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More Often part 1

Short story By: ShrimpyFied

Colton doesn't work late often, but when he does it, Riley has trouble sleeping....

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I lied awake in my bed as I stared at the plain white ceiling. The itch to be touched was over whelming, so overwhelming that you notice the smallest details in things to distract yourself. So small, I could see the slight discolored stain above me from the upstairs neighbors seeing a spider having a cup of coffee meet the carpet ground above us. I huffed in frustration, I couldn't believe how horny I was, and it was all his fault, Colton's, Him being almost five years older than me he has a lot more experience….making me crave him even more when he is gone. It was times like these that I wish I had more College assignments to distract me, or even to tire me out so I could rest. Thinking about Colton drove me nuts, his blonde hair that I wanted to run my fingers through a thousand times then a thousand times more. When he looks at me with deep seduction in his blue stare makes me think twice on what the devil's eye color is. It wasn't that he was scary, he was just so sexy, and he just turned me on so much that my need for him scared me. I met Colton when I went college hunting when I was 16, I stopped by a café for some coffee and in his words I was the only one he saw. He was 21 when I first met him, my attire fooled him into thinking I was older than I was. Obviously the age difference scared us a bit, but as they say, love conquers all.

"Riley just try to sleep, close your eyes" I commanded myself as I shut my eyes tightly. Finally the excitement of Colton's hungry touch wore down, bringing me to a stage in which I felt my true exhaustion. That's when I felt the end of the comforter being lifted slightly, then I felt a smooth hand against my calfs. All at once the dying excitement built back up instantly as Colton's lips pressed against my once again wet panties. "You've been waiting for me." He moaned as he lifted his face to meet mine, "I love it when you are already wet for me darling." He pressed his lips against mine softly but hard enough to make me want him more. "You shouldn't do that to me, Cole." I breathed, He chuckled at my inability to breathe normally. "I'm sorry darling I had to do some last minute paper work at work. But, I'm here now and I'm all yours." He whispered in my ear, rubbing his soft hand against my wet panties. "I pictured you like this at work, I think one of the student nurses saw my stiff pants before I went to the janitors closet and jacked off."

A chill went down my spine, he knew how to torcher me. I spun around, putting him underneath me. I lowered my lips to his neck and lightly kissed his jaw line, up to his ear. "I have been waiting for you all day, so no teasing." I said in his ear as I ripped open his shirt kissing down his hard chest. His chest began to rise faster as my lips traveled lower, then he spun over again towering over me, his charming yet undeniably sexy grin took over his face instantly, "Now, what fun would that be?" He groaned as he pulled off his long sleeve shirt from my body, (I always wore his cloths to bed when he was gone) He kissed down my neck and over my breasts which were covered by my c-cup bra. He grinned again as he unlatched it swiftly and began to suck on my erect nipples, giving each one attention. I closed my eyes, allowing myself to not see, but feel his touch. I was upset when I felt his lips leave my breasts, but I smiled again as he kissed my panties once before pulling them down with his teeth. He flicked his tongue along my clit, making me moan, "Oh, Colton." He moaned, making me feel his vibrations along my clit. I pulled his face back to mine, kissing him passionately before pushing him to the floor. "You're going to pay for making me wait for you then turning me on after I had just turned down." I said as I stood above him.

His grin widened, "Please Master, Punish me." He laughed "I know I've been a very bad boy."

I smiled, "Stay down." I told him as he lied on the floor motionless, I walked toward his head and bent down. Letting my tongue slither down his chest down to his thick, hard, nine inch cock. I took it in my mouth, sucking slowly at first but as his breathing quickened, so did my speed. How could it not? He was breathing right into my woman hood, making it drip with desire. I moaned when his tongue plunged into my womanhood, instantly my walls clenched and released all over his face. He moaned and licked me clean. I could feel his cock throbbing even more, it wouldn't be long before he released so I unlatched my lips from his cock and turned over to face his face. I licked my cum from his face and smiled deviously, "I believe it is your turn to punish me." The minute I give him this permission he turns me over fast and thrusts himself into me as hard as he can "Yes! I've been waiting for this all day!" He said as he moved faster. I moaned louder "Oh, God! Cole." I screamed "I'm cumming" I said my walls tightening around his hard cock, "That's alright baby, cum for me." He said before I released over his large cock, "Oh!" I said I pushed him out of me and shoved his face back between my legs. He picked up my legs as he buried his face into my mound, sucking, biting, licking. All of his motions, perfect, and beautiful. When he pulled his face back up to look at my eyes, the devil took over him as he grinned widely, spinning me around to wear my breasts pressed against the floor. I felt his tongue glide into my ass. I moaned for what was to come, it wasn't long after I moaned that he took his cock and pushed it into me hard, I screamed out of pain and pleasure all at once, "That's right baby, beg for more!"

"I want more Cole, I want you!" I moaned as he grunted with every thrust into me. He then pumped his last blow into me releasing his warm sperm into my warm walls just before they clenched and released as well. As we lied curled together on the floor he kissed the top of my head "Maybe I should work late more often." He chuckled, "Only if I get this." I grinned, "but you'd have to mix it up a bit." I said looking up at him, He pushed back a piece of loose hair, "noted."


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