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Sex in Field Part 2

Short story By: santhoshg

Tags: Sex

Loneliness after hot encounter led to the unimaginable experience

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Next two weeks were probably the best days of my life. Sruthi visited me daily with Lekha. After the lunch my sister would disappear for about an hour giving us ample opportunity to fuck our minds out.

I was worried on the first day as what Lekha would be thinking about me. But when she pretended to be ignorant of things happening between Sruthi and me, I got bolder. Lekha and I developed a silent understanding, and she never talked about Sruthi in my presence, even at the home.

One day, when Lekha brought lunch, she was alone. Sruthi was not with her. Lekha informed that her husband had arrived last night and took Sruthi with him. Suddenly, it was autumn again in my life…the same monotonous routine was back. Each day, Lekha would bring the lunch and take back the dishes when I ate it, leaving me alone with my magazines and my hand caressing my cock from one orgasm to another.

However, one very important thing, which I failed to notice or rather, I should say that I noticed quite late, was the behavior of my young sister. Ever since Sruthi left the village, she was behaving little abnormal, but I was so lost in my fantasies that I could not sense it.

Lekha was still bringing my lunch daily afternoon…but she had become less talkative. She would watch me silently while I ate my lunch…her eyes continuously boring into me when I was not looking at her. Whenever, I caught her eyes, she simply turned it away. There was something in her look, which appeared so familiar yet I could not guess it.

However, her changed behavior had a positive side to it as she become more caring about my every need. She began staying late in the afternoon as if expecting some command from me. Even at home she began showing more concern about my likes and dislikes.

When I began to notice the change, I was a bit puzzled initially but didn't care much as I was the sole beneficiary of her new avatar.

We never talked about Sruthi, especially I deliberately avoided the topic…because it always made me conscious in front of Lekha. I knew that she was aware of what happened between Sruthi and me, and probably that was the reason why she was behaving shyly in front of me.

One afternoon, when I sat for eating my lunch, Lekha left the room and went out. I finished my lunch and looked for her, but she wasn't there. I collected the lunch box and dishes and went out. I could not find her anywhere. I took the dirty utensils outside the pump room and began cleaning them.

Outside of the pump room, my father had built a small size reservoir; around six feet by five feet and about four feet deep…it looked more like a miniature swimming pool. It was mostly used for storing the water from the pump before directing it to fields by drain lines, but sometimes we used is as a big size bathtub when the days were pretty hot. It was always an exquisite feeling to stand in the tank feeling fresh water from the pump discharge splashing against my body.

While cleaning the dishes, I looked for Lekha. Finally, I could trace her…she had climbed on the scaffold, and observing the far corners of our fields.

I finished cleaning the utensils; and went near the scaffold. I called her to get down and collect the lunch box. She heard me and immediately lowered her legs on the wooden ladder connected with the scaffold. I was standing exactly below the ladder.

As she stood on the top bar of the ladder and proceeded to climb down, I looked upward. Suddenly, my jaws fell open. Lekha was wearing a long skirt that day; and from my position, I could see inside her skirt…her creamy white shapely legs…joining at her delicate thighs and the pink colored panties covering her pussy mound. My sex starved cock swelled to an immediate erection.

Unaware of my prying eyes, Lekha descended from the ladder continually giving me uninterrupted view of her hidden assets. My cock was throbbing inside my pants. When she came lower, I deliberately turned my head and moved away from my place. But I could feel my heart pounding in my chest like a drum, and I was breathing hard.

She got down from the ladder, picked the tiffin box and plates and looked at me. I gawked at her not knowing what to say.

"I'm going home." She didn't seem to notice my awkwardness.

I stood there watching her go…my mind was in turmoil. Just now I had accidentally peeped inside my sister's skirt and my body had responded amorously to that. I was still supporting a throbbing hard on.

I went inside the room…striped my clothes and stood naked in the room. I desperately needed a release. I gripped my cock and began diddling it, trying to think about Sruthi but every time my sister's creamy thighs came before my eyes.

I fought hard to resist the temptation, trying to divert my thoughts towards Sruthi…but to no avail. I failed and finally surrendered to my lust and masturbated to a wonderful release while thinking about my beautiful sister's creamy thighs and the delicious nest hidden behind her pink panties.

That episode changed my thinking about my sister. I realized that Lekha had grown up into a gorgeous woman…a woman whom any man would love to fuck. That incident also made think more about my sister; and that's when I gave a serious thought to her changed behavior.

I realized that the main thing that was disturbing me was the way my young sister had been observing me ever since Sruthi's episode. After the scaffold episode, I could guess what it was…certainly not a sisterly look at her brother…it was a stare of a woman who looked at someone when she was in love. She was behaving more like a lovebird rather than an innocent sister.

It was only a hunch and I knew that it might be wrong. Still I made up my mind…I would seduce my young sister…and if succeeded I would fuck her. My earlier two hunches had proved correct…my landlady in Mumbai and Sruthi were alibi to that…I therefore decide to try my luck with my sister.

After returning home in the evening, I continuously monitored her behavior towards me. More I observed…more I became firm in my belief that my gut feeling was right.

Next day, I eagerly waited for her. She came around one thirty.

When I finished my lunch, she proceeded to collect the plates. I stopped her.

"Don't go now. I want to talk to you."

She looked at me strangely and collecting the plates, she went out. She returned after five minutes, drying her hands with a towel.

"Come here." I showed her place on the edge of the bed. She sat silently looking at me with curiosity. I sat beside her.

"Lekha…ugh…I…" I didn't know how to begin the conversation. "I…mean…did you hear from Sruthi recently."

"Why…?" She looked at me innocently.

"No…just wanted to know whether she's any plan to visit here." I realized my body was shivering with a strange kind of excitement.

"Not now…but she'll come in winters."

I looked into her eyes…again I found that strange look…a look as if trying to tell me something.

"That's nearly months…shit." I swore impatiently.

"Why do you want her here?" Her voice was little agitated…I again looked at my sister…she appeared jealous…no…she was jealous of her friend.

"I miss her very much."

She didn't reply…but didn't look pleased either.

"Do you know why I miss her?" My heart began to beat faster.

No answer.

"I know that you're aware of what happened between Sruthi and me. And I'm sure that you had been peeping on us while I was making love with her."

It stuck her at the right place; I carefully observed the changing colors of her face.

I felt bold.

"You spied on us…isn't it?"

She looked at me, then her gaze diverted behind me. I turned around. Lekha was looking at the small window, which was opening in the pump room. The window could be unlocked from the pump room itself. My baby sister had probably witnessed each and every fuck session between Sruthi and me.

I looked back at her. Her face was red with embarrassment. She tried to look back at me but turned her gaze.

"I'm going." She rose from the bed and tried to leave. I immediately gripped her hand. She again looked at me.

"Please let me go." She made a feeble attempt to withdraw her hand…but I didn't let her go. I could feel her whole body shivering violently.

I stood from the bed and pulled her in my arms. She melted easily in my arms. I put my hands around her waist and gripped her body in my arms…my lips hovering just above her moist lips. I could feel her hot breath burning my lips.

I gently lowered my lips over hers, kissing her soft rosy lips. Lekha closed her eyes…her body shook violently in my arms.

My lips traced along her cheeks…near her right ear.

"You're very beautiful Lekha." My voice came out as a hoarse whisper. "I love you." My tongue gently stroked her earlobe. Her body again shivered wildly…her breathing hard and erratic…her eyes remained closed.

My hands slowly traveled to her buttocks, gently squeezing and releasing her tight melons. Her ass cheeks were smaller than Sruthi's but they were taut and spongy. Again, I brought my lips over hers and kissed her hard. My one hand left her right ass and slowly traveled over her thighs…to her pleasure mound hidden beneath her salwar. Gently, I stroked her pussy mound through the material of her clothes.

Lekha moaned lightly.

My hand felt her cunt. I just could not believe…I was petting my little sister's cunt and she was enjoying it.

It was not possible for me to observe restraint anymore. I fumbled with the cord of her salwar and undid it. The salwar slipped on the floor. I could feel my heart beating like a drum and my fingers shaking as I again touched her between her thighs through her panties…my fingers getting first feel of her quivering pussy lips.

I broke the kiss and let her free of my arms. Before she could move, I gripped her kurta from the hem and lifted it off her body. She just raised her hands to help me in removing her kurta. I lifted it off her head and tossed it on the side.

Lekha was standing before me…in the white cotton bra and panties. The face scarlet with shame…I looked into her eyes…smiling lewdly. She could not meet my eyes and covered her face with hands. I hugged her again in my arms…my trembling hands running all over her delicate curves.

I helped her sit on the corner of the bed and sat beside her. My hands moved to her breasts…feeling her soft spongy boobs. Then I took my hands behind her and unhooked her bra, released it off her shoulders and let it slide along her body. Her majestic tits were suddenly free.

Lekha's tits were smaller than Sruthi's, but they appeared firm and pliant. They had natural lift…her nipples already hard with excitement. Her dark brown areolas looked magnificent. I brought my hands to her creamy tits and squeezed them hard.

She whimpered with joy.

"Ohhh…Lekha,I love you so much" Then I gently kneaded her both nipples simultaneously. "Your boobs are so soft…so delicate."

Her nipples were standing out, demanding to be sucked. Her firm smooth breasts looked every bit as inviting as the rest of her.

"Ahhh…!" She whispered erotically, her eyes were delirious with lust. "Ohhh…it feels so good."

With one hand, I continued pinching her teats; with other I unzipped my fly and pulled my boner out of my pants. Relieved off its confine, it stood triumphantly…like a rigid flagpole.

"Ohhh…ammi!!!" Lekha exclaimed as she witnessed my erect organ…her voice trembling with excitement. "It's so big…" "You liked it." I asked proudly.

She smiled shyly. I took her hand and kept it over my rigid shaft. Her fingers immediately encircled the shaft, and she began moving her fingers over my cock. I felt like an electric shock running through my loins, my cock jerked in her soft grip.

I mauled her tits roughly with my hand, causing her to whimper with a lustful pain. My fingers sank into the soft, creamy flesh. I slowly leaned over and brought my hungry mouth to her erect nipples. She watched me as I stuck my tongue out, and stroked her teats with the tip.

"Umh… bhaiya (brother)." She moaned forcing her sticking nipple into my mouth. "Suck it."

I greedily took her nipple between my lips. My hands roamed over her soft smooth body slowly tracing it for her belly button and then to her hidden mound of pleasure. I bit on her nipples, my teeth pinching hard her swollen tips. My fingers slowly moved inside her panties elastic band and for the first time, I touched the soft curly hair covering my sister's cunt lips; her cunt was wet…soaking wet. I ran my finger along her cunt lips feeling the wetness sticking to my fingers.

Lekha again closed her eyes and moaned. Her hands were still gripping my rampant cock, her palm gently massaging along my cock length, stroking the thick, throbbing cock-shaft.

I sucked her boobs, alternating between each of them, working my wet tongue over her creamy globes, slurping and licking vehemently until her tits were covered with my saliva.

"They're delicious." I murmured.

She responded by coarsely squeezing and releasing my cock. She unbuckled my pants and pulled them along my legs; I helped her by lifting my ass off the bed. She removed my pants and again began playing with my cock.

"Darling Lekha…"


"Did you really watch when I fucked Sruthi?"

"Yessss…" Her face again flushed. She began fondling my balls.

"You watched it daily…I mean…each time."

She looked at me, little perplexed.

"You like my cock." I gave her a smile.

"Ohhh…yessss…" She cupped my balls, squeezing them softly. "It's so big. I watched it move in and out of Sruthi's…c…ugh…hole. It looked terrific. How did she take whole of it inside her?"

I winked at her. "You'll find out very soon." I remarked lewdly. Then took her head and slowly bent it over my cock, until her lips touched the flaring head of my cock.

"Suck it." I grunted. "Like Sruthi…"

She kneeled between my legs. I spread my legs farther to provide her more access. Lekha appeared to be mesmerized by my monster…probably her first cock of her life. I knew that I was better endowed than many people…at least my landlady in Mumbai and Sruthi were there to vouch for it.

She gripped my cock at the base and gently rubbed it over her lips. A small drop of pre-cum spread over her moist lips.

"It's so beautiful…so thick!!" She whispered trying to measure the circumference with her grip.

She slid her hand up and down the whole length of the shaft, from my thick thatch of jet-black hair to its glistening head.

She stuck her hot tongue out and she touched the tiny pee hole. She wet it with her saliva licking the bulbous head from one side to other. Then she opened her lips wide and took the cock head between her hot lips.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh…!" That all I could mutter…feeling the flow of extreme rapture flowing through my body. I forced my cock deep into her sucking mouth causing her to gag for a moment. Then I eased my cock and drew it backward. Relaxed, she groped the base and took the remaining length inside her mouth.

She now reached below the jutting cock-shaft and cupped my pendulous balls in her hand, caressing and squeezing them as she sucked my cock.

"Lick my balls…darling." I grunted. "Take them in your mouth."

She obliged me by taking one of my balls inside her mouth and sucking it hard letting hot waves of pure lust through my body. She ran her tongue across my entire scrotum, as she took each ball into her mouth and washed it around. Satisfied with her effort she again diverted her attention to my cock and took it in her mouth.

My long abstinence from a woman was about to take its toll, as I found more and more difficult to hold my ejaculation. I desperately wanted to cum in my sister's mouth.

Lekha sucked and licked with growing passion, squeezing my cock forcibly to release the drop of precum that might have built at the tip.

"I'm going to cum in your mouth. Drink it…every drop of it."

I pumped my cock deeper in her mouth. My whole body became tense with pleasure and then I began to ejaculate in my young sister sucking mouth. I didn't realize that it could back fire on me if she didn't like the taste of my semen. It could be the biggest turn off for a woman if she was forced to swallow the semen. In my previous encounters, both the women liked the taste of cum, and they enjoyed when I ejaculated in their mouth.

However, my fears were none founded as Lekha continued her sucking my cock with ease without letting any drop ooze out of her lips.

Slowly the force of ejaculation subsided and my cock ceased throbbing inside her mouth. She continued sucking my softening cock. She looked at me and I gave her a satisfactory groan.

Then she gave it one final kiss and let go my cock out of her hungry mouth. She opened her mouth showing her tongue covered with my spunk. I drew her back in my arm and planted my lips over hers and buried my tongue deep inside her cum filled mouth.

I loved the feeling of eating my own cum from my sister's mouth. We enjoyed the feast until there was nothing left to suck. Finally, we broke the kiss.

"Ohhh…sis," I exclaimed. "You're a great cock sucker."

She smiled mischievously.

"If Sruthi can do it why can't I?"

I liked the spirit. After all, such horny competitions were ultimately benefiting me only.

I took Lekha by her waist and helped her sit in the same position where I had been sitting so far. She sat at the edge of the bed with her legs astride exposing her mouthwatering hidden mound of love to my lusty vision.

"It's my turn little sis..." I sank to my knee in front of her and brought my head near her crotch.

I knelt between her legs and inserted my fingers inside the elastic of her panties...gently pulling it along her thighs. Lekha watched me intently and lifted her ass off the bed so that I could slide her panties. I removed her panties, gradually exposing her delicious cunt to my lustful gaze. Then I threw it on the floor.


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