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He Was My First

Short story By: Sapphire Soul

A young girls first encounter with the boy of her dreams

Submitted:Apr 1, 2012    Reads: 1,807    Comments: 3    Likes: 5   

What. The fuck. Am I doing?

I take a deep breath as rest my bike against the rusty chain-link fence that wraps around Aikahi Park. Wrapping my arms around myself as a cool wind caresses my skin; I begin to walk towards the volcano-like structure where we promised to meet. I glanced around. The park was desolate and the road was empty except for a scraggily little cat that was lying under a flickering light pole. I let out a half-laugh-half-groan. Nobody around and I'm in the middle of a creepy-ass park with a sketchy-ass light pole. Go figure.

Sitting on the stairs that lead to the top of the volcano, I leaned against the railing and looked up at the sky. Despite the cliché-ness of my movie moment scene, I couldn't help but gaze in awe at the beautiful sky that stretched endlessly above me. I let my eyes fall from the heavens and towards the opposite entrance of the park where Gael would come from… FUCK. He was only a few feet away, watching my whole staring-at-the-stars-like-a-fucking-weirdo scene with a smirk of amusement. I felt my face flush and looked down at my lap as I wrung my hands nervously. Oh my god. He came. Wait. Why did I come?! Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh-

My body froze as I heard the sound of footsteps coming towards me, but even as he reached me he continued to walk and sat down on the ground. I remained there for a second, unsure of what to do.

"Why are you acting like a stranger?" Gael smiled and patted the ground next to him.

"I-I am not!" I replied defensively. Wow. My response wasn't even an answer to the question.

I slowly stood up made my way shakily to where Gael was. I plopped down next to him, about 5 inches away. He motioned for me to move closer. I hesitated before finally giving in and allowing myself to be pulled into his arms. I rested my head on his shoulder, trying to avoid the inevitable.

"Gael, I don't know if I can do this. I'm…scared". I whispered into his shoulder.

"Don't be."

My pulsequickened as Gael began tracing small circles on my back, and I shivered delightedly as helet the tips of his fingers brush my bare skin.

I'm terrified. I'm terrified of what my parents will think, what my friends will say, what my-

My inner rant was interrupted as Gael's thumb and forefinger gently took my chin and forced me to face him. Before I could do or say anything, Gael's lips were pressed against mine. The kiss was soft, but I felt the urgency behind it, and next thing I knew I was being pulled into the volcano.

I felt my body starting to become hot and my skin began to tingle. I had never felt this way before. It was torture… and yet it was pure bliss.

I gasped as a felt my t-shirt being pulled over my head. I tried to back away, feeling extremely revealed with nothing but a bra and panties on. (Yes, somewhere in the middle of my make out session I seemed to have lost my pants.)

Gael had no intention of letting me escape.

He grabbed my wrists and forced me onto my back, pinning me with his body weight. Taking both my wrists in one hand, Gael placed them above my head (Which made me feel even MORE revealed) freeing his other hand to roam my body. Truthfully I could have escaped had my life depended on it, but my feeble attempts to break free were to no avail.

I tried to fight back the moans that were rising in my throat, but every movement Gael made sent more shivers of pleasure and I was losing the battle. I gasped as I felt him push down and rub against me, causing my face to turn scarlet.

I had never seen a naked guy, much less had one rub up against me! Ok, well he wasn't naked…yet… but even so I could feel his desire. His arms wrapped around my waist and lifted me up as he unhooked my bra (with a little help.) He stared for a moment, which only made me blush more, before he continued to kiss me passionately.

Now that my hands were free, I was able to respond to his movements. But first, he was going to take his shirt off, dammit! I pulled roughly at his shirt until it came off and I threw it aside. I pulled him closer and listened as his heartbeat sped up. When I looked back up at him, he was blushing. It only made me want him all the more! Gael continued to rub against me, leaving a burning sensation wherever he went. Our breathing was ragged and the desire was overwhelming.

Gael trailed kisses down my neck as his hands slowly traced lower and lower. I bit my lip as he cupped me in his hand, using his fingers to torture my senses. The fire began to build up and up, driving me to the point of insanity, and then…he stopped.

"Are you sure?" he asked.

I lifted my hands to his face and pulled him to me,kissing him with everything I had. He understood.

He positioned himself in between my legs, and pushed.

A searing pain tore through my body and I yelped, tears forming in the corners of my eyes. My body was screaming in agony, but I fought the urge to pull away.

"It's over, it's over. I'm sorry, I promise that's the only time that I will hurt you." He whispered, tucking a stray hair behind my ear.

I nodded and closed my eyes as he lowered himself onto me, kissing me deeply. He began to move, slowly at first, but as we continued we both began losing control. By that time, the unbearable pain began changing into unbelievable pleasure. I began to move with him, pulling him as close as possible for fear that this moment of ecstasy would turn out to be nothing but a mere dream.

Like before, the fire began to build up and raw desire coursed through my body. I sighed Gael's name as we both climbed higher and higher. I had reached my peak. My scream was muffled by Gael's hand and my body trembled beneath him as I arched my back in pleasure. Gael slowed to a stop and collapsed on top of me.

We stayed like that for a moment. It seemed like an eternity and yet it didn't last long enough. Gael rolled off of me and sat up, tracing my lips before pressing his gently against mine. As he turned to grab his shirt, I quickly sat up and hugged him from behind. At first he seemed a little shocked, but he turned and hugged me back, cradling my head to his chest. I closed my eyes and listened to the steady beat of his heart while in his embrace, praying that that moment would never end.


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