Holiday Special II

By: santhoshg

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I inserted my little finger in her ass hole. I nibbled and sucked her clit mildly. I licked her inner thighs and kneaded her nipples. She is continuously moaning “ Uuuuuffffff…. Usssshhh….OOOhhhh…squeeze them hard; suck my clit harder and faster… Ahhhh…Its feeling goooddd….” She could barely mumble along with quivers and jerks in her body.

I opened her pink pussy lips with my fingers and inserted my tongue in her pink love canal. My tongue was doing the magic and my wife’s ass was rhythmically moving up and down, pushing her warm and steamy pussy against my mouth. I opened her legs further apart and entered my whole tongue in her wet pussy. Her hips were hopping up and down vigorously.

She was constantly moaning, "aaaahhhh aaaaaaahhhhhhh yyesssssssssss deeppperr" pressing my head on her pussy and raising her hips to make me enter her deeper. My tongue was moving faster, and she was blaberring "yyyesssssssss oohhhh yyesssssssss lick me harder yyesssssssssss" my tongue moving deeper, faster and juice splashed from her pussy, she held my face tight on her pussy and all juice splashed on my face. “Oh God yes suck me! Ohhhhhhh! Eat my cunt fully….. aaaaahhhhh....drink it aaaaaao. suck it u bloody sucker suck it till it cums reallllly hard aaahhhhhh mmmm.”

She was soon losing her control. I felt a spasm in her body, her legs twisting around my neck and her toes curled. “I am cumming Rahul, I am exploding” she opened her eyes and moaned loudly. All of a sudden, she exploded her love load in my mouth. I could see her cheesy cream oozing out of her love tunnel and dribbling down her white legs. I squished, ate and licked her clean till she again started hopping her ass up and down and was rubbing her pussy lips against my pouted lips. I ate her pussy till she recovered.

We kissed and hugged then got up and she guided me to bedroom.

Both were already naked and we wrapped under a single blanket. I pulled her closer to my body and hugged each other cosily. she again felt shy and blushed in embarrassment.

I then removed the blanket from over us, to have a close look at her nudity. I then gently hugged her and started kissing her lips. Ananya reacted by kissing me back with the same passion, she put one of her hands on my head, keeping my head close to her lips. We began brushing each other’s tongue, and sucking each other’s lips with gentle desire.

Little later, she rubbed her hand on my toned body as I kissed at her shoulders. I then took her ears in my mouth and started sucking and licking her tender ears. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” she gasped slowly as I continued sucking her earlobes, often biting it gently. Then once again I kissed her slender neck and sexy shoulders, smearing my saliva wherever I kissed her.

Ananya was once again feeling aroused. She couldn’t believe, how many times in the past one hour, she had felt aroused and horny. I once again kissed her at her ears And then looked at her eyes and smiled. Slowly then, kissing round her body, I started going down towards her waist. She felt an immediate tinge between her legs and she closed her eyes, partly in embarrassment and partly for the pleasure to come.Her pussy glistened and glowed pink. I stared at her cunt for a moment, how wonderful they looked and the slowly started licking over her pussy lips.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” gasped Ananya, she put one of her fingers in her mouth, biting it softly with her teeth. With the other hand, she held one of her breasts, often pressing it gently in excitement. I was lying between her legs. And while one of her legs was spread at one side, the one was on my shoulder. And I continued licking her pussy lips.

I licked her pussy lips, and often kissed and sucked it lightly by closing lips around it. And she moaned and gasped as he continued licking, and often probing through her pussy lips. Then after sometimes, I brought my hands on her cunt to gently spread her lips, and then started licking her inner labia. “Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” she gasped and wriggled as she felt his wet tongue on her rapidly wetting clitoris. And immediately her body started churning. She took the finger out of her mouth and grabbed hold one of the pillows tightly.

To be continued…….

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