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Living with a Vampire

Short story By: Remington Oz

Barclay loved his work as a college professor in English Literature. He was amazed at the response to the story of Dracula. When his associate explained the ugly truth about vampires to him, he was both fascinated and terrified. But when the phenomenon happened to him, he had no power to stop the force of nature that would make his sweet female servants his lovers and his food.

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Barclay waited patiently for his class in literature at the New England Junior College to get started. He had been teaching at the school adjunct for three years and he enjoyed it a great deal. Not only did it put a little extra cash in his bank account, it gave him a chance to lead his classes in stimulating discussions about the great books of English literature. And since he was the professor, he got to pick the books.

The class filled up quickly. Barclay was a popular teacher and this session was always one of the most popular of the curriculum. He had assigned the class to read Dracula by Bram Stoker. College students could not get enough of the legend of the greatest vampire of all time. The discussion period was fun and exciting and the longer they talked about the vampire, the more stirred up some of the students became. It was impossible not to notice that the students that got the most into the discussion the longer it went on were the cute college girls that filled his classroom each day.

Barclay was engaged to a gorgeous girl whom he adored. Julia was a tall and slender beauty with perfect curves that looked as sexy in clothes as out of them. Her long black hair was outrageously sexy. At 24 she was ten years younger than Barclay and she was a wild cat in bed as well. Anyone who saw Julia and Barclay together when they were out were amazed that such a plain looking man could get such a hot woman to marry him.

With such a sexy woman to be inside every night if he wanted, it shocked Barclay that he felt tempted by the cute college girls that came to his classes. The day of the Dracula discussion, the three co-eds that sat on the front row seemed to ooze sex in his direction. Kimberly, Savannah and Suzanne loved Barclay's class and it was impossible for Barclay to miss that all three girls were wiggling in their chairs as they spoke of the dangerous vampire, Nosferatu or Dracula.

When Barclay saw how the three gorgeous 19 year olds seemed almost turned on, he focused the discussion more on the appeal of the vampire. The more turned on the girls got, the more they wiggled and those sexy legs opened giving him great peeks up their short skirts. Before long Barclay had to stand with a clipboard in front of his pants because the hard-on he had looking at those sexy patnies that got wetter and wetter as the discussion continued.

Professor Duncan

Barclay walked briskly back to his office after class. He was pretty sure he was going to have to close the door and masterbate after seeing all that sexy thigh and barely concealed pussy in class. Before he got there, he heard giggling coming out of one of the offices. As he apparoched, he saw co-eds crowding to get in to see Professor Duncan. Barclay was a good friend with John so his curiosity was excited especially after staring lustfully at the three gorgeous freshman girls in his literature class.

When he got a peek, the college girls were all over John Duncan as he sat in his chair in his office. One was seated on his desk with her legs up on the chair so he could see right up her skirt. He was rubbing her thighs and moving his fingers up toward her pussy as a second beautiful redhead kissed his neck and pushed her hand under his shirt. Just then John spotted his friend and laughed. "Oh hi Barclay" he aid loudly. Quickly the girls got themselves together. John had the girls excuse themselves while he talked to his good friend.

"That was quite a harem you had there Mr. Duncan." Barclay said.

"Well I have magnetism for co-eds. It is somewhat new." John said. "These girls have good reason to want more of me." He said mysteriously.

"I just left teaching some sexy co-eds about Dracula and I never seen girls in a classroom that turned on." Barclay told his friend as they walked into the hall.

"Oh there is a good reason for that." John said. "Why don't you meet met at the park this evening and I will fill you in." he went on. By this time Barclay was very interested in all of this mystery. "See you then. I have student advisory meetings all afternoon." John finished as he vanished back into his office.

"Professor Duncan, Your 4:30 is here." The intercom in John's office announced.

"Send her in Betty" the professor answered getting out the paperwork for the next student who had an appointment. This was the time of year that each student met with his or her advisor to plan out their next semester's classes and to be sure they were on track to get their degree as planned. John opened the portfolio and gasped at the picture of the sweet and adorable girl that was about to walk into his office. "Ashley Matthews" he said in a low tone and suddenly he felt that "hungry" sensation from deep within him.

The young girl knocked on her advisor's door and he called for her to come in. She was an absolute doll. Her long blond hair was straight and simple flowing down over her tiny shoulders. She wore a cute dress with a belt. The top had big red buttons barely containing her large breasts. The skirt came to just below her panties when she sat down nervously in front of the desk of her professor. John felt that hunger in him grow rapidly. It was a new hunger he had given into more and more since that visit to the cave a few weeks before.

John picked up Ashley's folder and moved to the couch next to his desk. "Let's go over your enrollment options" he said but already his voice was getting deeper and more smoky as it did when he made the change. Ashley felt nervous and something like a fire in her stomach began to burn. There was a draw to this middle aged professor that was powerful than she ever felt for a boy. She was confused and aroused all at once.

Professor Duncan tried to look at the paperwork but instead his eyes were drawn to those sexy thighs right next to him. "You are a beautiful girl Ashley." he heard his husky voice saying. Ashley knew this was out of line for a professor to say to her. But her breathing was labored, her brow sweating and she was wigging from arousal just from being next this man. There was something very animal about it.

"Professor Duncan, you are my dad's age." She said weakly.

"But I am not him." She heard the low growl answer and when he turned his face to meet hers, there was a red glow in his eyes. The professor pulled the young girl to him and kissed her hungrily. Before his lips found hers, all she could get out was a slight "oh" and then she was his to take.

Ashley was overwhelmed with the feeling of desire that was coming from the powerful creature. The professor sucked her neck hungrily and those fangs that came out when he was full of hunger began to sharpen. He did not sink into flesh just yet. Instead he pushed her back onto the couch pulling her tiny skirt up over her cute panties.

"Oh professor take me." She gasped out of control with desire. It was like an other worldly force has taken her over and made her want nothing more than to be fucked and completely consumed by this wild animal of a man. By instinct the young college girl opened her soft thighs as wide as she could as she felt Professor Duncan climb between her legs. His strong hand closed over the top of her panties and in one rip he tore them from her body.

The professor pushed up gazing at the beautiful coed like she was food. She was both terrified and more turned on than she had ever felt in her life. When she looked into those red eyes full of lust to fuck her, Ashley orgasmed hard. The orgasm took her over and she writhed on the couch as the hungry vampire ripped her blouse open causing the buttons to fly all over the room. Then he yanked on her white bra and it tore away revealing the soft white flesh of Ashley's amble tits.

Ashley barely came out of her swoon when the big professor fell on her as he pulled his rock hard cock from his pants. Instinctively she thrust up to him and the hard missile found its mark. He drove into her up to the balls in one thrust. As Ashley arched back to cry out, the professor's hungry mouth kissed her muffling her moans of pain and ecstasy. His tongue thrust into her mouth even as his hard cock fucked in and out of her pussy hole.

Without a pause, Professor Duncan lowered his mouth to those sweet nipples that pushed up to him. He sucked the right one hard as his hands pulled Ashley's pussy up for him to fuck her deeper. Those fangs were sharp and ready and they sank into the flesh of the sweet young girl just next to the nipple of her right breast. The pain caused Ashley to moan out and fuck up to the vampire wildly. As her blood flowed into his mouth and he swallowed it, the professor suddenly buried his hard cock as deep as it would go. He came in her as she orgasmed again and passed out from the pure pleasure of becoming his sexual property and food.

The Cave

Barclay saw his friend John approaching the park around dusk. As soon as John sat down on the bench, he got right to the point. "I have something to show you that will clear up the vampire mystery we were talking about before. Come on." He said and the two got up and started walking west toward the wilder edges of the park.

"I was surprised how aroused the girls in my class got just talking about Dracula." Barclay recalled. "I have never seen that reaction to a reading assignment before."

"It is more than a reading assignment to them." John explained. "Girls between the ages of 18 and 25 instinctively become aroused and drawn to the vampire. It is primal. They cannot help it. They can smell a vampire in their midst and they will gravitate to him. If the beast demands blood, they give in with excitement. It is both animal and sexual." He explained.

"That doesn't sound like the movie vampires I have seen." Barclay responded.

"Those movies clean up the vampire reality. Most of what is in those movies is bullshit. That is especially true of the ones we have now where the vampire is sensitive soul. The vampire is a blood seeking animal who cannot resist his need for the blood and pussy of young girls. The vampire is always male and the idea that the bite of a human vampire will turn you into one is also bullshit."

"When a young girl is ravished by a vampire and he takes her blood, she does not become a vampire. But her sexuality explodes and she develops a deep need to give herself to a vampire again and be fucked by him. The orgasms she has from his attack are so powerful that they can never be reproduced by a human male. That is why you saw so many young girls hanging around my office today. They wanted more. They wanted to feed me their blood."

Suddenly Barclay understood what his friend was saying. "John, do I need to be afraid right now?" Barclay said with some tremor in his voice.

"No," John said warmly. "Vampires do not attack men. They also do not take girls under the age of 18. That is not about morality because vampires have no morality. It is that only girls 18-25 have blood that can satisfy." He said as they entered the mouth of a very large cave. "You do not have to worry about me turning you into a vampire. I could not do that. There is only one way to have that happen." He said as Barclay used his flashlight to move into the cave deeper. "That is by bat."

"What do you mean by bat?" Barclay said spinning around. But his friend John was gone as though he disappeared into thin air. Suddenly Barclay heard the flutter of wings. The huge bat hit his head first and he fell back and hit it again on the stone wall. As soon as he fell to the cave floor, he was unconscious.

What Have I Become?

The first thing Barclay was aware of when he woke up was a weight on his hand. He moved it and there was a flutter of wings of a very large creature. The bat lifted off of his wrist where it had been feeding and it flew away. Barclay pulled his arm up and saw the blood coming out of a very large gash in his vein. Oddly though, as soon as the bat released him, the wound closed up and the bleeding stopped.

Barclay stumbled out of the cave confused and disoriented. The idea that he was a vampire was terrifying because it brought up all of the terrible images from really scary vampire movies. As he ran along trying to find civilization to get to feeling normal again, he saw a sorority house ahead. He stumbled out of the dark into the light of the parking lot and stopped to catch his breath.

"Mr. Rogers?" a sweet female voice hit his ears. He turned at it was Savannah from his literature class. She was a very sweet girl. She had a petite look about her. Her face was angelic especially with her short hair curling under her chin like it did that night. "Are you ok?" she said rushing to him. She got to him and held his arm until he could sit on a bench in front of the sorority house where she lived. "Oh my god, you are hurt!" she gasped when she saw the blood on his shirt where the bat had bit him and the bump on his head.

The sweet girl Savannah escorted him to her room in the quiet sorority house. Little did she know she was inviting a vampire into her bedroom. As Barclay sat on her bed, he began to get his human wits about him and felt better. Savannah was in her bathroom washing her face and he caught a view of her from the side. Her cute breasts were shaped in her shirt perfectly and her butt was nicely rounded in her skirt. The jeans skirt was cut midway down the thigh showing off Savannah's smooth white legs.

"That was such a great discussion about Dracula today Mr. Rogers." The pretty coed said from the bathroom. "I don't know why but it was really kinda exciting to think of what if there really were vampires in the world." She said with a giggle. Suddenly that cute giggle woke something up inside of the college teacher. When the sweet girl entered the room with that gorgeous smile on her face, he felt this primal hunger just show up in his deepest places.

It was a hunger but not just a simple kind like he had for a meal. It was a hunger to become one with Savannah. It was a hunger to own her, to drink from her bloodstream, to be inside her. It was a lust but more than just horniness. It was a deep need to fuck her that he felt he had to satisfy or he would perish.

"I was just telling Suzanne and Kimberly that you are my favorite teacher Mr. Rogers." Savannah chattered happily as she came out of the bathroom. But when she looked at her teacher, she froze. While nothing on the outside had changed, a powerful magnetism was coming from him. Instantly her pussy became wet and she felt a want for him that she could not explain or resist.

"Oh my god." The girl gasped in a low whisper. "What is happening?" She said with a mixture of fear and lust in her voice. As she watched, her sweet teacher's eyes developed a red glow.

"Savannah, I can't stop this." He said and his voice had descended to a deep growl like an animal. "I am going to fuck you." He said and the low growl that came from his voice was alien to him. "What have I become?" he thought to himself with the rational mind that was now just an observer to what the lustful vampire was about to do to this sweet innocent college girl.

"Oh God yes. Take me." Savannah said as she felt her soul go under the spell of the creature that had taken over her professor. Suddenly that other worldly voice of the vampire and the surge of sexual attraction that washed over the girl got to her and she orgasmed still in her clothing. Barclay watched in amazement as it seemed like her body was hit with an invisible tidal wave. That only made his lust for the body of young Savannah even more urgent. But the human inside him saw her begin to fall and he sprang across the room in one leap and caught her by her armpits. He picked her up in his strong arms carrying her like a baby.

Savannah woke up in the arms of the vampire. His red eyes glowed with a weird combination of lust and concern. But the lust was winning. When he smiled, the gleam of his white fangs sent chills of fear and excitement through her. Instantly she was aroused again and she leaned up to his handsome but sinister face. They kissed deeply and his tongue thrust deep into her mouth searching and tasting his prey.

At the bed, Barclay knelt holding the warm and round flesh of the sexy girl in his grasp and placed her on the bed like food on a plate. Savannah rolled onto her stomach and began to push up to get control. But it was not hers to have control. The vampire was on her with the full force of his want. Barclay felt a surge of strength in his body that was superhuman. He ripped the shirt from his frame and it fell in tatters to the bed. Then grabbing the top of Savannah's blouse, he shredded from her body to get to her flesh.

Savannah let out a gasp and a tiny moan as those powerful hands ripped the bra from her frame and pulled her skirt up to her ass in one movement. Her tiny panties were shredded with that same urgent lust of the vampire. "Oh god, oh god, oh god." She whimpered overwhelmed with the fury of her master and of her own desire to give her body to him and her blood.

The low rumble from the throat of her professor was nothing like a human would make. He fell on her kissing and biting her ears. She arched back pushing her butt to him and feeling the hardness of his erection open her butt cheeks and slide around that sensitive flesh. Barclay sucked and kissed along her throat and down to her shoulders looking down at her ample tits ready to be tasted too. He slid his arms around her middle mounting the young girl and taking a tit in each hand and squeezing it pinching the nipples. That pain only drove Savannah wilder and she orgasmed again.

Her spasms pushed her cunt back to the eager hard cock of the hungry vampire and it plunged inside her to full depth in one thrust. At the same time, Barclay's mouth found the soft flesh at the edge of Savannah's shoulder just before the arm socket. Those fangs that were so new to Barclay seemed to know what to do. They sank into the flesh of the young girl until blood began to flow over them into his eager mouth.

Savannah felt the pain of the bite and then the blood that was her life flowing into the vampire mouth as he drank from her. Along with that sensation, her vampire lover was squeezing her breasts rhythmically one after the other in tempo with the sucking action so it almost felt like she was feeding him and giving him her life. Then another dramatic sensation hit hard. That stiff cock that had stretched her cunt as though he was taking her cherry began to fuck into her hard and urgently.

In every way, Barclay was making his student's body his food. He fucked her like a wild animal while her blood flowed into him and as he mauled her generous tits with his fingers. As he felt his orgasm coming, he thrust one hand into her pussy from the front and rubbed her clit hard back and forth and back and forth. The effect was explosive as the biggest orgasm of her life hit her causing her to double over in her third orgasm. She spasmed like she was dying and then fell forward just as the vampire cum began to spew into her deepest womanhood. The poor girl passed out from ecstasy as the wild animal on her pushed up and let his cum flow inside her just as her blood dripped from his lips onto her naked white skin.

Living With Nosferatu

Barclay was glad that Julia was out of town for a month as he sorted out living his life as a college professor by day and vampire by night. Each night, he needed the blood and sex of a young girl. The college was perfect because as he taught his classes in literature, the gorgeous co-eds sensed the powerful draw to him. He dined on them in his office or at their dorm or sororities without reservation.

He returned to Savannah's room often and she became a willing slave to his lusts. She brought to him Susanna and Kimberly and he ravished them on Savannah's bed ripping their clothing and driving his eager cock into them as he drank from them. He took the blood from different places on each girl. When he made Kimberly his food, he drank her blood from the nip of her left breast. To the innocent girl it felt so much like the flow coming from her tit was nursing the vampire. And in a way it was.

As John Duncan had told him, girls he had drunk from developed an addiction to giving themselves to him again. So Barclay quickly got used to a harem of gorgeous college girls in his office or waiting for him in class or in his car to spread their legs to take his cock inside them and then open their veins for him to drink.

"Barclay, I am reading that there may be an infestation of vampires at your school." Julia said over the phone one night. She said this as a skinny blond girl named Alyssa lay naked at his feet recovering form an orgasm that seemed like it would never end as the vampire fucked her. "That's silly isn't it?" His worried future wife said to her man.

"It may not be that silly." Barclay said softly toying with the rim of Alyssa's stretched pussy hole as his cum flowed out of it.

"You aren't in any danger are you?" She said lovingly.

"No no darling." He said softly with a hint of that vampire growl in his voice. That was when the beautiful future bride decided to come home.

The night she got home, Barclay returned to the house late after fucking and drinking from two sweet co-eds. The smell of their blood was still on his breath.

As soon as he entered the home, she knew something was wrong. What surprised Barclay is that he felt his lust come up from his vampire side even for his beautiful bride. Then he remembered that he needed girls between 18 and 25. Julia had just turned 24.

Julia turned to greet her sweetheart and she jumped in fear at the look in his eyes. His ordinarily soft blue eyes were glowing red. "Bradley, I am worried about the vampire rumour. They say he is making the girls of your college sex slaves." She said stepping back as he advanced toward her with lust in his eyes.

"Its true, they are slaves to being sucked and drank from." The ordinarily mild mannered college teacher said menacingly. Julia became terrified and confused when she realized it. She just let it out.

"You are the vampire Barclay?" She gasped. But at the same time, her body was on fire with want to be taken violently by her gentle future husband.

"Yes, the girls are all mine. They are my food. They are my harem." He said and that is when she saw the faces of dozens of beautiful girls looking into the window.

"Oh God Barclay" Julia gasped trying to scream. "Please don't…………" she cried out and that is when his teeth sank into her neck and began to drink "Stop" she whimpered feeling her orgasm hit with a power of 1000 orgasms. She fell back and gave in to the vampire lust opening her legs to feel him violate her cunt and offering him her tits, her pussy, her ass and all of her blood if he wanted that from her. She would forever become part of the growing army of sexy girls who would be eager to give the accidental vampire all the blood he could ever want and all the pussy he could ever want to fuck as well.


I welcome your feedback about this or any of my stories. You can send me feedback to RemingtonOz@mail.com Do you have a fantasy that you would like to see become a reality as an erotic story. Remington Oz can make that happen for you. Just jot down your fantasy with as much detail as you would like to see included and send it off to RemingtonOz@mail.com. For a reasonable fee, your erotic fantasy will spring to life in an exciting sexy story. No limits as you let your deep desires with a story that will be your private treasure or an exciting gift for that special someone.


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