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Fuck Buddy *UPDATED*

Short story By: sensualmusings

The joys of making a call and then having fun... ;)

Submitted:Jul 15, 2010    Reads: 2,735    Comments: 7    Likes: 9   

This was really great. One call and all thetension from the week would be gone. All week work had bogged me down. Allowing no time for pleasure. Thankfully my wonderful, and hot, fuck buddy was there to bail me out.
My mind began to wander as I waited for Amy to show. She always was fun, whether we were hanging out or having sex. Her red hair, mesmerizing eyes and wonderful smile always had a way of holding of hold my attention. Unless of course my eyes decided to wander southward over her ample breasts, shapely hips and lovely legs...
My daydream was soon interrupted by the doorbell ringing. I smiled and went to open it. Before I could say hello Amy jumped in, wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me. Surprised, yet pleased, with this type of hello I returned her passionate kiss. I managed to shut the door and thenpush her against it. She responded by lift her legs up and wrapping them around me tight. The next few minutes involved a combo of passionate kissing and roaming hands.
Once the lust filled hello had slowed Amy planted her feet back on the ground and said, "It's about time you called."
"The phone works both ways," I replied with agrin.
"Yeah yeah, well you saved me tonight," she said, with a tone of relief in it.
"How so," I asked.
"I was at a boring family function," Amy said as she started spinning us around.
"Ah I see, glad I could help a damsel in distress," I replied.
It was now Amy's turn to push me against the wall and say, "It looks like a big thank you is in order."
I grinned from ear to ear and said, "And what type of thank you will it be?"
As I finished Amy leaned back in and kissed me. A very good start to the thank you. Then she made it even better as her hand moved to my pants.
She undid them and moved her handsto my hips. She then broke our kiss and startedto kneel in front of me, taking my pants and boxers downtoo.I leaned back my head and closed my eyes, waiting for that first touch. My manhood now free and aching for attention.
I gasped as she took me into her hands. They felt so good. All of the tension from the week was starting to melt away, now replaced by pure pleasure.
As usual, Amy was amazing. Her hands and mouth kept bringing me to the edge and back. I'm such a lucky guy. ;) I looked down to see her staring up at me, her eyes full of desire. It was all so captivating. With all the stimulation, both visual and physical, I couldn't hold back anymore. I let out aloud moan and let my climax consume me.
I leaned my head back against the door to catch my breath. As my breathing slowed I looked at the now standing Amy and said, "Looks like itsmy turn to thank you..."
She stood and we made our way to the living room. On our way there Amy's clothes were given there proper resting place on the floor. She laid down and spread wide for me. I leaned down and moved in for the kiss. Our bodies pressed together as she kissed me back. I then pulled back and kissed her cheek. I then started my kissing trek down her body.
She arched her neck to give me more access. Her skin felt so smooth and her wonderful perfume filled my nostrils. My lips continued down until I reached her chest. Mmmm, was this heaven or what. I stopped here for a while to please and tease. Eliciting more than a few moans for Amy's lips. I reluctantly continued down as my hands stayed there,Amy's moans confirming what a good job I was doing.
My kisses continued down, over Amy's stomach and then down further. As I kissed my way closer and closer to my destination the sweet aroma of Amy's arousal filled my nostrils. I couldn't wait to make her scream with pleasure.
I finally had reached my destination, and was it a sight to behold. All of the previous stimulation had worked her into a frenzy and gotten her really worked up. Not wanting to wait any longer my lips dove right in. Her clit was soon at the mercy of my tongue and lips. Her moans again showing me how much she approved.
All of this stimulation soon had Amy on the verge of losing it. I could sense how close she was and that only made me work harder at pushing her over.
Amy had heldback as long as she could, but she couldn't hold out anymore. Her legs clamped hard on my head and she came buckets. I eagerly kept her going until she could take no more.
As she layed there trying to catch her breath I kissed my way back up. Stopping to tease her breasts on the way. We kissed and then I pulled back and said with a grin, "you ready for more..."
With all the attention paid to Amy and her orgasm I had barely noticed my "growing" needs. But with a pause in the action I was now aware of my my throbbing need. I kissed her again deeply. Our tongues dancing around each other. And as our tongues danced my hips slid between her legs.
I slid my hard erection up and down her throbbing wet lower lips, as they were still sensitive from her previous pleasure eruption. Not sure is she could handle another round, my hesitation was soon over ridden by her hips push hard into me. That coupled with her moaning into my mouth, I got the hint that she was wanting, and needing, more.
I teased her for a while longer, getting her even wetter than before. Our kiss ended when she pulled back and looked me in the eyes. The lust and desire that filled here eyes said it all, but I waiting until she finally ask for it.
"Fuck me," was all she said.
But that was all I needed to here. I slid deep inside in one motion. Here scream filled the room as her pussy walls expanded to accommodate me. The warmth andtightness that surrounded my cock would have sent me over had I not already came once. It was now time to give this beautiful woman exactly what she asked for.
I slid in and out of her with a measured pace. I wanted to enjoy this before our primal passion overtook us. My hands moved to her breasts as she moaned her approval. My fingers flicked and squeezed her still erect nipples. I leaned in and took one nipple in my mouth, using my tongue and lips to drive Amy crazy.
My hips continued there back and forth motion, slowly picking up speed as time passed. The moans escaping her lips grew with each thrust into her. The only words from her lips repeated over and over, "faster, harder".
I finally pulled my hands from her breasts, now looking to get her to climax yet again. She eagerly pulled up her legs as my hands moved to her hips. I grabbed on and increased my speed, now intending to deliver on her earlier request. My pace quickened as Amy's moans grew. Her hips now meeting my every thrust. Soon she was on the verge of another climax, which only made me go harder and faster.
Amy screamed and told me to never stop. It all I could do to keep going as her legs clamped down on me and her pussy contracted on my cock. The waves of pleasure consumed her. She came hard and long, as her eyes rolled to the back of her head, her whole body tensed and hertoes curled.
All I did was keep her there for a while... ;)


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