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Originally I titled it The Hallway.
Coming out of the back room he met her in the hallway.....

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Coming out of the back room he met her in the hallway. She leaned her back against the wall and with her hands behind her back she looked at him.

He stopped in front of her staring at the glint in her eyes. Placing a hand gently on her stomach, he thought how they must look like to love struck teenagers. Leaning close he gently cups the right side of her head in his left hand.

As there lips met the room became warm and their clothes too tight. Pulling her into a tight embrace, their tongues searching each other, he begins to undo her jeans. She removes her t-shirt exposing her well formed breasts. A gasp escapes her lips as he kisses her where her neck meets her shoulders,

His left hand begins to gently massage her right breast as his lips trace a path to her left nipple. Feeling her heart begin to race, she removes his t-shirt causing him to pause. Kissing the other side of her neck and moving down her body, he begins to remove her jeans and panties. When his lips and tongue reached her womanhood, he lingered while removing her legs from her clothes.

Lifting her left leg on to his shoulder, his lips gently suckle her clit causing spasm through out her body. Using just the tip, he starts to stroke her clit with his tongue. Moving to her opening and back as her juices start to flow.

Bracing her shoulders against the wall, she reaches down and holds his head, pressing his face against her. She arches her back as she loses control, wanting him more and more. Heart racing she gasps for air. " Now" she whispers.

Removing her leg from his shoulder, he carefully lowers her to the floor. Laying down beside her, he slides out of the rest of his clothes. Staring into her eyes his lips meet hers in a kiss of passion, while his right index finger slowly and as soft as a feather traces a line from her throat down her body to her legs. Spreading her legs, he moves above her.

Flesh on fire from his touch and with heart pounding she reaches down and strokes his long hard swollen shaft, while moves into position. Hovering above her, his soft blues shine with passion as she slides him inside. Working her inner muscles as he slides in and out, she locks her fingers with his.

Feeling her body respond he begins with slow thrust, in and out in and out, feeling her become wetter and wetter. Going deeper with each thrust, he leans down and softly bites the her neck. Kissing and sucking as her breathing becomes faster and her back begins to arch.

She feels it building as her body starts to tremble. With every one of his thrusts, she has to fight to keep control waiting for him. In, out, deeper and deeper. In, out, deeper and deeper. She feels him begin to swell, he's ready.

He feels her inner muscles squeeze him tighter as his climax builds. Placing his lips on hers, their tongue searching each other, he feels the rush of her juices on the head of his shaft as she climaxes causing him to lose his own control. He plunges deep with in her as his own dam breaks. His head slides to the side of hers as a growl from deep with in his chest escapes his mouth.

Weak and trembling, they slide apart to lay beside one another. Bodies sated, their hearts and souls forever bound, the words I love you fall softly from their lips.


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