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The Good Ones Always Come Back

Short story By: Remington Oz

Tags: Seduction

When Summer got her dream job teaching middle school, she had to get used to the stares of the dads. When she gave in to the temptation of being intimate with one of them, the guilt was out of control. She knew the reputation of a woman who went that route and lost her job. She she behaved herself. She kept her reputation clean until one of her best student came back to visit. That is when his reunion time with her got out of control.

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Summer celebrated her 10 year anniversary of teaching middle school quietly. She lived a simple life so enjoying a night with friends and a glass of wine and a piece of cake was a big day. At 30, she kept her girlish appeal with a slender figure that made her look much younger. That was a blessing and a curse when it came to teaching a room full of ninth grade boys and girls.

Summer had learned a lot about keeping her nose clean since she started teaching at the age of 20. The school district put her on a substitute teacher and helper as she worked her way through college. Even before that, Summer volunteered at private schools and she developed her lifelong passion for guiding young people in their lessons and in life. But even at just 18 years old, she learned of some of the pitfalls of being a beautiful young woman in an educational setting.

While just helping out at the elementary school just after high school, Summer was very aware of the dads. Their looks were lustful and obvious. The problem was that every now and then one of those dads was amazingly hot and it was hard not to like how he looked at her. She carefully did not tell her parents this side of her new job or that would have been the end of it.

Mr Sandovar

Summer saw the large luxury car parked in front of the school as she went to her car late one afternoon. She had worked late to help with a project to decorate the gym for a rally for the kids the next day. Because it was so late, not many people were still around the campus. Summer got in her car and found that it would not start. Frustrated she got out and opened the hood even though she had no idea what was under there.

Just then she heard that deep male voice speaking with a slight Hispanic accent. "Are you ok Miss?" He said. She looked up and a gorgeous dad was standing next to that fancy luxury car about to get in the back seat. At first she must have looked a little nervous at talking to a stranger. Then he smiled a reassuring smile.

"Do not worry. I am Mr. Sandovar. I think you help out in my little girl's second grade class. Her name is Maria." Summer relaxed a bit because she knew Maria. She was a gorgeous 7 year old girl in Mrs. Cox's class.

"Oh yes," Summer responded, "Maria is a lovely girl. Is she with you?" Summer asked.

"No I just came up to the school to drop off teacher's supplies. I am on the school board. Is everything ok with your car?" He inquired in a friendly way.

"It's dead and I don't know anything about it. My dad has an auto club so I will have to hike home to get the card. But its ok because it is only a couple miles." She said self confidently.

"Nonsense. Let me drive you home. I have lots of room." Mr. Sandovar said opening the door. Inside the car was like a luxury hotel suite. It was clear that Mr. Sandovar was very wealthy. So Summer decided to go along just to enjoy that fancy ride. Inside the car, she was alone with the dad because there was a barrier between them and the driver.

Summer giggled a little bit at how amazing the limo was. But when she was alone with that sexy and very handsome dark skinned dad, she felt her heart skip a beat. His shirt was open a few buttons so she could see his sexy chest with dark tufts of hair on his chest. Hie eyes were a dark brown or black with a piercing stare. His skin was a gorgeous brown color that was offset by his black curly hair. Without thinking, Summer smiled at him almost like she was flirting with him.

Mr. Sandovar looked at the gorgeous slender blond haired white girl in his limo and his desire was stirred for her. He felt restraint because he was pretty sure he knew her parents and she was just barely over 18. Her eyes were pools of innocence and infatuation as she gazed at him and he was drawn to them. To keep from kissing her, he simply put his finger on her lips and caressed it which only filled the young girl with stronger desire.

"You are quite lovely Summer." He said softly. "Is there a lucky young man who makes love to you daily?" he asked. Summer was not a virgin. She had lost that to a boyfriend when she was 15. But that first time was crude and clumsy with no romance or excitement. Already she was wet in her pussy being in that limo with Mr. Sandovar more than any guy her age able to achieve.

"No, "she said with a gasping whisper, "Nobody to love me." Summer leaned in to the handsome exotic dad no longer processing that this was against the rules. The driver was driving the neighbourhoods slowly waiting for instructions but knowing it may be a while before they came. He knew how this worked.

"You deserve love my angel" Mr. Sandovar whispered.

All Summer could do was gasp "oh" when he said that and closed her eyes. She was all his and he knew that. He kissed her softly and that kiss quickly became deep and passionate. Summer felt the sexy man slide his tongue into her mouth and she opened wide for that. She explored his mouth giving back to him as she was getting. When he sucked her tongue, she thought she would explode inside.

The experienced lover knew could not keep the young girl in his car for long. She was gasping with desire as he pulled up her long skirt and pushed his hand under it. Her skin was soft and cool to his touch and she opened her thighs instinctively as he felt higher and higher toward her panties.

As Mr. Sandovar moved his kisses from Summer's lips to her neck, she fell backward offering her flesh to the older man. He laid her down on the luxurious seat of the car and brought her tiny butt up to the cushion as well. Sucking her neck, he lifted her skirt higher and higher until her panties were exposed. As the wealthy dad pushed up to his knees and looked at the naked slender hips and the bulge of the pussy of this young teaching assistant, his lust was more than his good sense could beat.

As Summer watched, Mr. Sandoval unzipped his pants and pulled out his amazingly large cock. It surprised and scared her but she was all his. He pulled down her panties to her ankles and removed them. He did not have to push her legs apart because she willingly spread them. When he lay between her legs, those skilled lips kissed her again filling her with emotions and want to have him inside her.

There was no waiting. Suddenly young Summer arched back feeling that big hard daddy penis push into her. "You are mine now Summer" he moaned as he buried the entire shaft in her stretching the tight inner walls of her pussy. Without pause, he began to fuck in and out of her. His thrusts were more powerful than anything she had ever experienced and she moaned and thrust back letting her body take over to fuck him back.

In a sudden surge of excitement, the sexy man thrust his cock deep inside of Summer and came. When she felt his hot sperm shoot into her like it was coming out of a gun, that put her in to orbit as well and Summer pushed up into his arms and orgasmed as they kissed.

The Sins of Others

Summer was very worried for months after her exciting sex with that sexy dad in his Limo. First she worried about becoming pregnant. He filled her with cum and it was close to the time when she would have been ovulating. When her period came and went, then she had other anxieties. She felt so strange the next school day when she saw the little girl. Maria was a sweet little girl who naturally ran to Summer and hugged her each day she saw her. How could Summer forget the fact that she had fucked Maria's daddy?

More than anything she worried about her job and her reputation. But as time went by and nothing happened, Summer simply vowed to be more careful and not be tempted like that again. She never spoke of the incident until after Maria was out of the school system and nobody knew about the Sandovars at all. When she did speak of it to her close friend Tina, Tina mentioned that it was good she changed her ways. You don't want to end up like Abby the Slut do you?

"Who was Abby the Slut?" Summer wanted to know. This was a story that had become lore around the school. In reality Abby was not a slut at all. She had been teaching at the junior high level of the school for ten years when the incident happened. She was respected by her students and the other teachers. She did not dress slutty or act that way. She was married with two kids of her own who were just starting out in elementary school. She dressed professional but in an attractive way that accented her nice figure. She had a look that most people would call "lovely" rather than gorgeous or hot. But her smile lit up the room and she was universally loved.

The incident was not planned. It happened on a Thursday afternoon that was like any other Thursday afternoon. Abby had sent a couple kids to detention. including one particularly lippy boy named Jordon. Jordon seemed to think he could order his teacher around and so the only way to establish her authority was to give him detention.

Because Jordon was in detention, he missed his bus so he called his brother Bryan to pick him up. Bryan was in junior college but he lived at home. He was 20 years old and he resembled a much more handsome, muscular and masculine version of Jordon. Bryan did not know where detention was so he came to the classroom where Abby was cleaning up from her day of teaching.

"Are you Mrs. Oberman?" Bryan said entering the room like he owned it. His swagger and lack of shyness took Abby back because she was used to dealing with junior high boys. When Abby confirmed who she was, he added. "I am his brother Bryan. They didn't have hot teachers like you when I went here." He said entering the room and letting the door with no windows fall shut and click.

"Jordon is in detention Bryan." Abby answered him coldly. "He is in room 222 and he should be getting out shortly so you can find him there."

Bryan crossed to her desk so he was standing right in front of it with only the desk between them. "You put him in detention didn't you?" he accused her. "Why?" he demanded.

"He was lippy and acted like he could order me around. That is grounds for detention." She answered with some anger in her voice.

"Maybe he should order you around. There are some women that like that." Bryan said with a sinister sound to his voice. He was leaning on his hands so his face was half way across the desk.

"I am not one of them." Abby said facing him directly.

"I think you are." The 20 year old said and at that he grabbed her wrists firmly and pulled her toward him. Abby did not have a chance to stop the boy before his mouth kissed hers hard and she felt his tongue penetrate her lips. Something in her responded and she kissed him back. He was so powerful and demanding that a part of her began to get very excited. When he finished the kiss, he put his other hand in her hair grasping it like a handle so it hurt her.

"You kissed me back. You like being a slave to a real man. Maybe that cunt husband of yours doesn't know how to excite you." He said and he kissed her again.

"Stop Bryan." She gasped but he didn't stop. Instead he came around the desk and wrapped his arms around her from behind. "If someone comes in, I will yell rape." She moaned but her breathing was going wild and she found herself pushing back against him.

"But if they don't come in, I am going to fuck you teacher woman." He hissed. He pushed her to the desk and wrapped his arms around her kissing and biting her neck.

"Oh god…" Abby gasped but it was a sigh of passion, not fear or anger. Bryan took the sides of her blouse and yanked so the buttons flew off and he ripped it apart. He reached in and pulled down her bra so Abby's ample breasts were naked in her own classroom. Abby was terrified and turned on more than she had ever been.

Sensing her excitement, Bryan pulled up Abby's neatly pressed skirt over her hips and leaned over her body. Abby tried to struggle but when Bryan held her firmly bent over for him, that only made her more excited. She felt his hand push down her panties to fuck her. "No Bryan please" she said but as he felt into her slit, her wetness told him yes.

It was a blur to Abby hearing him unzip his pants to take out his hard cock. As she looked out over the chairs of the students she taught, she felt that big cock drive into her and begin to fuck her right there in the school. Suddenly almost without knowing it, Abby gasped "Oh God yes fuck me." That drove Bryan wild and he grasped her naked tits squeezing them together and stroking the hard nipples and fucked into her powerful thrusts. "I'm going to cum in you." He moaned.

"No not inside me!" Abby objected but it was too late. He buried his cock in her and filled her with his sperm. Just as out of nowhere, Abby came too falling forward on her face on the desk with her butt stuck up to take his sperm.

"Just then the door opened and Principle Nightly stood there looking on at the filthy scene." Tina finished. "Abby was renamed Abby the Slut and she was fired on the spot."

"Wow" Summer responded to the dramatic story. She vowed then and there to be very careful for as long as she worked at that school so she would never become known as Summer the slut.

The Reunion

At 30, Summer was proud of her 10 years of teaching. Except for that one time with Mr. Sandovar, she had kept her nose clean. She was skilled at navigating the lustful stares of dads and 14 year old boys as well. And she did so while still dressing like a girl in outfits that showed off her best side. She looked more like the 20 year old new teacher than a seasoned 30 year old teacher.

The first day of her 11th year went without incident. It was a good crop of students this year and she had very little trouble from them. After classes were dismissed, she spent some time in the room getting it ready for a big teaching exercise she was going to use the next day that utilized the style of the TV game show, Jeopardy.

As she was leaving, she saw Tina coming her way walking with a tall, slender and very handsome young man. Tina spotted Summer and got excited. "Summer, just look who I ran into!" she squealed gesturing to the boy who looked to be about 20.

"Timmy?" Summer shouted with delight when she recognized him. When he nodded to her with a gorgeous smile, she just ran over and gave him a sweet hug.

"Miss Reynolds, Mrs. Johns, you both were my favorite teachers when I was here six years ago. God that seems like forever ago now." Timmy said happily in a sexy deep voice but his eye contact stayed with Summer. When Summer looked over at Tina, Tina mouthed "Oh my God" looking at the handsome boy. This brought a smile to Summer's face.

Suddenly Tina announced that she was late for meeting her husband and she scurried off. Tim and Summer laughed at her sudden departure. After an awkward moment, Tim said, "Well, why don't you let me buy you a drink and we can talk about old times."

"Oh you are such a sweet boy. But I should not be drinking in a bar with a handsome former student. What would people say?" she said coyly.

"Well let me see about that." The handsome 20 year old said. At that he reached into the interior pocket of his jacket and produced a small bottle of rum. "We could get a coke and share a little beverage in the teacher's lounge. Summer looked around and by this time the school was quite abandoned. So she agreed because she was enjoying his company so much.

Tim got a can of coke from the machine and it was cold. Summer used her security card to get them into the teacher's lounge. It was deserted and they could see the parking lot from the windows and it was also deserted. She got a couple coffee cups out of the cabinet and she got some ice from the refrigerator and they mixed the drinks.

"To my prettiest teacher ever." He toasted her and she just giggled. It felt strange to be so smitten with a boy 10 years younger who used to sit in a chair in her classroom as a teenager. But he had become gorgeous and sexy in every possible way. They drank and chatted about silly things that happened the year he was in her class. Then he made his confession.

"Being here in school with you makes me remember what a huge crush I had on you in the ninth grade." He said smiling. I used to wish I could get a peek under your skirt and the idea sent me home to masturbate about you constantly." He confessed blushing.

Summer blushed deeply as well. She went to the counter to get a paper towel. "I used to love to call on you Timmy. You were a delight to have in class." She said softly her heart beating fast.

"Teacher, teacher would you read us as story?" Tim said playfully waving his hand in the air.

"Anything for my favorite student." Summer played along and she sat in a chair pretending to open a book. When she sat in the chair, her cute skirt came up just over her knees. She pretended to read. "Once upon a time, a very handsome former student came to visit his teacher and to give her a drink." She said giggling and she took a drink of her beverage. The alcohol was making her silly and much more too.

"Teacher is the one where Timmy wishes he could see up her skirt?" Tim said with an impish smile staring at Summer's knees.

"It just might be that Timmy." She said she continued to pretend to read. "And Timmy was always a good little boy and it made Summer like him better than all the other boys in her class." Then with her heart beating fast, Summer parted her legs so that Tim could gaze up her skirt.

It was a dream come true for Tim. He saw his favorite teacher's bare white thighs leading to her sweet cotton panties that clung to her sexy pussy just right. The view was dark because her skirt was over her legs but it seemed that pussy was a little wet and clinging to the lips of her cunt.

Tim took a pen out of his jacket pocket and tossed it so it landed right at her feet. "Oh I'm sorry teacher." He apologized playfully. "I think I dropped my pen." This made Summer laugh looking down at that pen that was directly between her open legs. "Let me get it so I can take notes on your lecture." He added.

Slipping out of his chair to the floor, Tim crawled on his hands and knees like a little boy would to Summers knees. He put his hand on the pen but then he looked right up her skirt with his face directly next to her knees. "I think the story should include how sexy Miss Summer looks right now." He said softly and then on his knees he touched her knees opening them further.

"Oh Timmy." Summer gasped but the alcohol and the very handsome boy got the better of her. As he moved his hands up her legs, he began to kiss her knees and then the soft skin of her legs just inside the lower thighs. "oh my." She said in a whisper feeling the wet softness of his lips on her thighs. At the same time his hands moved up to her skirt and started pushing it up higher and higher on her legs.

"I think this is a story about how the handsome student seduced the innocent teacher." She said breathing hard from her arousal.

"I think so too." Tim said and he leaned forward to kiss her mouth. Putting his right hand behind Summer's neck, he pulled her to him and kissed her deeply opening his lips wide. The wetness of that kiss made Summer crazy and she also opened her mouth so his tongue could press inside her lips to French kiss her deeply.

At the same time, Tim's other hand was had pushed her skirt all the way up to her hips. She had her legs wide open for her former student and her panties were soaked the wetness oozing from her cunt. Tim slid his hand into her panties and pushed the lips of her pussy open so he could explore the soft wet flesh of her pink slit. When he brushed her clit, Summer gasped and hugged his neck kissing it.

"I want you so much." He moaned as he pulled her from her chair. "I wanted to fuck you when I was 14 and I want it even more now." He said lowering her gently to the lush carpet of the teacher's lounge floor. The danger of fucking a former student on school grounds was the most remote thing from Summer's mind.

Kissing him deeply, Summer lifted her hips so he could slide her panties down her naked legs to reveal her wet pussy to him. Looking down at his beautiful sexy teacher, Tim unzipped his pants. The look in her eyes as he pushed his pants down and let his very hard cock out excited him tremendously. Leaning in over her, he kissed her and undid the buttons of her blouse. Summer was so eager to feel him inside her that she wiggled under him and found his hard cock with her hand. She gently explored it up and down and stroked his balls with her thin fingers.

Losing his gentle control, Tim pulled open her top so the rest of the buttons went flying. Summer reached in and undid the clasp in front of her bra so her small tits were freed to give to the sexy ex student to taste. "Oh God Timmy. I want you in me." She said softly lifting her hips and moving his hard cock into the slit of her sex.

As Tim's mouth closed over his teacher's nipple and began to suck, she aided him in fitting the tip of his big cock to her tight vagina rim. Then she pushed up so the head pressed inside her stretching the rim of her pussy as it did. "Oh God." Tim gasped feeling the warmth and wetness of Summer's insides engulf his erection. He fell on her supported by his elbows and pushed harder. Summer kissed his neck and ear as inch after inch of his hard cock penetrated her deeply.

With one more trust Tim's full hard-on filled Summer's pussy hole entirely. His passion was exploding and he began to fuck in and out of Summer thrusting with the power of his hips deep into the soft parts of her insides. Summer held his neck and thrust back up to him matching his powerful fucking moves thrust for thrust. Suddenly Summer orgasmed hard moaning and pushing up as her body was flooded with the overpowering feelings of her orgasm.

She was all his and continued to push up to offer him every inch of her cunt as Timmy began to fuck his teacher harder and harder. He pushed up on his arms and watched his hard cock come out of her soaking wet from her pussy moisture and then plunge back inside again and again and again. Then it hit him like a seizure and he came inside her driving his cock to the balls to fill her with his cum. Strong eruptions of hot sperm shot out of his balls and filled Summer's womb with seed.

They lay in a pile for a while with Timmy inside of Summer gasping and kissing. Finally she kissed him and said, "I will probably get fired for this." But she giggled instead of feeling bad about it.

"Well then I will have my middle school teacher all for myself when you move in with me back at my mansion." He whispered kissing her deeply. That was a plan that Summer liked very much.


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