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You can't fuck me tonight!

Short story By: sheriton56

He wants to fuck her. She wants him to fuck her too. But it's too soon for her so she has to think of other things to do for him. Explicit descriptions, not suitable for those under twenty one. Please don't read this unless you are happy to read about graphic sexual detail. If you enjoy it, please let me know!

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He convulses as the tensions of the evening are released in a hot stream of thick cum. She feels it warm and sticky on her lips. She pumps her hand up and down his hard thick cock urgently, relentlessly. She knows she's prolonging his orgasm, draining the last drops of his sweet juices as his body jolts in time with each spurt of spunk. She watches it shooting from his throbbing cock as she grips his pulsing manhood tight, up over the tip, then down the shaft and up again, mercilessly. With each stroke she brings forth another glistening trail of his cum, directing it now over her breast, the hot white liquid clinging to her nipple as she moves across him. She presses the tortured head of his engorged cock against her other breast, pumping the next stream of syruppy cum out to smother her hard nipple in sticky warmth. As she leans accross him, her full and perfect breasts supported by his abdomen, she never slows the movement of her hand up and down him. She loves the feeling of his balls, tight as she carresses and squeezes them with one hand while she drains his cock with the other.

She keeps up the rhythm, her hand gripping his hot swollen cock as if she wants to strangle it. In fact she loves it, she wants it inside her, wants to consume it, engulf it and suck every last drop of his slippery smooth cum inside her. But for that she knows she has to wait. She doesn't know when she will finally allow him to have her completely. She will know when the time is right; when he wants it so much that nothing else will do; when suspense and tension become almost unbearable for him. In the meantime she wants him to think about what it will be like when, instead of pumping all his cum over her lips and her nipples, she allows him to slide his huge thick cock deep inside the slippery folds of her warm pussy. She wants him to imagine her legs wide apart, welcoming him, swallowing his throbbing cock inside her as he finally fucks her for the first time. She wants him to imagine her husky voice encouraging him to do everything they both want so much.

She had started by teasing him, not allowing him to undo her buttons or touch her breasts. Allowing him no more than kisses, caresses and the feel of her taught body, fully clothed but squirming against him as they had danced earlier in the evening. She wanted him but she wanted him to want her more.

She had stood before him in his appartment after their second evening out, looking down at him on the huge leather couch. They had talked openly about sex already. They both knew they needed eachother but she had insisted that he must wait. "It's too soon" she had said, each time he had tried to slide his hand up her thigh or over her firm breasts. "You're so beautiful, I need you now. I need to feel my cock inside you" he had told her. "I need you too" she had assured him. "I want to take you inside me and feel you fill me and stretch me. But not tonight...... Not until we've spent more time together" she had insisted. "I can't wait that long!" he had implored her as he held her to him, his hot breath on her neck as his lips caressed her skin. "My cock has been hard since we danced. I need to bury it deep inside you" he whispered. She knew he needed release. She wanted it too. She wanted to give him pleasure, wanted to build the tension in him to an even higher level, wanted him to be driven to the brink by his obvious lust for her. She wanted to enjoy the effect she was having on him. She loved the feeling of exciting him, stimulating him, watching his raw sexual needs building up to the point of desperation . She wanted to make him come, to build his desires into a crescendo and to tip him over the edge into an explosive orgasm which she knew would be a joy to watch.

"I'm not going to let you fuck me tonight" she told him as she stood before him, her breasts heaving and her clothes disshevelled. "I want you to, but not tonight". She pushed him slowly back to the couch and as he sat down, she moved back, standing with her legs slightly apart, looking into his eyes and seeing the yearning in them. "But I want you to see what is to come when the time is right" she said, smiling down at him. "I want you to see what you have to look forward to" she whispered as she undid the buttons of her tight blouse, allowing it to fall off her shoulders. He gasped as her naked breasts came into view for the first time. "I want you to lie back and let me show you how it will be. You can't fuck me tonight but........". She brought her hands up to her firm full breasts, cupping them as if offering them to him, her nipples between her fingers and thumbs. She looked down at him and said "When you do fuck me I'll let you feel these against your chest as you slide your hard cock into me". He gasped and she could see the straining bulge in his trousers. "Take your clothes off" she ordered as she undid the side zip of her tight skirt. He fumbled hurriedly with his shirt, undoing a few buttons before pulling it roughly over his head. His belt and trousers were off before she had time to fold her skirt which she did deliberately slowly, placing it carefully over the arm of the couch, making sure he could watch her breasts moving as she leaned over. She now wore only a garter belt, black stockings and a miniscule g-string which barely covered her smooth hairless mound. It was moist from her juices. She was as aroused as he was but she was determined to wait. "It must be perfect when it finally happens" she thought to herself. "Whatever else happens, I can't let him fuck me tonight". She looked down at him, naked on the couch. She gasped at the size of his cock, the tip throbbing, swollen and angry looking. His balls looked tight and tense and she knew that meant it wouldn't take much to make him come. She liked the look of the smoothness of his scrotum, shaven and bare. She loved the contrast with the dark hair from which his cock rose like a lighthouse, glistening with pre-cum, proud and pulsating, full of pressure and tension, all in her honour. She shivered with excitement, knowing that this man she had wanted for so long, was now lying before her, naked, his desire for her blatantly obvious.

She had prayed for the time when he would ask to spend more than a few minutes in his office with her, more than the occasional business discussion, more than the flirtatious glances which had begun to pass between them at work. Then, when he had finally asked her out, nervously, as if he assumed she would refuse, she had feigned doubt for only a moment before accepting. She knew he had a reputation as a man who liked women. She knew he'd had relationships with at least two of her colleagues. She knew they hadn't lasted long but she didn't care. She wanted him and she wanted to make the most of her chance to have him. She had decided before he came to pick her up for the evening that the best way to ensure his longer term interest was to hold something back. Much as she wanted all of him at once, she knew it was in her interests to make him wait for the ultimate satisfaction she knew he would want.

So she had stood before him as he lay naked, teasing him with her perfect breasts, knowing he would want to hold them but standing back so he could only watch. "So you want to fuck me, do you?" she asked quietly. "I NEED to fuck you" he said, his voice husky as he stared at her breasts while she played slowly with her nipples. "Well I want to be fucked by that lovely cock too but tonight I want to do other things. I want to save that for the right time" she told him. "I want to make sure you want me. Do you like my tits?" she asked teasingly. "They're fantastic" he murmurred and then gasped as she slipped her hand down to stroke the lips of her pussy through the thin satin of her g-string. "Do you see anything else you like the look of?". His eyes were fixed on her fingers, watching as they gently, tantalisingly smoothed the thin material, pulling it tight so that he could see the contours of her pussy." His hand went slowly to his cock as he stared. He took it lightly between his fingers and thumb, stroking it as it pulsated while she watched his juices forming on the tip. "I like the look of everything and I want to feel this inside you" he answered as he glanced at his cock, allowing her to see it swelling in his hand.

She had moved forward to sit beside him on the couch, his arm going immediately round her shoulders as he tried to encourage her on top of him. Instead she slid her hand up his thigh until she felt his balls, tight and throbbing. She stroked them gently as he looked into his eyes. "This big cock of your's is not going to fuck me tonight but........." She cupped his balls firmly and moved her head swiftly down until her face was just above the tip of his cock. She was slightly nervous as she saw it closely. It seemed huge, far too big for her tight little pussy, she thought. How would she ever be able to let him fuck her with it? She had been fucked by enough men to know that he was unusually large. But although she had looked at his cock with trepidation, she looked forward to feeling it invading her moist folds when the time came. She had a feeling that even if it was a tight squeeze, it would be a wonderful sensation when he finally plunged this great shaft inside her.

As she had looked closely at his cock, seeing the shiny juices forming freely on the tip now, she took it in her hand, feeling it pulsing and marvelling at it's hardness. She felt his body tensing as she leaned against him, her breasts pressing against his side, her hand starting to slide up and down his cock. She held it gently, teasing it and stroking it. "I want to taste your cock in my mouth" she whispered. He groaned and thrust his hips up to encourage her. "I want to suck it until it's full of cum" she said. "Suck me then, suck my cock into your mouth so I can imagine I'm fucking your sweet wet pussy" he rasped, his inhibitions evaporating as she gripped his cock firmly now, sliding her hand up and down. She looked briefy up at his face before plunging her lips down, tightly round the hard tip of his cock and on down so that she felt it pressing against the back of her throat. He groaned loudly now, his hips heaving rhythmically up and down as she swirled her tongue over his throbbing cock. She loved the taste of the juices and the feeling of him, tight between her lips, hard yet somehow soft at the same time. She loved the knowledge that he was hard because of her and that she could make him shudder just by flicking her tongue round the contours of his swollen cock.

She had wanted to make him come. She wanted to know that she could control his responses and build up the tension in him so much that he would erupt when she chose the moment. She looked up again and as he looked down at her face, she whispered "I'm going to make you come now. I'm going to make all your cum squirt out of your cock and I want you to imagine you're fucking me. I want you to imagine my wet pussy is tight round your hard cock and you're pumping it into me, stretching me, fucking my hot cunt faster and faster, deeper and deeper until you can't hold back. Then I want you to imagine I'm coming as you fuck me Pretend you can feel my juices pouring over your cock and let yourself go. Feel my cunt tightening round your cock, sucking it, squeezing it, milking it. Fill my slippery cunt with all that cum. Let me feel it shooting into me until your tight balls are empty and you've shot every drop inside me." She blurted out. She wanted to drive him crazy with excitement. She knew he would come soon if he imagined he was fucking her. She knew he wanted that so much and although she woudn't give it to him tonight, she wanted him to imagine what it would be like.

Her words had had the desired effect on him and he was heaving and panting as she had taken his cock in her mouth again, firmer and faster now, sucking him deep into her throat, allowing him to fuck her mouth as he thrust his hips up to meet her. She had gripped the shaft of his cock with one hand, leaned further across him so she could cup his balls with the other while she plunged her mouth up and down his pulsing cock. "I want to pretend I'm fucking your cunt now!" he rasped, his hands on her head as she pumped his cock into her mouth. "I want to feel your hot wet slippery cunt, tightening round my cock until I shoot all my cum deep inside you". He had groaned loudly, an almost animal-like sound as she felt the first spasm in his balls, felt it rushing up the thick shaft of his cock and tasted the first hot slippery jet of cum on her tongue. She had swallowed it greedily, taken another spurt of the salty juice deeper in her throat this time before pulling back to let the next wave of hot cum shoot over her lips.

And now she was pumping his cock hard and firm against her breasts, loving the hot slippery feeling of his cum on her nipples as she kept him hard and pulsating in her hand. "Cover my tits with your cum" she encouraged him. "Let me feel you come over my nipples while you imagine my cunt sucking the last drops of cum from your cock". She wanted to give him every last possible moment of pleasure and satisfaction. She wanted to drain him of every last drop of cum. She wanted him to remember how he'd imagined he was fucking her tight pussy as he came. She wanted to make sure he would want the real thing next time.

And she knew the next time would have to be soon!.........


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