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Private Thoughts

Short story By: Riley Rivers

Private Thoughts of the mind that steal us away from
what we are doing....

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By: Riley Rivers

Those private thoughts are ours alone. Rarely are they ones that could ever be shared with others. If others only knew they might find the thoughts to be totally foreign to the outward personality. Many times they drift to forbidden love of those that can only be loved in those thoughts because they belong to another.

The thoughts come to us with no warning and sometimes at inopportune times. The mind is totally consumed and makes it impossible to concentrate on the duties at hand. The lustful desires take hold of the total being and the responsibilities of daily life take a back seat as if interrupted by a child coming into the room needing care. Attempts to fight the feelings are made just as so many times before but the mind can think of nothing else so surrender is inevitable.

The thoughts are never evil or mean. It is easy to ignore those that have done wrong. If only the feelings of passion could be controlled so they did not disrupt the day. The thoughts are welcomed, but if only they did not steal time and promote irresponsible feelings. Normally the dreams are of pleasing others and by doing so great pleasure is received. Giving in to the desires the eyes are closed and the senses are awakened. Erotic thoughts fill the mind.

The encounter is always with an unknowing coworker, a person on the bus, a worker in a restaurant or someone walking by in a crowd. They are quickly visualized naked and sweating totally out of breath in the heat of passion. The smells of hot sex fill the nose. Sounds of moans of pleasure are heard coming from one so vulnerable under the touch. Hard throbbing anxious cock and wet and dripping waiting and desiring pussy that needs to be filled. Eyes roll back in surrender over and over again to ecstatic uncontrollable feelings. Mouths meet and explore with probing tongues and continue to bring pleasure to every inch of the body. Fluids of love are everywhere. Total release from reality has taken place if for no more than a few moments. Then it is over. Smells of hot spent sex fill the air. There are sounds of rapid breathing and racing pulses that are returning to normal. Sights of exhausted bodies coupled to expressions of bliss.

The eyes open and engage into reality. Thoughts are reenergized back into the daily routine. If the victim is still present they are seen back in the role of what they were doing before the mind stole time. A smile is exchanged and life goes on until the next time.

The End


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