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The Super Bowl Party

Short story By: Remington Oz

Leslie was a supportive wife for her husband whenever he entertained the young people who were part of the youth center where he worked. He knew the young girls often desired Robert but that came with the territory and Leslie put that to good use in their love lives. But when she learned that she too was an object of desire, things took a different turn in her life.

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The Super Bowl Party

Leslie sat on the second row in the classroom and admired her husband as he spoke to the singles group. Leslie and Robert were both 30 but they looked much younger. That is why working with young adults who were 18-24 was a good job for him. And Leslie did all she could to make it work by being the hostess when kids came to their home and making friends with the girls so they could open up to her if they needed to.

The talk was about responsibility and it was impossible for Leslie not to notice the young girls staring at her husband with more than just admiration. At one point, a cute blond by the name of Amber uncrossed her sexy legs so it drew his eyes to her short skirt. When his eye went there, she opened her legs and let him look up her skirt.

Leslie was aware enough of Robert's mind that she knew he became aroused by Amber. She could even tell he got a hard on from the bulge in his pants. Robert did not have a large cock but it was enough to push out his pants. Robert was a driven youth leader and he knew to not be distracted by that sexy peek at Amber's panties. It is normal for young people to get crushes on their leaders and Robert was a very good looking man.

Instead Leslie knew how to turn it to her advantage. Leslie had a clean cut look but she was quite sexy and got plenty of looks from the boys in the youth gatherings as well. She was as slender blond with medium breasts that were perky so they pushed out her dresses nicely. She had slim legs that were tan and sexy so she was able to hold her own with the sexy young girls in the group if she wanted to. But being older, she had the wisdom how to keep from freaking out when a cute gal gave her husband a peek and even turn it to her advantage.

Leslie's Game

Leslie got home ahead of Robert by a couple of hours. First she put together a delicious meal that would seduce his nose the minute he walked in for dinner. But her seduction of her husband was far from over. Leslie took the time to pay attention to the skirt little Miss Amber had on when she gave her husband that show. Leslie had an outfit that was just right with a sexy skirt the same length and color.

She took time to shave her legs and pussy so she looked the part of a 20 year old girl in every way. She even brought home a name tag from the event that day and filled it out so it read. "Hi, I am Amber." This way there would be no mistake what Robert's crafty wife was up to.

When Robert came home, Leslie was in costume but in the kitchen. "Hi Honey, go ahead and change clothes for dinner!" She felt so sneaky and that began to get her turned on. She heard the shower running so she brought out into the living room a couple folding chairs and she set up a practice podium he used when he was preparing a speech or sermon. When the shower stopped, she slipped into the chair which faced the podium roughly the way Amber's did.

When Robert came out she stopped in his tracks at the little scene his cute wife had set up.

"Hi big boy." She cooed at him. Do you want to give your speech about responsibility for Amber privately?" Leslie squirmed in her seat mocking the sexy little girl who was doing the same for her husband just hours before.

"Leslie, now I did not come on to….." he stammered

"Oh Mr. Roscoe, Your wife Leslie felt you needed to give that speech to Amber one on one so she can truly show her admiration of you." Leslie said in a low sexy voice that was playful and sexy.

When it dawned on Robert what his wife was up to, that bulge appeared in his pants. "Ok Amber, the talk is about responsibility." Robert said in his professional voice but his eyes were firmly on those sexy legs and that very short skirt. He had not spoken very long when Leslie interrupted him by raising her hand and tipping her head to the side and smiling.

"Yes Amber?" Robert said acting irritated.

"Mr. Roscoe. I feel I have learned so much from you that I have a responsibility to show you my appreciation." Leslie said seductively. As she said that, Leslie uncrossed her legs and spread them open to give her husband a nice view up her skirt at her thong that was molded into her pussy nicely.

"Now Amber, that is hardly appropriate?" Robert said to his wife without blinking as he stared at her almost naked pussy.

"Yes Mr. Roscoe but you want to fuck Amber don't you?" Leslie said with a coo and with that she pulled her skirt up to her hips. "Why don't you take Amber's panties off?"

Robert lost control. He fell to his knees in front of his sexy wife and pushed her legs apart to get to her sexy pussy. "Oh Mr. Roscoe" Leslie said as she felt her body rush with excitement at how turned on her husband was. Robert pulled that thong down and threw it over his shoulder so far they almost never found it the next day.

Robert pulled Leslie's sexy legs forward in the chair and lowered his face to her open cunt. "Oh God Amber you have such a sexy pussy." He moaned and it was then that Leslie knew that in his mind, he really was going to eat out that 20 year old girl from earlier. She felt strange because this disturbed her but when his mouth began to eagerly lap her slit and suck her clit, she forgot all about it and became Amber.

"Mr. Roscoe, fuck me right here in the classroom." She gasped as she felt his tongue slide into her wet vagina. As the horny leader of youth licked out his wife, he was eagerly digging as his pants to pull his hard cock out to mount Amber right here in his living room.

"I will Amber. I am going to fuck you." He said in broken gasps pushing his pants down so his hard six inch cock would be free to penetrate her. Robert fell on his wife and started kissing and sucking her neck and shoulder squeezing her tits through that blouse she had put on for her costume.

"Do it Mr. Roscoe. Fuck Amber." Leslie gasped when his hard cock slid into her as it had so many times. But he rammed it into her with a force she had never known. For all the confusion of how this was going, Robert had never fucked her this hard before.

His grunts were in sync with each hard push that buried his cock inside Leslie's wet pussy to the balls. Robert grasped her butt and squeezed the cheeks so hard it hurt Leslie as she angled her pussy up to him and hooked her feet over his back. "Oh God Amber!" he cried out and then he pushed up looked down at his wife and filled her with cum. Only as he was shooting his hot spurts of sperm into this sexy girl under him that Robert began to sort out exactly who he had just fucked.

The Girls Get Ready

The organization that Robert ran was not a church young adult group. Instead it was a service offered by the community and backed by all of the churches as well as by civic minded organizations who wanted to help young people meet in a healthy environment where they could also ask questions about their faith. Robert was the perfect leader for this because he was likeable and he had good public speaking skills. He ran the organization well and he had enough training in religious ideas that he could lead a discussion when that time was appropriate.

It was always fun for Robert and Leslie to plan the big Super Bowl party. It was so successful that they split into two locations. Robert would handle the larger group who would use the gym at the Catholic Church while Leslie hosted a smaller gathering at a home of one of the active families. The day before the party, Leslie stopped and got decorations and food and went on to the home where she would be hosting the party. This was a great time for the girls of the group to have a hen party. The only thing that made Leslie nervous was the home because it was owned by the parents of Amber.

Robert and Leslie got past the strange role playing they did. It wasn't that it wasn't exciting because to Robert it was the best fuck he had ever had especially with his own wife. Leslie also orgasmed like a wild animal but her emotions were all over the map. To her, in a way, Robert had fucked Amber. But she could not be mad at him because Leslie had made it happen. Best to just forget it.

Leslie wore a comfortable sun dress with a blue print that showed her legs just above the knee. She had learned to attend these affairs looking cute, feminine and not like a frumpy minister's wife. As cute as Leslie was, that just took shopping for outfits that were attractive without revealing too much.

She arrived at the home and was relieved that there were a couple of girls there besides Amber. Amber answered the door with a cheerful "Hi Mrs. Roscoe." Leslie had to remember that the fantasy she played out was not the real Amber. But it was hard not to feel a flood of emotions being in the home of the girl who had started it all with that flirty flash up her skirt. It didn't help things that Amber was wearing that same very short skirt that made her look so very sexy.

Amber and her two friends Whitney and Chloe were full of life and chatter. Amber was a very outgoing girl and made it clear from the beginning that she admired and liked Leslie for her leadership in the group. Before long Leslie was laughing and feeling like just one of the girls. After about an hour and a half, Whitney got a call that she had to run an errand for her mom. Chloe was her ride.

That left Leslie and Amber alone and that is when Leslie got those feelings again. The thing that was most disturbing to Leslie is how she could not stop looking at Amber's legs that were so cute and sexy in that short skirt. It was the knowledge that her husband looked up that skirt made those legs so alluring to Leslie and that the sight of her panties up that skirt resulted in such an explosive fucking that Leslie enjoyed as Robert thought he was fucking this little girl. All of that confused Leslie and in a way excited her.

"Mrs. Roscoe, you are so beautiful. I am so glad we are becoming friends." Amber purred as they finished up the last of the decorations. "How about a glass of wine to celebrate?" Amber said.

"Call me Leslie Amber." Leslie answered feeling herself relax. "That would be lovely."

When Amber came back in, she sat opposite of Leslie and they chatted like old friends enjoying their drinks. "I love your outfit Amber" Leslie finally said.

"I noticed you could not keep your eyes off of it." Amber said with a giggle. "Thank you. Yours is very cute too."

"Well I noticed my husband liked it a lot when he was teaching the other day." Leslie said without any accusation in her voice.

"Oh my God!" Amber suddenly said putting her wine down and covering her mouth to giggle loudly. "Did you see that?" She exclaimed. "Leslie we were just being silly!"

The blush on Amber's face was adorable and it made Leslie giggle too. The wine was kicking in and that made both girls silly. "Yes I did!" Leslie laughed and by that Amber knew that the pretty wife of her youth leader was not angry. "I think he liked what he saw very much."

Amber was blushing like it was her job. "We were just playing around." She said breathing hard from the laughing. "But I had panties on Leslie. I swear."

Suddenly a flush went over Leslie and she seemed to be another person. "I think it is only fair Amber, "Leslie found herself saying "that I see what he saw."

The girls had a moment of intensity as they looked into each others eyes. Amber smiled softly at what she was about to do. "Ok" she said shyly, "I want you to see." Leslie was tingling all over and unable to look away as Amber leaned back a bit and then began to open her legs. Slowly the sexy skin of her upper thighs was revealed to the young wife. Finally she opened them wide enough that Leslie saw Amber's panties.

Leslie stared at the folds of Amber's slight panties that molded around the mounds of her pussy revealing the lips and a slight wetness right over the girl's vagina. Leslie felt her own wetness begin to ooze as she stared at the young girls barely hidden cunt.

"I am so turned on" Amber said in a whisper. "Are you?" She gasped.

"Yes" Leslie said without thinking and she felt dizzy and out of control.

"Open your legs." Amber said staring at Leslie's skirt. Leslie's body obeyed without the good sense in her mind having a chance to vote. Like she was being guided from someone else's mind, Leslie pulled her skirt up to about mid thigh. Then shyly she opened her legs and let Amber look up her skirt.

Leslie had on cotton panties but they were so wet from her arousal that they hugged her pussy tightly showing all of her sex easily.

"You are so sexy Leslie" Amber said. "Do you think I am sexy?" she said pulling up her skirt so all of her legs were showing.

"Oh God yes." She answered following Ambers lead pulling up her skirt to her hips so her panties were easily visible. Amber's voice was soft, almost a whisper and it hypnotized Leslie.

"You have such sexy legs." Leslie heard Amber coo. Leslie was operating on feelings and as that voice seduced her, she slid her hand inside her panties and stroked her clit. Suddenly she felt hands on her thighs. Opening her eyes, Leslie saw Amber kneeing at her feet. Amber began to feel up Leslie's legs from the knees moving up pushing her thighs apart to look toward her barely concealed pussy.

"Mr. Roscoe is so hot." Amber said looking at Leslie's legs and letting her fingers spread up to her panties. "All the girls in the group want to fuck him." She said moving her fingers over the crotch of Leslie's panties stroking her pussy lips through the thin fabric. "He fucks this pussy." Amber said in a low voice beginning to pull Leslie's panties down. "I want to watch his sexy cock go inside your hot pussy Leslie." Amber said.

The dirty talk was driving Leslie wild. "Oh God Amber." was all she could moan as the little girl seduced her. The young girls lips touched Leslie's upper thigh as the panties came off. Leslie looked down at her naked legs wide open and Amber kissing her way up to her pussy. "We have to stop." Leslie said weakly but when she put her fingers in Amber's hair, she did not push her away.

Instead Leslie slid down in the big lounge chair and watched as the beautiful girl's lips and tongue reached her pussy. Amber explored Leslie's sexy folds pulling open her pussy lips so she could see and link the pink flesh of her slit. But when Amber found Leslie's clit and began to lick it, Leslie moaned loudly and clutched Amber's hair.

That soft tongue massaged Leslie's clit as Amber's fingers stroked her round pussy lips and found Leslie's pussy hole. Just then Amber looked up at Leslie with her fingers stroking her vagina rim. "He fucks you in here." She said obscenely. "Your husband Mr. Roscoe sticks his sexy cock up in here and fucks you deep." Amber said gazing up at the face of the woman in ecstasy.

"Oh God yes Amber. He fucks me." Then Amber pushed her finger deep inside the cunt of her youth leader's wife, licking and sucking her clit. Leslie's stomach muscles were convulsing out of control and her hips thrust up to meet Amber's mouth. Amber licked down to Leslie's vagina and then down further, sucking her pussy lips and even licking her anal hole.

It was when that soft tongue lapped her butt opening that Leslie lost it. Her orgasm exploded and she moaned loudly cumming hard onto Amber's eager tongue.

The Super Bowl Party

Leslie wanted to put all of the wild things that had been going on with Amber and Robert behind her and focus on being a great hostess for the party. The kids started showing up at the house several hours before the game. For quite some time, Leslie did not see Amber but she was nervous about it.

They had not spoken since that intimate experience. After Amber made Leslie cum, they went and lay down on the couch together and kissed. Amber began to feel nervous about what she had done. Leslie comforted her even though she was so confused about letting a girl do that to her. As they kissed to comfort each other, Amber took Leslie's fingers and guided them to her panties.

Leslie slid her fingers into Amber's panties and found her clit. "Yes Leslie." Amber moaned holding on to her neck. Shaking like a leaf, Leslie stroked Amber's clit and slid her fingers up and down that wet pussy slit. When Leslie found Ambers vagina opening and slid a finger inside her, the young girl began to cum. They held each other tight as Amber orgasmed again and again.

Both girls were confused and nervous about what had happened. Leslie wanted to try to smooth it over so it did not ruin her marriage or even Amber's participation in the young adults group. They spoke about it by phone and in the end, they became good friends. The agreement was to keep what happened between them and to not repeat it.

As Leslie prepared the food for the Super Bowl party, Amber was her best helper. At times they would catch each other's eye and smile knowingly or exchange a squeeze of the hand but that was all friendly. It was the best Leslie could do with a confusing encounter because keeping the group events working smoothly was important to her and to her husband Robert.

When people started to show up, the Super Bowl party pretty much began to run itself. Leslie kicked into the hostess mode charming both genders equally and it was all quite wholesome. They even took time before the game activities began to have a prayer to give thanks for the food and the fun of being together.

While everyone understood that it was to be in moderation, some beer and wine was included in the fun. The table that was set up for food was soon packed with different snacks and casseroles that each person brought. All of the drama of what went on with Amber and Robert vanished for a while and Leslie was the good woman again.

Just before kick off, several of the guys who were regulars to the group came. Leslie greeted them along with a guest they brought by the name of Max. She was impressed with Max both because he was stunningly handsome and very polite. He fit right in.

Leslie started to really enjoy herself. Her dad was a big football fan so she knew how to root for the team and enjoy the way the game was played. She had a couple glasses of white wine and snacks from that table of treats without really thinking about what she was eating. She had trouble deciding when to take a break because the commercials were so fun but finally she had to stand up and stretch her legs. It was then that the rich food and wine caught up with Leslie. As she was crossing the room, a dizzy spell hit her pretty bad and she felt herself begin to pass out.

Leslie stumbled and began to fall. Near her were two girls in the group, Amber and Christina and they saw the problem. Quickly both of them grabbed Leslie before she fell into the table of food. Before either Christina or Amber could call out, suddenly Max was there supporting Leslie and keeping her on her feet. Leslie felt the strong hands holding her up and leaned back into his chest.

"I just need to lie down." She whispered. Amber looked at Max and his face was full of concern.

"There is a bedroom at the end of the hall. She can lay down there and it will be quiet." She instructed him. Max began to walk Leslie back when she swooned again. Without thinking, Max picked her up to carry her to where she could recover. Both Christina and Amber gasped at how strong he was and that act of chivalry he was putting on display.

Max carried Leslie into the bedroom and laid her on the bed. He closed the door to cut down on the noise. When he returned, he helped her sit up.

"Any better?" he said softly.

"My head is swimming" Leslie responded.

"We have to get your blood flowing." Max said out of his knowledge of CPR. "Let's get you out of that dress." He unzipped the pretty green dress in back revealing her pale smooth back. Max helped Leslie lean forward as he pulled her skirt up and around her small round butt cheeks.

Leslie felt her dress coming off and tried to object through the fog. "Wait…" she said weakly. "Maybe this isn't…"

"Shhh its fine. I am helping you." Max said but as he looked at Leslie's sexy thigh and panties, that "want" in him began to take over. He pulled her dress over her head and laid it on the chair near the bed. Then he began to massage her shoulders. Max let his fingers spread over her back as he felt her respond with deep sighs. The massage did help Leslie recover and then she realized she was on a bed, her dress was off and a very sexy boy was touching her body.

Just then Max released her bra which fell to the bed before she could catch it. Leslie felt he hands come around to her stomach area and begin to caress her skin. His face drew close to her own and she felt a kiss on her neck.

"Max I feel better now…" she tried to object but his hands were moving up her middle toward her naked breasts. He was seductively kissing her neck down to her shoulder where he began to kiss and suck her. When his fingers closed over her small breasts fondling and squeezing them, Leslie felt surges of desire and panic. "Max no..." she gasped. "This is wrong." But she did not try to stop the wonderful feelings he was giving her.

He lowered her to the bed and pulled his shirt off. He was a perfect specimen of muscle and flesh and the sight of his sexy upper body made Leslie gasp. Then he pulled her to him and kissed her mouth deeply. His tongue penetrated her lips immediately and Leslie responded without thinking buy sucking his tongue and licking his mouth. She felt his hand slide along her thigh to the crotch of her panties.

"Max please…" Leslie complained weakly "I am married. " Max felt the wet between her legs so he knew she wanted to be fucked.

"He isn't here and you are mine now he said unbuckling his pants. He stood up and pulled his pants and shorts down revealing his long and thick cock that was rock hard and ready to fuck her. Leslie gasped at the size. It was easily twice the size of her husband in length and thickness. Her eyes were glued to it.

Max sat down next to her and kissed her shoulder biting it again. He took her fingers and wrapped it around that big hard penis. "It is bigger than his isn't it?" He moaned into her ear.

"Yes." Is all she could answer.

"I am sexier than him aren't I?" he said squeezing her left tit hard and pinching her nipple.

"Oh god yes." Was all she could say. He was so strong and forceful and he was taking her with pure lust like she has not felt from Robert in years. He pulled her mouth to his and kissed her and lowered her to the bed climbing on top of her. Forcefully he turned her over and pulled her naked ass up toward his hard cock. He knelt behind her and pushed her thighs open and then grabbed her ass cheeks and parted them too.

Leslie was on fire inside but in a panic too. She had never fucked another guy than Robert and Max's cock was so big she was afraid it would rip her open inside. Firmly Max pulled Leslie's pussy his way and parted the lips so he saw the pink vagina hole of another man's wife. He leaned in and fit his cock head to that hole and leaned over her pulling her to her hands and knees. He bit her back and pushed.

Leslie tried to scream as that huge cock spread her pussy rim and stretched her insides as each inch pushed up inside her. Instead of a scream a deep sexual moan came out. The massive cock pushed deeper and deeper until it hit her cervix. It filled parts of her womb that had never felt a cock taking that part of her virginity.

His thrusts were deep and strong fucking in and out of her. Leslie felt his hands on her breasts squeezing and pinching them and he kissed and bit her moaning as he fucked inside her. "You want this. You want me to fuck you hard." He said in almost an animal like growl.

"Yes!" she found herself saying."

"Say it!" he insisted. Leslie felt like she could not refuse him anything.

"Fuck me. I want it. Fuck me hard." She gasped ashamed that her good wife mouth said those things to this huge sexy boy who was inside her. As she said that his thrusts got faster and faster. Leslie was moaning and wiggling under his huge body. "Pull out. Don't cum in me?" she begged. But just then her orgasm his like a tornado and so did hers. He pushed her flat and shot a huge load of hot cum deep in her womb.

Leslie came so hard she lost touch with the world for a while. When she came to, she heard the door open.

"Oh my god Leslie!" she heard Amber say and the girl quickly shut the door. "Where's Max?"

"I don't know!" Leslie said weakly as Amber helped her sit up. There was a second door from the bedroom that went out to a balcony and it was open. Max was gone. Amber just held her friend and comforted her. "Please don't tell anyone." Leslie begged her friend.

Amber just kissed Leslie lips and eased her into bed whispering. "Don't worry. We have lots of secrets." Saying that Amber slipped out of her skirt and top and got under covers with her the sexy youth leaders wife and gave her all of the comfort she needed …. And then some.


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