Holiday Special

By: santhoshg

Page 1, An encounter of a love couple at their home.

I got out of bed. My head is still dizzy. I am remembering slowly what happened last night and brushed my teeth. I found my wife Ananya already in the kitchen preparing breakfast. Ananya is one of precious gifts I had apart from my parents and siblings. It is only six months since we were married. She is in her t-shirts and tracks. I always loved how sexy her neck looks from back. " Aren't you supposed to be visiting your mom today ? You've wanted to see her since our marriage." I asked.

"No, I thought it would be lovely if I visit her along with my sweet husband next month as you will be getting a week holidays. Also I don't feel like leaving you alone here for 10 days. Even your parents went on pilgrimage. The funny thing is you even don’t know how to on the gas stove." said my wife pinching my nose teasingly. “That’s why I Love U Anu", I said kissing her lips. Hugging her close, I nibbled her neck and ears. Even she is getting excited."Rahul... Pleasseee. Not now... I have to cook and have lot of household chores to do.""Forget about cooking. I will cook today". There is no stopping. She started responding more ferociously. She guided my hands to her boobs.

We were rushing through the hallway, peeling off the clothes and kissing and caressing each other. She is already wet inside. She, herself, had toppled over, fully naked on top of me and together we fell on the couch. She fell and yelped in worries as she unwillingly pressed her perfect breasts onto my chest. Our lips touched, but only for a split second. She pulled away; at that moment as we stared deeply into each other’s eyes, and as her pussy juice flowed from around my belly button down to my cock, she smothered me with french kissing.

We made out like mad people, attacking each other’s bodies. I reached my hands around her, grappling her tense ass. She rubbed her hands up and down me, as her right hand held my chest, her left moved towards my cock, which was erect yet again. Both of us terribly horny, and her pussy already wet and ready for penetration, she grabbed my cock and sat down on it, at the same time swinging her legs into a kneeling position. She took her hair with both hands and draped it onto her back revealing her face while at the same time wiggling on my cock. By her facial expression I could tell that she was surprised how large my cock was inside her pussy. "It's SO deep!" she yelled in excitement, groaning at the same time, riding my cock faster and faster. I said “This isn’t your first time you are taking mine, honey.”As she rode me like a horse it felt amazing,

I could feel the wetness inside her pussy, and her beautiful ass slapped up and down near my cock. Her rounded breasts were jiggling, round and round, as she leaned over with her body on mine still riding me fast and hard, she dropped her tits right into my face. I knew what to do right away, I began to lick and lap up her boobs like a dog, she was loving it and for about a minute she just sat on my cock moving back and forth, it was great. With all my force I flipped her onto her back and pinned down her arms. I slammed my cock very fast in and out of her pussy now, she was screaming in pleasure, "Oh God! Yes, Yes, Harder!".

As deep in as ever before I rammed her pussy, "I'm cumming, oh my God, I'm cumming!" she gave a long and excited moan as I felt her cum engulf my cock. It didn't end there, this only made me pushing my cock in and out of her tight glistening better, she then yelped for me to cum as well inside her. I jammed my cock in and out, going deep in, I could take no more and with all my strength I thrust myself into her pussy and cummed all inside. We cuddled and kissed each other bodies for next fifteen minutes. Ananya said, "Now, that's what I call a good fuck!" and stood up to get her dress.

I said, “Not so quickly dear” and grabbed her ass from behind and pulled her down. I slept over her and started pressing her boobs hardly from behind. “Yes”, She desperately moaned, “ P…Pleassee…. Ahhhhhhhh……hmmmm…..”. It’s unable for her to control anymore and she rolled over me and we fell down on the floor from couch. We started kissing desperately and sucking each other’s lips. I started squeezing her ass cheeks hardly. I inserted my little finger in her ass hole………

To be Continued....

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