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Tags: Oral, Anal, Sodomy, Three, Way

Steve, Lisa and Rebecca were childhood friends but they did not see each other often. This annual ski trip was a great time for a reunion. They were all great skiers and had great fun competing. Steve loved how beautiful her best friends were and the flirting was healthy and often. But when tragedy struck, it looked like this would be their last night on earth. So they made it a good one.

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Steven, Lisa and Rebecca knew each other well from their many ski outings over the years. At the lodge before the last day of their trip, Steven made it a point to talk to both Lisa and Rebecca who always stayed side by side as they were great friends all the way back into middle school. Now with the busy lives of college students, these ski trips five or six times a winter were also a reunion of people who rarely saw each other because of busy lives.

Lisa was a lovely strawberry blond girl with a short haircut that worked well for her when she skied. She was the shorter of the two girls which was easy because Rebecca was quite tall with that slender figure that would have made her a great model if she didn't already have a career picked out to be a veterinarian after college. When Steven went for more beverages, both girls giggled.

"I forgot how cute he is!" Lisa laughed.

"Definitely, "Rebecca agreed. "Dibs, I am going to so ski with him tomorrow."

"Dibs back at ya girl." Lisa teased her friend. "I will beat you to him so watch your ass."

"Maybe we will just share him!" Rebecca giggled and that idea turned both girls into teenagers for a minute. The wine didn't hurt with that transformation.

As the party wound down, Steven made his way back to his room thinking about the many beautiful girls he could flirt with while skiing the next day. Just as he turned the corner to the hall where his room was, he stopped in his tracks. She saw him just as he spotted her. It was his old fiancée Amber.

"Well hello Steven." Amber said with a blush. "I didn't notice that you were in this group."

Steven approached her cautiously. "I am as surprised as you are Amber." He said trying to be as nice as he could. The relationship had ended badly and a lot of hurtful things were said. Still she looked amazing as always wearing a tight fitting tube top and a black skirt that showed her very pale thighs.

Steven failed to keep himself from checking her out and part of that was the drinks he had consumed at the party. She unlocked her door and stared at him seductively. The relationship ended for many ugly reasons but good sex was not the problem. "You are glad to see me aren't you butt boy?" she said using a nickname he didn't want anyone to know.

"Well…." He started to say and she pushed the door open pulling him by his hand toward the bed.

"You want to come in. I know you want in." she said pulling him toward the bed.

"No Amber I do not want to be in your room." He objected.

"I didn't mean the room." She said and she pulled him on top of her in the bed kissing him deeply. As much as Steven had sworn off his deviant ex lover, his erection sprang to life and pressed against her stomach. Just then Steven realized the door was open and tried to bolt to close it so the others in the party would not see and have that ruin his chance with great girls like Lisa and Rebecca.

Steven realized the only way out of this situation would be to fuck his way out. He knelt on the bed and unzipped his pants and pulled out his long hard cock. As soon as Amber saw it, she gasped and began to breathe hard. Steven fell on top of Amber forcefully started to pull up her skirt.

"Oh God yes fuck me." She moaned and he winced at her talk for fear someone would hear. He reached in and yanked her thong from her pussy and pulled it free letting it fall to the floor. With an expertise that comes from fucking Amber many times, Steven held her hips and let his hard-on find her wet pussy.

It buried into her wet insides full shaft in one thrust and Steven started to fuck her. He knew a gentle fuck was not for her so he hooked his arms around her legs and rolled her back so her cunt would be angled up for a solid fucking. Steven grunted and he thrust in and out of her fast hoping to end it fast. But just then skilfully swivelled her hips and his cock fell out all wet from her pussy juices.

Amber kept her legs pulled back and reached down and grasp the shaft of Stevens hard cock. "Not in that hole lover. You know what you want." And Steven remembered why she called him butt boy. Obediently he leaned in and let her fit the head of his cock in her anal opening. His cock was plenty wet with pussy juices and Amber rotated her butt to help the head force open her tight butt hole.

His cock pushed up her fast in a sudden surge that took it half way inside her. "Oh God Steven, fuck my ass." She gasped pushing back as her fingers reached between her legs to find her clit. The deviancy of it all got to Steven in a hurry and so he only had to thrust in and out of her butt a few times when he shot his load in that hole. Amber moaned and had her orgasm within seconds after she felt his hot cum fill her anal tunnel.

Amber slumped back and pulled Steven toward her to kiss. But he was driven to get out of there. He pulled himself together and made his escape as Amber watched planning how she would get him to fuck her on the mountain the next day.

When the World Changed

The next morning at breakfast Steven did not see Amber and that was a relief. He sat a big table with a lot of people and enjoyed the normalcy of it all. Rebecca and Lisa were both there but not sitting together. While they were having a ball flirting with all of the guys in the group, both of them stopped and waved at Steven as he sat down to eat. He liked that.

The day on the slopes was a good one. At one point he was able to ride the lift up to the top with Rebecca and you could cut the flirting tension with a knife. As soon as they got off Lisa swooshed up and joined him on his trip down. It was a fun competition that was good natured and made the day even more fun than it already was.

Around 4 p.m. the management began to hold anyone from going down the slopes until everyone was off the lifts. Steven found himself standing near Lisa and Rebecca. There was a lot of confusion until suddenly a rumble came from higher up the mountain.

"Folks we need to clear the mountain." Someone in authority announced over the loud speaker. "We have received word of an avalanche watch and that rumble we all just heard confirms it. We all need to get down the fastest way possible and that way is to sky down. So please everyone ski safely to the bottom and go to the vans so we can get away from this mountain. Now go."

Steven was one of the first out of the gate and he was a very fast skier. The fear of being taken in a snow slide put fire in his legs and he was flying like the wind. Only a few were keeping up with him. He looked back and the closest ones were Lisa and Rebecca and further back was a small army of skiers. He spotted Amber in that crowd.

Suddenly what seemed like a roar of an earthquake went off rumbling the ground and making a huge commotion. Steven looked back and he was horrified to see a mammoth wall of snow plummeting down that mountain ready to overtake everyone in their group.

"HURRY!" he shouted back looking frantically for a route to safety that he could take quickly. Then he spotted it. There was a cabin at the base of a growth of trees. It was all he had. He turned suddenly and looked back to the girls. 'FOLLOW ME!" he shouted and they did. All three of the young skiers flew toward that cabin. They reached it just in time as Steven pushed the door open and threw their equipment inside.

Just then the avalanche overtook the rest of the skiers. Screams could barely be heard over the rumble. Steven looked up and saw Amber get swallowed up by the snow. He pushed Lisa and Rebecca ahead of him and then he dived in and pushed the door shut just as the wall of snow hit the cabin.

Are We Dead?

The snow rammed into the building making it moan and shake. Steven fell to the floor pulling the girls under him. His instinct to protect them kicked in. Lisa and Rebecca held on to Steven as the building shook like it might fall in on them. Just then it became completely dark as the snow covered the windows. And then it was still.

"Are we dead?" Lisa said softly. All three could hear their hearts beating fast.

"No" Steven said trying to look around but it was pitch black in the middle of the day. Suddenly Steven realized that he had his arm wrapped around Rebecca's front to pull her to him and his fingers were grasping her left breast tightly. His other hand had found its way over Lisa's back and the fingers were grasping the left cheek of her ass. In his mind he remembered the nickname that Amber had for him - butt man. He also thought of that horrible image of Amber being swallowed by the rushing avalanche and that it almost certainly meant that everybody on that mountain was dead.

Soon the tremors died down and the three kids laid on the floor holding each other and shaking in fear. Both girls were softly weeping so Steven stroked their hair and held them to him. He took inventory. It was dark but not as dark as when the avalanche was pounding them. He saw that the snow was over almost the entire window but there were small segments that light came through so they could begin to see.

Steven assessed that the building had withstood the impact and was showing no sign of falling on them. He remembered just as they dove into the door of the cabin that there were trees between the cabin and the fast moving snow and behind it and he thought maybe those trees took a lot of the force of the impact. That was the good news.

The bad news is they were cut off. There was no escape from that cabin. Air was coming in through cracks in the windows and the chimney but they could not get out. With the avalanche killing dozens of skiers, it might be days or longer before anyone checked that cabin.

"I am going to check things out" Steven whispered.

"No Steven please" Lisa pleaded hysterically and she began to weep which set Rebecca off crying as well. Steven only knew one thing to do. He kissed her. It was a deep and soulful kiss and became wet with tongues being exchanged. Rebecca pulled in close and began to kiss Steven on the cheek and ear. Then he kissed her too. His tongue slid into her mouth and she sucked it as Lisa sucked his neck.

It seemed impossible considering they were snowbound, wet, and terrified that he really wanted to fuck them both right then. He could tell by their kisses that they were ready and that the sweet intimacy of having him inside their vaginas would be comforting to him. Finally Steven held both of their heads and petted their hair to slow things down.

"Girls I think we are ok for now. Let me see if I can get light so we can figure out what to do."

"I am so glad you are with us Steven" Rebecca said.

"What would we do without you?" Lisa said their hands stroking his face, hair neck and shoulders.

With plenty of assurances and talking to the girls all the while, Steven did find provisions in the cabin. There was food and he found some lanterns and matches and got them going. The cabin had several bedrooms with comfortable looking beds. One entire bedroom even had firewood kept inside so it would be dry. The stove did not have power but there were camping stoves and plenty of canisters of fuel to run them.

The girls responded with glee to his finds. Soon Lisa was cooking up a nice meal while Rebecca and Steve turned their little refugee camp into a home. There was joy in their friendship and that they were alive when many dear friends just outside that snowed in door were not. As Steven was talking to Lisa about their prospects, suddenly Rebecca came out of one of the bedrooms wearing a pretty dress.

"I found clothes!" she said with a giggle and both Lisa and Steven laughed and clapped their hands at how pretty she looked. The cabin must have belonged to a family because there were lots of cute things for the girls to wear. After they ate, Steven was treated to a fashion show and as each girl walked out in another cute skirt or dress, they let their hero get an eyeful of leg, panties or down their front at their pretty boobs.

As it grew dark, the reality of their situation set in. The three friends sat cuddled together in front of the fire. They had thought they would each go to a bedroom where there were lots of blankets to keep warm. Just then in the flickering light of the fire, Steven saw tears on Lisa's face. "What's wrong beautiful" he said softly as Rebecca rested her head on his shoulder.

"I don't want to sleep apart." She said taking his hand and holding it in both of her. "Can't we all sleep together? If this is our last night to be alive, I want to give anything to you. Before we die, let's at least have one last time to know love."

Rebecca hugged her friend as Steven began to understand what Lisa meant. As he got up to get the bedding pulled into the living room in front of the fire, he looked back and saw Lisa and Rebecca kiss each other's lips for the first time.

Our Last Night on Earth.

Steven took off the pajama shirt that he had on. All three of the stranded skiers had found something fun to wear to bed and the girls looks cute in their skimpy nighties that they picked out. They arranged the mattresses on the floor with lots of pillows and blankets from the bedrooms and Steven added big logs of wood to the fire so the room would stay warm for a long long time. It would not just be warm, he thought to himself, it may become very hot in more ways than one.

He went to the kitchen area and got some water that they had made with melted snow and as he looked to the huge makeshift bed, he saw the gorgeous girls he had all to himself snuggling, whispering and exchanging tiny kisses. When Steven came in both girls gasped at the curves of his well developed chest. Steve himself was getting an eyeful of Rebecca's long legs that were on full display in her skimpy nightie.

"You girls should not tempt your old ski buddy by looking that sexy." He said softly with a teasing smile. Lisa crawled to him on her hands and knees and took his hand pulling him to bed. "Come in here big boy so we can tempt you some more. Before we die, we want pleasure." She said in her best sexy nymph voice but Steve was hypnotised by the view down her blouse at the shape of her gorgeous breasts with just the hint of nipple trying to peek out.

Steve laughed and let Lisa pull him down onto the huge makeshift bed of mattresses, blankets, pillows and girls. He fell onto his back and pulled Lisa to him and kissed her mouth deeply. Any tiny bit of charade that they would ever go back to being just three friends disappeared when that kiss became very passionate and he felt Lisa's tongue slip into his mouth and he began to suck it while his own tongue licked her lips.

That charade also vanished as Steve felt his pants begin to be opened by the sweet slender fingers of the beautiful Rebecca. Steve looked away from that sexy wet kissing Lisa was giving him and she did not hesitate to kiss along his jaw to his neck and start to suck it passionately. Steve looked down to see Rebecca pulled down his pants and his shorts until his rock hard penis popped out into view. She finished the job of stripping the hero who saved the lives of his two lovers.

Rebecca smiled with delight seeing that this sexy hero was so turned on. She slid her hands up his thighs on her hands and knees swaying her sexy butt back and forth as she stalked that hard cock. It was not a long hunt.. She made eye contact with Steve and licked her lips and then lowered her round lips to his hard penis and let it slide into her mouth.

"Oh God!" Steve moaned with pleasure letting his hand stroke Rebecca's soft hair as she pleasured his hard cock inside her mouth riding up and down on it with her lips and tongue. Lisa saw what Rebecca had in her mouth and kissed her way down Steve body to enjoy a taste of his hard cock herself. As she moved her sexy thighs passed by Steve's face and he pulled them to him and began to kiss her legs.

Lisa gasped and threw her hair back as she glanced back that Steve was lowering her hips to his face to taste her pussy. He found that wet cunt and lapped at her slit and began to suck her clit just as she started licking the head of his cock. Rebecca yielded that head so she could lick Steve's sexy balls.

Steve always dreamed of a three way but that he was rolling around in front of a romantic fire with two of his best friends who were on fire to suck and fuck him was a dream. All three forgot the danger they were in and gave into every passion. There were so many things that neither had tried that now excited them tremendously. As they both licked the head of Steve's cock, their lips met and a deep wet kissed developed around the wet skin of his erection.

"Oh God Rebecca this is amazing" Lisa whispered knowing that Rebecca also had never kissed or had sex with a girl. Rebecca was full of lust for Lisa's mouth and when she kissed her again, they rolled off of Steve and began to make out on the bed as Steve looked at those sexy bodies making love. He crawled toward them and looked between those four sexy thighs as round pussys ready to be fucked.

His cock was aching to get inside either girl so when he saw Lisa roll on top of Rebecca with both of their legs wide open, it was a pussy stacked on a pussy grinding together. Steve laid between that temple of sex of their sexy thighs and began to lick from Lisa cute butt down along her sweet pink pussy slit, loving her clit and then right on through to Rebecca's clit and down to her vagina opening in one sweet sexy lick.

Lisa was on fire feeling Steve licking her cunt as she and Rebecca made out with passion that seemed to double by the minute. Rebecca pushed up for air and Lisa let her mouth move to her sweet little sexy tits.

Rebecca moaned "Oh yes Lisa, yes" as she felt her left nipples slide into her best friends mouth. Lisa liked the nipple and sucked it eagerly pulling it deeper as she pushed her clit up into Rebecca's pussy on top of her grinding on her cunt. Suddenly Lisa gasped because she not feel Steve getting into position. When his hard cock slid into her vagina, the rim spread open to let him fuck her as deep as he could.

As Steve fucked Lisa's wet hole steadily trying to take it easy and not come too fast, he fell on Rebecca and kissed and bit up and down her soft back. Steve's lust for both girls was out of control because as he fucked Lisa and tasted Rebecca, his hands were around her middle and finding their way to stroke and squeeze Lisa's round tits under her friend. But then he had to have Rebecca too so he slid his cock out of Lisa, moved it up and few inches and plunged it into the cunt of the slim and sexy Rebecca to the balls.

The cries of excitement and pleasure filled the cabin as the girls wiggled on top of each other getting fucked at the same time by the same amazing guy. Steve was out of his mind feeling his cock plunge into each wet hole and the warm pussy of Lisa pull him inside her only to then fill up Rebecca's oozing hole as well. Suddenly his orgasm hit and he shot inside of Rebecca. The first wave made him double over of her as she leaned around and kissed him deeply.

As soon as the first surges of his orgasm passed, Steve pulled out of Rebecca and plunged his hard cock into Lisa's pussy. Then the second wave hit and he came in her too. Just then both girls orgasmed within moments of each other, pressing their breasts down on each other and moaning, kissing and gasping for air.

Rebecca rolled off of Lisa and gasped for air. Steve fell onto the bodies of these two amazing girls and moaned. "Oh my god that was amazing." Then the giggles hit when the three lovers realized how many taboos they had all crossed together.

"If I die now, this will make it worth it." Steve said with a happy laugh pulling Rebecca's back to him and kissing her neck. Lisa leaned in and kissed Steve and then her best friend and their loving kisses seemed to go on as time stood still. Even though Steve had just shot a huge load inside of two sexy girls, he grew hard again. When Rebecca felt it she rolled over and spread her legs and reached out to him.

"Fuck me" she said amazed how slutty she was for this man.

"No fuck me." Lisa added reaching down and grasping his hard cock while she kissed Steve's lips. The three sweethearts fucked all night. At times they fell also in a pile and when Steve woke up he was inside a girl but not sure which one. They fucked so many times that none of them could count it and by morning they were a heap of naked flesh, cum and sweat.


Mr Hartunian and Mr. Reaves had the grim task of finding the bodies after one of the worst avalanches to hit these ski slopes in a century. It was hard to figure out how many were buried because the avalanche hit so fast and was so destructive that it swept away the ski lift, the workers and all of the skiers it seemed. The closest they could tell there were dozens killed. The two worked tirelessly down the mountain searching for those who were making any sound to rescue the living before retrieving the dead.

"Hey Lou, we got help." Mr Reaves said to Mr Hartunian. They both spotted Leo and Fred from the lodge digging kids out and the ambulance was parked at the top of the mountain. Other men were setting up ropes with stretchers to pull the survivors to safety. Just then Mr. Reaves spotted something. They both figured it out together that the smoke rising up from the trees below was coming from a building.

"That's the Spencer cabin. They are usually not in it this time of year." Mr. Reaves said. As the two rescuers approached the cabin on their skis, they saw that it was almost completely buried in the avalanche snow. But it was standing and smoke was billowing out of the chimney. The men got to the cabin and worked to a window where there was a small part of the top of the window that revealed light coming from inside.

Mr Hartunian reached the window and gazed inside. "Well Stan, do you see anyone in there? Are they dead?" What Stan saw was far from a death scene. In the middle of the floor of the living room was a boy and two very sexy girls laying together naked. They were asleep but every few moments one would move toward the other and deliver a kiss.

"No Mr. Reaves." Mr Hartunian answered. "We can go back to people that really need our help. I don't think these kids even want to be rescued."


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