Holiday Special III

By: santhoshg

Page 1, Final episode of Passionate Love


She took the finger out of her mouth and grabbed hold one of the pillows tightly. But her other hand was still on her breast and her legs in that spread position, opening up her cunt automatically. She breathed heavily as her breast rose and fell rapidly. I continued playing with her clit and she struggled hard to control herself.


Ananya’s waist and thigh was shaking hard, unable to contain the touch of my tongue on her pussy. She was moaning hard and had almost reached the edge. But I continued sucking and tasting her sweet feminism. I kept my fingers on her cunt constantly, pulling her pussy lips and exposing her labia for an easy lick.


“Ahhhhh... ahhhhh... ahhhhh... ahhhhhh... ahhhhhh...” She moaned as she struggled hard to stop herself from coming. But I continued relentlessly, sometimes bringing her pussy lips together I licked on them, and sometimes spreading them apart I pushed my tongue inside. Soon I realized how close I had brought her to orgasm, so I stopped licking her anymore and climbed back to kiss her lips again.


I didn’t want her to come so early and wanted to have good long fun. She held me eagerly and pulled me closer to kiss my lips. She felt relief from that constant mad urge and kissed deeply, offering her tongue in my mouth. I placed hands on both side of her body, and then putting my weight on them I lowered myself down to suck her tender lips.


She felt my cock throbbing near her waist, and so spread her legs again to allow me settle my body nicely. my cock was right on her vagina, and I started rubbing its length on her cunt. “Ummmmmmm” she welcomed the sensation of thick meat rubbed on her wet vagina, and once again closed her eyes into a delirium.


I rubbed my cock hard on her cunt, but soon felt it more throbbing and wanting to feel the warmth of her pussy. I then paused gently and withdrew slightly to put cock head at her cunt head. She took a deep breath, she had her eyes closed, but yet realized what was going on. She prepared herself for the invasion as slowly I pushed my inch monster into her cunt.


“Aaa... aaaa... aaaaaaahhhh” she moaned as I gently pushed my cock deep inside her. And then after a brief pause, I started stroking it in and out of her wet pussy. “Awwwoooohhhhhhhhh” Ananya opened her eyes as a wave of pleasure filled her up. She grabbed the pillow tightly with her two hands and then spread her legs further so that I can push cock little deeper.


I continued stroking my cock hard and fast, and soon she was taken in a trance. She felt a strange mix of pain and pleasure as I continued banging her hard. She looked at me but her pupil looked dilated. I bent forward and kissed her lips lovingly. I kissed and brushed my tongue on her breasts too, but continued moving cock relentlessly.


A mad urge took her over as well and she spread her legs even more and also lifted them in air as she slowly moved closer to her orgasm. Within moments, she came hard – her face flushed in excitement as she held me tightly and fucked me back. I too continued fucking her hard, the way she was now reacting. Both were kissing and sucking each other’s lips passionately as me too was nearing climax.


She pulled my head closer in a tight hug. I became even more excited and started thrusting harder as I reached the crest of climax. And then almost immediately I felt a sudden urge and then started shooting load deep inside her. Ananya wrapped her legs around my ass and held in position as she felt my warm juices fill her up.

Didn’t knew when we fell asleep, by the time I woke up, she is in my arms all naked. She was like a new born baby, so adorable. I kissed her on her lips and moved to bathroom to clean myself. As I promised, it’s me who would be cooking the lunch for us.

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