Breakfast for Two

By: Sehkmaa

Page 1, Every day should start this way

She doesn't turn as she hears his footfall on the kitchen tile. Her breath catches in her throat as his hands reach around her waist to undo the button on her jeans. She places the damp dish towel on the counter as her zipper is ever so slowly lowered. His sighs against her neck as he tilts his head down to her ear lobe.
She tries to control her breathing, it's already coming quickly as his teeth nip lightly at her lobe, his fingers pushing into the front of her jeans and finding no barrier of panties.
Bracing her palms against the counter top she sifts her hips to allow him access to her body. Instead, his hand retreats from her jeans to push them down to uncover her slender legs.
As he continues to nibble her ear and kiss her neck he releases himself from his own encumbering shorts. His already swollen cock presses against her backside as he reaches forward to grasp her breast with one hand, the other to her now wet and heated pussy.
The pinching of her nipples causes her to gasp but his fingers stroking her clit make her grind her hips against him. He groans at the pressure of her firm ass against his dick, he drives two fingers deep into her wet hole. The almost pained cry spurs him on to work faster as he pushes her over the counter. Kicking her jeans away he forces her feet apart to gain better access for both hands now.
With one hand he pumps into her dripping pussy while the other zeros in on her pulsing clit. She softly cries out with each breath, her body rocking against him.
Suddenly, his fingers are gone. his hands grip her firmly about the waist as he turns her and lifts her onto the counter. He takes one hardened nipple in his mouth while teasingly pushing the tip of his cock into her. He revels in her gasping as he repeatedly enters her, but only the head.
Just as she is about to beg him to ram her hard, he drops to his knees before her. His tongue flicking her clit, his fingers driving into her. She balances herself with one hand as the other holds on to his head. Her hips buck against his face as she climaxes, cum soaking his chin. Still, he doesn't stop working her clit until he can't hold back.
Rising to his feet, his hard member eager before him, he lifts her from the counter and once against turns her around. Pushing her roughly forward he grabs her ass and with a deep growl pushes himself fully into her.
She almost screams as he rams into her. Her breath coming in gasps that are in time with his thrusting. He pulls her back to meet him and she can feel every inch of him inside her.
Bracing with one hand, she reaches down to rub her clit, adding to the sensations building within in. Watching her as she pleasures herself, his pace increases and he slams into her harder and deeper. Fighting the urge to cum until he feels her pulse around him.
The he feels it, her pussy clenching around his cock and he can't hold back. Both at once they cum, their bodies locked together as bliss shudders through them.
Slowly, he eases them their knees on the floor. Their bodies still connected in a most intimate way. He slides his hands in soft caresses over her damp skin, leaning in to lightly kiss her the back of her neck. She shudders hard once more before softly whispering, "Good morning."

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