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Losing my virginity.

Short story By: sampow

How it felt to lose my virginity.

Submitted:Jan 25, 2012    Reads: 13,179    Comments: 9    Likes: 6   

He pulled me up stairs away from the drunked crowd. I looked back at my friend who was yelling something but I couldn't understand her slurred voice. I didn't notice we were at the top of the stairs and I tripped and fell at his feet. He picked me up bridal style and carried me into a bedroom. He gently layed me down on a bed and went over to the door to close and lock it. Why would he lock the door? He slowly walked back over to me and began to remove his shirt. I loved touching his bare chest, his skin was so warm against my cold skin. I always felt warm when he would hold me close. He got in bed with me. I stared into his beautiful hazel eyes. I noticed a look in them I didn't recognize. I've seen a lot of emotions in his eyes like anger, happiness, jealousy, and my favorite one of all, love. He leaned closer and started to kiss me. I put my hand up in his hair and began to hold on to it as his kisses became deeper and rougher. I felt his hands starting to pull up my shirt. "Wait." I whispered. He sighed and started to drop his hands. I placed my hands on his chest, but he grabbed them and pushed them away. I felt sorry for making him stop. I grabbed his hands and put then on my breasts. He looked back into my eyes and smiled. He started to pull my shirt up again and this time I let him. He threw the shirt somewhere on the ground. He kept kissing my lips but he started to travel down my neck. I gasped as his lips were right next to my bra line. He put his hands around me and he began to undo the clips. My bra went loose and his hands began to pull the bra off and he also threw it to the ground. I was half naked and it was starting to make me nervous. He felt me shake and and he slowly whispered in my ear,"Relax baby." Hisbreath was so warm against my ear. I felt his hands travel down to the button on my pants. I didn't know if I should've stopped him or not but it was too late. He had gotten my pants off and he went for my thong. When that came off, he began to kiss my breasts and the my inner thighs. I had never felt this feeling but I liked it. I began to moan as he rubbed mywomanhood. He smiled at me and he began to take his pants and boxers off. I didn't really know what a guys member looked like but when I saw his, I nearly passed out. It was so big, I didn't know if it was going to fit in my hole. He pressed his member onto my hole and he whispered in my ear,"Don't fight it or it'll only be more painful." I nodded and he immediately went inside me. I gasped at the pain and it only grew worse with every stroke he made. I started to cry out in pain and he covered my mouth. But it was no use my screams of pain were too loud. He went in faster and he began to moan with what I thought was pleasure. He began to shake and his thrusts were so fast I couldn't keep track. All of a sudden there was something warm squirting into me. It seemed like forever before it finally stopped. He fell down on my chest and he was breathing heavy. The warm juices inside me made me feel weird. I wanted him to start again but he suddenly slid under me and made me sit on his member. I looked him with confusion and he smiled at me. He grabbed my waist and pulled me up and then he dropped me. I started to recognize this movement and I began to ride him on my own. He started to moan again and I started to do the same. He made me stop and made me go back and forth making me rub my clit on his stomach. I felt a jolt in my body and I began to shake. I barely realized that I had squirted juices on his member when I fell on his chest and I also was breathing heavy. He smiled at me and he got out of bed. He put his clothes on and he threw me mine. I put them on while I stared at him. He was so sexy. He looked at me and said,"You might want to do a pregnancy test when you get home." I nodded as he walked out the door. I slowly followed him. I wanted to go home and rest. I drove home and thought about all that had just happened. When I finally got home I went straight to bed. I had dreamed about having sex with him again. Only this time I didn't feel pain. I only felt pleasure. When I woke up I remembered what he had said last night. I went to the bathroom and grabbed one of my mom's pregnancy tests. When I saw the result, I fell to the ground and cried and threw the positive marked pregnancy test at the wall.


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