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A chance encouter at the mall leads to a day, and night, of pure pleasure.

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I had first seen her walking around the mall. She wasn't just one of those good looking woman, her looks and stature just pulled you in awestruck.

Her shoulder length dark red hair framed her beautiful face wonderfully. (What was it about redheads that mesmerized me...) Her necklace was one of those that hung far down, to about her navel. But they never touched her navel, since her ample breasts kept them far away from her stomach. So nice. The black top and skirt hug her amazing body, showing off her flat stomach and shapely hips. Where her skirt ended her long, lovely legs continued down to some very sexy heels, not too high but enough to lengthen her 5'2" frame. Even with the amazing body what really drew me in was her eyes, well, that and her smile. The eyes were breathtaking and her smile oozed with confidence and sexiness all rolled into one.

For the next few days her body, eyes and smile were all that ran through my mind. The swaying of her hips, her toned calves, those beautiful breasts, it all was so captivating.
I went back to that food court a few times hoping to run into again. My luck seemed to have run out until I got lucky, when I literally ran into her. I was walking through the department store and we both turned the corner looking elsewhere and we collided. I instinctively reached out to steady her as I fell back into the pillar we walked around. Once we both steadied ourselves we realized we were face to face with my arms around her. She immediately stepped back and we both blushed.

"I'm sorry," I said blushing.

"Oh no, its my fault," she countered.

"I should have been looking were I was going," I insisted.

"Well we can both take the blame," she said with a sheepish grin.

"OK," I said," but at least let me buy you lunch."

"Um....," she trailed off, looking me up and down.

"I insist," I said.

"OK, " she said quickly, sounding as if she didn't want to give me the chance to rescind the offer.

We walked to the food court, tried a few of the free samples the Chinese places offered and gave in and had that. (I guess the free samples works) We ordered, I paid and then we sat and started to chat and eat.

It was a great meal, correction, the meal was good, but the company was great. The conversation flowed seamlessly. We laughed, exchanged flirting glances at each other and had an overall great time. Unfortunately, it ended too soon when Sarah, I learned when we first introduced ourselves, had to go back to work. I reluctantly said goodbye and watched her hips sway side to side as she walked away.

I sat there for a little while longer, thinking over our shared lunch together. I debated in my head if I should pursue anything further. I mulled it over a while longer and decided why not. Worst case, I thought, was that I got shot down. My ego shuddered at the thought...

I walked back into her store ready to go for broke, well, to see if my plan would work. I saw her working by herself over in the ladies section. That was a good start, no need for an audience of coworkers to listen in. I walked toward her, she saw me and smiled. I walked back toward her and said hello.

"I see you're back hard at work," I said.

"Yes," she replied, still smiling at me.

"Then it looks like you can help me out then," I said.

"How so?" she asked.

"Well, I'm looking for a nice dress for a girl friend of mine," I said, trying to empasize the gap between girl and friend. I must have failed because I thought I saw a flash of dissapointmen and even anger show on her face.

If I had seen that from her she recovered quickly, "Sure, what kind of dress are you looking for?" Sarah asked.

"I'm not sure," I replied.

She looked a bit flustered at my response and said,"then how am I going to help you?"

I realized I wasn't doing to hot at the moment and tried to regain my momentum, "Sorry, I'd go with a mix."

"A mix?" she replied.

"A little bit sexy mixed in with a little bit casual, and throw in a little edgy/sluttyness factor." I said, not quite sure what had just rolled of my tongue.

She eyed me a bit, I think debating on whether to help me or just kick me for wasting her time. Luckily she picked to first option.

"I'm sure if we have that here, but I think we can find something," she replied.

"So what's this girl friend look like," she continued.

I just stared at her blankly, not knowing what to say.

"So I can figure out what size and type of dress to have you look at," she said quickly.

My fog lifted and the light bulb went on. Trying quickly to AGAIN regain my composure I said, "Hmmmm...shorter than me, about your height...similar build to you as well...but she's a bit smaller in the chest...and your ass looks better too."

It all shot out of my mouth faster than I could comprehend. I didn't know who this imaginary girl friend was I was comparing to Sarah,but I don't think Sarah took it well. I saw a half blush, half anger look on her now. No doubt from the thought of me having a girl in my life already and her thinking I was leading her on, and from the compliment I just gave her.

She seemed to make up her mind, on what type of guy I was and what dress to pick, and walked over to a rack. There she pulled out a dress and put it up against her body. To both let me see how it would look on my girl friend and to possibly make me realize she would look good in it too.

I just l gazed at the dress and her for a bit, tryign to imaging how Sarah would look in it. Until a huff from her broke me out of my trance. All I could say was, "That is an amazing dress. I love it." This disarmed her a bit and she even gave me a half smile and a soft thanks.

We walked over to the checkout and I paid for it, in more ways than one. Before I swiped my card to pay I looked at the price and did a double take. She no doubt had decided that I was a douche for leading her on and making her think I was buying this for someone else, since the total was way more than I had expected. She no doubt was going to at least get a great sale out of me.

I thanked her and walked away. Once I was out of her sight I redircted myself toward customer service. There I got a card and filled it out. I took advantage of the free gift wrapping, placing my card on top of the dress in the box. I then walked back toward where Sarah was working.

Once I got close I looked around for another patron. I found a nice older lady and walked toward her. I said hello and asked her if she would help me out. I explained that I had a gift for mygirlfriend but wanted someone else to give it to her. She resonded with a "how cute" and agreed to do it.

She walked over to Sarah's section and handed the box to her. As she had walked over there I had moved spots so thatI was closer to the door but still had sight of Sarah. She tentatively took it from the lady and thanked her. As the lady walked away Sarah looked around. Not seeing anyone close she opened the box. She looked in it and picked up the card. She read it and then her face turned red, my thought was it was part excitement, part remorse.

I turned and walked out of the store. I was grining from ear to ear. My plan had worked, even if I had bumbled my way through some of it. Now I wondered if she'd show up...


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