My Best Friend's House

By: Rosemii

Page 1, Jim\'s best friend needed his help, but it\'s unclear what she needs help with exactly . . .


Jim stared at the mansion in mild shock. He had always known that his best friend Katie had been wealthy, but she had kept her life so secretive that he had no idea she was this well off.

He entered through the black iron gates and mounted the steps to the massive front doors, unsure of what to expect behind them. All Katie had said was that she desperately needed his help with something. She had been strangely cryptic about what exactly it was that she needed help with, but he assumed it was something with her computer. She kept her life on there, and it often crashed under mysterious pretenses.

Being an IT graduate had been very useful for Jim, he always had a job and managed to supply for himself smoothly. Not like Katie though . . . Katie claimed she had graduated with an Art history degree, but what on Earth could she do that would afford her a place like this?!

Before Jim could knock, the door slowly opened on it’s own, and Jim suspiciously took a step in.

There were large circular windows above the massive staircase and doorway that flooded the entryway with light. It showed off the black and white marbled floors beautifully, along with the black-carpeted stairs that split off into two separate staircases going opposite directions.


“Katie?” Jim called out unsure of what was happening.

“Hey Jim! Sorry about that, I opened the door for you and my cell phone went off so I had to run to get it!”

Jim jumped as his best friend’s voice sounded behind him. After whirling around in a hurry he found himself frozen.

Katie was wearing a black suit jacket, and a short black skirt with red heels. The thing about the suit though . . . there was nothing under her suit jacket that was buttoned smartly around her toned stomach.

Her cleavage stared at him unabashedly as he gulped slowly.


“-Needed your help yes! I’m in the middle of a meeting right now actually, but if you take the hallway here all the way down and go down the narrow stairs on your left you will find a few computers we seem to be having some minor technical difficulties with! Thanks so much! I’ll pick up the tab next time we’re at the pub.” She smiled beautifully at him, which only caused the tenting in his pants to become more dramatic.

“I-uh-okay . . .”

She squeezed his arm quickly before briskly turning down the opposite hallway towards two large oak doors at the end.


Tearing his eyes away from her bouncing ass with some difficulty, he turned and walked down the hallway, but upon reaching the end he found that he had already forgotten her easy directions.

Shrugging his shoulders Jim turned to his right, and walked through the door.


He stopped dead in his tracks as he gazed at a large black bed covered in silk sheets with two beautiful women fast asleep.

Jim had only just started getting his cock to settle down, but found he was back to where he started as he slowly backed out of the room and shut the door quietly behind him.


“Wrong door handsome.” Jim jumped a foot as he swung around to see a blonde woman hovering, her large rack defined by the too small blouse she had stretched across her breasts revealing a large amount of cleavage. “Kate said you seemed distracted when you first came in and asked me to check on you.” She smiled at him with welcoming brown eyes. She wore black rectangular glasses, and her silky hair was piled on top of her head with a few floating stands creating a halo effect around her face.


Jim couldn’t reason why he did what he did next, but something seemed all too clear to him in that particular moment.

Which is why he grabbed her by her ass and dragged her right against his hard dick. He hoisted her atop of him, and slammed her back into the wall as he tore her blouse in one swift motion, and she dropped his pants in the same amount of time.

He fucked her hard against the wall loving the sight of her enormous tits bouncing as he nailed her tight pussy harder and harder building to a climax.

She began to cry out louder and louder until she suddenly went silent. She laughed, which only slowed Jim down in confusion.


“Hi Katie. Found him.” Jim whipped his head around to see Katie watching with a blank expression. He opened his mouth to begin apologizing when with one swift movement she nibbled on his earlobe and whispered.

“Oh Jim . . . you’re going to do this? You have to do it right.” She pushed Jim and the woman into the room with the two other women and shut the door firmly behind them.


Jim looked up just in time to see the two women wake up form their slumber. They yawned, but upon catching sight of Jim and his conquest sprawled half naked on the ground they laughed.


“Well. Looks like we’ve been missing out Sheryl.” The one woman who had spoken had a petite frame with her black hair gleaming from the only dim light that hung above them. There weren’t any windows in that particular room.

“You’re right Kim. We have.” Sheryl was a heavier woman, with very curvy thighs and a prominent ass that was currently clad in black panties. In fact, the only items the two women wore were tank tops and black underwear.


“I say we play a little truth or dare to catch up.” Kim offered as she slid her small body off the bed over to the blonde woman who smiled again at them and skimmed her eyes over their bodies.

“Sheryl I dare you to make Julia here orgasm in front of Jim.”

Jim knew he hadn’t told them his name, but he was more distracted by the dare that had just been mentioned.


Sheryl’s smile was slow as she too slinked off the bed over to Julia who rested her back against the wall, her smile never faltering.


Sheryl crawled between Julia’s parted legs and lowered her mouth to her clit that was already still dripping with both hers and Jim’s juices. She sucked on it eagerly as Julia’s eyes fluttered closed and she let out a sigh of arousal. Sheryl slowly inserted her finger into Julia’s waiting pussy, and began stroking her slowly before lowering her mouth to where her finger had continued keeping Julia warm. Sheryl made the transition of her finger to her tongue smoothly as Julia let out a loud moan. Julia gripped the carpet as her chest heaved and she braced her heeled feet against the floor.

“OH FUCK!” She screamed as she reached up and grabbed her neck and then let her hand drift to her breast, which she squeezed firmly.

Sheryl consumed the cum that flowed form Julia in a gulp as they moaned louder and louder and the wave squirted out into Sheryl’s waiting mouth. Sheryl pressed her body against Julia’s for a moment before she kissed her passionately on the lips.


“We need to fuck again soon, but first . . . Jim I dare you to tease Kim until she has pre cum dripping down her legs. So no fucking.” Sheryl rested her head atop of Julia’s breasts as she spoke for only a moment before she slowly glanced at Julia’s erect nipples and reached her hand up to start fluttering her fingers over them.

Jim looked over at Kim who, without him noticing, had lit up her cigarette and was blowing plumes of smoke into the darkened room.

He erected himself onto his feet and walked over to the side of the bed she had resumed sitting on.

Kim watched him with mild interest as he bent down close to her face, and placed his left hand on her knee. He slowly drew it higher and higher to her waiting pussy.

But her stopped just beneath, feeling her lust rolling off already.

He wrapped his hand around her jaw line before sliding it down her neck over her breast.

She raised her cigarette to her mouth and exhaled again.

Jim settled down onto his knees and slowly kissed up her thighs, his left hand still unmoved from his warming spot.

But again: He stopped before he reached her waiting cunt.

“Tease.” Kim chuckled softly.

Jim smiled at her deviously as he took his left hand away from her leg, and with his finger lightly drew a line down the crotch her panties where a wet spot had already appeared. Jim moved his body up onto the bed and slid Kim between his legs so that she could feel his hot cock pressed into her back.

He lightly dragged his teeth over the tops of her ears, and watched as Goosebumps erupted on her otherwise flawless skin. He continued alternating between licking her earlobes and nibbling the tops of her ears while his hands massaged her upper thighs and ass, but never her pussy.

Kim’s cigarette flickered out, and right after it died, she turned around faster than Jim had been expecting. She straddled him and began kissing him desperately, grinding her pussy against him.

Without having to do anything further, Jim recognized the dribbling down her legs and quickly removed her from his lap before turning his gaze back to Julia and Sheryl who watched with great interest.

“My turn. Kim what is your bra size?”

“B32.” She pouted behind him, unsure why he wasn’t more interested.

“Perfect. Julia what size are you?”

“Pushing 34DD.”

“Good. Julia I dare you to put on one of Kim’s pushup bras and let me tittyfuck you.”


The three gazed at him with admiration as they all smiled at one another. Kim handed Julia her bra, a sour expression still on her face.


Julia’s tits could barely allow the clasp to latch as the tops of her nipples peeked out of the small black bra. With one quick spank across her ass Jim shoved his dick between Julia’s breasts and began ratcheting in desperation for the orgasm he had been deprived of for so long.

“Oh baby!” She groaned as she reached down and gripped her breasts even closer together for a moment before she drifted her hand down to her quivering clit. She rubbed in circular motions, and began to moan even louder as Jim fucked her harder and harder.

“Yeah. God yeah!” He managed briefly.

Soon it overcame him, spraying his white creamy cum all over Julia’s breasts and face. His dick gave a few final shudders before Julia’s tongue snaked out and licked some of his cum that had reached her chin.


“You’re sweet.” She smiled as he pulled out of her cleavage and flopped onto the bed.


Without another word the three women crawled in beside him and pressed their naked bodies against him.


“Get ready for round two Jim.”

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