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Untitled Work 1

Short story By: Sehkmaa

This is one of my first scenes/stories. Not sure if I've gotten better but this one got a reaction I had been hoping for.

Submitted:Mar 8, 2013    Reads: 1,651    Comments: 0    Likes: 2   

Her eyes slide over his body, followed closely by her eager fingertips. The sound of his breath catching in his throat excites her ... almost as much as the sight of him tied to the bed.
She straddles his waist and leans in close to him, her hot breath caressing his skin. Gently, she takes his earlobe between her teeth and sighs softly. His reaction is plain as his swelling member begins to push against her damp core.
"You like that?", she whispers. His only reply a soft groan. His hips grinding slightly against her.
Smiling to herself she shifts to flick her tongue across his nipple. He sighs as she gently pinches the other, her hips moving slowly from side to side. He can feel her wetness against him and wants more than anything to slip inside her.
Purring with anticipation she looks at his blindfolded face before licking a trail over his hot skin. A trail that leads to where he wants her to be.
Taking his now rigid cock in her hand, she flicks the tip with her tongue. The taste of his pre-cum is satisfying but not quite enough.
She makes no movement except that of her tongue. He is almost writhing beneath her, his body silently begging for the warmth of her mouth. she rewards him ... suddenly she is there. Her mouth, her lips, her tongue sliding along his shaft. He stifles his cries of pleasure with great difficulty as waves of sensation flow over his turgid member.
Without warning she stops ... he lies there with his arms bound, gasping. His next breath is accompanied by the feeling of her lips on his skin. Hot points of contact move up along his stomach and over his chest as she moves once more to straddle him. This time though she guides him into her wet cunt.
Releasing his bound wrists she places his hands on her full breasts, his fingers brushing over the erect nubs. His fingers clutch at her chest, squeezing the heavy globes and she groans softly. She begins to rise and fall, his cock never fully leaving her.
Their breath matches as they move together. His hands lower to her pumping hips and ensure an unbroken rhythm. She braces herself with one hand on his muscular chest as the other attends to her clit.
He can only hear her quickening breath from behind the blindfold but he can tell that she'll soon cum all over his cock. His grip on her tightens as her wet pussy clenches around him.
With two more driving thrusts they both cry out and she falls, shuddering against his chest. Her heat still pulsing around his as they lay gasping.


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