No Limits - Part 5

By: sheriton56

Page 1, Sue and Phil are in a hotel with Jane and Carl. They have reached the point of no return and are about to find out what full sex with another couple is like. Please read the earlier parts so that the story makes sense. Graphic detail and not suitable for under 21yrs. The whole story also appears here as \"No limits\" - the novel. More parts/chapters will be added if I feel people like it. Your comments are always welcome. Thanks for reading.

No Limits - Part 5 -- The story also appears here as "No limits" - the novel so please read the earlier parts/chapters first.

Sue and Phil are in a hotel room with their new friends Jane and Carl. Full sex is inevitable and the fantasy has become reality.......


Both men were very turned on by watching their wives undress. Carl’s eyes were feasting on Sue’s perfectly formed breasts. She was aware that he was watching her as she moved, taking in the sight of her full breasts, only half-heartedly concealed by the thin lace of her bra. Her breasts were fuller than Jane’s and Carl was obviously enjoying the difference. Sue was excited but perturbed at the same time. How would Phil react to Carl’s interest in her? She knew Phil had instigated the whole fantasy which had led to this evening, but when it came down to it, would he really be OK with another man paying such close attention to her? Her emotions were torn. On one level she was hoping that he would be jealous because he didn’t want to share her, but on a more urgent and immediate level, she wanted him to be happy with this. She wanted the feeling of being touched and teased by Carl and Phil together. She wanted to be the centre of attention. She wanted to excite them both. Most of all she wanted to feel the power of being able to make two men come. This was what she and Phil had fantasised about for so long. This was what they had talked about during sex. Phil had assured her he was turned on by the thought of her being fucked by another man while he watched. Well now was the time to see if he really meant it. Was he going to be able to watch her go through with all that they had imagined? She looked at him and as their eyes met, she was sure he was more than OK. He was looking very pleased with himself and she noticed his cock was bulging awkwardly in his boxers. If he was at all disturbed or jealous, he was certainly hiding it well!

Phil was watching Sue as she took her dress off. He had been worried that she might back out at the last minute and he was excited to see her take the lead as both women undressed. If he was honest with himself, he hadn’t been sure how he would feel about his beautiful wife being touched by another man. He’d assured her it would be fine. It would be exciting. It would be just like using a live sex toy, he’d said. There would be no emotional attachment, no kissing, no cuddles, just raw sex. He’d told her he couldn’t wait to watch another man’s cock slip deep into her pussy. He wanted to watch her come. He wanted to see her face as she lost control. He wanted to hold her lovely tits as she sucked this man’s hard cock inside her. Above all, he wanted the feeling of pride that she was his. He wanted to see how much someone else wanted her, knowing that only he could really have her fully. That was what he had been thinking for a long time but now that the time had come, was he really comfortable with it? He thought for a moment and decided, yes, he was definitely more than comfortable! He was also turned on by the idea of another woman wanting him but that was secondary. He had to admit to himself that he was deeply excited by the thought of Sue with another woman too. He wanted to watch her with Jane now. He wanted to see them lick and tease eachother. He wanted to see Sue taking everything that was on offer and he had a feeling that tonight, there would be plenty of everything to enjoy.

Carl reached out to slide his hand over Sue’s leg, feeling her stocking and sliding his fingers up to play with her suspender and feel the lacy top of her stocking. Phil watched Carl’s hand stroking Sue and, with his arm round her shoulder, he encouraged her to lie down. He moved his hand to her breasts, teasing her nipples through her bra. Carl moved to kneel between Sue’s legs now, both hands sliding up and down her thighs. Phil could see that Carl loved the feeling of the stockings and suspenders as Sue parted her legs wide. Carl looked down at Sue’s lacy thong and his fingers worked slowly up over her thighs as Phil played with her full, firm breasts. Carls cock looked very hard, still in his boxer shorts as he kneeled between Sue’s legs. Phil’s cock was bulging hard now too and Jane moved round so that she could stroke both of them at the same time. Sue lay back and watched Jane’s hands sliding over both their cocks, teasing them through the material. Sue said “Take those shorts off so I can see how hard you really are”. As Phil and Carl quickly did as they were told, Jane slipped her fingers over their hard cocks as Sue watched, fascinated, excited and nervous, all at the same time. Carl eased his fingers nearer and nearer to Sue’s skimpy thong as he caressed her thighs. She thrust her hips up and he needed no more encouragement. Sue gasped as she felt Carl’s fingers start to stroke her moistening pussy through the thin lace of her thong. She looked up at Phil, knowing this was the last chance to stop this happening. They could never go back if they went through with it. She wanted to be sure he was OK. But Sue could tell by the way he was urgently kneeding her breasts and squeezing her nipples through her bra that he was way past the stage of holding back.

Phil was kneeling beside Sue. He reached down to lift her shoulders so that he could unclasp her bra. She lifted her arms and he pulled it quickly off her, his hands rushing back to their job of holding and teasing her now naked breasts. Carl was kneeling between Sue’s thighs as she lay on her back, relishing this attention. Jane was kneeling on her other side, reaching across to hold the two men’s hard cocks. Phil lifted one hand away from Sue and tentatively reached out to brush his fingers over Jane’s nipple. She murmurred approval and moved nearer to encourage him. She reached her hand down to take over where Phil’s hand had left off. She took Sue’s nipple between finger and thumb and Sue felt a surge of adrenalin and excitement. She had never before been touched in this way by a woman. She hesitated for a few seconds, collecting her thoughts before abandoning herself to the sensation. Carl had sensed Sue’s excitement when Jane touched her and he said “Jane loves the feel of a smooth slippery pussy”. He reached out to take Jane’s hand and drew it slowly down until her finger tips touched the thin lacy material of Sue’s thong. He moved his own hands down to stroke Sue’s thighs, taking obvious pleasure from the feel of her stockings, tracing the lines of her suspenders and savouring the slight roughness of her lacy stocking tops. As he kneeled between her legs, his cock was pulsating and Sue was mesmerised by it. She knew he was hard because of her. She knew Carl was going to need to come later and she felt a shiver of excitement at the thought that she would be able to make that happen.

Sue lay back as Jane was stroking her softly over her thong, Carl’s hands were stroking her thighs and Phil, her husband was teasing her nipple while doing the same to Jane. She felt her tensions building and she knew she needed more from them all. She allowed Carl to ease her legs wide apart as Jane’s fingers traced the contours of her yearning pussy through the skimpy thong she still wore. She gasped as she felt the lace pulled back and Jane’s fingers sliding over her. She felt a whirlwind of excitement as her wetness spread over the swollen lips of her pussy. Jane slipped a finger steadily, slowly, but firmly between Sue’s juice-soaked outer lips. Sue was completely absorbed by the fascination of this, her first sexual contact with another woman. She looked up at Jane, her dark hair, long and smooth, was cascading over her shoulders. Her pale breasts were firm and pert, her dark nipples erect and swollen. As Sue took in the view of Jane’s body, she felt a sudden jolt of almost electric tension race through her body. Jane had slid two fingers deep inside Sue’s moist pulsing pussy with no warning. Sue felt her inner lips stretched, the folds of her most sensitive parts were screaming with excitement, tightening round the invading fingers as Jane explored her wetness. Jane pressed her thumb on Sue’s engorged clitoris as she let her fingers tease Sue’s wet pussy, Carl eased Sue’s now redundant thong down her legs and discarded it before moving up to take Jane’s wrist, easing her fingers away from their job of swirling inside Sue’s pussy. “Taste her juices” he told her. “Suck her clit into your mouth and slide your tongue into that lovely pussy” he encouraged her. Jane bent down and brought her face down to Sue’s smooth mound. She trailed her tongue over the shaven skin before moving down and sucking each swollen lip of Sue’s soaking pussy into her mouth in turn, flicking her tongue over them as Sue trembled with excitement and anticipation.

Phil was mesmerized by the scene he beheld. His fantasy was coming true before his eyes and he was loving every minute of it. His beautiful wife was lying in front of him, naked except for stockings and suspenders, her legs wide apart, thrusting her hips up to welcome the darting tongue of another woman. He wanted to watch her come now. He wanted to see her losing control, letting herself take all that she wanted. He watched in amazement as Jane, keeping her mouth firmly against Sue’s pussy, moved her leg over Sue’s chest so that she lay above her. Sue was looking up at Jane’s pussy, hovering over her face, a small, neatly trimmed triangle of hair pointing down towards the smooth moist lips. Sue was torn between surprise, anxiety and inquisitiveness. She wanted to taste the moist lips she saw above her face. She wanted to give Jane the same incredible feelings that Jane was giving her. Jane lowered herself slowly until her pussy was sliding over Sue’s mouth. Sue hesitated for a moment but then slid her tongue nervously out until she felt the warm folds of Jane’s pussy lips. She loved the musky scent, the moist warmth and the softness she felt as she plunged her tongue deep into this woman’s pussy. Jane responded by moaning and opening her legs wider, allowing Sue’s tongue to part her lips and explore deeper inside her, tasting her juices. The two women lay tight together, absorbed with eachother, licking, sucking and grinding against eachother, both climbing the hill towards their orgasms.

Phil and Carl were both watching, fascinated to see their wives pleasuring eachother. Jane was gyrating her pelvis faster as her excitement rose. Sue buried her tongue deep inside Jane’s pussy, sliding in and out, doing all the things she felt Jane doing to her. She followed Jane’s lead, sensing the excitement of the woman above her, knowing it wouldn’t be long before she came herself. She hoped she could make Jane come first. She drew her tongue back and took Jane’s clitoris into her mouth. She felt the hard bud as she sucked it, flicking her tongue over it as Phil always did for her. Jane responded by doing the same and they both felt eachother tremble. Suddenly, Jane groaned loudly, the sound muffled, her face still pressed against Sue’s pussy. She came hard and violently, bucking and shuddering over Sue’s face, her juices rushing over Sue’s lips as she sucked and licked Jane’s clitoris until the waves of orgasm died down and Jane’s body went limp. Sue was exhilarated by the extent of the excitement she knew she had given to Jane. She had been concentrating hard on what she was doing and she had loved every second of it. But now she felt the yearning need to achieve her own release too. She needed to come, hard and strong and soon. Jane moved off her, still exhausted by her orgasm. “I owe you one” she said with a smile and Sue smiled back as she lay with her legs still wide apart.

Carl was still kneeling between Sue’s legs where he had been throughout. “Can I help with that?” he asked with a grin. “Yes please, I’m sure you can” said Sue. Carl was stroking his cock, the tip glistening with precum. He and Phil had been watching and they had both been highly excited by what their wives were doing. Carl moved up until Sue felt the hard tip of his cock pressing against her wetness. She was still feeling the loss of Jane’s tongue which had stopped it’s work just as Sue was approaching orgasm. Now Carl’s throbbing cock was about to finish the job. She felt him move heavily over her, felt his hardness searching for her opening, finding it and plunging in, sliding urgently into the depths of her waiting pussy. He wasted no time, he took her hungrily, burying his hard shaft to the hilt, his hands sliding under her hips, pulling her to him, pounding his cock into her. She revelled in the feeling of his hardness filling her, feeling somehow different from the familiarity of her husband’s cock. Phil’s was larger, longer and thicker but Carl’s hard cock seemed to be stimulating her in a way that she wasn’t used to. It wasn’t better, just new and different and, she thought, rather wonderful. She loved the sense that he couldn’t wait, that he had to have her, had to fuck her hard and fast and that he was going to come quickly. Sue felt her own orgasm building now. As Carl pumped his rigid cock in and out of her wet slippery pussy, she knew he would come soon and she wanted to make it memorable for all of them. “Fuck me hard. Fuck my wet cunt with your hard cock. Make me come and feel my juices on your cock.” she implored him. She was completely absorbed in the moment and the feelings. Carl was spurred on by her words and he pumped his cock harder and faster into Sue’s tight pussy. “I’m going to come!” she gasped. “I’m going to come. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!”. She let out a loud gutteral groan, her body jerked and as Phil watched, Sue’s body convulsed as she came, shuddering and thrusting her hips to take Carl’s cock even deeper. Her wetness soaked his cock and he felt the first spasm of his own orgasm building in his tight balls. He kept pounding his cock hard into Sue’s velvety folds, making sure she enjoyed the last embers of her climax. Then, as she slumped beneath him, exhausted, he gave one final thrust, his body taught, and withdrew from her reluctantly as he started to come. Sue felt the first warm jet of cum land on her stomach as his cock emptied itself outside her pussy. He gripped his cock and she watched as his hand finished the job she had started inside her. His cum shot from his swollen cock, spurt after spurt, all of it splashing against her pussy or up over her mound and up to her stomach. It seemed to go on for eternity. Sue stared, fascinated as she felt it on her skin, warm, slippery and above all, so exciting. Carl slumped forward as the last drops of cum landed on her. He almost fell sideways and lay beside her, panting.

Sue looked up at Phil, wondering how he would react to the sight of this other man’s cock using her pussy as only Phil had done for so long. How would he feel about seeing her come so strongly? Would he mind that she’d enjoyed it so much, been so obviously turned on by another cock inside her? Fantasies were one thing but this was very real and she needed to know he was OK. One look at the hardness of his cock told her she needn’t worry. He had been kneeling, watching Carl fuck his wife and he had been loving every moment of it! “Looks like you need to come too, Darling!” she said. “I think I do” Phil agreed as Jane put a hand on Sue’s shoulder. “Do you mind if I help with that then?” she asked. “Seems only fair” said Sue, moving aside to allow Phil and Jane to lie together on the bed. Phil moved to take Jane’s breasts in his hands and Jane sat for a moment as he found her erect nipples. She whimpered as he rolled them between fingers and thumbs but then she eased him backward so he lay flat on the bed as she sat beside him. She leaned over him and trailed her fingers over his tight balls, teasing him, stroking and rubbing his heavy sack before slowly bending her head and flicking out her tongue to touch the tip of his cock. She traced the centre line down the whole length of his engorged, throbbing cock, on down to lick round his balls, sucking them one by one, very gently into her mouth. Her tongue swirled over him as he raised himself towards her face. Jane knew that if the two couples were going to develop this friendship, it was important that all of them were happy and satisfied. She knew Carl was OK. She had never seen him come so much and she could tell he had enjoyed himself already. She was also pretty confident that Sue had found new levels of stimulation with them. Her responses had been strong and she had obviously been quite carried away when Carl had fucked her. Her orgasm had been dramatic and she seemed relaxed now. But Jane wanted to make sure Phil would be left with no doubts about the benefits of the situation too. She was determined to give him something special.

Jane continued to lick Phil’s balls, making them slippery with her saliva, trailing her tongue down, almost to his anus as he slowly thrust his hips up to meet her movements. He was already breathing heavily. She ran her tongue back up the length of his cock and, taking it in her hand, she held it as she explored the contours of the pulsating tip with her tongue. Circling his hard cock with finger and thumb, she slowly massaged it up and down as she licked his early juices. Phil was moaning, quietly, regularly, in time with the strokes of Jane’s hand. She knew he was ready for more and she pressed her mouth against his cock, keeping her lips together so that as she pushed down, his cock was held tightly as it entered her mouth. She sucked it in, greedily, deeply, swirling her tongue round it as she took him to the back of her throat in one movement. As Phil involuntarily thrust up in response, she kept still and allowed him to push deeper so that she was swallowing his cock, her lips against his short, trimmed pubic hair. She had all of him in her mouth, as deep as it was possible. Sue looked on and marvelled at the way Jane took her husband’s cock so easily into her throat. She loved watching it and she loved the way Phil was reacting. She knew it wouldn’t take Jane long to make him come like that and she wanted to see it when he did.

Jane withdrew her head, bringing the tip of Phil’s cock out until her lips were round it again before plunging back down, taking him deep again, her hand now stroking his slippery shaved balls. Her saliva made it easy to slide her fingers over them, teasing him in time with the movement of her mouth over his cock. She pumped his cock in and out of her mouth, feeling him swelling as his climax approached. She clamped her lips tight, coaxing him to come for her, her hand now sliding gradually down, nearer and nearer to his anus. She could tell he was sensitive there and she wanted to use this final enhancement to make his orgasm explosive. As she thrust her head up and down, sucking him, licking and teasing him, bringing him nearer to orgasm every second, she could taste his precum and she knew the time had come. She slid a slippery finger down to press against his anus. He moaned loudly, and she felt him twitch under her finger. He was on the brink of orgasm now. She took him deep into her throat and firmly, steadily slid her finger inside him. Phil reacted immediately and dramatically. He gasped and his cock twitched in Jane’s mouth. She pressed her finger deeper, feeling him tighten at first, then relax to allow her to stimulate his prostate. He felt a wave of sensations breaking over him. He let Jane slide her finger in and out of his arse as she sucked his cock. He suddenly realised he couldn’t hold back. He shuddered deeply and Jane knew this was his time. She felt the first spurt of his cum pouring over her tongue, his arse pulsing round her finger as he came. She didn’t slow her movements but kept pumping him between her lips, draining spurt after spurt from his swollen cock, swallowing everything he gave her and burying her finger deep in him as she felt his salty juices squirting into her throat.

As Phil’s shudders subsided, Jane moved away to lie beside him, all four of them now touching but none of them with the energy left to move more than a hand. They all knew this was the start of something that would continue. Carl and Jane had been in this situation before but with other couples they had never felt the intensity they had just experienced. Sue and Phil were both overwhelmed by the realisation that it had been so much better than they had imagined it could be. Their fantasies had never been so earth-shattering as the orgasms they had just experienced. They both knew that the reason it had felt so intense was the fact that they were watching eachother. Sex with the others was good, it was very good, it was amazing! But it was sharing it which was the catalyst which made it spectacular. Individually they both knew at that moment that they desperately hoped it would happen again. They looked at eachother and each could see that they felt the same. There was no doubt that this was just the start of their new lifestyle.......

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