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Please... Oh my goodness please!

Short story By: Sexy Scarlett

This is my first attempt at Erotica and I'd love to hear what you all think!

Submitted:Jul 19, 2011    Reads: 16,455    Comments: 37    Likes: 22   

His fingers bump along her ribs down the side of her outstretched torso leaving invisible, tingling trails in their wake. They dip into the valley of her waist before rising over the curve of her hips. His hand pauses part way down the smooth length of thigh within its reach before reversing and repeating the journey northward.

It is during this trip that she stirs and her eyelids begin to flutter. He continues caressing her awake until she yawns with an arching back. She smiles, eyes still closed, when he utters a low moan from the pressure below their spooning hips. His hand returns to her thigh and grips it tightly in response.

Encouraged, she grinds against him again and this time he leans forward to catch her earlobe between his teeth. It is her turn to moan as his mouth moves behind her ear to her neck and slowly nibbles and kisses its way down to her shoulder. This wet journey ends with another bite in the forgiving flesh there, causing her to twist in attempt to face him and feel his mouth on her own. He doesn't allow this though and instead rolls her onto her stomach. His weight pushing down on top of her and the decreased mobility drive her even crazier while her squirming continues to excite him.

His mouth continues its assault on her neck, back, and shoulders - pulling her skin into his mouth hard enough to leave marks, grazing his teeth lightly across her skin to send shivers down her spine, nibbling and biting until she is literally writhing beneath him. He rolls over onto his back, and once free, she is immediately on top of him, her mouth chasing after his desperately. To her delight, he kisses her roughly, but before their tongues can come together in an odd sort of dance in the dark, he pushes her off, back on the bed.

Lying on his side, resting on his right arm, his left is free to explore the long, slender body beside him clothed only by a thin, silky, red teddy. He leans over her, but when she tries to sit up for a kiss, a strong hand presses down lightly on her heaving chest. Needing his touch, needing to touch him more than ever, she reaches up to pull him closer, the lacey hem of the teddy creeping up to reveal more smooth, firm thigh but he ignores it.

In one swift motion he captures both her hands into one of his own high above her head and positions himself between her legs. She can see his muscled chest rising and falling much the same as hers, but the more obvious indication of his excitement is pressing against her abdomen through a blue plaid cotton cage.

Again he leans in so that their lips are nearly touching. This time she moves slowly, almost unperceptively, to close the distance. His free hand traces her collarbone, her jawline up to her forehead, along her hairline, and into the messy auburn mane of hair. With less than a centimeter to go, he pulls back out of reach again. When she raises her head to continue her mission, he tugs sharply, but not painfully on her hair. The dominance transforms her awaiting lips into a smile that sparks a naughty twinkle in her eyes.

She lifts her hips to press into his bulging member, rotating and teasing, hoping to motivate an end to this pleasurable torture. He's only getting started though. With a fist tangled tightly in her hair, immobilizing her head, he brushes his lips against hers, pulling away and chuckling when she tries to sink her teeth into his lower lip.

"Keep those there," he whispers as he releases her hands. At this point, his soft sexy voice is enough to make her melt. She immediately starts to lower them, but he pulls her hair again hard, causing her to tense - arms reaching directly above, neck stretched, and back arched. He takes advantage of this vulnerable position, suckling one breast while kneading the other before switching over and over again. She soon relaxes and attempts to bring her arms down again, wanting badly to run her fingers through his hair, to dig her fingers into his back and shoulders, to touch him in any way at all.

He bites down harshly on her sensitive nub, issuing a loud gasp of surprise and excitement. This begins his southward voyage and he releases her hair in order to ravish her with both hands. It seems not an inch of skin above her waist is left untouched, un-squeezed, un-rubbed.

She's moaning now, unconcerned with who hears. Her obvious pleasure seems as if it alone could send him over the edge. By the time he is fully between her legs, sweat has begun to make her body shimmer, and her hands are tangled in her own wavy hair to keep them up where he wants them. He pushes her knees wide with enough force to make her arch her back again with expectant pleasure. Whispery kisses on her inner thighs cause her hips to thrust forward urgently, but he ignores the place she's trying to draw attention to and, instead, presses her hips firmly into the mattress.

"Shhhh… You have to be patient." He knows he's driving her crazy and this is much easier said than done, but his grip remains unyielding on her hips without touching any other part of her until she quiets and stills. The only sound is the combination of their labored breathing as they stare into each other's eyes - hers pleading, his stubborn. They share a smile. The sweet smell of sex and sweat are beginning to permeate the room. It takes all her will power to remain frozen as he slides his hands up her body to caress her breasts again, that is, until he quickly changes his hold to her thighs before diving between them.

Her body wants to clench those thighs together, trapping him inside until he finishes what he started what now seems so long ago. He wrenches them almost painfully wide so his tongue and lips can go to work. She jumps as his tongue flicks her already hyper-sensitive clit. Long, painfully slow licks cover her nether lips before returning to her love button and circling it equally slowly.

She risks being corrected to grasp two fistfuls of hair. He either doesn't notice or doesn't care. If anything, it spurs him on, taking her soaring closer and closer to the edge. She massages his head, pressing him into her as his pace quickens. The licks turn to flicks and he draws her lips into his mouth before returning to her love button. He circles it with his magical tongue as he plunges a finger inside her to spark the loudest moan of the evening. The suction of his mouth and the movement of multiple fingers inside her send her reeling.

She melts into the mattress as she rides an overwhelming orgasm while he continues lapping at her. While her orgasm ebbs and the tremors of her body subside, he gently runs his fingers along every inch of her, leaving the familiar tingling trails that are not seen, but clearly felt.

Before her breathing can completely return to normal, he presses his mouth to hers. She pulls him tightly against her as their mouths consume each other's greedily. She doesn't remember him removing his boxers, but his fleshy, turgid cock is teasing at her entrance. Waiting for permission?

"Please… Oh my goodness please."

* * *

Her thighs spread wider, inviting him inside as her hips lift to meet his. "Please what?" His smile is devilish as he applies pressure right where she wants him.

"I need you… Oh please I need you inside of me." Her begging is nearly enough to make him explode but he plunges inside her straight to the hilt. They both freeze, relishing the closeness, the tightness, the deep connection that is not only physical, but emotional as well.

He reaches below her, grasping her thick behind and pulling her tightly against him before rolling onto his back without the slightest separation. She yanks the teddy off and the sight of her perched naked upon his engorged cock brings him even closer to exploding.

Her chest is still rising and falling slowly but heavily and her pink nubs are pointing at him as if daring him to touch them. He eagerly accepts, taking two handfuls of meaty flesh before giving them gentle pinches. Gentle or not, the sensitivity sends shock waves through her body and she thrusts her hips forward while bending into a beautifully graceful arch, her hair tickling his legs and her breasts creating perfect mounds that reach toward the ceiling.

And so it starts… the bouncing of her entire body, especially her gorgeous c-cups. He wants to watch them as badly as he wants to take hold so he changes from urge to urge, making her moan over and over again when he squeezes and pinches.

She's grinding into him harder and harder while he meets her thrust for thrust, both nearing release. Between the sounds escaping from the connected, hot and bothered figures on the bed, the ailing bedsprings, and the incessant thumps of the headboard against the wall, the whole neighborhood can probably hear. Or maybe it only seems that way in the dim room in the quiet house on this Saturday morning.

She feels him thicken even more; not believing it's even possible. Then his spasms and the warm sensation of his seed filling her send her toppling over the edge again. Her muscles contract around him, milking his cock until she slumps down onto his chest.

He continues throbbing inside her, never softening completely, but after both of them come down from the clouds, he gently lifts her off his semi-erection. They lay side by side, waiting for their bodies to return to normal functional states. That is also easier said than done and she can see it isn't going to happen. She crawls forward, flipping her feet up towards the top of the bed, and lays her head lazily on his thigh oh-so-close to his glistening member.

Slow, luxurious licks allow her to taste the mixture of their juices before she takes him completely into her mouth. He moans softly and massages the thighs of the long legs lying next to him. Her tongue swirls and caresses as her head bobs up and down tantalizingly slowly. His hand travels up her thigh, squeezing encouragingly and she leans forward to give attention elsewhere.

He props himself up to watch her head between his legs. Her nipples are still pebble-like rubbing against him. Caught up in the moment, he gives her ass a rough squeeze. She cries out, but it is muffled by the testicles filling her mouth. The vibrations elicit a noise from deep within his throat.

When she takes his shaft back into her mouth, he plunges a finger inside her. The way her pale behind shakes when she jumps in surprise, along with the surprised yelp she utters around his cock make him grow inside her warm mouth. He gently explores her insides while she suckles the tip, hoping to tease him toward another climax.

Suddenly his finger is thrusting in and out of her and his thumb finds her clit. She buries him down her throat to stifle the vocalizations that instead vibrate his nearly turgid member. Her head matches the rhythm of his fingers. It's as if he's driving her movement with his hand like a puppet. She moans in pleasure both from what he's doing to her and what she's doing to him. He is not as vocal, but his enjoyment is equally obvious.

He withdraws from her with a squelching sound that neither notice over her whimper in protest. He doesn't seem to notice that either because both his hands are already tangled in her hair, pressing down hard. She resists gagging, having taken him further than she normally allows. She gasps for breath when he releases her only to shove her back down again. She rubs her legs together, aware that if she were to reach between them, her fingers would find fresh, hot wetness produced from his dominance. It continues like this and she soon relaxes enough to take him deep and fast comfortably.

Finally he tenses and holds her head steady. After a moment, her throat fills with that strange, yet not unpleasant taste. She cradles it gently until it softens then flops down onto her back next to him, head to feet, feet to head. Her arms ache a bit from holding herself up and when she rests them at her side, the inside one is just long enough for their hands to reach.

He squeezes hers. She squeezes back. Then his hand slowly slips from her grasp and crawls over her thigh. "Sorry I didn't finish what I started earlier." She can hear the smile in his voice without looking, but props herself up on her elbows and forearms to see it.

His slithering digits are nearing the damp heat where her thighs meet. Everything is so sensitive that it is nearly painful as he glides three fingers through the silky succulence. Tenderly, she takes his wrist and draws it toward her as she sits upright.

"Maybe," she begins before taking one finger slowly into her mouth and tasting just how excited she was. "You can just… (the second finger slides in and out)… Take care of that later." Her tongue swirls around the third finger, sucking hard before releasing it with a pop.

He kisses her hard and quick on the lips then plants a soft one on her nose, making her scrunch it and laugh. Regretfully, he slips off the bed to start the water for a shower. When he returns after a moment, she tiptoes for a kiss until he leans in, at which point she ducks past him. He slaps her ass playfully, but enough to make it jiggle and leave a pleasurable sting. She feigns shock poorly and can't help but laugh.


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