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Dinner and Two Desserts

Short story By: Rosemii

Two seemingly normal people go out for a quiet dinner, but that doesn't last for long . . .

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It was a beautiful sunny summer day in early August. Blue skies, pleasant breeze, and the couple that entered the Kelly's Restaurant appeared normal enough.

He wore a light blue t-shirt with a pair of khaki shorts, while she wore an orange sundress that tied around the back, and revealed the small of her back just before the line of her black panties could be seen.

They were shown to their seats by an unenthused host who was too busy to pay much more attention to more customers. The couple smiled politely at their waitress who had hurried over soon after they had been seated, so they gave their orders, and resumed their conversation.

"So… I know this might not be the best time right now Eddie, but I'm craving. Hard." The girl, a strawberry blonde, smiled at Eddie from across the table as she then leaned forward and placed her breasts atop of the table. Her smile was subtle, but her eyes were fiery.

"Really now? What brought this on Nicole?" He leaned forward eagerly, his cock rising quickly in his pants as he took in the sight of her ample cleavage.

"No reason. Would just really love to fuck."

At this moment, Nicole slipped off her flip-flop, and ran her smooth leg against his. Eddie smiled at her and bit down on his lip quickly before he could say anything else. She rested her chin on her palm as she continued to rub her leg against his, but it was no time at all before Nicole slid her foot up the inside of his thighs, and started stroking his hard dick with her toes. She smiled eagerly at him as she then stopped her work and instead crossed her legs.


"Uh-yeah?" He asked trying to stop his eyes from fluttering from his newfound sexual energy.

"I'm dripping right now."

A small sound came form Eddie's throat that was caught between a word and a moan, but unfortunately at that particular moment the waitress brought their food to them.

Nicole looked at the taco salad once then fixated her attention back on Eddie who had done the same with his burger.

Without another word, the two began to eat their food; only Nicole made it much more interesting.

She alternated between stroking his ever hard cock with her toes, and pressing her breasts closer together as they seemed to swell in the span of their mealtime. It was as though everything she ate filled her breasts instead of her stomach.

Eddie stopped eating his burger for a moment as he gazed at her tits that taunted him and screamed against her bra that must have been too small. Her cleavage was too massive, and too perfectly rounded to not crave biting into their succulent tops while plowing her already lubed pussy.

After they finished their dinner though; it was time for dessert.

The two decided to split a chocolate cake that had hot caramel sauce dribbled over it, with a dollop of whip cream on top.

They each picked up a fork and began working away at the sweet treat in front of them. Nicole was in a state of bliss as she let a small moan out once she tasted the sugary pleasure in her mouth. As she leaned her head back exposing her neck and a dangerous amount of her breasts, her dress strap slid down her arm revealing the top of her purple lace bra.

Eddie licked his lips as he picked a piece of the cake with whip cream on it up on his fork. He held it in front Nicole in offering, and let out a gasp as she took it all in her mouth with a small drop of whip cream smearing across the side of her mouth.

She quickly licked the whip cream off, by which point Eddie waved for the bill.


They loaded themselves in the car and were soon well on their way down the charming country road that they had first come. They hadn't said a word to one another after paying the bill and starting their journey home.

That is until Eddie looked over to the passenger side and saw that Nicole had leaned her seat back and had stretched her long legs across the dash of the car, her dress pulled up ridiculously high around her thighs, and the straps of her dress fallen off her shoulders, her breasts rising and falling, clearly overflowing her bra.

Eddie reached his hand over to her parted legs and felt the extent of her desire. He swerved the car as he slipped his finger into her warm soaked slit, and felt how tight her pussy was, and how with one finger in, his hand was already wet.

Nicole moaned from her seat, gripping her armrests with white knuckles.

Eddie slid two fingers into her, and pumped them in and out first slowly, feeling her swelling clit against his palm as he gradually picked up speed and he could feel the pulses of her oncoming orgasm. He pulled his hand out and moved it up to her overly plump breast, where he found it next to impossible to fit his hand in the already bursting bra.

"Oh fuck baby. Tits are so huge . . . Fuck." He whined for a moment as his cock throbbed desperately needing to be inside the hot and snug cunt.

He squeezed her breast roughly, unable to fit his hand around a single breast. He slid his hand to her nipple where he pinched hard, and she let out a sharp gasp of intense pleasure.

"OhmyGod. Eddie . . . Oh God!" She groaned frantically.

Eddie saw the turn coming up that he had to take, and removed his hand from her dress and returned it to the steering wheel.

Quick as a flash, Nicole had unbuckled her seatbelt and knelt down on the floor of the car. She unzipped his strained khaki shorts, and freed Eddie's hungry dick.

Her mouth already watering, and her breasts resting on his thigh, she lowered her mouth down, and slowly took him all into her mouth. She stroked him with her tongue as she began to pump her head up and down over his swollen manhood. She quickly placed her hand around the base of his shaft and rubbed as she continued sucking and licking all along his penis. Eddie swerved dangerously a few more times as he let out ragged breaths, his vision going blurry.

She removed her mouth for a moment and began kissing the head of his penis gingerly, until she hit the V nerve under his dick's head.

She stopped for a moment and sucked tenderly on it, teasing it with her tongue.

The car stopped.

Nicole gently pulled away from her work as she found herself staring at a large expanse of road, with no one around for miles and miles.

Eddie grabbed her by the ass, and placed her forcefully on his lap while sliding the seat back in its upright position as far as it could go.

Kissing him passionately, Nicole ground her soaked underwear along his cock that caused Eddie to shiver in gratification.

Eddie slipped his hand down to her pussy and slipped her underwear to the side as he slid his engorged tip onto her opening.

Nicole glided down, pushing him in deep as her pussy hugged his cock and tingled in growing anticipation.

"Oh Nicole. Fuck. Fuck hard." Eddie spluttered as he pulled her dress down and unhooked her willing bra. He gathered one breast in his hand and the other he bit into like he had his desert not a half hour sooner.

Nicole rocked back and forth over his cock, and gyrated up and down, her juices washing his dick and allowing the friction to be nothing but intense pleasure. She gripped the headrest, her tits still squeezed together as her tight pussy got fucked harder and harder.

"Oh yes, YES!" Nicole cried out as she felt her clit be rubbed perfectly allowing her intense orgasm to build. Eddie leaned back in his seat as far as he could go, and spanked her ass hard.

"HARDER!" She cried out riding him faster and faster, her cunt tightening its hold causing Eddie's pre-cum to spurt out.

Eddie slapped her jiggling ass as hard as he could making her cry out in sheer ecstasy.

He grabbed her by the ass, and dragged her clit and cunt fully against himself; lifting his hips so that he was as deep as he possibly could go.

He moved his hands from her ass, and instead grabbed hold of her curvy thighs as he then dropped his hips and allowed her to fall atop of his dick mid thrust.

They rode over their build gasping and moaning together, a thin layer of sweat coating them both as Eddie took her nipple into his mouth, and nibbled and sucked as his cum shot into her; filling her to the brim, and making her beg him to keep going as her own orgasm shuddered over his relieved cock, dripping down to his balls.

After they had ridden out to the very last squirt, they gazed at each other's eyes for a brief moment.

"We should go to that restaurant more often." Nicole smiled.


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