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Desperate, Seduction V

Short story By: santhoshg

Encounter with cousin of Pinky in Holi

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Things were going regular in my life. After the session between me and preeti at shopping mall, my urge for sex still increased in me. I desperately needed a fuck, but there is no luck. My parents went to my relatives place. I stayed back with a cunning idea that I can have fun around here. Two days passed and there came Holi (Festival of Colors).

At around 8 AM, Pinky came and rang the doorbell. As I opened the door , she sprinkled colors on me and hit the water balloon on my head. I winked and pulled the colors from her bag and applied it on her face. She wrestled with me and applied colors on my face, With a gag she ran down. I chased her down and splash… There were 3 other girls ready to play holi and splashed color water on me. I looked disbelieved.

Pinky pointing the first girl introduces to me "Jazzlene, my cousin" and pointing to other two girls "Shruti and Shweta, my friends" - All three of them were hot.

I sprinkled colors all over their faces. Pinky punched a water balloon at me and ran, before I could run Jazzlene sprayed me with color water and ran. The other two girls look happy playing with themselves. I ran behind Pinky, but she disappeared. All our faces were multi colored and were difficult to identify each other. I saw Pinky hiding behind the wall and peeping the other side. I slowly moved behind her and caught her by encircling my hand over her tummy and pulled tightly towards me. Her ass pressed hard on my dick. She was struggling to escape, I took the color from my bag and pushed my hands inside her kurta and applied the navy blue water color on her flat tummy. She looked at me in surprise. I winked and pushed my hands up inside her bra and pressed her breast and applied the colors. She looked shocked and turned towards me. I hugged her tight and took some more colors and pushed my hand inside the salwar and applied colors on her ass. She looks unwilling and afraid. She pushed me hard and ran off. I came back to front and saw all of them playing Holi. I announced, I am done and went up to my flat to take the bath. I took bath and cleaned myself, I came out and observed that girls are still playing with each other but Pinky is missing. I went inside her house. The house has no sounds. Uncle, Aunt and Ashish weren't there. I slipped calmly to her bedroom; I can hear the splash of water from the bathroom. She might have thought it was jazzlene and asked for Soap. I took the soap and knocked the door. The bathroom door opened and a colored hand came out looking for soap. I was thinking sure that it is Pinky and forcefully pushed the door and entered inside. She had lot of colors on her face and body.

She tried to cover her breast and private part with hand and looked fearfully and surprise. I realized that the blue color which I applied on her tummy, breast and ass is there and was sure that it's Pinky. I came close to her and pulled her to me. She was shivering due to cold water on her naked body. I took the soap and started applying on her tummy and then slowly moved up to her breast and played with it in soap. She stood motionless and kept looking at me. I then pushed her to the bath tub and in one go place my finger on her vaginal petals. She closed her eyes. I kissed her breast and lightly rubbed her vaginal opening. She was spreading her legs in submission. I heard some sounds from the hallway, I cursed and told her to take bath, will do it later. She smiled and shyly looked down in shame.

I closed the bathroom door and dried my hands with the towel and rushed to hall. Surprise, Pinky was standing there. I felt like "Oh my god", by mistake I fingered Jazzlene in the Bathroom. I colored Jazzlene on her breast and ass thinking it to be Pinky. Then I felt happy because she was submissive and equally wanted me. The trick hit my brains soon and I wanted to have sex with Jazzlene also.

Pinky was a little surprised finding me in her home and asked me what was I doing here, I said i came for her and not finding her I was returning to my home. I asked where her family members were. She said they all went to some nearby village for settling some land matters.

"So what's the hurry?" I said And pushed her on the couch and in a moment we're kissing each other passionately. She heard someone singing from the bathroom and got alerted.

" Go home. i'll be there in 5 minutes", She said and I left. Pinky is not of my concern. My concern is all about how to get Jazzlene laid with me. It seemed like an hour I was lost into these but it is only 10 minutes and then the door bell rang. It is Pinky, she is still in her Holi dress, full of colors and beauty. I pulled her inside and locked the door. I lifted her and took her to the bathroom, undressed her completely and opened the shower. I & she stood naked as the water splashed her face and body and washed the colors. I quickly undressed myself and joined her in the shower. We playfully applied soap and shampoo all over the body and cleaned.

While in the shower, I pulled her to me and kissed her. Our pubic area touched and brushed each other. With one hand feeling the wetness in her vagina, I lifted her one leg and pointed my fully erect penis to her vaginal opening. Water showered her faces and flowed down. The moment was great and I gave a light push to slide inside her vagina. Then the second push effortlessly went all the way in. Her vagina had stared accepting the thickness of my penis with ease. I gyrated my hips and build the push pull action in her and dig deep and deeper. I lifted her other leg too and she balanced on me by hugging tightly and hanging on my shoulder.

With a slight movement I started jabbing in her. She started moving up and down and her body slid against mine. I held her ass cheeks tight and have few occasional hard jabs. After about 10 minutes she started Cumming and I too released the seeds of pleasure in her. She kept her legs down and slowly pulled out my penis from her vaginal grips. We kissed again and I stepped back to dry myself. I told her that some of the colors on her body are hard permanent colors, so wash well.

She got up saying, " Jazzlene is alone at home. I should leave". I thought "How can I get Jazzlene without letting Pinky know". She dressed her color dress and left and she has to take bath again. The latter of the day went as usual. The day next to holi I was sitting in my balcony and saw the two girls playing and teasing with each other in their home. They splashed water on each other and were laughing and playing. I wondered how someone so fierce in sex and horny can always play like a child again. Their play brought a smile on my face. I was lost thinking about something else and when all of a sudden I noticed Pinky leaving to market for groceries. I knew that it would take her more than two hours to return back. I decided not to leave this chance and went to her home.

I locked the main door properly and went to bedroom. I saw Jazzlene was in front of the mirror in just one turkey towel; admiring herself. I entered the room and coughed. She turned around and blushed and looked down. I went near her, lifter her face up. Due to shyness she closed her eyes and did not move. I know I don't have much time. Without wasting time, in a single pull, I pulled the towel and threw it on the bed. She was all naked, clean and fresh. She hurriedly tried covering herself and bent to take the towel. I pushed her on the bed and jumped on her. She tried to protest, but I held her both the hands up above the head and my own body weight avoided her to get up. After some struggle, she said

Jazzlene: "What are you doing, leave me"

Me: "I wanted to say sorry for what I did in the backside of the apartment and in the bathroom"

Jazzlene: "So why are you doing this, leave me"

Me: "I wanted to say sorry, but now I want to love you, love you like never before"

Me: "I am in love with you, love me, did you know like what I did, touch your heart and say"

Jazzlene: "I, I, liked but this is wrong."

I pulled my mobile and stood straight and quickly took the photo of her on the bed naked. She tried to get up and I pushed her once more and took another photo. I managed to take some 4-5 photos.

I said, "You will be famous on the internet. Think about it and inform me tomorrow". She was shocked hearing this and I left to my home......

To be continued..........


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