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Desperate Seduction Part IV

Short story By: santhoshg

Pinky and me had a desperate session in dressing room....

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After the incident that happened between me and pinky, she became very close to me. She used to visit my home a lot. We used to kiss and hug each other whenever we got chance. One day when I returned from college, its pinky at my home talking with my mom. She is in her rose color dress and looking very sexy. I said hello to her and joined them in their talks. My mom went to kitchen to prepare some juice and snacks for us. Pinky also stood up from chair to accompany my mother. Suddenly, I pulled her behind kitchen and hugged her. I held her against the wall cupped her breasts on her dress and started pressing with one hand. I guided my other hand to her pussy and inserted a finger into her love hole. She screamed at once. I kissed her mouth to stop her screaming. My mom would have heard her scream and we heard her footsteps towards hall. I ran to my bedroom and pinky adjusted herself. She said that she saw some cockroach and screamed. My mother again left to kitchen to do her work.

Then she came to my room and gave a long deep kiss to me and said" I'm going shopping tomorrow. Do u wish to join me?. "

" I am busy tomorrow, but I may join you, if you were going to bring your friends"
" No darling. "

" Sorry I can't come"
"It's Ok. " she opened door to leave my room. I grabbed her back and gave her one long kiss as a good bye.

I went to shopping mall directly from my college. I wanted to give her a surprise.After waiting half an hour waiting, she was at mall. But she is not alone. She brought along her cousin sister Jazzlene. Jazzlene is as hot as Pinky is. I got stunned in my first look itself with her beauty. Pinky and Jazzlene though both are cousins, they look alike right from face to structure. I was ogling at Jazzlene all the time. Pinky didn't notice me. After selecting few dresses, they headed to trailer rooms. I pulled Pinky suddenly into an empty trail room and closed her mouth for she can't shout.

" Oh you scared me out of my pants, Rohan. What were you doing here?"
" After you left me hot and dry yesterday, I decided to get it relieved"
" No Rohan, not now, not in here, my cousin will be waiting outside"
" I don't care"
I pushed her against door with her back facing me and started unzipping her top and kissed and licked her neck . I guided my hands in her top and cupped her breasts from behind and started to press them hard. I can feel her soft nipples getting hard like buttons in a few seconds. I turned her to me and I grabbed her and started to kiss her in such a fast way that even she could not speak anything. I started to increase the speed of my kiss; slowly she started to respond for my kiss. Oh God I was in heaven because her juice lips were mine. Slowly I took my hand to her big breasts and started pressing them. I began pressing her breast one after the other. I completely removed her top and threw on ground then started to unhook her bra. After removing her bra she took my mouth to her right breast signalling to suck them.

Before starting to suck I took her right hand and directed towards my cock over my pant. She started to rub it. Mean time I started to suck her breasts like mad one by one . She started to unbutton my pant. She brought down my pant and inserted her hand into my boxers and caught hold of my dick which was erected to maximum extent. She took it in hand and stroke it which was giving me immense pleasure.

Her hand pumped my thick organ up and down and started to kiss her again to which she responded even more vigorously. While kissing I inserted my fingers inside her panty and rubbed my fingers on her vagina. She has shaved her pussy clean. Slowly I inserted my fore-finger and started to finger fuck. She was moaning like Ahhhh Mmmm. then I closed her moans with my lips. It went on for 15 min in which she cummed twice because of my finger fuck. Then I bent down and threw out her panty. I went to her cunt and with two fingers parted the lips of vagina. I started to lick her pink part thoroughly and began to nibble at her clitoris.

She caught hold of my head and trapped me between her thighs forcing me to eat her dish. I inserted one of my fingers in her asshole as continuing sucking her clitoris. she was controlling her moans and voice so as not to shout or scream and was panting like anything and began to cum on my face.

The heat inside me was becoming unbearable as we again got involved in a wild smooch. Then she was fully aroused and even she don wanted a single minute to waste. She bent down like dog and guided my dick to her pussy as she was in uncontrollable mood. Slowly I inserted my cock inside her pussy.

My cock reached her hymen. She tried to stop me as it was giving little pain to her. But I ignored her. I took out my cock waited to catch my breath and again pushed it in with full force. She screamed, "Oh God, help me." My hands were all over her lush body, gripping her breasts. When I started to move in & out of my cock, she let out a moan 'mmmmmaaaaaaaa…'

Her cousin Jazzlene knocked door and asked " Pinky , What hapened ? Are you all right? "

My cock was moving easily inside her wet pussy. She in a very controlled voice replied " ya I'm fine , just ahd my skin stuck to hook. I'll come in 5 minutes. you bill the items and be at the counter". Her cousin said ok and went.

Now my cock was completely inside the warm pussy . I started to hump her and increased my speed. She loved my cock ramming into her pussy as she thrust her cunt on my cock. She was giving moans like "Fuck meee hard ahhhhmmm, fuck me deep inside ahhhhhhhhhh I continued fucking her.

Now I knew she was nearing her orgasm. I fucked with a renewed fury. I stroked her nipples hard till she cried out, "Ohhh Mmmmm. Then she said she is coming and I speeded my act and at the same time both relieved our juices. Still my cock was inside her pussy and I was giving a good massage to her both breasts.

Then she rolled towards me and gave her breasts to my mouth. I sucked her both breasts . we got up and cleaned ourselves and got dressed and again started to kiss her by my lips.

Slowly she too responded very well. I began to explore her breasts again for which she was raising her chest above to give me good access. We kissed and smooched for 10 min. she realised it was getting late. So we seperated from ourselves and she left the dressing room. I looked her leaving recaping what just happened. I went to my home and fell on bed thinking about same..............

To be Continued.....


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