Desperate, Seduction

By: santhoshg

Page 1, She\'s hot. He\'s desperate. Lust is endless....


Ashish and I were friends since school days.  This story is about me and his sister Pinky. I had never paid attention to her before.  She was in her early 20’s.   She was incredibly cute and infinitely hot. We three used to spend together most of time.  

One fine morning, when I went to his home to collect my books I found him still asleep. So I entered Pinky’s room to wish her morning. As I opened the door I found her draped in towel standing just outside her bathroom door!!! We both were taken aback at each other’s presence...!

Damn.. My jaw dropped down on seeing her in this and I got an instant hard on… on top of that I was wearing shorts with no underwear inside. So the bulge on my front was visible very clearly, which I realized later on.
I stood there like a stupid moron, gaping at her beauty, or I may say devouring upon her delicious body. Pinky’s eyes strayed down at my bulge and suddenly I came to my senses and told her that I just dropped by to say hi.. before she could reply anything or utter a word, I shut the door and bolted back to my house, to my room.

I did not go to their home for 2 days, afraid of what would be Pinky’s reaction to that incident. On the 3rd day, my mom told me that Ashish was calling me to his home for some work. I started sweating and with throbbing heart went there. Being noon time, only Pinky and Ashish would be available at home. This comforted me a little. I rang the doorbell and to my horror it was Pinky who opened the door. She said hi in a casual way as if nothing had happened. This made me confident and I greeted back with a smile.. I asked if Ashish was there, but she told me that he had gone out and will return in the evening. I said okay and started to walk away when she held my hand and asked me “Why are you leaving? Give me some company. We’ll play cards or watch TV. Only if you want to..”

How was I to say no to that.??! “ya sure!” I said and entered her drawing hall and she came closing the door behind. Fantasies started erupting in my mind with two devilish horns appearing on either side of my head, and that made my tool go hard.. but this time I had taken care to make sure that the bulge remains hidden…!!

I followed her to her room, surprisingly feeling quite confident and myself though I was alone with a girl.. We started watching “Small Wonder” a TV show very popular that time. We were sitting adjacent and out of corner of my eyes I started checking her out…Hairs clasped neatly in a bun.. Healthy sensuous lips.. Cleavage held tightly by a black bra inside a pink t-shirt. Blue shorts beneath that. Her fragrance was petrifying me. It felt as if everything about her was teasing me to make a move.. As if inviting me to take her in my arms, let her hairs fall down.. to kiss that sensual lips.. bite her neck.. to enjoy her fragrance.. to feel her breast n suck them madly.. to make love to her.. to fuck her..“WHAT ARE YOU STARING AT??” Pinky asked suddenly..

Holy shit..!! I came to my senses and found myself turned facing her and staring at her stubbornly.. I said “nothing.. nothing” my throat went dry and she could sense my uneasiness.. so I told her that I want a glass of water. She stood up and went to the kitchen to fetch me water. Lust had a complete control over my senses and without thinking anything I followed her repeating to myself in my mind ” I’ll not behave stupid this time.. don’t be afraid.. you are a man.. and you need her.. so go for it” While she was filling water in glass, I stood behind her and gently allowed my penis to rub against her ass.. Doing so, I asked her if she had any chewing gum as I felt like chewing it.. she felt my dick on her ass but didn't say anything.. but it did affect her glass filling act. Instead of pouring water in glass she was pouring it outside. This gave me a green signal that its good to go ahead.

I completely pressed my dick on her ass and gently grabbed her waist from behind.. “ohh..” she moaned silently and the water jug fell down from her hands.. she was breathing heavily and so was i.. slowly my hands started exploring their way to her breasts.. I leaned forward on her back.. she stood still.. she was breathing very heavily.. I could hear hear gasping silently for air. She arched a bit back and my chest and her back came into contact.. it felt as if we both were brought in contact with a live wire.. I finally grabbed her breasts from behind.. “ohhhh my goddd..” a moan escaped her lips… I started nuzzling her neck.. her feminine scent had dazzled me completely.. slowly I started brushing my lips on her neck and shoulders while fondling her boobs. “Rohan please stop it…” she kept on moaning.. and she clenched my waist in the same position.. she started caressing her toe on my leg.. meanwhile I slid my hand under her T-shirt.. Oh my god, my hands had never touched anything so warm smooth and velvety.. I caressed her belly and navel.. we both were shivering with excitement.. ‘hmmm… ohhhh… hmmm” she was moaning in ecstasy..

I managed to find her boobs under her bra.. and she let out a huge moan… the very next moment she turned to face me and my hands were out of her T-shirt. Her eyes were closed and she hugged me tightly.. I could feel her boobs crushed against my chest.. my penis bulge rubbing against her vagina.. I started biting her ear lobes.. kissing her neck... and she kept on moaning.. She suddenly held my face in her hands and at the very next moment we were kissing each other passionately.

Her lips felt so soft against mine.. so juicy.. so warm.. I kept on sucking them.. something felt odd.. maybe the height.. The next thing I did was grabbed her ass and without breaking the kiss lifted her up on the table.. our kissing grew more intense.. more violent.. as if we both were hungry for this special treat.. both sucking each other’s lips hungrily.. she was now sitting on the table and I was standing in front.. I put my arms around her waist whereas she was still holding my face.. she was rubbing her legs against mine… I was grinding my penis bulge against her vagina.. it felt so heavenly.

Slowly her hands reached down and started caressing my penis.. soon she reached inside and held my dick in her bare hands.. a chill ran down my spine.. “ohh.. Pinky…” I started moaning.. she kept on fondling my dick.. I could not bear any more teasing and brought her hands out. I then let her hair fall down.. she closed her eyes, raised her legs and tangled them around my waist..
I’ll never forget her face.. she was so sexy.. with open hair.. and face full of ecstasy.. as if she stepped right out of a condom advertisement into my arms.

I kissed her collar bone.. and slowly went down towards her boobs with t-shirt on… “don’t tease me. Please fuck me now…. Please make love to me” she begged.. and then she lowered herself backwards on the table, pulling me along with her as my face was buried over her boobs. Her scent intoxicated me. I started kissing her neck.  My hands explored her tummy and slowly grabbed her boobs over her bra…..

To be Continued.....

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