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The Extreme Mile High Club - pt 2

Short story By: sensualmusings

One mans memorable entrance into the Mile High Club...continued

Submitted:Aug 19, 2010    Reads: 2,939    Comments: 5    Likes: 8   

Title: Two for one

They worked there way back toward me. They moved quickly since most of the passengers were already in la-la land. Amber and Tina made it back to me and I passed on a drink and just winked at Amber. I was enjoying being the only one in the back few rows even more as Amber sat back down in my row. Tina pushed the cart past her and I thought I heard Tina mumble "you owe me" as she went by. Amber just smiled at her as she went past.

Amber then moved closer to me, since I had smartly put up both armrests. She slid her shirt up as far as it would go, exposing her lovely thighs. She pulled the blanket over her lap. As soon as she was covered her arm moved to my crotch. She purred at finding it already stiff. She rubbed me through my pants, teasing me and smiling at me as she continued. While she did this my hand moved to her thigh. I rubbed up and down it and then travelled in between her legs. I was pleasantly surprised to find Amber already moist. My fingers trailed over her wet lips. A soft moan escaped her lips as my finger found her erect clit.

I continued to work Amber into a frenzy as she worked on undoing my pants. I helped her as much as I could, since I was sure she didn't want me to stop what my one hand was doing. She, and I,finally got my pants and boxers down enough so that my cock was free, besides the blanket over it. As she stroked it up and down I responded by thrusting my finger as far into herwet pussy as I could. She heldback another moan as her pleasure spiked.

Either she was very horny or I was really good with my fingers, I'd like to think the latter,because soon she squeezed my cock as her orgasm hit her. She bit down on her lip hard to keep from waking everyone on board. She shook and bucked her hips into my hand and arm as she let it consume her. As she came down from her high she loosened her grip on my cock, thankfully she hadn't decided to squeeze too hard on it while she came.

She slowly stroked it again, stopping only when a passenger came back to use the bathroom. Finally, as the coast cleared and it looked like everyone was settled in she made her move. I heard her mumble something under her breath, it sounded like "fuck it", and then pulled down the blanket. Next thing I know my cock is exposed and Amber head is in my lap. Correction, my cock is fully consumed by her mouth.

Her force and quick movements told me this was no "sensual" blow job, just a "how fast can I get him to blow" blow job. I wasn't arguing either, the thought of getting caught both concerned me and turned me on. Her head bobbed faster and faster as her mouth sucked harder. I was already hard and close before she started,so Amber soon had me holding back a moan and cumming hard. She eagerly swallowed allI gave her, as she continued tobob up and down on my stiff member.

I sighed contently as Amber sat up in her seat. She just stared off into space as I pulled my boxers and pants back up. Now needing a drink I decided to go to the back and get that drinkI passed on.

I poked my head around the curtain to see if Tina was back there. Indeed she was back there working, but it wasn't her flight attendant duties. She was sitting in the take off seat with her skirt hiked up to her hips. Her legs were spread wide and Tina's fingers were furiously working on her clit.

My jaw just about hit the floor. I couldn't believe the luck I was having. One hot babe just sucked me off and another was now trying to get herself off in the back. I'm sure she was jealous of Amber getting to have fun and figured she just try to get herself off while imagining what we were doing.

Tina hadn't seem me yet since she had her eyes closed. So I did what any red blooded guy would do in this situation, I got down on my knees in front of her and placed my hands on the inside of her smooth thighs. With the touch Tina gasped, held her breath and froze. She slowly opened her eyes, to see me staring back at her with a wide grin on my face. I said nothing, I just winked at her and lowered my head.

She may have closed her eyes again but I couldn't see. All I could see was her throbbing wetpussy. I could smell her sweetscent as my face drew closer. Finally my lips wrapped around there intended target, her erect clit. As my lips wrapped around it and sucked onit, Tina tried hard to suppress a gasp.

With that, the curtain moved and Amberwalked in and stopped to survey the scene. She took it all in and just smiled, "I see your finally getting lucky Tina."

A soft mumble was all she could muster, as my tongue worked her intoeven more of a frenzy.

"I guess it is my turn to stand watch and help out the passengers," she said, and with that she left us alone in the back.

I continued my assault on her clit and pussy, moving my tongue from one to the other, Tina's orgasm building fast. Not wanting to miss out on this opportunity I quickly changed the scene. I pulled back and a disappointed moan escaped her lips, until she saw me move my hands to my pants. Then her eyes grew with lust and desire. I quickly dropped my drawers, lined my rehardened cock with her wet slit and plunged in.

Tina luckily had a towel of some sort next to her and had bit down on it. As I plunged inside her she screamed into the towel. Soon I had her back to the brink of orgasm. She closed her eyes and let her orgasm consume her. The towel stifled her scream as her whole body convulsed. I pumped a few more times in her and then stopped still buried inside her.

As I pulled out Amber came into the back. She smiled at seeing Tina practically passed out on the seat.

"Its about time she got a good fuck," Amber said.

I was about to reply but never got to say anything. Amber had seen my still hard member and her eyes filled with lust and desire. She reached down, grabbed my cock and pulled me up. As I stood there she turned around, ass facing me,and dropped her skirt. She then bend over, put hands on the cart and stuck her ass out at me. Man was Amber one horny babe.

Not wanting to keep the horny Amber waiting I grabbed her hips,lined up my cock and slid easily between her wet pussy lips. All she did was push back into me so that I bottomed out on her hard. Soon we had a good rhythm going, getting as much pleasure as we could without making a ton of noise.

Tina had finally collected herself and had stood and made herself presentable. She just shook her head at Amber and I and walk out to go do her duties.

We stopped and assumed the position Tina and I had finished in.This gave me much deeper penetration. Amber had found Tina's towel and now had it in her mouth. The fact that I was pounding another hot babe, and hearing her muffled moans was just too much for me. I looked at her and mouthed the words I'm cumming. She removed the cloth in her mouth and mouthed back fill me up.My eyes widen as she just smiled at me.

I bit my lips as my cock pulsed deep inside Amber. My orgasm triggered her and we stifled our moans together. My hips still moving back and forth as we both were consumed with pleasure.

Amber and I were just getting ourselves back together as we hear voices coming...


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