Passion In The Dark Room

By: Sapphire Soul

Page 1, When innocent young Fawn Sterling finds herself the object of desire for her gorgeous phtography teacher, she starts to respond to his rough advances. Will a forbidden relationship be born?

I leap up as the bell rings, signaling for the end of physics and the beginning of my favorite class—photography. Walking briskly down the hallway, I come to a sudden stop in front of room 303. Before entering, I smooth the wrinkles in my uniform, straighten my tie, and swish my long blonde hair out of my sapphire blue eyes. Taking a deep breath, I push open the door and walk to my seat. There, sitting at the desk in front of me, was the handsome new teacher, Mr. Blake Jacobs.

Yes, I’ll admit he is quite attractive, but it’s not like I have feelings for him or anything. Almost every girl in the school knows about him and talks about how they would bake cookies on his abs, but let’s face it, this is reality and in reality, students do not date teachers. Plus, I’m not really one for breaking school rules; much less society’s rules.

The bell rings again. Class has officially started.

“Everyone please take out your school camera and pull up the photo of something you treasured from your childhood that I assigned last week, please.” Mr. Jacobs said as he walked around the room, checking to make sure everyone completed their homework.

I delicately place my beloved camera on the table and make sure that the picture of me blowing on a dandelion was pulled up on the tiny screen. Mr. Jacobs comments on a couple of photos, but when he gets to mine, he stops and smiles.

“Great picture, Fawn. I remember I used to do the same thing as a kid. It’s beautiful, and powerful; filled with emotion…just like you.” He whispered the last part, while inconspicuously tracing a finger down my arm, leaving a trail of goosebumps.

Wait. WHAT?

Unable to say anything, I simply nod, causing him to smirk before moving on with class. All I could think was that Mr. Blake Jacobs had just touched me in a totally sensual way and called me beautiful! Holy SHIT!

Before I know it, the bell rings and lunch starts. I blink in surprise and begin to gather my things.

“Sorry Fawn, but would you mind staying back for a few minutes to help me process pictures in the Dark Room? I could use the extra hands!” Mr. Jacobs says as he erases the board.

“O-of course Mr. Jacobs, no problem.” I stutter.

Mr. Jacobs shuts the door after everyone had gone to lunch and proceeds to lead me by the hand into the Dark Room. I blushed, trying to pull free from his grasp.

“Mr. Jacobs you can let go of my hand now…” I whisper as he shuts the door, surrounding us with nothing but dim red light and drying pictures.

Mr. Jacobs releases my hand and turnes to faced me, moving closer and closer until I am trapped between him and the wall.

“Mr. Jaco-mph…” My pleais interrupted by soft warm lips crashing down on mine, a chiseled body pressed up against me. I try to push him off, buthe grabsmy hands and slams them on either side of my head, causing me to cry out in pain.

“Blake. Call me Blake.” Mr. Jacobs whispers.

“Blake…” I sigh, as his lips went to my throat.

“I want you, Fawn,” Blake growls roughly into my ear. “I have since the moment I met you. I know this is wrong, but I just can’t control myself anymore. I have to have you.”

Tearing off my tie, Blake quickly ties my wrists together and holds them above my head while he unbuttons my shirt. I fight back a moan as his knee forces my legs apart and slowly rubs against me, causing a tingling sensation to envelop me.

Blake kisses me deeply, tracing the tips of my lips with his tongue while allowing this free hand to tear off my bra and caressing my breasts. He pulls away, leaving me breathless, before pressing his free hand against my mouth and attacking my breasts with licks and kisses; enough to drive me crazy.

I moan into his hand, responding to every move he makes. With my hands still bound, I place them around his neck and allow him to lift me up before slamming me back against the wall, wrapping my legs around his waist. I gasp as he thrusts up, sending waves of white hot desire coursing through my body.

“Blake, untie me, please! I have to touch you!” I begged as I trailed kisses down his neck. With me still pressed tightly against the wall, he reached behind his head and expertly untied my hands. I immediately wrapped my arms around Blake, running my fingers through his hair as I kissed back with all of my might.

The lust finally overcame us both. Unbuttoning himself, Blake rips off my skirt and pushes my panties to the side before thrusting into me. I wince and dig my nails into his back, trying not to scream as pain rippled through me.

I wrap my legs around Blake even more tightly as he begins to thrust inside of me causing my back to scrape roughly against the stone as he pulls me closer. The feeling of him inside of me is exquisite; a pain so thrilling I was left wanting more.

I call Blake's name as pleasure overcomes my senses, knotting my fingers in his hair and gazing deep into his beautiful green eyes.

I felt Blake’s heartbeat speed up, matching mine, as we both began to climax. I threw my head back and sighed Blake’s name as he pressed deep inside of me, grunting in release.

We collapsed in each other’s arms, both breathing heavily; our bodies slicked with sweat.

“I love you, Blake.” I whisper into his chest, lifting my head to look deep into his emerald eyes.

“And I love you more, beautiful little Fawn.” He whispered back as he kissed my forehead. “Be mine?”

“I'll always be yours!” Imurmured and leaned for another passionate kiss in the Dark Room.

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