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The Spice of Marriage

Short story By: Remington Oz

To put some excitement back into her sex life with her husband, Lori had to add a little spice, a little danger and a lot of sexy ideas.

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The Spice of Marriage

A Frustrated Wife

Lori waited impatiently in bed. The anticipation of seeing her husband come out naked still got her heart rate up. Even in middle age, Roger was a good looking man. Despite two kids and 15 years of marriage, the idea of him penetrating her with that exciting erection never failed to get her aroused.

Roger came out of the bathroom towelling his naked body off. That beautiful cock was swaying between his legs but not erect. "Hi big boy" Lori cooed "Do you want this?" at that she opened her legs to let him get a good view of her pussy just under her shortie nightgown. She was pleased that he stared but he did not get hard about it like he did when they were wild sexual animals

"You can fuck me all night tiger" Lori moaned hoping a little dirty talk would do the trick. He did smile at hearing the Sunday school teacher mom talk like a prostitute. Most guys would be able to put an eye out with their erection if a woman said that to him. But 15 years of sex took its toll. The sizzle was almost gone from their sex life.

Lori still had her needs and there was only so much she could do with her fingers and a glass of wine. She did not want to get a vibrator, a lover or read porn to get off. She wanted the man who used to make her almost pass out from orgasms do it to her that hard and ferociously again. That is what being married meant. She just had to find a way to turn him back into the crazed sex maniac for her he used to be.

"Be right there, hun." he said without feeling. She might have been offering him a BLT sandwich the way he responded instead of the chance to fuck her brains out. Maybe it was the nightie. Maybe she should shave so her pussy looked like a twelve year old. Maybe role play. Lori was about ready to try anything.

Roger finally climbed into bed and turned out the light. He was kissing her neck so this showed promise. Lori slid her hand down and wrapped it around his long cock. But it was not fully erect yet. "I want you to fuck me like the slut that I am" she moaned into his ear. She felt him begin to get stiff. But it was not the rock hard stallion cock she used to know.

It was enough. She slipped it into her vagina rim and pressed up so it entered her. She moaned happily. "Make me come babe" she whispered biting his ear. He began to fuck her immediately but it was mechanical. She suspected he was thinking of someone else. He did not play with her tits or squeeze her ass. Lori kept up the pressure to make it an erotic fuck. But she was doing all the work. She even had to thrust up to meet his fucking motions because the enthusiasm was not there.

When Roger shot, it was a weak stream. He rolled off and Lori was left without her orgasm again. She laid there as he almost immediately started to snore. Lori got up and went to the other bathroom so he would not wake up and see that she was not with him. The kids, Betsy 7 and Jordon 9, were fast asleep in their rooms and they slept like the dead. So she could use their big bathroom and that big tub in there to relax.

She locked the door and looked in the mirror. She was still a beautiful woman and she knew that because she saw men at the market, at school functions or at church check her out. Cyndi her best friend described her as a young Annette Benning but that could be a stretch. Still she was quite desirable if only it was Roger who would desire her.

Lori drew a hot bath and put eased her naked body into it. She began to remember the passionate Roger who could hardly be contained from fucking her many times a day. She complained of being sore for how often he bent her over and buried that rock hard cock into her anywhere in the house. As she remembered that exciting erotic man, she began to stroke her clitoris. She arched up and saw that pink nub of her clit stand up above the folds of her pussy. She massaged it and moaned feeling her own passion come to the surface.

Her finger drifted to her vagina rim to stroke it. She finally slipped a finger inside. Her mind was 20 years ago and her pussy was on fire for the man she adored. The water sloshed as she thrust up to meet the hard fucking he was giving her in her imagination. Suddenly her orgasm hit and she gasped and jerked back and then relaxed.

As she let the warm water take over Lori began to feel sleepy. Just then she heard the soft hum of her cell phone on the toilet seat where she put it. It was Cyndi. It was always nice to talk to her dearest friend. Cyndi was amused she was talking to Lori as she relaxed in the tub. They caught up on the day and then Lori confided in her friend her frustration with her sex life. This was not the first time Cyndi had heard it. Cyndi was 32, just a few years younger that Lori and she too had to take some drastic steps to put the fire back in the pants of her husband Joe.

"Lori you know what you are going to have to do don't you?" Cyndi asked.

"Tell me. I am about at the end of my rope." Lori responded.

"You are going to have to do something dramatic and dangerous to get his attention. Make him notice the hot sex kitten you are. Make a statement that hot hubby of yours cannot ignore."

Making a Statement

Cindy's advice sunk in and Lori took her time planning the seduction of Roger, her own husband. Her first step was to stop giving it away. The pleading sexually deprived wife in the bedroom started playing hard to get. This was just step one so Lori did not let it bother her when Roger barely noticed.

Friday rolled around and Roger and Lori had a date. They supported a local theatre group because relatives performed in the plays. The group was performing Our Town at the Civic Center which was a big deal because they got to use a professional stage instead of their usual small amateur playhouse.

Lori planed this scheme down to the details. She wore a gorgeous yellow sun dress for the warm summer night weather. She shaved her legs all the way up to her belly button. Above all, there were no panties under that skirt. That was for Roger and perhaps only Roger. That was the fun part of this plan.

Roger dropped Lori off and she went into the lobby as he parked the car. She found just the right spot so she would not be easy to find. Lori was giddy with anticipation and waited for him to become frantic. Just then her cell phone rang and it was Roger.

"Where are you!" he demanded.

Lori whispered in the phone. "If you want me, find me. Look up the hall just inside the side door to the theatre."

There was a bench in there where the ushers could sit just a few yards away from that door. Lori was ready when Roger pulled open the door. She lifted her legs so her heels rested on the bench and her pussy was visible between her pressed together thighs. Roger came through and saw her giving him a private show of her freshly shaved pussy.

"Lori are you……." And he stopped in his tracks staring at the erotic display of his sexy wife. "Oh my God Lori" was all he could say because just then she opened her legs wide so the wet folds of her cunt opened to him to come and get her. She smiled with victory as a huge bulge surged into his pants. Then she moaned to him low tones like a cat in heat.

"Come and take this Tiger or someone else will."

As Roger lunged forward Lori stood up to be swept up in his embrace. The kiss that took over her lips was more passionate than any she had ever experienced. She could not stop her lips from opening and feeling his hot tongue drive into his mouth. As his passionate kiss broke she gasped for air.

"Hurry! Fuck me here before the let people in to the theatre." Roger almost fell to the ground pulling his pants down. His massive cock was as hard as stone and Lori barely saw it as she turned and bent over with her hands on the bench. She felt his eager hands pull up her skirt and then he grabbed her ass cheeks and leaned into her to mount his wife in this public place.

"Oh God!" Lori cried out as Roger drove his rock hard cock completely into her in one thrust. She could not remember ever feeling him this hard. He was like a wild animal and this was the animal she had missed.

"Baby I am going to fuck you so hard" roger moaned and he was already all over that promise. He thrust into her with an urgency of a wild man. Again and again that big cock filled his wife's hole. The crowds began to gather at the doors. "Oh my God baby, here it comes!!" he moaned trying not to shout.

His climax was like a volcano erupting with huge surges of white hot cum filling Lori's pussy. He must have pumped 5 or 6 huge streams of cum into her moaning and leaning into her body to feel her tits from behind. "Hurry Roger, they are about to come in."

Lori was ready. She pulled out a towel and wiped his cock quickly so the wet from her pussy did not stain his pants. She pushed the small towel into her slit to catch the ooze of cum that was already coming out of that stretched pussy. Then she pulled on a pair of panties and they found their seats.

A Holy Thing

Lori felt like such a dirty girl and it was the best feeling she has had in 20 years. The fire was definitely back in her marriage and she had every intention of stoking that fire. She could feel the lust for her bubbling around inside of Roger. But she played it cool and did not just go off the deep end with a non-stop orgy of sex all weekend. They were parents after all.

Sunday morning was always a busy time. Getting Betsy and Jordon off to Sunday school and then the worship service and going to their adult class was a big part of their lives. In the back of her mind, however, Lori could not forget what a wild time she had with her husband at the theatre. She had to remind herself that she is filled with desire for her own husband and that is not sinful. It was hard to shake the idea that she was a bad girl and she was not sure she wanted to.

All through the sermon, Lori wiggled about how hot Roger was. She had the evil urge to get on his lap and let him fuck her right there in church in front of everybody. But fantasy is not reality and she knew better than that.

Sunday school was over early and Roger and Lori went to the van. The kids knew to meet them there rather than try to connect up in the busy hallways of the church. Lori had on a pretty white church dress that show leg up to just above the knee. It had a flowered print that was in step with the season. While she loved her church friends, she was glad to have a few moments alone with Roger.

"Did you like the sermon?" she asked him.

"There was a sermon?" He said with a smile. She knew what he meant. Like Lori, Roger was having trouble thinking of anything else but their wild sex romp on Friday night. Lori turned in her seat and brought her legs under her looking at her handsome husband.

"I think Cathy has the hots for you." She teased him because Cathy was always friendly to everyone and gave kisses on the cheek to her church friends.

"Cathy does not have the hots for me. She is just a friendly girl." Roger said good naturedly. Just then Lori reached over and put her hand on his leg just below the crotch.

"She may not have the hots for you but I do." Lori leaned in and whispered in her ear. "I want to do something very dirty to you." She hissed letting the air stroke his earlobe. Right away Roger's erection sprang to life in his church pants. Slowly Lori moved her fingers over the fabric feeling that hard shaft in his pants and then she found the zipper and pulled it slowly down.

Roger was gasping for air from shock and excitement. "Oh God Lori, we are at church." He moaned.

"We are not in church.". "She whispered as she reached in and moved his underwear aside. "We are near it and we are all alone."

"But Sunday school will be out soon. Everybody will be coming out. Our kids………." He objected.

"Then let's not waste any time." She answered. When she pulled out his long hard dick, Lori was once again amazed how hard it could get. Except for at the theatre, it had been years since she saw of felt him this turned on. Lori and Roger were very conservative people so everything she tried was new to both of them. She had never had her mouth on a hard penis and he had never felt that. But as she held that huge manhood as church people milled about the parking lot, there was no time like the present to learn.

"Now you just keep watch" she whispered kissing his ear and down his neck. She looked down at that erection jutting out of his church pants and slowly got in position to lower her mouth to it. As Roger began to realize what was happening all he could do was moan in a low tone, "oh God." That seemed somehow appropriate for Sunday morning.

Lori had planned this although the idea of doing it to him in the van outside of church was a new twist. She had done some reading and watched a few videos on the internet so she would know what to do. She was trying so hard to be a sex kitten that she kept hidden from her husband that she was nervous about putting his hard cock in her mouth.

Face to face with the monster, Lori felt unsure of what to do. She began with a lick drawing her tongue from the base of the head to the opening. Her licking turned on her husband who moaned from that.

"Oh God there's Felicia." Roger said stroking Lori's hair. "Its ok she just waved." Roger was just as excited and nervous and the worry about being caught only excited them both all the more. "Hurry babe." Roger gasped. That moment of waving at Felicia added to the urgency.

Gathering her courage, Lori opened her lips wide and lowered her open mouth onto Roger's hard cock. Her beloved husband moaned almost too loudly feeling her wet mouth close on him and begin to suck. Lori was overwhelmed at the taste of her husband's hard penis and without thinking he seemed to be pushing it in and out of her mouth. She decided to just go with it and move her mouth in step with him as she learned online.

Lori's head moved up and down in her husbands lap letting her tongue stroke his hard erection inside her mouth as his hands guided her head. "Oh babe, I'm close". Lori was ready. She had another trusty handtowel ready to go. But she had seen a video about swallowing and she wanted to put plenty of spice into this wild adventure.

Moving her hands up his legs over his church pants, Lori found his testicles and gently began to massage them. As she lowered her mouth onto Rogers hard prick as far as she could stand it and stroke his balls, that was all it took. Roger arched back like he was going to burst out of his seat and pushed his hips up. Then an enormous orgasm surged out of his hard cock.

Even from watching the videos, Lori was shocked by the feel of the powerful spurts of cum inside her mouth. Quickly she brought her towel up to her chin so try to keep overflow from going on Roger's church pants. His cum was hot and gooey as it spurted onto the back of her tongue. Lori resisted the urge to spit and instead sucked it toward her throat and then swallowed. It was salty and went down in an ooze coating her throat.

"Oh God, oh God, oh God." Roger moaned. "I am cumming in your mouth" he said with a shocked tone. His hips and testicles convulsed as his orgasm kept coming. Finally Lori had to take the big penis out of her mouth and cover it with the towel to soak put the rest. From there is was a mad scramble to put him and herself back together before the good church people could get suspicious.

Lori You Are Such a Slut!

"I wondered where you two went after church on Sunday." Cyndi said roaring with delight at the stories of Lori's seduction of Roger. Lori was glad she had the house to herself on Monday to tell her best friend all about it. "Lori you are such a slut!" Cyndi squealed.

Lori laughed out loud at that. She blushed several shades at that term and then smiled because part of her sort of liked being called a slut.

"In the parking lot of the church!" Cyndi continued. "Were you out of your mind?" She laughed. "Wait until I tell Steven!" Steven was her husband.

"You better not!" Lori scolded her friend.

"How has Roger been since you started all this? Are things better in bed?" Cyndi wanted to know.

"Unbelievable girl." Lori answered. "I have not seen him this eager for sex since we first met. It is like he can't get enough of me. The night after the theatre, we did it twice when we got home!"

"Shut UP!" Cyndi insisted. If Steven ever tried it twice, I would have to call 911. You are such a slut for coming up with this evil plan!"

"Hey it was your idea, you slut!" Lori teased her friend back. "Maybe you need to accost Steven in public."

"I am inspired. I wonder if I should flash him in court." Cyndi wondered because Steven was a lawyer. It was sinful to tell Cyndi about her wild sex with Roger but she was bursting with the need for someone to talk to about it. Lori chuckled talking to her BFF knowing that the whole thing meant Steven was in for the fucking of his life as well.

"Do you have plans for another surprise for that poor husband of yours?" Lori asked.

"Not sure but we may have one more big one in us." Lori said.

"If you have one more big one in you, you will get a big one in you." Cyndi said while laughing.

"Bad joke but that's right!" Lori laughed.

One More in Her.

Lori's next seduction of her sexy man caught both of them by surprise. The entire experiment had changed her from the inside out. She was thinking and acting like a horny teenage girl and loving it. She made an extra effort to always look great for Roger because both of them were ready and up for anything. Above all she always carried that trusty hand towel because the mood might strike at the grocery store, the library or just about anywhere.

In an effort to make sure they were still sweethearts and not just fuck buddies. Lori agreed with Roger that for her birthday, they would have a picnic at the park. She loved that park because it had a huge open field that was always well mowed and great for kids flying kites, chasing their dogs or playing Frisbee.

It was nothing but a wholesome setting. But Lori dressed to please her man anyway. She never wanted to get to where she didn't try her best to look sexy to him. That is how things got so bad before and this new era of wild horniness was wonderful for their love affair. It was jut a matter of keeping it going.

Lori wore a blue sundress that showed off her legs nicely. It was cut low in front and she did not wear a bra. Her tan had come in well so to borrow a popular line, she was sexy and she knew it. When Roger swung by the house after work and she came out in that hot outfit, he whistled.

"Am I expected to behave myself with you looking like that?" He said with an evil grin.

"Yes you are you horny dog." She answered smiling happily at his lust for her "This is a public park and we are going there to be nice people, not porn stars."

"You are hotter than any porn star babe." Roger complimented. She frowned at his advances but inside Lori was thrilled.

They found a nice spot that was alone but there were people in sight so they would behave like normal Christian parents are supposed to behave. They got busy laying out the food and the sheet for the picnic and tried not to lust for each other. That was hard to do. Roger's eyes were constantly going to Lori's legs or trying to get a peek down her top like a horny school kid. Lori was no better giving him ample peeks like, as Cyndi phrased it "such a slut". But she was a slut for her husband.

While Roger was getting the food out, Lori looked around the park. There were about seven or eight groups scattered far apart from each other. She looked closely and there were no children. It made sense. The park was across from City College so mostly students or young adults were there. Families with kids went to the other parks that had playgrounds and pools. This park was designed for older family fun.

As they enjoyed their food, Roger stared without shame at his wife's sexy tanned legs. "Babe," he said, "you have never looked so sexy. And you do it without even trying." Little did he know how much work it went into looking sexy like she wasn't even trying. But it was worth it. "I sure want to see up that sexy skirt."

How could she say no? She sensuously parted her legs and he got a beautiful look at his wife's sexy pussy. Once again, she "forgot" the panties at home. Lori watched her husband's crotch and that bulge surged into existence like Old Faithful. Suddenly Roger was on the move. He climbed onto his hands and knees and was moving toward the sexy date he had with him in the park.

"Roger, this is not the place. What are you going to do?" Lori said cautiously.

"I just want to kiss my wife." He said with a sexy growl. He got to her and leaned in and gave her a long wet kiss with his tongue slipping into her mouth deeply. At the same time his right hand pushed that cute skirt up and the fingers went right into her pussy. Right in the middle of the kiss Lori gasped feeling his skilled fingers part the lips of her cunt and stroke her clit expertly.

Lori's tongue jutted into his mouth as she laid back for him to get on top of her. Roger had no control any more. He pulled down the top of her dress and Lori's left breast popped out, the cherry colored nipple already hard and ready to be sucked by her man. Roger kissed down her neck biting and sucking.

"Oh God Roger, it's a family park. There are people!" Lori moaned but unable to stop arching up to his love making right there front of everyone. She looked sideways and people were beginning to stare. That only excited her more.

Then she heard his hand working his pants. By the time she was able to look, he had them open and his huge hard-on was dangling down ready to mount his woman. "Roger it's not right. There are people watching!" Lori objected.

"That's what makes it so hot!" Roger almost shouted and he pushed her skirt up revealing her shaved pussy to anyone close enough to see it.

Quickly Lori turned over under the horny man but that didn't slow him down one bit. He pulled her naked butt up to him and mounted her like a stallion stud. "Oh God!" Lori cried out in pleasure when she felt Roger's huge erection spread her vagina rim and plunge inside of her. He began fucking her furiously on the picnic blanket immediately.

He was like a wild animal once again but with even less control. People were shouting and she sensed them beginning to come there way. "Fuck me deep darling, faster faster!" she cried feeling her massive orgasm approaching. Instinctively she arched her butt up to the hard fucking she was taking inside her hole. Suddenly her orgasm hit and she cried out without holding back

"OH OH OH OHHHHHHHHHH" her cries rang across the park. She heard alarms like the police had been called.

"Hurry, he is raping her!" people were shouting and running that way. Her orgasm howls of delight were being misunderstood as distress.

"CUM NOW ROGER!" she cried out loudly and he obeyed. He pushed up on his arms and virtually screamed as his balls constricted forcing a surge of cum to fill his wife's vagina like a tidal wave. He came and came and came inside her just as the onlookers and police showed up.

Roughly Roger was pulled off of Lori and someone hit him in the face. "Get him. He is a rapist! Take him away." The people cried out as the police pulled him to his feet with his wet hard cock still waving in the breeze.

As he was carried off to jail from the protective cries of the throng people of their town. Roger called out to his lover. "LORI, COME GET ME!"

"I WILL MY DARLING!" Lori called back to her lover to end all lovers. "I WILL!"


I welcome your feedback about this or any of my stories. You can send me feedback to RemingtonOz@mail.com Do you have a fantasy that you would like to see become a reality as an erotic story. Remington Oz can make that happen for you. Just jot down your fantasy with as much detail as you would like to see included and send it off to RemingtonOz@mail.com. For a reasonable fee, your erotic fantasy will spring to life in an exciting sexy story. No limits as you let your deep desires with a story that will be your private treasure or an exciting gift for that special someone.


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