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Best Friends Forever

Short story By: Remington Oz

Erin and Susan grew up together and explored the world as children and young teenagers. Now in their first year of college, new and exciting worlds lay ahead for them. On a lark, they ventured into a steamy world of a lesbian bar. It was all about fun and giggles but it turned into much, much more.

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"Oh my God, No Way!" Erin giggled laying in her bed in her college dorm room as she talked on her cell phone. These calls were her lifeline because she missed her best friend from high school so much. So when Erin made contact with Susan each night using her cell phone, that let them chatter away like they did growing up together. "Where were you?" Erin said laughing at the situation she was hearing about.

"It was an end of year mixer thrown by Professor Duncan and his wife Teena. Oh my God, Erin you should see these two. They should quit teaching and model." Susan laughed.

"I bet all the boys at the mixer had hard-ons for her." Erin added.

"Oh they so did and she was teasing them like a real slut. But the more she got those guys horny, the more excited her husband got. It was at this room in the student center so there were a lot of back rooms. There were other teachers and chaperones there too. So I was in the kitchen refilling the tea when I saw the Professor and his hot wife slipping back to one of those rooms."

"Oh my God Susan. Were they going to fuck right there at the college mixer?" Erin squeeled.

"They so did!" Erin's best friend answered with delight. "And get this, I found a spot to watch it all!"

"Shut up!" Erin laughed so hard the other girls in the dorm heard it.

"No YOU shut up!" Susan giggled. "It was so hot to watch Erin. It was this big room that was used for events but that night it was mostly being used for storage. I had gone back in there to put up some extra punch bowls in a closet at the back of the room. I saw them sneak in there and he started kissing her really hard and feeling up her tits even before the door was closed."

Both girls were gasping at the picture that Susan was painting. Erin did not say a word but she slipped out of her shorts and into her bed. She was glad her roommate was on a date so she could listen to Susan telling about what she saw.

"He was talking so dirty Erin." Susan continued. "He said things like 'I wanted to fuck you right in front of those collage kids.' And she said things back like 'every girl in there wants my husband's big hard cock.'"

"How could you stand it Susan?" Erin said breathing heavier. She didn't dare tell her best friend from childhood that she has slipped her hand into her panties and begun to touch her clit imagining this story.

"I was going crazy Erin!" Susan answered. From there Susan went on to describe how the professor and Teena found a spot in that storage room so that Teena could unzip his pants and pull out the professors very large hard cock. His wife sucked her husband eagerly as the party went on just a few yards away. Then the professor stood up with his cock waving away out of his pants and bent her over an unused ping pong table.

From where Susan was hiding, she could see Teena's wet pussy and the opening to her vagina when her husband spread it with his fingers so he could penetrate her right there as she bent for him. She watched that big cock drive inside the young wife as the professor started fucking her hard and fast.

By this time Erin was masturbating actively and trying all she could not to let on to her best friend Susan. After all Susan and she had gone through confirmation together at the Methodist church where they both attended. But Erin did not know that on the other end Susan had her hand under her skirt so she could stroke her clit as she talked to Erin as well.

"Erin I could tell when he shot in her." Susan finished. "He suddenly stiffened up and grabbed her naked ass and buried that big cock in her and moaned. His butt cheeks were flexing like crazy so I could tell he was empting his cum inside his wife as I watched. It just kept going as he shot and shot and shot."

Erin stroked her clit. "and shot and shot…." She repeated in a far away tone. She felt her orgasm coming along and that force inside her was taking over.

"In……. side ……. Her…" Susan gasped as she slid her wet finger from the rim of her oozing pussy hole to her clit faster and fast.

"Oh God, oh God oh god……….." Erin moaned and then she gurgled into the phone. Her orgasm surged through her making her wiggled on the bed sliding her finger deep into her wet vagina. Susan reached her peak almost exactly at the same time. Describing that professor fuck his wife almost in public made Susan come while talking on the phone with her best friend in the world. Then she just slumped back to whisper and giggle with Erin for hours.

Summer Break at Last

Erin and Susan hated being apart all year. Since first grade they had been inseparable. Their moms were best of friends and their dads bowled and went fishing together. Both of the girls were "only" children so they filled the role of sisters as much as they did best friends. When they graduated high school, they celebrated at each other's houses and each girl got as many presents from the other parents as from their own.

As much as the BFFs wanted to go to college together and be roommates, it was not possible with the scholarships they got and their degree goals. Susan went to state school while Erin attended a private school that was 100 miles away. At first that 100 miles seemed like a galaxy far far away but they learned to stay close with daily phone calls.

Summer arrived and Erin and Susan could not be happier. With successful freshman years behind them, the summer gave them time to be together and live at home like when they were kids. Those first reunions were so loud with the giggling, squealing and dancing that Erin's dad had to put his hands over his ears and finally leave the room.

The dads and moms had to get used to all that joyful friendship for the summer because the separation made the girls even closer. They commonly walked in the park holding hands. The second weekend of the summer, they were sitting on a picnic blanket at the park and holding hands and sharing every detail they experienced at school.

Just then a two ten year old boys came racing along on their bikes dodging between people who were having picnics or just walking in the park. But what one of the boys yelled out was impossible to miss.

"Dykes" he said to the two girls and then they raced on so they would not get in trouble. As soon as the girls heard what the boy said, they burst out in a gale of laughter.

"Oh my God that is so dumb!" Erin roared.

"Stupid kids!" Susan added and they enjoyed that good laugh. But when Erin slipped her hand back into hers, Susan felt that sense of joy and completeness that no other friend could do except this one girl that she loved above all others. Erin held her best friends hand and thought about it. There was no question she loved Susan deeply. But that line of loving each other romantically was not one that had ever been crossed.

Both girls were one hundred percent boy crazy. That evening, Erin dropped her friend off at the door. Standing by her car, they hugged. "I just missed you so much" Susan said hugging her lifelong friend tightly. As Erin petted the hair of this girl she loved so much. Susan looked up and there were tears of joy in her eyes.

Just then Erin did something that surprised her. She gently kissed Susan's lips. Even more of a revelation was that Susan kissed her back. When the kissed they girls at each other with eyes wide with the realization of what just happened. Then Susan giggled to break the tension. "Ok fine, I am a Dyke." Erin said jokingly. "But I am your dyke." She teased and with that she kissed her friend on the mouth quickly and slipped away doing a little dance to the driver's side of the car.

"Bye bye dykee" Susan said with childlike playfulness. "I love you so much!"

Going to the Go-Go

The girls decided to meet for lunch at the sandwich shop to plan their day. Erin got there early and ordered her usual half of a turkey sandwich on rye. When Susan showed up it was clear she was very excited. She ordered a salad and then pulled way over into the booth and whispered "I have something to show you. Slide over here with me."

Erin slid out of her side of the booth and in with her BFF toward the wall so they had some privacy. When they had made their order, Susan slipped her hand to her big purse and pulled out a copy of poster that she had torn down from a restaurant window near downtown. It was for a nightclub. Erin looked closer and then she gasped. The name of the club was the Club Pussy. Erin looked at her friend in shock. "Oh my God Susan is this a………."

"It's a lesbian bar!" she said with a giggle. Both of the girls giggled so much that people in the next booth thought it was two middle school girls. Quickly Susan put the flier away before their food came. Both girls started their lunches but that flier was on both of their minds. Suddenly Susan just blurted it out. "I think we should go!" She said with a nervous laugh.

"NO WAY!" Erin yelped. But the more the two girls giggled about it, the temptation to go somewhere so naughty seemed like an adventure they could not give up. They agreed to hit Club Pussy that next Friday night.

The days leading up to their big night of going to the Go-Go for lesbians was all about preparation. That preparation included finding just the right sexy outfits. But they also talked a lot about how to behave. They decided to do all they could to send out the vibe that they were together. They were there to watch the show of lesbians in their natural habitat and not to get picked up. Giving off that vibe would call for a certain amount of dancing together, kissing and holding hands but the girls were so at ease with each other, that seemed harmless enough for a big night of adventure.

The girls looked amazing as they stepped out of the cab at the Club Pussy. But moments later when they stepped into the explosive environment of the lesbian bar, it was the girls that stood in stunned shock. The sight of a dance floor full of sexy women pushing against each other, dancing, kissing and pulling their bodies close was even more than either girl had expected.

Quickly Susan grabbed Erin's hand and pulled her to the dance floor. Erin seemed in a daze so Susan pulled her body to her and ground up and down on it. Erin looked at her best friend oozing all over her and just mouthed "Oh My God Susan" because it was too loud to talk. Susan was watching the other girls around her to try to fit in. She swallowed hard watching a tall exotic looking girl lean in and kiss her partner full on the mouth. They began to make out sliding tongues together. Susan nudged Erin to see what she was seeing.

When Erin looked back at her friend, Susan made a gesture by putting her finger to her own lips and then to Erin's. The message was clear that Susan knew they had to kiss like that or they would not fit in. Shyly Erin nodded and moved closer to her friend. The wild action of lesbians kissing and feeling each other erased all nervousness.

Just then Susan was bumped from behind and that force forced her forward to kiss Erin. Erin felt Susan's lips on her and gave in to the moment. She brought her her arms up and pressed against her back kissing her deeply letting her mouth open. She felt the squeal that Susan put up inside her mouth more than heard it. Then Susan pulled Erin's head to her and kissed back pushing her tongue into her lips.

As they gasped and stopped for a minute, they could tell many of the lesbians dancing around them were watching. So Susan leaned in and kissed her best friend again but this time with sloppy open lips kisses. Her tongue licked Erin's mouth dipping inside only briefly. At first Erin was in shock trying to keep pace but then she understood that this was a show of passion for the benefit of the lesbians. She began to kiss and lick Susan's mouth feeling her tongue slip inside Susan's lips as she began to suck it. Inside both girls were having fun playing the lesbian game but at the same time hiding that they were very turned on.

The next dance was a fast one so the girls used their best moves to shake their bottoms and be sexy for each other and for the show of it all. It was during this dance that suddenly Erin turned and found herself dancing with a gorgeous, tall dark skinned woman. She looked over and Susan was having lots of fun dancing with a very pale and skinny girl with a cute short dress on. The flirting was non stop and lots of fun.

But when that beautiful vixen that Erin was dancing with pulled Erin close and planted her hands on her butt cheeks, Erin got uncomfortable. The woman was amazingly hot and aggressive. She put her hand in Erin's hair and then pulled her head back and kissed her with a deep sexual kiss. Erin felt the woman's tongue thrust into her mouth in and out simulating a fucking motion. Erin was at the same time frightened and so turned on by being "taken" like this. When the kiss broke, the woman whispered into Erin's ear. "Are you taken because I want to fuck you?"

Erin looked into the woman's deep brown eyes and felt tempted in a way she had never felt before. She was trying to remember how to talk when she felt her fingers twine into the finger of her sweet friend Susan. She looked over and Susan pulled her away from the aggressive lesbian and kissed her. As the girls scooted way, Erin looked back at the woman and smiled and mouthed at the woman "taken".

There were lots of little rooms off of the big dance floor where it was quieter. The girls began to explore and found a place to sit together at a bar and have a couple glasses of wine. "This place is crazy but its hot!" Susan said sipping her wine.

"You saved me!" Erin said giggling "that woman wanted to fuck me."

"Who wouldn't?" Susan said teasing her sexy friend. The wine helped the girls settle down so they had several glasses. They did not feel out of place as much and they were having a big adventure. The raw sex between the dozens of sexy woman was out in the open. It was hard not to stare. The booths were made with wide couch benches to make it easy to lie down. To the right two women were kissing deeply. One of them with long black hair unzipped her lovers dress, pulled it down and front and began to fondle and then suck her naked breast without shame.

"Oh my God look in that room" Erin whispered. Through a door, two naked women were rolling around on top of a table. One of the women had something strapped to her hips that held a large plastic cock. She pushed the slender girl with very short hair so she was facing up and then the black haired woman opened her legs and moved that big cock between her legs. Suddenly the short haired girl gasped as her lover penetrated her pussy with that big dildo. Kissing her passionately the girl on top began to fuck her like a man would do.

That was when Susan whispered into Erin's ear softly. "Its time to go." Erin agreed and they calmly made their way out to the street to find a cab to take them home.

Oh What a Night.

The girls had to be quiet going into Susan's house so they did not wake her parents. "Do you need to call or go home or anything?" Susan whispered.

"No." Erin answered. "They know I am with you so I am safe."

"I am not so sure how safe you are." Susana said with a giggle. It was an old joke they shared but tonight it took on new meaning. The girls had slept over at each others houses so much that they kept nighties there so they did ever have to pack. "Do you want to stay over?" Susan asked.

"I better. Its like 2 a.m. and I feel a little tipsy." Erin answered finding her nightie that she wore when she stayed with her best friend. Susan checked on her parents and they were sound asleep so she and her lifelong friend settled in on the couch to talk about all they had experienced at the Club Pussy. The girls had to suppress their giggling at what they saw but almost without thinking, they began to cuddle pulling several throw blankets over their legs and holding each other close.

The giggles died down and as they laid their together quietly Erin felt her heart rate getting faster just being in an embrace with Susan. Susan felt the same thing. Finally Erin said softly, "What was the most exciting thing about tonight?"

There was a pause and then Susan said slowly so it came out right. "The most exciting part was being there with you." Erin looked into the eyes of her best friend and touched her face tenderly. Susan was almost lying on Erin as they reclined on the couch. Then as though drawn in, Erin kissed her lips.

The kisses at the club were a mixture of play and passion. Now in the quiet of that dark living room with the girls all alone, the kisses were a mixture of passion and love. Those hot wet kisses on the dance floor stayed with both Erin and Susan. Now with the entire night to themselves, those deep kisses came back as the girls opened their lips and let their tongues explore each other. Erin felt her dear friends tongue lick her lips as they kissed and then enter her mouth to probe that warm and wet place. Without thinking, Erin began to suck her tongue softly drawing on it which sent Susan into a passionate orbit of wanting more and more of Erin.

"I can't explain it Erin, I just have this want inside for you that is so new" Susan gasped between kisses letting her hands touch Erin's loose breasts inside her tiny nightie top. Erin pulled the string on her top so it opened letting her dear friend have access to her small boobs. Her nipples were hard and standing out because of how aroused she was for what they were doing.

"You are so sexy Erin." Susan gasped looking at the exposed tits of her sweet friend. She sat up and pulled her nightie open and her large breasts were exposed. Erin's eyes widened as she put her hands one on each tit and squeezed and fondled them.

Just then there was a sound from the side of the house where Susan's parent's bedroom was. "Oh no." Susan gasped and both girls pulled her tops shut and scampered to Susan's bedroom. Susan pushed the door shut with the lights off and only the nightlight to see by. They were both terrified of being caught but also fighting off the giggles.

As Susan pressed her ear to the door and did not hear anything, she felt Erin slip her hands around her from behind Her fingers opened her top and found her ample boobs and began to squeeze them. Slowly the fingers drifted to her nipples caressing them as they became hard with excitement. Susan leaned back into Erin moaning "That is so hot Erin" and felt her lips on her ears and neck kissing and sucking her skin.

Susan turned around and opened Erin's top again. Pressing her naked breasts into Erin's she kissed her best friend deeply pushing her toward her bed. Erin fell back onto Susan's bed. She had to pushed away the army of stuffed animals that lived there since Susan was a little girl. Both girls giggled as Susan knelt on the floor next to the bed and pulled the shorts and panties of her best friend down her long slender legs.

"Yes take me" Erin gasped as she pulled back on the bed and opened her legs wide like the girl at Club Pussy was doing for her lesbian lover. Susan kissed up Erin's legs and then looked down into the neatly trimmed pussy of her friend.

"I want you so much." She whispered. "I have never done this before. Tell me what you like." With that Susan lowered her mouth to the folds of that pussy and started to kiss. Her curiosity is what pushed her passion for Erin's pussy as she parted the lips and began to lick the moist slit of her cunt.

Erin petted the hair of her friend as Susan explored her wide open pussy. Erin felt Susan's tongue slide along her slit to her vagina and lap at the flow of wet that was coming from her insides. Then that tongue licked back up where Susan discovered the clit of her lifelong friend. Tenderly she began to suck and lick it speeding up as she felt Erin begin to trust and moan in passion.

"Oh God lick me out Susan. Suck my clit." Erin whispered but she wanted to shout it out. But Susan was being creative because her fingers were squeezing Erin's thighs and sliding up and down her crack. Just then her index finger found her friends hole and began top push inside to explore the deepest places of Erin's vagina. By this time Erin was thrusting up to Susan face and fucking her finger back as it moved in and out. Suddenly Erin grabbed Buster the stuffed bear and buried her mouth in his fur and moaned. Her orgasm hit hard which drove Susan wild with licking and sucking her pussy.

As Susan crawled up on the bed, they were both gasping. Susan giggled and kissed Erin whispering "I loved eating your pussy." It made it even more exciting being such dirty girls right under the nose of Susan's parents. Erin did not answer but she pushed her mouth onto Susan's kissing it hard and pressing her down on to her own bed. Susan took Buster and laid him nearby for further use.

Erin turned and began kissing down Susan's body toward her sexy open thighs. The whiteness of her round thighs called to Erin to come and taste the joy of her best friend's pussy. When Erin looked down into that soft hair, the folds of Susan's pussy excited her tremendously. She quickly leaned in and used fingers from both hands to part the lips and look deeply into the pink slit and at the sexy vagina and anal holes that were before her eyes.

For brief second Erin hesitated because she had never licked a pussy before much less the pussy of her dearest friend. Her legs were near Susan's head so just then, Susan reached up and slid her finger into Erin's wet hole. Erin gasped and gave in to the lust for Susan's body and began licking her cunt up and down just like Susan had done to her. Susan's moans were soft and throaty as her hips humped up and down each time Erin licked her stiff clit button.

Erin held Susan's butt cheeks firmly as she ate out her best friends letting her mouth lick and suck every hidden part of Susan's pussy. When she licked down to her vagina hole, Erin even tried to enter it with her tongue. When Susan felt the tip of Erin's tongue go up into her vagina, her orgasm caused her whole body to convulse.

"Oh God, Oh God Oh God Erin, fuck me with your tongue" just then Erin came again and she lowered her hips to Susan's mouth. Susan's tongue pushed inside Erin's cunt when that orgasm surged through her body two. For seconds both girls writhed and thrust their cunts on to the face of the other in the ecstasy of mutual orgasms. Then they fell on the bed exhausted and feel asleep happily naked in each others arms.


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