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The Extreme Mile High Club

Short story By: sensualmusings

One mans memorable entrance into the Mile High Club...
*Not really a novel but this was all I could get to add chapters...ugh*

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Another trip and another redeye across the country. It sucked that the company I worked for was so cheap and made me take these flights. But sometimes, like tonight, it worked out for me in the end and was quite fun.

Here I was sitting in the back fo the plane, no one within in 10 rows of me. I love how everyone wants to sit up front, as if you need to get off of a redeye quickly when we land. The bonus for me was plenty of room to spread out. I could read or lay down even, whatever I choose. But then again, tonight I wouldn't have much time for sleeping...

I was pleasantly surprised with tonights crew. It was a three person crew and all three were hotties, at least I thoguth they all were. The range of ages of the three lovely ladies was quite diverse. They were the blonde college cheerleader, the seductively and sexy soccer mom and the "getting only sexier with age" cougar.

They all had great bodies andpretty faces. Which made waiting in the concourse for our plane to land even more enjoyable.

The blonde cheerleader had a very petite frame and was about 5'5". Her uniform hugged her firm shapely frame well. Her uniform top wasn't too bulky, as sometimes they were, and allowed her nice size B breasts make there presents known. Her top flowed down and continued to hug her hips as her skirt took over and continued down. The skirt stopped just below mid thigh, leading to her firm and sexy legs. Her legs ended too soon as my eyes reach her 3" black pumps. I was just glad that it was still summer, so none of the ladies had hose on. Or else they all decided to disregard the dress code, which I wasn't complaining about.

The sexy soccer momfit her description well. Shelookedold enough to have kids butshe was hot enough to make men of all ages turn and take notice. Her brunette hair was shoulder length and framed her beautifulface well. Her eyes had the confidence matched her sexy body. Her breasts were larger than the cheerleader's, at least DDs,and her unifromshowed them off beautifully.Her hips were widertoo, but that justgave her the sexy hourglass shape. I even had gotten lucky earlier in the day to interact with her. She had droppedsome stuff on theground on the concourse adn I stopped to help. As I reached to pick some things up I saw her hastily put something in her purse. I thought it lookedlike condoms. I looked up and she just blushed. I smiled at her andhanded her the thingsI had picked up. She sheepishly smiled back and thanked me. I said it was no big deal, winked at her and then walked toward my gate.

Sexy grandma, GLIF, hot cougar, whatever you want to call her it didn't matter. After all these years she still looked hot and sexy. Her legs were smooth and long, and her hips mad her skirt look good. Her breasts size wise were inbetween the other two, but still looked good. Her hair was cut short, right around chin length, but still frameed her pretty face nicely. I had gotten lucky with her earlier too.

We had both walked out of the bathroom distracted and looking elsewhere. We bumped into each other, my arm poking into her soft breast. I stepped back and couldn't help my cheezy reply.

"If your heart is as soft as your breast, I'm sure you have it in you to forgive me."

Not missing a beat she replied, "And if your cock is as hard as your arm, I'm sure I have some use for you."

All I could do was stand there with my mouth half open and shock on my face.She just smiled at me, winked and walked away.

She then caught me off guard again as we boarded the plane. AsI entered the plane I saw here there at the front, getting the 1st class passengers refreshments.Our eyes met and I gave her a wink. I had to pause for the people moving in front of me. With the pilots door already shut and no one behind me she took advantage. She took a step toward me and said, "Welcome aboard." but as she said that she reached around and squeezed my ass. I luckily had to pause again for people in front of me and even pushed my as back a bit. She repsonded buy grabbing my ass harder and pushing her chest into my back.

The line started moving again and I reluctantly moved with it.

Down the aisle I could see the lovley soccer mom watching me move downthe aisle. See seemed to be ready for me this time, since she smiled and winked at me as I got closer. I smiled and walked by, as I could sense her eyes traveling up and down my backside.

Finally in the rear was cheer girl. She too was looking me up and down. (What was up with these ladies.) I wasn't sure if this was good or bad. But I smiled back as I moved into my seat. As we were close to taking off I used the restroom. As I came out I almost ran over cheer girl. I moved against the wall to let her by and apoligised. She then proceeded to lean into me, press her body into mine and accept my apology. All the while smiling. She then moved back and turned toward the front of the plane. But she didn't forget to let her trailing hand rub again my pants. Sending electricity through my body. And leaving me in shock yet again.

I was in the back row by the window. With no one in the back 5 rows it allowed me plenty of privacy and the possibility to lay out if I wanted.

As we got ready to take off cheer girl, who's name tag said Amber, sat in my row at the aisle seat. I leaned over and commented, "I thought you had your own seat in back?"

"I do," she replied,"but these seats are more comfy and if they are open I can sit here."

"Well enjoy the seat," I said.

"I intend to," she said as her eyes looked me up and down.

We talked as we took off and got up to cruise altitude. With both of us looking each other over and neither of us hiding our attraction to each other.

Amber got the OK from the pilot to start her work. Before she got up she leaned in and asked me, "do you need anything?"

An innocent question, exept for the fact that instead of putting her hand on my armrest she had placed it directly on my crotch.

No longer fazed by anything happening on this flight I grinned at her and said, "I think you know what I want."

She squeezed my cock and said, "I can see that." And with that she got up and left to go work on the drink cart.

Before Amber and Tina, the soccer mom's name, pushed the cart to the front of the plane, Amber tossed me a blanket.

"In case you get cold," she said with a wink.

I watched both ladies move toward the front while giggling the whole way. I looked down and realized why they were. As I unfolded the blanket my eyes widen. In the blanket was one of the ladies panties. This really was going to be an unforgettable evening...


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