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Coy hot blonde gets fucked by bad boy

Short story By: Sex Kitten

Stubborn, up-herself blonde girl gets dominated like she deserves.

Submitted:Feb 18, 2013    Reads: 7,255    Comments: 3    Likes: 2   

It was supposed to be a study day. I was meant to go over to Daniel's house so I could tutor him maths. Daniel was insanely hot. The type you'd stop-walking-in-the-middle-of-the-street-and-get-him-by-a-bus-for. Even so, I was very reluctant about this new proposition when my teacher asked me to do her this favour. It took her a lot of convincing, but at last- I gave in. A lot of my friends were calling me crazy for almost letting this opportunity go by, "what was wrong with me?" they asked. Truth is, nothing is wrong with me. My ego is too high for my own good, but I knew I was a good looker. My wavy blond hair highlighted my green eyes, but none of them drew attention as much as much chest did. Or my thin waist, or my round ass, or my long smooth legs. Guys fell all over for me, when I walked past. Too bad my looks did not match my personality. I am not your cheerleader type, a sorority chick from Mean Girls who thinks she is top shit and owns the whole school. My personality was a lot more subdued. With friends, I was loud, crazy and funny. With hot guys? Not so much. I'm not a virgin, but you'd be surprised just how little sex I had, what- with my looks. If I wanted to, I could have had it every day, 6 times a day, but I had high standards and didn't sleep around. I was one of them girls that needed to be "emotionally attached" first. Which brings me to this new problem- Daniel. Who's a major playboy of the school. Playboy towards girls and trouble maker towards guys. Guy got in many fights, on a weekly basis. It was a wonder he was still in school and not kicked out. He showed big interest in me when he first came to school, a few months ago. But, me being so coy and unavailable, he quickly transferred his interest towards the more available girls, easy girls. I was happy keeping my distance from him and he was happy keeping his from me.
Until today.
I hesitantly knocked on his door. An average house, in a shady neighbourhood. What a surprise. He opened the door, his hard face changing into one with a big smirk. He held the door open for me, as he checked me out.
"Well, don't be shy Danford, I won't bite" his smirk widened.
"You can call me by my first name," I stepped past, giving him a cold look "Jasmine."
"If you say so" he led me to his room. A desk stood positioned in the far corner.
"W-we're going to be studying in your room?"
"You really came here to study?"
"What else would I be here for?"
Once again, his eyes scanned my body, lingering longest on my chest. I started regretting wearing such a short skirt. The shirt was actually decent, but it didn't help that my tits were such a big size. I pretended that I didn't notice him looking and then, to clear the awkward silence, asked:
"Where are your parents?"
"I live alone".
"Oh" I glanced uneasily around.
"What are you so scared of?" He asked, with one of his smirks. Damn it, why was just one smirk turning me on so much?
"Nothing, of course. Where are your books?" With a sigh, Daniel approached me. Or, rather, the book shelf next to me. He wasn't in my personal space, but still closer than I was used to. From this distance, I could smell the scent of his cologne. It was a fresh, pine smell,
mixed with something else as well. It almost made me swoon.
Relax, Jasmine. Calm the fuck down. You don't even like the guy. He's a bad boy, you don't mix with his likes. This is just maths, you can do this. Yet, even with that reasoning, I couldn't help but take his features in. His messy black hair, his blue eyes, long dark eye lashes. The
golden chain he always wore, his current tight black tee-shirt, which highlighted his muscles, his dark, tight jeans...
"Can't keep your eyes away, can you?" He asked, without looking at me. I blushed and turned away.
"Nothing that special" I muttered under my breath. He stopped what he was doing and turned to me. He took a step forward, so he was inches from my face. I backed into the wall, but he stepped forward again. I was cornered.
"Nothing that special, you say? You've never seen anyone like me. You've never even dreamed of anyone like me." He placed his hand on the wall, right next to my face. "I am more special than you could handle, which is why you always kept your distance. Very smart of you too, seeing as it's true. Even someone like you can't have everyone."
For some reason, this infuriated me. With the need to defend my honour, I said:
"I can't handle you? Any chick can handle you. I'm keeping my distance just to prove you that you can't have everyone you want," This time I leaned towards him "You never had me and you never will have me."
I think that's what done it. The challenge in my voice or perhaps the words themselves had him close that gap between us and before I knew what was happening- he was kissing me. He drew my body towards him, so we were pressed against each other. I tried to break away from him, but his hold was too tight and the kiss was too powerful to draw away from. Damn was he strong.
Against my better judgement, and much to my own horror, my lips hungrily responded back. He took that as a sign, lifted me off the ground without breaking the kiss, crossed the distance to the bed, and threw me on it. That's when my senses snapped back to reality.
"What are you doing?! No! This isn't going to happen!!" I tried to get off the bed, but he jumped on and pinned my arms.
"This is where you are going to find out your place in the world, little miss perfect. Most importantly, where you stand in comparison to me. You have messed with the wrong person." there was a dangerous glimmer in his eyes. A look, which frightened me and turned me on at the same time. My traitorous body spasmed under me, begging for him to take me. Thank god my brain still had some sort of logic in it.
"Let me go, damn it! I'm not one of your easy girls! I'm not having sex with you!"
He just smiled one of his darker smiles at me and held my both wrists with one hand, above my head. His other hand, travelled around my body. Right now, cupping my breasts and doing unimaginable pleasures to them. Once again, I had to fight against that feeling.
"No..." my voice came out weak, half-hearted and his smile deepened.
"This is going to happen whether you like it or not. There's no-one at the house, no-one to come to your help." His hand played with the buttons on my shirt, unbuttoning one at a time. Understanding hit me- we really were alone. No-one to come to my aid. The only one that could stop this was him, so- even though it killed my pride, I decided to plead with him.
"Please, stop..." half-hearted again. "Daniel..." Damn it. "Please, stop this. I don't want to, please-" I think my pleading ended up turning both of us on. This time, he released my arms, to rip my shirt wide open and tear it off me. I struggled with him, trying to get up, but he just pushed me back down. He brought his head to my neck, kissing gently, but firmly. I gave a yelp of excitement when he bit me. He looked up at me and smiled, realising one of my turn on spots. He bit my neck again and I tried to push him off me.
"You really going to be difficult? Fine-" He got up, drawing a scarf of some sort from a wardrobe. I used this momentum to hop off the bed and run to the door, but he was right behind me.
"I see you like playing games" he said, as he bound my hands behind my back with the scarf. The material held, when I tried to budge it, much to my own horror. Daniel, once again, threw me on the bed and resumed on my neck.
"Why is it that you can turn me on just with one word?" He got in between kisses. He bit my neck, then repeatedly did the same as progressed along to my arm. Each time he did, shivers went down my spine and to my girly area. His hands unclasped my bra and he massaged each breast with his hand. His mouth found my breasts as well and he licked and sucked on every inch, not just the nipples. He soon found another one of my turn on spots, under my breast. He gave a dark chuckle as I gasped at what he was doing.
His arms trailed along my stomach and sides. I giggled, because I had very sensitive skin and was ticklish. Daniel soon learned that it was another turn on spot for me. Either every girl really was the same or he was just damn intuitive about me. His mouth trailed kisses around my stomach and his hands now explored my legs. Going up and down on the sides of my thighs, first outside, and then the insides.
"You realise that I have all day to do this? I'm going to be playing with you all fucking day, in whichever way I want."
"I don't want to have sex..." I said, but was immediately shut up by his mouth on mine. Once again, I responded. We were making out for what felt like forever, while he explored the rest of my body.
"Just M15+ stuff, then..." His mouth found mine once more and his hand slipped between my legs. He drew my underwear to the side and slid his index finger deep inside me. I wanted to cry out and moan and convulse under him all at the same time, but of course, his mouth held mine and there was nothing I could do, except arch my back under him. He finally separated his mouth from mine. His finger explored the inside on my clit, while another stimmulated the tip.
"I don't want to have sex." I repeated.
"We won't, it's just fingers."
"I mean it."
"Okay" he winked at me.
"Just one finger..."
"Loud and clear."
But he still put a second in, and a third. I gasped.
"You said-"
"It's just a few fingers, no harm done." He began thrusting in and out, at a slow speed.
"Just don't go too fast, please." At first he didn't, but then he accelerated and was smashing my wet clit as fast as he could. I moaned at the pleasure, not wanting to give in.
He stopped, just as I was reaching my peak. I hoped that this little game of dominance was over, but he just pulled my skirt and underwear off. And then began unzipping his pants.
"What are you doing? You promised me you won't-"
"I just want to have a feel, I'm not going to enter you." When he took his pants and underpants off- he trailed his dick along my wet clit, just that rubbing driving me wild. I was just starting to relax, thinking he'd keep his word this time, when he thrust his dick inside of me. I wasn't a virgin, so it didn't hurt, but the sensation still overwhelmed me in intensity.
"Just a couple of thrusts, I won't go fast. I'm just curious about what it would feel like with you." I kept my mouth shut and he pressed himself deeper into me. He entered me and drew back, entered and drew back, at the slowest and most torturous of speeds. But his thrusting soon gained speed and power. He was thrusting into me with all his force and I gave a yelp of surprise.
"No, don't- I'm not ready for this-"
He didn't say anything and didn't stop.
He just went faster. This time, it was all I could do. My hands were tightly bound behind my back and I was a complete victim to him and his dick. He kept going and going and I was slowly beginning to lose my mind. The pleasure was too much for me to handle, I lost grasp of all reason and my moaning became loud. The moaning seemed to have turned him on even more. He pushed as far back inside of me as his huge dick would allow him and I could tell, he was on the blink of orgasm as well. I've only done this once before, but that time pales in comparison to what I am experiencing now. And finally, I couldn't hold it any longer. My final yell of euphoria, accompanied the most amazing sensation I have ever felt, which lasted for what felt like half a minute.
"What did you do..." I moaned, as he drew himself out of me.
"Did you really think I wasn't going to fuck you when you were already lying naked under me? How innocent are you?" He lowered his head to my pussy and separated my legs.
Once again, I was helpless. His tongue licked me dry and entered my depths. Then it found the tip of my clit and started licking it too. His speed and the friction brought on another kind of an orgasm, perhaps less intense than the deep thrusting, but just as real. It was all I could do, not to scream out.
"Too much for you to handle?" He smirked.
I wanted to lie there, to be exhausted, but he made me sit up.
"I think it's time for your turn." He placed me on the floor, on my knees and gave me his dick.
I sighed. "Untie my hands."
"Will you behave?" I nodded, so he did as I asked. Having my hands free, gave me a better advantage on him. For some reason, I wanted to please him just as much as he just pleased me. I didn't want to seem like an inexperienced girl. I wanted to be just as memorable to him as he now would be to me. So I placed my hands on his dick and with a firm pressure and began going up and down, in opposite directions. I then placed my mouth on him, first licking his tip, then putting all of him in me. I went deep and did the corkscrew trick on him, which earned me a moan of pleasure. I went deep again, then licking him like he was made of candy. He showed his keenness as he grasped my hair in his hands and pushed me even deeper on him. I didn't resist. This time, I gained speed. One of my hands played with his balls, with the lightest of pleasures. It was his turn to reach his peak and he rewarded me with his cum in my mouth. I swallowed it, without even realising what it was. It was almost tasteless. I made eye contact with him and this time- I smirked.
"Too much for you to handle?" I even gave him a wink.
We played all day, like he promised we would. No math work got done, I got over being coy, we tried many positions and many places around the house, not excluding the bathroom. It was exciting for both of us, so much so that I wondered why the hell we haven't been doing this all along.


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