Honey I'm Home

By: Rosemii

Page 1, A horrible day at the office, it\'s unlikely Gareth\'s day can get any better. Or so he thinks...


Gareth opened his front door with great force as he stormed into his crappy apartment and threw his briefcase down on the ground. He had had the day from hell. A screaming boss, douchebag co-workers, and a cubicle with no windows . . . that mixed with handling customers that were never reasonable or satisfied he was at the end of his rope.

He could smell his girlfriend cooking dinner, but all he really wanted to do was to shut his bedroom door and be left alone for the night; that is until he saw her in the kitchen.


She wore nothing but a pair of black heels and a royal blue apron. Her brown hair curled into ringlets, she stirred the pasta sauce slowly, and looked up with a coy smile that only made the swelling in Gareth’s pants reach full capacity.


“Hi honey.”


That was all she could get out before he lunged at her, his mouth on hers in a moment, hot wet and persistent.

There was large clattering as he shoved the pasta pot into the sink and other bowls and plates aside as Sarah took the liberty of undoing his belt and pants.

He dug his fingers into her curvy thighs, and kissed down her neck as his hand found the tie to the back of the apron. He removed it quickly, and continued moving his mouth down to her full breasts. He sucked on one nipple as his right hand found its way to her pussy lips, and stroked them for permission.

They dripped a hasty agreement before he inserted his finger into her and continued moving his mouth down her belly, to the inside of her thigh, and then when he felt the wave of heat role from her cunt he licked her length wise as slowly as possible; tasting her sweet juices as he went, his dick hard and happy.

Sarah moaned as she gripped the cupboard handle behind her, her cheeks becoming flushed as she felt her orgasm building as Gareth’s tongue massaged her clit with great vigor.

She gripped his hair desperately as she came closer and closer, but that was when he stopped, and stood upright. He then took a fistful of her hair and guided her down to his erect cock. She slipped the tip into her mouth, and quickly moistened her mouth with saliva as she sucked greedily on his pulsing manhood. She flicked her tongue along the taught nerve under the head before slowly sliding her tongue down the length of his shaft. She peered up at him with her big brown eyes, right before she wrapped her lips around his head once more, and moved his dick down to her throat, and massaged him with her hospitable tongue. She moaned as she felt him shudder with pleasure, and slid her hand under to his balls, gently massaging them in her hand while she pumped her mouth gently up and down his dick.


“Oh Sarah . . .” Gareth half whispered half moaned as he felt his own orgasm nearing.

Sarah suddenly stopped.

She gazed at his stunned expression for a moment before sliding her ass back onto the counter, and biting her lip enticingly as she spread her legs open, and in a moment, grabbed him by his loosened tie and dragged him to her mouth.

It was then that Gareth pressed his throbbing cock into her. She dribbled juices all over him in hot desperation. As he fucked her hard against their cupboards, he couldn’t take the angle anymore. It wasn’t letting him deep enough.

So he grabbed her by her plump ass and hoisted her up onto him driving her down harder and harder.

She cried out needing him deeper and deeper inside of her, the pain so agonizingly good, she wrapped her legs around his waist digging her nails into his back her tits pressed firmly against his chest.


Gareth took five steps into their carpeted living room, and practically pushed her to the floor. He grabbed both of her wrists, pinning them above her head as he fucked her hard her thighs clenched against his body bouncing with his every thrust rubbing her clit and hitting her G-spot simultaneously.

The pleasure overtook them both, spilling their cums together in one hot mix of lust and need. Gareth looked at Sarah under him his face unmoving.


“So honey how was your day?” Sarah panted smiling at him.

“Well . . . it just got a whole hell of a lot better.”

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