt myself climaxing, Cole was to fast and flipped me over to where he was on top. He pulled out, "What do you want baby?"


"Tell me that you want it."

"I want you to fuck me!" I screamed pushing myself upward to where he was once again inside me, I creed out "I want you to fuck me hard! Make me come Cole!" I said as he rammed his large dick into me again. I was finally ready to come.

"Go ahead baby." He grunted as he thrusted into me.

That's when I came all over the bed sheets, my sweet aroma filling Cole's nose. I knew it wouldn't be long before he came. Cole pulled out, and I got on all fours he then thrusted himself into my asshole without any warning, I loved it when he surprised me. I cried out "Oh Cole!" That's when he shot his come inside of me.

We both fell back on the bed and fell asleep for a quick nap before doing it all over again.


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