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Stranger in the Room

Short story By: Sehkmaa

He had to have her.

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Stranger in the Room

Her breath was slow and even as she slept, her body curled and barely disguised by the thin sheet. The room as hot.

No breeze moved the sheer curtains over the window that had been left open in the hopes of cooling off the oven of a bedroom. She lay curled on her right side, the thin sheet pushed down to her knees. He could hear her soft and even breath as he sat in the chair in the corner, hidden in the shadow of the large antique wardrobe.

It wasn't very late, but he had known she would be asleep ... 5am came early for college students. She sat in front of him in his morning Psych class, teasing him with the light scent of her pomegranate shampoo. Every time she turned to chat with her friend beside her, it wafted over him like an aphrodisiac. Most days, he left the room barely able to contain his hard on, thank goodness for loose jeans.

He started slightly when she shifted in her sleep. Now she lay on her back, legs splayed and arms behind her head, under the pillow. It wouldn't get better than this, he had to move now. He rose from the chair slowly, his cock stiffening as he moved toward the bed. Stopping at the side of the bed he is once again hit with the sweet scent of her, but now it's a mix of the shampoo and sleep. Without even a thought, his cock is rock hard. He leans down slowly and rests his hands on her arms, pressing her against the bed.

She mumbles incoherently as he lifts a leg to straddle her, he barely puts any weight on her yet, not wanting her to be fully conscious just now. He watches her eyes move under her lids as she dreams a reason for what she's feeling, his own breath increasing in time with hers. Suddenly she stops all movement, her head is still and her eyes stop the quick back and forth. He drops his full weight on her flat belly, his hands sliding under the pillow to grip her wrists tightly. He opens his eyes and sees her staring at him, her lips parted in an attempted scream but his body on her stomach keeps her from pulling in a full breath and she only gasps in terror.

He leans down until his lips brush her ear, "Finally, I've been waiting for this moment ...Can you feel me? I'm so hard for you, I'm aching!"

She tried to pull away from his face but his grip is too hard on her wrists, she cringes at the feel of his hot breath on her cheek and she hadn't even noticed his erection until he mentioned it. The thought of what he wanted to do to her brought tears to her eyes, she choked back sobs.

His tongue moves along her cheek, washing the tears from her skin and he growls deeply in his throat at the thought of what other areas of her would be wet soon.

"You'll need to be quiet, I want to use your mouth and duct tape would just get in the way."

She bucked against him in a frantic attempt at escape but he just groaned, pressing his swollen cock against her belly. In swift, economical movements he slipped the loops of rope around her wrists and climbs off the bed to pull them tight. Her arms are pulled to the side of the mattress, her tits on display for him to see. A bright red blush crosses her cheeks as she turns her head away from him, her blonde hair falling over to hide her face.

Once he has her secured to the bed, he stops a moment to just look. Admiring her full tits and slim hips, but it's the cleanly shaved pussy that excites him. He moves toward the end of the bed, she's pulled her legs up to curl away from him. Grabbing her ankles he yanks hard on her legs, pulling her toward him as far as the ropes on her arms dig into the thin skin of her wrists.

As he moves into a comfy spot between her legs, he glances up at her, "You like it rough don't you? Don't worry, I think I can take care of that." She glances down to see his face disappear between her legs.

His tongue moves along the softness of her lips, probing gently at first until he finds the sweet wetness that she's been fighting. She squeal and he stops, raising his head. "I said shut up!", he growls at her and lifts her left leg off the bed. With a sharp, loud smack his hand makes contact with her ass plump and she jumps, trying not to scream at the sting that makes her stomach roll.

He goes back to eating her out, his fingers parting the outer lips of her pussy. He takes her clit between his lips and sucks roughly as his hands rubs the now red hand print that has appeared on her ass. Fingers trace along the crease of her upper thigh, moving toward her wet hole. As he licks and sucks at her clit, he drives his two fingers into her. Her body is moved up on the bed with the force of his thrusting, her quiet moaning coming in time with each forceful movement.

For what seems like forever, he continues like this; his tongue, lips and teeth working at her swollen bud while his fingers drive into her. She thrashes on the bed but knows that she has no chance to get away while her hands are bound above her head. She wishes desperately that her body would not react as it is, her pussy getting wetter with each minute and the unwanted orgasm building in her.

Her eyes widen as she feels a new fullness. He is pushing all his fingers into her cunt, pushing as far as they will go and she can barely keep herself from screaming out for him to stop. She knows he wont. She can feel her pussy stretching around his hand, farther than it's ever been forced to go before. The flicking of his tongue has not stopped and she can feel the pressure deep within her core. She tosses her head from side to side, and against what her mind is telling her to do, her body is pushing against him.

Her hips and pussy have taken over, she has no control as she feels the heat rising in her. Her ass lifts off the bed and she can hear him chuckle to himself, "I knew it, I knew you were a horny slut! You wanted this and you wanted it bad."

He turns his hand palm up, not taking his fingers out of her. Curling the middle two slightly he easily finds her G-spot and begins to rub. Now, she does scream! Her body moves in small convulsions as the sensations wash over her. His mouth on her clit and fingers on her g-spot are more than she can take. Totally beyond her control her body takes over and she cums hard, she can feel the wetness pouring out of her body but he doesn't stop until she is screaming and writing uncontrollably under him.

He slows his movements until he is sitting between her splayed knees. Grasping her ankles in one hand, he presses her legs to the side and brings his free hand down on her ass cheek again. A sharp intake of breath is all the evidence that she even felt it. He smacks again but before moving back to take another swing, he gently rubs the red and raised skin. Again and again his hand slams down on her ass and between each stinging connection, he lightly rubs the tender flesh.

His cock is throbbing as he spanks her, watching her skin get more red and hot with each well planted palm. He releases her ankles, knowing that she will stay still, the squeals and sighs let him know that. Despite herself, she likes being treated like a bad girl.

He takes his cock in hand and begins to stroke himself, though he continues to slam his hand against her backside. He knows he can't contain himself much longer so he moves up over her prone body until he is sitting astride her shoulders. Taking a fist full of her blonde tresses, he forces her to look up at him as he lowers his dick toward her mouth.

"I told you I wanted to use your mouth. This is gonna be sweet.", his voice is husky as he presses the head of his hard dick against her closed lips. Knowing she wont open her mouth willingly, he grabs her jaw with his free hand and presses his fingers against each cheek. The pressure forces her mouth open and he pushes his hips forward.

"If you bite me, you're not gonna like what the punishment will be." He smacks her in the face with a fraction of the power he used on her ass but it's enough to leave a hand print and she knows she better not bite.

Slowly, he starts fucking her mouth, letting her get the rhythm before he really starts working himself on her. Her lips and tongue can't help but move along the shaft of his cock. He groans with lust at the feel of her tongue on him. Soon he can't help but pound into her mouth, slamming the head of his dick against the back of her throat. The look in her eyes is one of pure terror and it excites him even more, he can barely keep from shoving it all the way down her throat. She is gagging and bucking beneath him but still her drives himself into her mouth, his breath coming fast as he gets close to cumming.

Just when she thinks she can't take anymore without biting him, he stops. He moves back down over her body and lifts her legs up and off the bed, resting them on his shoulders. For a moment, he pauses to stroke his aching member before he pushes into her ass. She shrieks at the slight sting and odd pressure. This is a first for her and not exactly how she imagined it would happen. He moves slowly at first, letting her get the feel of him filling her, the tightness around his cock is almost more than he can bare but he holds off; plunging into her hard and fast until he feels her body tighten around him, her shoulders lifting off the bed with the power of her orgasm.

Laughing he pulls out of her tightest hold and teases her dripping pussy and sensitive clit with the head of his cock. She tried to pull away but couldn't before he pressed against her, his throbbing member pushing into her hot, wet hole. Taking hold of her hips in either hand, he slammed into her body, the feel of her surrounding him was enough to drive him over the edge. He pulled her back against him as he thrust forward, he body arching up to meet him as the muscles in deep in her clutched at him, bringing him closer to the release he was striving for.

He feels her body convulse around the length of his hard shaft one last time as her body thrashes on the bed, he slams in one more time before pulling out and shifting forward over her. He takes himself in his hand and strokes hard and fast, grunting as the final moment comes over him. He roars his pleasure as looks into her eyes, his cum covering her body, the white dripping onto her tits and stomach.

She stares at him as he slowly leans down to smother her mouth with his in a deep final kiss. As he lies down beside her with his arm draped over her stomach, lightly stroking her hip, he whispers, "Was that what you wanted baby? I don't know about you but I had a great time!"

The smile on her face is tired and spent, "Sweetie, that was awesome! Next time, maybe we can do a capture scene first." He reaches up to release her hands from their bonds and she turns toward him to snuggle up and drift off into a pleasantly satisfied sleep.


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