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So far just a Dream

Short story By: Sehkmaa

I wished for this to happen and one day, it did.

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She rests only on her toes, the rope isn't long enough for her heels to touch the soft carpet. Her body sways slightly as she fights to keep her full weight off her bound wrists.
The darkness of the room and of her blindfold cloak her, the only clothing on her, a lacy bra. If he took that off her, her shame would be complete .... and welcomed. He would know then that she was not perfect, her body not magazine worthy. A hot flush crept over her cheeks as she thought of hanging there, totally exposed. it would be a relief to her in a way, she would no longer have to hide herself.
There is a creak as the door above her opens. She hears no click of the light switch before his footfalls descend the stairs. He doesn't speak as she moves around the room but she can feel his eyes laying hot trails on her chilled skin.
A slight brightening around the edges of her blindfold let her know there is at least one light on, thankfully not the one above her head. Still, she tries vainly to hide herself from him, even though she knows this invites punishment or maybe because she knows it will.
The first stinging smack across her ass shocks a cry from her lips, then his warm fingers caress the same spot. She cringes from him and is once again punished? ... rewarded? It no longer matters, she craves this time with him. The feel of the rope on her wrists, the heat from each blow, his body when he presses against her ... all are sensations her body calls out for in silence.
He nuzzles into her neck from behind and she can feel the smile on his face. Holding her breath as he steps away, preparing for what is to come; but it's no use ... She would never have been ready for the feel of unyielding wood across her tender skin. the wooden spoon leaves a delicious sting she can feel in the pit of her belly. Again the loathsome thing lands across her heated skin, the more she tries to move away, the more blows land.
She is in heaven. The ropes that bind her are glorious and the pain is everything she could ever ask for. Eventually, she stops resisting, tears course down her cheeks as she gasps for breath. The blows move gradually up her back and down her thighs. The tender skin of her ass getting a short reprieve but only a the expense of the rest of her.
Her feet are spread wide to keep her balance and he takes the chance to slip his fingers into her. the evidence of her body belies her tears and cries of pain. As his fingers explore her inner most secrets, he traces soft lines up her back to the clasp of her bra. She can't stop him, soon she'll be entirely exposed to him. She feels the hooks let go and hangs her head. The lacy garment is moved from her chest, up and behind her head.
Her tears flow faster, there is shame but also she is grateful to him. It was a choice she had wanted to make but couldn't. He took that from her ... or had she given it?
Once she is fully bare, on hand rains blows upon her while the other coaxes her to climax. The warring sensations wash over her as she gives herself over to him. She has no choice, right now, he is God.
Each stinging, stomach churning smack brings her higher. Wetness streams from her as his fingers work first her swollen clit and then plunge into her. Over and over he teases this way until she is close to begging for release. The next instance, spasms wrack her frame and she can no longer control anything.
He has given her bliss.


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