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Sarah's Hunk - Angelica Jai's cougar challenge

Short story By: sensualmusings

Well, it's time I posted something and nothing better than a challenge to help the juices flow. I threw this together and just wanted to get it up, so bare with me if it doesn't flow well. I tried a back and forth point of view for the first time, so let me know how it went.

Now onto sexy cougar sexy and her sexual awakening, or seduction. Ah who cares, she's a soon to be divorce, and jilted, woman. Who has been bottled up for waaaayyy to long!!!

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Wow, I never thought I'd have these feelings. I mean he's got to be at least ten years younger than me. But the way he looks at me makes me instantly heat up inside. I want to run over to him and jump his bones right there at work. I can't remember how many times I've gone home and had to finish myself off after even just a wink from him.
He's set my hormones a blaze ever since he first held the door open for me and looked me up and down. This was no subtle look either. He got to the door before me and held it open. I was walking up and was glad not to have to get out my badge too. It had been on hell of a crappy morning. My divorce was finalized, the bastard showed up with the young blonde bimbo. I'd spilled coffee on my jacket and had to change before leaving the house. And the had started out late due to my alarm not being set.
So when I walked up and saw him look me up and down, not once but twice, a trigger flipped in my body. Instead of being disgusted and turned off, I went completely the other way. My smile on my face widened, I stood a little taller, and i swear i even stuck out my chest a bit more. And most eye opening of all is a fire started between my legs. I guess the past two years of little to no sex had finally been enough. Of course as I walked by I immediately tried to kill the connection, no on purpose though. I stumbled and my coffee mug and I went toward the floor, damn you new heels. But luckily all that hit the ground was my mug. hunky Scott, as I learn his name later, had reached out and caught me. I guess I was suppose to fall.
He asked if I was all right, but I didn't respond right away, since i was too busy enjoying the feeling of his strong arms around me. And breathing in his cologne, ahhhhhh. I broke from my daydream and responded that i was fine. I even dared to put my hand out and cop a feel as i stood up. Needless to say when my hand pushed on his tight abs the heat between my legs was almost unbearable. I had to thank him quickly and rush off to the bathroom to cool down.
Ever since that day, it took all of my energy to focus on work and not her. Older woman had always interested me, but no lady had ever had this much of a hold over him. Watching her walk up to the door was quite a sight to behold. She must have really been trying to impress someone, or make them very jealous. Her 5 inch heels put her almost up to my height, 5' 11". Her long tanned legs were amazing. The mid thigh length skirt hugged her hips oh so well. The form fitting white blouse showed off her small waist and showed just enough cleavage to make me stare. And her face, still beautiful as her shoulder length brown hair framed it very nicely.
I'm sure she had noticed my eyeing her, and it was ok, since she felt up my abs as she got up form me catching her. And I was very confused after she hurried off. But the last few weeks have been good. Exchanging smiles and winks in the hall. Chatting each other up as we walk in from the parking lot. And even back to our cars in the evening. Now if I only had enough courage to ask her out. Me and my damn nerves.
Well my time finally came. Sarah, her name I had found out through our chats, was walking out the door the same time as me. We chatted as we walked and I finally just blurted it out.
"You want to get a drink tonight!"
I couldn't believe I'd said it, but I couldn't take it back. She had looked at me and I thought I saw her blush. She looked at me and said.
"I'd love to but I'm not much of a public drinker."
At first I thought I had been denied, but then her words rolled through my head again...so then being as I had already opened the door I asked, "how about my place? That isn't too public is it?"
She look at me with a grin and said, "I'd love too."
Woooooooo Hoooooooo!!! damn was I relived with that answer. We exchanged numbers, I gave her my address and she was coming over at 6.
I can't believe that I had just agreed to going to his place. I'd never been on a date with him, but now I'm going over to his house. At least it means that the young hunk didn't live at home with his parents. Who knew my mind was trying to plant subtle hints. "Not much of a public drinker," what kind of response is that. Well at least he got the hint.
Now it time to hurry up and get home, good thing we left early today, so I have plenty of time to shower and get ready. Now all i have to do is figure out what to wear. And make sure it'll get him going as much as he turns me on. Oh who am I kidding he's not going to sleep with me.
Damn it, why does time have to crawl. Six didn't come soon enough. I had the liquor out and everything prepped. I'd even gotten some numbers of local delivery places in case things progress well. but who am I kidding, she's not going to sleep with me tonight.
Ding dong.
Finally, time to relax and just see how things play out.
Wow!! Who knew she could look even hotter than she already was! She had her hair down, and it framed her beautiful face perfectly. She had little to no make up on, and its not like she needed it. Her top was sleeveless and had a plunging neckline. And I really enjoyed that!! ;) She had worn a nice above the knee skirt that hugged her shapely hips wonderfully and then fell down. And her 4 inch heels really made the outfit!! I was trying hard not to rip her clothes off right there.
I invited her in and she followed me to the kitchen. I asked if she wanted a drink and she said yes. I made our drinks and handed Sarah her drink. As our fingers touch I could feel electricity shoot through my body. I could tell Sarah felt it to, since she looked away and blushed.
"So how has your week been," I asked.
"Ok," she replied, "still sorting through the legal stuff with Hank."
Ah yes, the douche bag of an ex. Our chats had lengthened and gotten a little deeper of late. It had just taken me way too long to get in a setting outside of work.
"Need me to go beat him up," I asked, only half joking.
Sarah laughed and then said, "No need, I'll be taking him to the cleaners anyways, since he's the one who left me."
I could tell it still hurt her a little, but the smile and her half chuckle told me she was rebounding well.
"Well its his loss," I said and smiled at her, trying to be subtle yet somewhat direct with Sarah. She looked me in the eyes and smiled sheepishly back at me.
She finally said, "Thanks."
"So you want to move to the living room," I asked.
Without saying a word Sarah took a step toward me. "Do you think there is something here?" she asked.
I was a bit shocked by Sarah getting closer, but I didn't complain. But I was trying to wrap my head around her question. I barely got out my response, "What do you mean?"
She sigh and said, "Between us, some sort of connection?"
I had been lucky so far today, so I decided this time to forgo words and move into action mode. I set down my glass and closed the small gap between us. Sarah looked straight into my eyes as my hand moved up her arm. It slid up further and to her neck. My hand moved to the back of her head and I held onto it as my eyes closed, my head tilted and my lips moved toward hers.
The instant our lips touched electricity coursed through my veins. The amount of passion and sexual desire was immense. And all I wanted to do was make Sarah scream. I know her ex had been a douche and left her, but I could now feel how sexually charged, and probably sex deprived, Sarah was. All I knew was that tonight was going to be a blast.
There was no way we'd make it to the bedroom, so as we kissed each other we made our way to the living room. On our way there Sarah's top and bra were removed and discarded. While my polo shirt hit the floor too. We stood next to the couch and ran our hands all over each other. My hands ended up cupped her breasts as my fingers pinched and played with her nipples. Moans were escaping her lips as her hands moved up and down my tight abs and built chest.
Sarah opened her eyes, looked at me and said, "I've wanted to run my hands over your stomach ever since I fell that day."
I grinned and relied, "All you had to do was asked?"
She laughed and leaned in and kissed me. Her hands then went down past my abs and to my pants. My pants were undone and soon they fell to the ground. My hands went to her waist and they tried frantically to get her skirt off. Sensing I was not progressing Sarah pulled away from our kiss and asked, "having problems?"
I smiled and replied, "No, not at all."
She laughed again and then stepped back away from me. There she was standing in front of me with only her heels and a skirt on, and whatever may be on underneath. She easily undid whatever was holding her skirt up and it fell to the floor. My mouth dropped as I was greeted with the fact that she looked amazing, and that she had no panties on either. Wow!!!
As she stepped out of her skirt I quickly dropped my boxers and got fully naked. She kicked off her heels and then we were back in each others arm, kissing and pressing our bodies together. No words needed to be exchanged as I lowered her onto the couch.
We laid on the couch and kiss passionately. Sarah picked up her legs and wrapped them around me. She moved her hips and teased me, not letting me inside her. I decided it was time to really get Sarah going.
I pulled away from her soft lips and looked at her and smiled. She just stared back at me with desire and intrigue on her face. I moved back in, but went to her neck. I kissed my way down her neck. She moaned with approval. I made my way down her chest and over her breasts. I stopped long enough to play with and tease her erect nipples. Her moans told me all I needed to know. I cease with the teasing and kiss my way down her flat stomach. Until I finally reach my destination.
Sarah moves the leg along the couch up and over my shoulder, the other move away and off the bed. I'm now given all the access I need. My tongue darts out and moves up and down her wet lips. Sarah gasps and then moans from my touch. My hands go to her inner thigh and put pressure one them, I'm going to give Sarah all the pleasure she can handle.
My tongue continues it's assault as Sarah's pleasure builds. I then move up to her clit and wrap my lips around it. My tongue and lips suck, flick and tease her clit, as her hand goes to he back of my head. She puts pressure on my head as her moans grow louder. I work her into a frenzy until I feel her close to losing it.
With that I pull me lips away. I hear Sarah let out a disappointed cry. But, she not disappointed for long, as I move my body quickly up hers. Now my chest is pressed into her breast, her legs are up and wrapped around my body and I'm about to plunge deep inside of her. I look her in the eyes and I can see them filled with lust and desire. I lean in and kiss her as I slide into her with ease.
She moans into my mouth as I bottom out in her. She feels so tight and yet so VERY wet. My pace quickens as each of our orgasms builds. Sarah being so much closer than me. Sarah's legs tighten there grip on my body as she about to let her orgasm consume her. We break our kiss and I warp my arms around her body. My mind and body are have now gone into fucking mode, and I'll I do is go harder and faster, as Sarah's moans and cries reach "waking the neighbors" levels. Not that I care. I keep moving and hold her tighter.
Soon her fingers dig into my back as she cries out, "I'm cuuuummmmmminnnngggg!" She bucks and moans as her orgasm explodes within her. Damn, this woman hasn't been taken care of in a long time!!! I continue to move in and out of her as her orgasm continues. Somewhere between what I think is the start of her second orgasm I lose it too. We both moan out loud and cum together.....
"Damn!" exclaimed Sarah as she laid in bed. Who would have thought that this young hunk was sooooo goood. She was still sore from there evening of raw passion. The couch, the kitchen, the stairs...she didn't even know she still had it in her. She laughed at the last thought. She would have never thought Scott was that much of an animal. And was she loving it! All those years of that bastard of an ex not wanting it. Well now she was going to get, and get it a ton!!!
Sarah turned toward Scott and watched him sleep, he was smiling as he laid on his side. She figured that a couple hours rest was enough for him. And when her hands move between his legs she realized he was having quite the naughty dream anyways. Time for him to get it again for real....


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