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Just Wait For It

Short story By: Rosemii

A dysfunctional couple volunteers their sex life to be a study for scientists, but do they know what that entails? Probably not.
A To Be Continued

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"We are giving you the guidelines, and you will abide by them." He looked at his clipboard in the flickering light of the gray room with the same drawl that was to be expected of a doctor.

"You both have abnormally high sex drives, and most individuals who are asked to come for the experiment turn it down after hearing some of the processes." He paused as he glanced at the two who sat before him.

The woman had dark red hair that she had tied back in a tidy ponytail. She wore next to no make-up, and her clothes were surprisingly modest.

He, like his girlfriend, was well dressed and groomed. Both conducted themselves with poise, and a subtlety that the doctor hadn't seen much of since he had begun his research.

"You have both written down physical aspects that you would like to see changed in the other person, and you have written down a list of fantasies correct?"

They nodded.

"Then let's begin."


She sat staring at her bowl of oatmeal questionably. Then turned her face up to the man that stood watch over her.

"It has the hormones that were mentioned before for the desired results."

She nodded again and consumed the bowl contently.

Once she was finished, the same doctor that had explained the process to her and her boyfriend Josh, stepped forward.

"Riley, what is your bra cup size currently?"


"You will wear these clothes when you go to talk to Josh tonight." He laid before Riley the school uniform she knew she would don at some point. White short sleeve button down shirt, kilt, and knee socks. That was all.

"Now Riley I would like you to eat what we assign to you. Understand?"

Riley nodded.


Riley say down in front of the glass that separated Josh and her wearing the school uniform, that fit her well, showing only a hint of cleavage.

They chatted about random things, not about the strange experiment, and not about anything relationship based and as they chatted, dinner was brought to them. Riley looked at the plate that was loaded with fatty foods and heavy meats with widened eyes.

"I'm supposed to-"

"Yes. All of it." Came the toneless reply from the familiar guard.

And so, she ate. All of it.

As she ate she notice the familiar full till bursting feeling, and wasn't fond of it.

It wasn't until the third day that she realized a small change. Her breasts had begun to push at the delicate fabric of her bra, they were rounder, plumper, and when she would button her jeans in the morning she recognized a tightness in them that she was not happy about, until she looked in the mirror and saw her ass had begun to grow as well. She had never had a satisfactory ass, and the change was welcome.

Every night she spoke with Josh, they sat and ate, and the changes began to happen more quickly on Riley. She would finish her meal, and long to free her tits from their restraints as they continued to fatten and become more than her poor C34 bra could handle.

Worse still, when she saw Josh, his arms had started to develop tone and muscles that hadn't been there before, and so every time they saw each other, their old and new hormones fused to make a powerful lust.

On one particular night 3 weeks after the start of the program, Riley sat down, her panties already soaked with pre-cum. She needed to be touched, she needed to be fucked.

Josh never hid the bulge of his jeans as he admired her tits that begged to be squeezed, and her ass that he wanted nothing more to grab hold of while he fucked her to orgasm, and tonight was no exception.

What made the whole endeavor especially painful, was that they were banned to touch. Banned to even masturbate.


It had been four weeks,when Josh sat waiting, his dick already throbbing with longing as he anticipated seeing Riley in the increasingly skimpy school girl's outfit.

He dug his fingers into his arms as he finally heard her footfalls.

Only this time when she rounded the corner, she had added an addition. She added heels that made the kilt display her voluptuous bottom ass cheeks.

When she sat down she bit her red stained lips, and she could feel a single drop of her juices trickle down her leg as she gazed at Josh with a deep hunger.

That dinner they didn't talk.

Josh only watched as she ate and her blouse's buttons strained against her enormous breasts. Her nipples had hardened on her walk into the room, and all Josh could think about was teasing them, and making her beg.

It almost happened in slow motion, Riley slowly lowered the hotdog she had been eating for dinner, down her throat swallowing it wishing with all her might it was Josh's sweet cock, wishing she could suck the cum out of him and then give him a moment to catch his breath, before she would climb on and give him the ride of his life. But it was then as she swallowed the last of her hotdog, the two buttons on her blouse placed over her breasts popped off. A gasp escaped Riley's lips as she felt her sexual excitement grow.

Josh wasn't sure how much more he could take. He had to have her soon. He couldn't keep watching not doing ANYTHING.

Riley leaned back into her chair, and parted her legs so that Josh could see her lips pulsing wanting him.

"Hey Josh? I think I forgot to tell you. I made a friend. Her name's Jackie."

Josh was finding it difficult to wrap his mind around what Riley had just said.

Until Jackie walked in.

She had platinum blonde hair that she had cropped short and layered, but her full lips and dark eyes are what enticed Josh first. Until he lowered his eyes and saw that she wore a delicate nightie that only fell to her mid-thigh, and her breasts, though weren't like Riley's, rounded the top edge of the outfit.

Jackie smiled at Josh.

"Baby, can I play a bit? I promised I wouldn't without your permission."

Josh swallowed with great difficulty, then nodded his head.

Giggling Riley lowered her crimson lips to Jackie's tanned neck, and began to trail kisses up and down, until she got to the muscle where the neck met the shoulder. Then she bit down.

Jackie cried out as Riley then slid her hand up her thigh under the nightie onto her ass.

Jackie's eyes flew open as she grabbed Riley by the back of her neck, tearing her away from her work, and instead, Jackie kissed Riley deeply, slipping her hot wanting tongue into her mouth and swishing it around sweetly.

Jackie then reached up and traced the large outline of Riley's tit, and then gradually found the nipple. She drew light circles over them at first, but then began to pinch and tease until Riley moaned deeply into the kiss and drew Jackie in closer.

It was at that moment Jackie took a step back, smiled, and remarked:

"I'll see you two soon." Before leaving the two once more.

Riley turned back to Josh who had a red flush in his face, and a painful looking bulge bursting at the seams.

Riley walked slowly over to the glass that separated them, the blood rushing to her clit hoping to find a use.

It was at that moment a loud beep went off, and the glass slowly began to lift. It took no time at all for Josh to be under it's opening, and tackling Riley on to the nearby bed that she would sleep in at night without him.

Josh ripped the remainder of her shirt off, bit into her neck and immediately pushed his fingers deep into her, aroused that she wore no panties.

He pumped his fingers in and out of the hot soaked opening twice before swirling around the lips once, and massaging her engorged clit.

Riley moaned loudly as she felt her orgasm building higher than any she had ever felt before. But she wanted even more.

She grabbed his wrist and threw it away from her cunt as she then yanked off his jeans, only to be greeted by the deep red almost purple pleading dick of her boyfriend. She gratefully took him all into her mouth. She groaned in absolute ecstasy as she flicked her tongue lightly just under the head of his penis, and felt him give a shudder.

As she licked his dick as though it were the most delicious thing she had ever tasted, her bra strap had begun to slip off her shoulder, and that was more than Josh could take at that point. He lowered his hand and with one flick the bra was undone.

Riley moaned again, and Josh felt his hot cum fill her mouth and throat as she gulped it greedily. Only allowing a single drip to fall out of the corner of her mouth, her tits heaving with arousal.

Josh's eyes had turned entirely dark as he threw Riley under him and immediately slipped his mouth on to her breast, and suckled at it while he slipped a single finger into her pussy. He knew he was teasing her. Hinting to her that he was there, but not enough to give her what she really wanted. No. That came later.

If she begged enough.

Riley groaned again, as Josh then licked her quivering clit slowly. Her body was writhing with desire as he very slowly pulled his single finger out of her, then slowly slid it back in.

"Oh God! God! Please!"

Josh smiled deviously before he removed his first finger again and placed his first and second finger at the mouth of her pussy. She could feel him there, and from the light sensation felt the wave of warm juices drip from her longingly.

"Oh you're so wet baby." He whispered. "I don't know if you want it enough though." Josh said as he then placed both hands on her enlarged breasts and gripped them hard. He then reverted to massaging them gently. Knowing that she wanted him to grab her, and fuck her. Hard.

As he touched her nipples he saw she was beginning to lose it, and his cock had risen again, ready to stroke her.

"Please. Oh my God. PLEASE!" She hollered.

He grinned. Not great. But good enough.

Before he could slip his dick right into home though, Riley grabbed him and yanked Josh under her and against the headboard so that she was straddling him with his back supported only by a pillow and a headboard.

Riley hovered her hips over the tip of his cock, and smiled as the red crept back intp his face. She kissed him passionately, and ground her body against his without allowing him to enter her.

It wasn't until he slowly slid his hand back up to her breast and gave it a hard squeeze that she slid onto his waiting cock.

She began rolling her hips slowly, her body rocking rhythmically, and her clit tingling, waiting for the explosion of relief and amazement.

Josh slid his hands down to her ankles, and gripped them.

That was all she could take

Riley grabbed the headboard, and rode Josh harder than ever before out of the sheer need for him. The friction of her clit against him built higher and higher, while her pussy tightened its hold on his penis thankfully. She had to have him . . . she couldn't fill the need for his cum to fill and finish her soon enough. The bed banged against the wall and a crack could be heard from somewhere.

"Oh yeah!" Josh grunted. "Oh fuck yes!"

Soon Riley felt it the powerful surge that erupted through her, squirting the hot cum all over his dick. She sank into Josh during the pulses, and languished as quivers stroked his cock in thanks for the creamy substance she had been craving since they signed up for that experiment.


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