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strangers tailor shop at night

Short story By: sasanthi123

Tags: Two, Old, Guys, And, Me

No buses at night. have a long journey. two mature strangers gave me their shop to stay at night. NO bed , no facility but i enjoyed that night better than my home.

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I,m Sasanthi from Colombo -Sri Lanka . I,m married woman with a baby girl . My husband is working little far from home and he is not coming home daily . So I live with my mother and baby . My body status are 38c, 32, 36 and 5"6 tall with fair skin and long black hair. As per friends I,m looking very sexy but my husband is not much interested about sex . From my teen age I like sexual things very much.

I had a birthday party of my cousin and it was at little far away from my home . She is my mother's younger sister and I cannot ignore this party. So I decided to go there . My mother kept my baby with her and I went there alone . I wear a black silk saree with black sleevless top and it gives me very sexy look. I was travel by bus and I saw many guys looking at me their lusty eyes. Around 4.00pm I was there and all of our relations came for party. So I,m very happy and talk each other and I said I must go home before sun goes down . It was 6.00 pm and all are trying to keep me with them . My relation's house at upcountry side and I must get bus to main city . From here to main city 75 kms and after 6.00 public transport are very difficult. Then I walked 1km from village to town . But no buses there. I was waiting till 8.00pm In bus halt there were few people . but no women there . So I was scared. My hand phone also not working . Because this area has no signals . One mature guy came to me and ask why I,m here at this time . I said him the reason . He told me this is not a good time for a woman like me to stay here . There were some guys who had drunk are shouting and telling bad words to each other . I was feeling uncomfortable to stay here any more . I thought better to go back my relations place . But I have to walk 1km back again . I said that to person who has talked to me . He said its bad idea I will face many problem on the road . Few buses gone but they did not stop . I was facing a big problem. However I must give a call to my mother and explain the situation. The mature man name called Sarath . He said he also wants to go main city . But now he changed his mind and going to stay his friend;s place for night . If he goes I have to live alone here with these bad guys . I,m helpless . He told me his idea and invited me too his place to stay at night. So I agreed .

He took me to a shop near market and his friend opened the door . It is a tailor shop . His friend look at me little time and ask my details . I told him everything about me . His name is Rajesh . He is tamil guy owner of this tailor shop. After that I,m able to get a phone call from his shop to my mother and told the situation . I did not tell my mother I,m with two guys . I told her I,m with a family . Rajesh laugh and asked me why did tell like that . I did not say any thing to him . So he treated us with a nice milk coffee . His place is a little place . There is no bed and furniture there other than his table and few chairs. We all have to sleep here how ever. Rajesh is only with his short . He has nice black hairy body . Sarath also removed his shirt and trouser . Rajesh gave him another short. Rajesh asked me I got any other dress . But I did not take any thing else. He is really worried because he does not have any women dress . It is a men tailor shop . I told I,m ready stay night with this dress I,m wearing . Sarath went wash room and had bath . After that I went wash room and closed the door and removed my dress slowly. I have to dress this saree tomorrow also . Therefore I kept it on the door safely. And after one by one my blouse , under skirt , bra and panty . I start to bath and soap my body . Suddenly Rajesh knock the door . I opened it little and ask the reason . He gave me towel . After bath I came out dressing only my blouse and under skirt . saree and other inner dresses kept on chair . Both of them were looking at me with shining eyes and told me I,m very sexy with this dress . Because they might see my nudeness from this dress . I was bit shy and I saw myself by a mirror . I saw my nipples are erect due to cold water and the blouse cannot hide my 38c big boobs . half of boobs are opened for them . And my short under skirt also silk and it shows my naked body . They can see clearly my ass and curves . They invited me for a little dinner . So I joined them and sat on the floor . Rajesh treated us a wine bottle and he made noodles quickly. I sat with them and took little glass of wine . Because they requested it very friendly way. I ate little and hearing their conversations . Rajesh praise my beauty he said he is not belive whether I,m mom of baby . I was shy and took second glass of wine . Rajesh asked me the place what I make my dresses . He blamed them because my blouse has not made well. I asked what is the problem having my blouse. He pointed a gap between my body and blouse . Due to that blouse is bit loose . He asked my boob size . I said 38c. He took the tape and measure the blouse and kept his one hand on boob and said this blouse has made for 42 size woman . I was shy . still his hand on my boob. He said if I,m ok he can adjust my blouse . I did not answer . Before I say anything he is starting to remove my buttons . I was so shy and I feel some hot mood because I,m between two hot men . Sarath told me not to shy and kissed my neck .

Rajesh removed my blouse and slowly pressing my both breasts and kissing my face. Sarath kissing my head and neck from back side and pushing his hard tool on my ass cheeks . I feel his hard cock and it made me horny. Both of them enjoying my body as they wish . Without telling any thing I,m moaning loudly by pleasure. Sarath sat on the floor and starting to kiss my ass . Slowly he removed my under skirt and I was fully naked between these men . Sarath kissed my ass cheeks and started to bite those . Its little pain but I like that. He licked my assole and put his finger there . I love that. His middle finger made me crazy . He put his another finger in my pussy hole . Both fingers are working there like machines . Rajesh's tongue is inside my mouth and his both hands pressing my boobs and pinching my nipples . sarath fucked my both holes faster and faster by his fingers . I couldn't control myself . I cummed . He licked his fingers and said its very tasty . Rajesh removed his short and kept his hard tool on my hand . I pressed it . He has black big tool . It is looks like a monster . Sarath told me to sit on chair . I did it. Both of them came near my face with their erected cocks . So sucked both one by one . I was very horny. Thinking of this incident I feel I,m whore of them.

After that Rajesh told me to lay down on the table . So I did it . Sarath spread my legs and slowly insert his hard tool into my virgina . Its little big and I feel some pain . But Rajesh pushed his one in to my mouth and I could not talk or shout any more . Sarath start to play slowly in me . Aftre every hard push he slapped my ass harder . Rajesh both hands squeezing my boobs and I saw my milk soaked a lot. Rajesh sucked my boobs and drank all . I ,m so horny and need more sexual fun at this moment. Sarath took out his one and insert it in to my back hole . It was a hard push . I cried by pain . But he did not stop . After some time I felt his hot juicy shooting inside my back hole . I was very happy . Rajesh lay down the floor and ask me to sit on his tool . I like that style so I started make him happy too . I jumped on his bar. Every shot make him harder and harder. He cummed a lot in my pussy. The same time I,m also cummed . Sarath hold me my hair and push his tool in to my mouth for suck him . I sucked his hot milk . After that both of them kissed me and lay down me on the mat on floor. We all three slept together . They did not allow me to dress again . I was between both of them on the mat. Till mid night I did not sleep. Because they were kissing me . squeezing me , touching my private places. Sucking and all type of wild things they did .

Sarath and Rajesh said its memorable day of their life . Sofar they did not get a woman like me . Both of their wives are older and not sexy . Again they started to play my virgina in the early morning. I cummed twice early in the morning . I was very happy . I had very nice time . Next day morning both of them dropped me to bus and gave me sweet lip kiss and press my boobs harder . I was shy because its public place . Many people may be seen that . With a sweet memory and experience I came home back



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